WingedKatt here. This is the full, unabridged, uninterrupted Marriage and Claiming Ceremony Nick and Judy perform in Z:AtB ch89. The beginning and end are found in ch89, with a few minor changes. You'll also be able to enjoy the spicy-hot fluff in the middle when they claim each other. Keep metformin and insulin handy-you'll need them.

Sitting on the bed and kissing Judy, Nick slid his paws down her sculpted body. Tilting his head slightly, he opened his maw a little wider to deepen the kiss as his tongue danced and twisted with his honeybun's even as his sharp teeth clicked lightly against hers. Knowing this was just the beginning had Nick's abdominal muscles tightening and his cock hardening inside its sheath, even as his tail began wagging behind him.

Unable to wait to get started, Nick broke off the kiss and booped Judy's nose with his own. Taking a deep breath, he asked in a husky whisper, "Ready to sign our marriage papers?"

With her small pink nose twitching against Nick's big black one, Judy licked her lips, then whispered, "Yes. Absolutely. 100 percent." If she thought she was impatient before, it was nothing to what she was feeling now. To be able to make this wonderful fox all hers in every sense of the word had her toes curling with her eagerness. Now that they were here, she was about to explode with anticipation.

Grinning, Nick stole a quick kiss then moved off the bed. Going to the dresser, he grabbed her bottle of painkillers and dumped two out, then walked into his bathroom to get a cup of water to swallow them down with. Refilling his cup, he carried it into the room and over to his nightstand. Setting the cup down, Nick pulled out the marriage papers, along with a pen. Sitting back on the bed in front of his honeybun, he handed them over to her.

Taking them from her fiancé and mate, Judy paused to take a deep breath. Then another one. As much as she wanted this to happen, and as badly as her instincts were demanding she breed with this handsome, intelligent, sometimes insufferable fox, now that it came right down to it—this was a huge decision that would affect her for the rest of her life.

Was she really ready? Was Nick? They hardly knew each other, and yet it felt like she had known him for a lifetime. Is this really what she wanted? After a moment's thought, the answer was an emphatic yes! But was this what was best for her? Looking up, Judy met Nick's deep, emerald gaze and just about got lost in them.

Remembering everything Nick had already done for her, and everything he had promised her, Judy knew that—YES—this is what was best for her. Nick was her future and no one else could come close to replacing him. He was the only male for her. He was the only guy she wanted touching her and whom she wanted to touch. No one else would do. He was the sun, the moon, and the stars that lit up her world. Nick hadn't just hung the moon and stars for her, but he had hung the whole galaxy.

This was it—once she signed her name, she, Judith Laverne Hopps, would be Judith Laverne Wilde and she would be all Nick's. Nothing would stand between them, and she could finally—finally—give in to the urges and demands of her instincts. She could finally breed with this wonderful, sly, devilish fox who had so easily stolen her heart. Taking another deep breath, Judy glanced back down at the forms in her lap and with a flourish of the pen, she signed and dated it.

The whole time Judy had been thinking, Nick had been holding his breath. Was Judy having second thoughts? At this crucial moment, was she going to reject him? The uncertainty that suddenly swamped his mind at the thought of losing Judy about killed him. It was a testament to years of conning mammals that the devastation and uncertainty didn't show on his face, though he couldn't keep his tail-tip from flicking with his anxiety.

Once Judy bent down and singed her name, though, allowed Nick to finally breath again. Once more Judy had dropped him to the lowest hell, then brought him back up to the highest heaven in a matter of seconds. The opposite of what she had done to him earlier this afternoon. Was it only this afternoon? It felt like much longer.

As Judy pawed the pen and papers back over to Nick, she flashed him another blinding smile and Nick didn't waste a second in signing and dating the papers for himself. Looking them over to make sure everything was in order and that they didn't miss marking their initials anywhere, Nick then put the papers back in the drawer for safe keeping.

Watching Nick set the papers aside, Judy was suddenly attacked by a stomach-full of butterflies. No matter how much she wanted this to happen, it didn't prevent her from feeling nervous as this was a completely new experience. Although they came close to mating on Thursday afternoon, and Judy fully enjoyed their time in the shower and on the couch earlier today (was it just earlier today?), this time they were going to go all the way.

There was no one and nothing to disturb them and they would discover and experience the other's most intimate part of their being as they became one. The thought of becoming one with this handsome, amazing fox had Judy's heart skipping a beat, even as her stomach did a flip-flop. All they needed to do was state their vows and then she would give her everything to Nick as he gave his everything to her. No matter how nervous she felt, she couldn't wait to get started.

Trying to get her mind off the butterflies, Judy shifted around so she was sitting with her legs folded under her (and completely ignored the twinge of pain sitting on her leg caused her injury). If she was going to say her vows, then she wanted to be sitting in a somewhat proper fashion. Her idea seemed to be the right one because when Nick turned back to her, he shifted into the same position. Giving her a wide, toothy smile, Nick raised his paws, palms out, and asked, "Are you ready to share our vows?"

Judy gave a short nod, but then looked questioningly at Nick's upraised paws. Having not been born or raised in fox culture, and with this being the first Claiming Ceremony she had ever had the privilege of attending, let alone being a part of—she had no idea what Nick wanted from her. This made her butterflies intensify, but she studiously ignored them.

Seeing her confusion, Nick gave her a soft smile and explained, "Clasp my paws." Taking a deep breath at what should have been an obvious answer, Judy slid her small, soft paws up Nick's large, rough palms, then slipped her fingers between his. As Nick gripped Judy's paws in his, he then said, "The vixen usually says her vows first, but I can go first if you're not sure what you're supposed to say."

With a slight shake of her head, Judy said, "No, I can go first." With her nose and tail twitching nervously, she asked, "I just state my promises to you, right?"

Nick nodded. "That's right. Just say what's in your heart. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Just…" Nick took a deep breath himself—he was finally taking Judy as his wife and mate! With a warm smile, he finished with, "Whatever is in your heart."

Judy nodded, but then doubts started to cloud her beautiful eyes. What if she said the wrong thing? What if Nick didn't like what she said? What if—?"

Seeing Judy's nervousness, Nick spoke up again. "Hey," he called softly. As Judy's eyes cleared as she met his bright, green gaze, he added just as softly, "Smile… It's your wedding."

Judy blinked but then a bright smile slowly spread across her lips. "You're right. It is my wedding." With a flick of her ear, she added with a bigger smile, "It's our wedding."

With his tail wagging, Nick agreed. "Yes, yes, it is. And I can't wait to claim you as my wife."

Hearing Nick call her 'wife' had Judy's heart racing and the butterflies fluttering around inside her stomach again, but this time they were gathering in anticipation of the moment instead of nervousness. "Yes," she murmured under her breath, then she giggled happily.

"That's my girl," Nick murmured at seeing her eyes sparkling again and her countenance glowing. This is how Judy should be at their wedding—her happy, bubbly, energetic self.

With her ears perked forward, Judy took one last breath, then she began to speak the thoughts of her heart. "Nick, when we first met, I didn't like you much—that was obvious—but when the chips were down and I desperately needed someone, you were the one who stepped up and protected me, you were the one who gave me a helping paw."

Taking a moment to think, Judy then continued. "My whole life, I thought if I just worked hard enough, if I put in enough time, sweat, and energy I could accomplish anything. That nothing was insurmountable, even for a small rabbit like me. But you showed me that I was wrong. My boss showed me I was wrong. Zootopia showed me just how wrong I was. And I was ready to give up."

With her ears drooping slightly at the memory of Bogo demanding she quit, Judy shook her head and met Nick's warm, green gaze again. "But then you opened my eyes when you stood up for me. Alone—there were a lot of things I couldn't do as a rabbit. Not because I was incapable, but because I wasn't given the chance. Just like you weren't given the chance because you were a fox. But then you showed me that together—together—we could accomplish anything."

Squeezing Nick's paws, she added, "And that's how I want to spend the rest of my life—together with you. No matter what the future holds, no matter what obstacles might present themselves, I want to conquer them all with you. I want to smile, and laugh, and grow old together with you." Flashing him another blinding, buck-toothed smile, Judy finished with, "I love you, Nicholas Piberius Wilde, and I promise to be faithful to you and to be your support through the good times and the bad. From this day onward, I am yours and yours alone. Forever and always, I am your wife and mate."

Tears were misting in Nick's eyes as he listened to Judy's vows. Judy really was one in a billion. As she finished speaking, Nick's tail was wagging joyfully and thumping the bed behind him. Taking a deep breath, he began his own vows while looking deep into Judy's beautiful, shimmering eyes. "Judy, after Honey died, my life fell apart and I forgot the meaning to living. I became an apathetic jerk who didn't care about anyone, not even myself. One day blended into the next with little variation or meaning. My life had become a barren field where nothing but weeds grew under the harsh, unforgiving sunlight."

Squeezing her paws, Nick took a deep breath before continuing. "You hopped into my life with a cool, refreshing breeze and gentle rains to nourish my parched soul. You cleared the weeds away and planted seeds that are giving beauty and meaning to my life." With a soft, grateful smile spreading across his muzzle, Nick added, "And when the sun finally broke through the clouds again, it was warm and life-giving instead of harsh and desolate. Everyday there is something new and wonderful to discover and it's all thanks to you. I now have a reason to wake up each morning, and I struggle to sleep at night because I don't want the day to end."

Releasing one of her paws, Nick reached forward to gently caress her cheek. "I love you so very much, Judith Laverne Hopps. My life really isn't worth living when you're not a part of it. After showing me the light, I can no longer live in the dark." Caressing her cheek again, he said, "As your husband and mate, I will be true and faithful. From this day forward, in this life and the next, I am yours: my life, my heart, my soul. Everything I have, I give to you, Judith Laverne Wilde, my Wife, my Mate, my Love."

With tears leaking from Nick's eyes, even as they streamed down Judy's cheeks (she absolutely loved being called Judith Wilde!), Nick leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. After a moment, Nick licked her lips and when she parted her lips to give him access, he kissed her deeply, but slowly, as his paw lightly held her behind the ear.

After a moment, Judy tilted her head and deepened the kiss, even as she released his other paw to slide both of hers around his neck and hold him close. Before she could completely get lost in the kiss and the moment, Nick broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, saying, "You have to scent mark me first, Carrots."

Judy froze for a moment as her ears and nose turned bright red at her oversight. Scent marking was a huge part of the ceremony and she had forgotten all about it! "Oh, right," she murmured under her breath, "the vixen leads."

With a warm grin, Nick murmured, "Or doe, in this case."

Nodding, Judy slipped her paws from around his neck to grip Nick's cheeks and pull his muzzle down to her level, then lifted her chin to rub her scent into Nick's fur. Starting just past his nose, she ground her scent up his snout, across his forehead, between his ears, and down both cheeks, even as she listened to Nick's tail thumping the bed behind him at rabid speed.

If Nick thought Judy's scent was a drug before, it was nothing to what her scent was doing to him in its sharp, delicious, concentrated form. With his eyes closed as he breathed in her thick, intoxicating scent, Nick lightly gripped her upper arms as he waited for her to finish. As she pulled back, Nick opened his eyes and met her shimmering amethysts that were glowing with so much happiness and anticipation. Licking his lips, he suddenly kissed Judy, tasting deeply of her sweetness.

Judy groaned in pleasure as she suddenly found herself flat on her back with her foxy new husband looming over her, his tail fanning the air behind them. Sucking in a deep breath as Nick finally broke the kiss, he flashed her a wide, toothy grin before dipping head back down to smother her in his scent: her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, between her ears, and down both sides of her neck. Smelling Nick's thick, heady fox musk with its strong scent of violets, Judy found herself getting lightheaded.

This was it. This was really happening. Finally. With her fingers digging through Nick's fur, Judy lay on the bed with her eyes closed as Nick rubbed his scent deep into her fur. She knew he was done when she found his tongue in her mouth again. With another groan, she slid her paws down his neck and across his shirt. Nothing stood between them now, absolutely nothing…nothing but their clothes.

Slipping her paws under Nick's shirt, Judy pushed it up. Breaking the kiss off, Nick let her pull his shirt off, then reached down and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, then pulled it back off her when she sat up and helped him (he refused to wince when the movement pulled at his bruised ribs and muscles). Her undershirt came off next, quickly followed by her bra. Reaching forward, Judy pulled Nick into another hot kiss, then slid her paws down to his pants. As she unbuckled and unzipped them, she felt his paws working on her own pants.

Pulling back from the kiss, they quickly removed their pants and underwear, then sat back to admire each other in all their furry glory. They both licked their lips, even as Judy saw Nick's member slipping free of his sheath. Licking her lips again while remembering how his cock felt in her paws and mouth, and the effect her attention had on her mate, she moved forward. With one paw caressing his sheath, she slipped the other one up his belly to rest on his chest, even as she kissed him again.

Nick groaned at the touch of Judy's soft paw on his sheath, making his cock harder, even as her tongue invaded his mouth. Slipping one paw behind her head and the other through her soft chest fur to the treasure hiding beneath, he growled into her mouth as her fingers slid up his growing foxhood.

Breaking the kiss off, Judy licked her lips as a wide grin spread across her lips, then she pushed Nick over onto his back. He didn't resist the push to his chest and willingly gave himself over to his honeybun. Whatever she had planned, he was sure to enjoy.

Resting her paws on his thighs, Judy met his hungry gaze with one of her own, then she dipped her head down and kissed his stomach. Nick's ear flicked in curiosity as he expected her to kiss something else. A moment later, Nick growled again as he dropped his head back against the bed when Judy dug her muzzle through his thick, creamy belly fur and bit him. She then made a trail of nips down his belly to his hardening cock, even as she dragged her blunt claws through the fur of his thighs and down his inner thighs.

With a sound somewhere between a groan and a growl, Nick dug his claws into the blanket as Judy licked his member with that cute, little, pink tongue of hers. Taking a deep breath as Judy began teasing him much like she had in the shower, with her fingers, tongue, and mouth working in sync to drive him absolutely crazy (and loving every moment of it!), a part of his brained took a step back to internalize what was happening—had been happening ever since he brought Judy home with him Tuesday night.

Although it hadn't even been a week, it felt like a lifetime ago. Was this really happening? Was he really here with Judy? A rabbit, of all species? How could he, a fox, find so much happiness and pleasure in a rabbit's flat teeth and dull claws? Being a predator, he should find satisfaction in sharp, pointed claws and teeth…right? Not in… With a gasp, Nick suddenly lifted a paw and gripped the base of one of Judy's ears—not to hold her down or guide her movements—he just needed to hold onto her.

Judy hummed seeing the response she had on Nick, even as he started panting. Running her dull claws back down the top of his cock, even as she nipped the tip again, she then lifted her head, still running her claws up and down his long shaft, and asked, "So you like this?"

With a growl, Nick lifted his head to meet her teasing, proud gaze as he asked, "Do you have to ask?"

Giggling at her mate's smoldering gaze, Judy dipped her head and began nipping a trail down his shaft while still running her claws up and down the underside. Her grin widened when she heard Nick's head hit the bed again, even as he arched slightly into her touch. The fact she could cause such a response in him when she was a rabbit and he a fox, had Judy's tail flicking exciting, even as she felt herself getting hot, bothered, and wet at his eager moans, growls, and squirming.

As she nipped her way back up to his tip, Judy noticed precum leaking from his hard cock. Licking it, she knew Nick was at his limit. Swirling her tongue around his tip, she then took his tip back in her mouth, even as she tightly gripped his partially swollen knot in one paw and grasped his cock with the other as she began running her paw up and down his hard, throbbing length at a much faster pace as she drove him towards the release he was dying for.

Grabbing the base of Judy's other ear with his free paw, Nick held onto the base of both her ears as he felt his climax quickly pushed to the edge. Holding her head still, he bucked into her mouth as her paw continued milking him. Judy didn't disappoint him, either, as she continued to suck on his tip as he forced more of it into her eager maw as he continued to release.

Slumping back on the bed, Nick scratched around her ears for a moment as he continued panting while trying to get his racing heartbeat back down to a more normal level. Releasing her ears as she licked his seed that continued to leak, Nick rubbing his paws over his face. Had it only been about an hour from the last time she had milked him on the couch? And only a few hours before that when she milked him in the shower?

He felt like a crack addict with his inability to wait for his next high. How could a cute and sexy little rabbit be so addictive? And how in the world did he end up with her? How was his luck this good? And when would it run out? Or was he going to wake up and find out this was some amazing, fantastical dream and his lonely, miserable reality hadn't actually changed?

Judy had been watching Nick's distracted expressions as she licked and sucked his cock while he continued to spirt and leak his foxy semen—semen her instincts were telling her should be filling her womb not her belly. As Nick's cock slowed its leaking, Judy lifted her head and tilted it as she studied Nick's face. She had just satisfied him, she knew she had, so why didn't he look happy about it now? Was he having second thoughts? He wasn't going to leave her high and, well, soppy wet, was he?

Biting her lip, she slid her fingers through his belly fur as she leaned over him. Trying to keep the worry out of her voice, her tail flicked fitfully behind her as she asked softly, "Nick?" As he dropped his paws to look at her, she asked, "Is everything okay?"

Seeing the distress in her eyes, Nick suddenly realized how he must look to her. Cursing himself, he reached forward to caress her cheeks. "No, nothing is wrong." Pulling her forward while extending his muzzle towards her, he booped her nose, saying, "My brain is overthinking things, that's all." With a wide, satisfied smile, he added, "You were fantastic, by the way."

With her tail flicking happily in the air, Judy nodded as she bit her lip again (and making Nick want to bite it in return). "What are you overthinking about?" she asked curiously.

Caressing her cheeks again, and then scratching around her ears, Nick pointed out that since 'discovering' each other in the shower late this morning, the interval between their 'fixes' had been getting shorter and shorter, just like a drug addict unable to wait for his next high.

Judy's tail slowed down in its twitching, though it didn't completely stop. Knowing Nick was addicted to her didn't bother her at all—not in the least. With a hungry smile, she said, "Well, you've been telling me all week how addictive I was." Raising a paw to caress his muzzle, she murmured, "It would be a lie to say that I didn't find you just as addictive."

While smiling at her, but before she could lean forward to steal a hot kiss, Nick tilted his head slightly while running his fingertip and claw across her kissable lips. "I'm also wondering where this incredible luck came from because I honestly can't figure out how I ended up with the cutest, sexiest, most divine bunny on the planet as my wife and mate."

With a giggle, Judy smiled seductively at him. With one paw still on his chest as she supported her weight, she pulled his muzzle closer as she whispered, "Well, maybe luck had nothing to with it? Maybe I just know what I want." Brushing her nose against his, she added, "And I want you, Nick." Licking his lips, she whispered, "All of you." Not giving him a chance to continue this pointless conversation, or allow him to tease her any further, she slid her hot, wet folds across the tip of his hard cock.

Nick growled at Judy's audacious move, which quickly turned to a groan as she pulled her wet folds back across the tip of his shaft. Next, she pushed down on his cock which pushed it between her folds and held him there, right at her entrance, daring Nick to tell her 'not yet'.

Nick's eyes widened, even as he opened his mouth to tell her that she wasn't ready and that he could hurt her, but then her hot, bunny juices leaked onto his shaft and slowly slid down it which had his cock throbbing with intense need. Realizing she was more than ready for him, the only thing that kept him from grabbing her hips and pulling her down onto his aching foxhood was the shock. He hadn't even touched her yet! He also wanted to be sure she could take him. No matter how eager and wet she was, if she were too tight, he would have to stimulate her some more first.

Sliding his fingers through her belly fur and down to the delta between her legs, Nick found her sensitive, little nub and began rubbing it, causing her juices to flow even more (the sensation was weird and unfamiliar, but amazing at the same time). Judy gasped at the attention he gave her, even as she closed her eyes and arched into his touch which brought Nick's tip a fraction further into her.

With a hiss, Nick wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside her, but he had to be sure. He would never forgive himself if he hurt Judy their first time. Sliding his finger between her slick, wet folds (he couldn't believe how wet she was!), Nick pushed his cock out of the way as he slid his fingertip around her entrance, then pushed it inside his honeybun with little resistance, even as a long, drawn-out moan escaped her.

Seeing how easily one finger entered her, Nick pulled it out and then pushed two fingers inside his honeybun. There was only slightly more resistance than with one finger, but the effect it had on Judy was incredible.

With a gasp, then a whimper, Judy pushed down, which forced Nick's fingers deeper inside her. The pressure his two fingers had on her heated core was like a live wire touching each one of her nerves that they pressed against and slid across. Judy was in heaven, but it wasn't enough. Not even close. With a breathy moan, she whimpered, "More, Nick, I need to feel more of you. All of youPlease."

Nick glanced up to see her needy expression, and feeling how easily she took two of his fingers, he knew it wouldn't be a problem for Judy to take his hard, much larger foxhood. Pulling his fingers out, Nick gripped her hips and readjusted her so she was once more over his shaft. He didn't need to pull her down onto him, though, because the second Judy felt his tip at her entrance, she pushed down and slowly forced him inside her, causing them both to moan. This is something they had been aching for since Thursday afternoon, and although it had only been a few short days, it felt like forever ago.

But as good as it felt for Nick to finally be feeling Judy encasing him in her hot, tight body—she was going too freakin' slow! It was murder on him to feel her sliding onto him at a sloth's pace (how did they even reproduce!?). With a growl as she finally made it halfway down his shaft, Nick gripped her hips tighter as he grumbled, "Carrots, you were the one who said we could go a little faster without being too fast!" As Judy's eyes snapped open to meet his burning, dark-green emeralds, Nick added, "You're killing me with this sloth's pace!" Without waiting for his honeybun's response, Nick pulled Judy nearly off him which she immediately protested, then he pulled her hard back down his aching, throbbing length, stopping just past where she had been.

Judy's deep, throaty moan of ecstasy spurred Nick on as he pulled her up again, then impaled her a little further. Continuing on until she was one thrust away from receiving him fully inside her, Judy suddenly cried out, "Ni-ick, I'm just about to…" She didn't finish as she began panting, nor did Nick need to hear the rest. He wasn't sure if it was because she was a rabbit taking a red fox's huge, long shaft into her or if Judy just couldn't get enough of this hunk of a fox, but it was obvious he had already pushed her to the edge.

Watching her expression, Nick murmured, "Well, I better make this last one count then, huh?" Judy nodded, her eyes squeezed tight as she waited for Nick's last pull to push her over the edge. Taking a deep breath, he pulled her down onto him as he thrust up into her. That was all it took to push Judy over the edge. As Nick's tip brushed up against her cervix, Judy's biggest climax yet crashed through her in joy and ecstasy as her body clamped down on Nick's throbbing cock.

Not wanting her climax to peter out prematurely, Judy began rocking against Nick, even as he began thrusting into her. It was heavenly for both of them, and Nick knew that if Judy hadn't milked him three times already today, with the last time being a few short minutes ago, he would have climaxed along with her.

As Judy's climax finally leveled out, giving her a chance to breathe and take in what just happened, she slumped down across Nick's chest. Nick didn't push her, but lightly ran his claws back and forth across her back while she caught her breath. He still couldn't believe what it felt like to be inside Judy. There were no words to adequately describe it. To say he was in heaven was way too mild to describe his emotions right now.

This incredible, spunky little rabbit seemed to fit him like a glove custom-made only for him. The fact that he could so easily and so fully satisfy her as she eagerly satisfied him still left him reeling, wondering if this really was reality or some fantastical dream. They were such different creatures and yet they fit together so perfectly, he could only call it a miracle. If this really was reality, then Nick needed to tip his hat to the Keeper of the Stars because he couldn't have found a more perfect female for him, not if he searched the world over for a hundred years or more.

With his cock still throbbing and aching inside his honeybun, Nick listened to her erratic breathing slow down, along with her heart rate. Once Judy's breathing returned to normal, he asked, "You ready to continue?"

Glancing up, Judy just now realized that Nick hadn't released when she did. What kind of wife and mate was she that she couldn't last until she satisfied her husband!? Pushing herself back up into a sitting position, her ears perked forward, Judy ground her hips against Nick's, bringing a low growl from him, even as she said, "Ready when you are."

Nick rolled his eyes as he had been ready for some time now. Gripping her hips once more, he began thrusting up into her again, even as Judy began rocking back and forth. With her lips parted in a lusty, eager grin, she met Nick's dark emeralds that were filled with hunger, joy, and pure satisfaction at feeling Judy encasing him in her wet, tight body as he continued thrusting into her. Euphoria was the only word he could think of to describe his current feelings.

As they got into a good rhythm, Nick slipped his claws up Judy's sides and around to her front, then teased her treasure mounds hiding under her fur. Judy groaned and tightened her fingers in Nick's chest fur, her blunt claws scraping against his skin, which Nick thoroughly enjoyed. As Judy tipped her head back and arched her chest towards her vulpine lover, Nick reached forward and licked and nipped her throat, which brought another breathy moan from his honeybun.

Enjoying her moans and gasps, Nick nipped his way down her throat and captured one of her soft mounds between his teeth. A breathy gasp escaped Judy's throat even as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close as she encouraged him in his wet exploration of her chest. Switching between one mound and the other as he licked, nipped, and suckled them, Nick slipped his paws down her sides and then squeezed her tush, letting his nails prick her skin.

At her eager gasp, Nick held her tight and sped up their pace as he chased his climax, with Judy impatiently chasing her second release. Pulling Nick's muzzle up, she kissed him passionately as she felt her release crash through her once more. With a deep groan, Judy broke off the kiss and tipped her head back as she sucked in a deep draught of air. Nick took the opportunity to snap his teeth around her neck and gave the ancient fox mating screech, even as he bucked sharply into her several times as his own climax erupted.

As he continued to hold her neck, Nick gripped her hips a little tighter with his claws digging in deeper, just shy of puncturing the skin. With one last, hard thrust, Nick slammed his half-swollen knot into her hot, slick core and felt it immediately swell to lock them in place. The feel of her tight, hot body clamping down on his knot like a vice was a strange feeling. It felt incredible—the whole experience was heaven defying—but as he had never knotted anyone before, it was a new experience—for both of them.

And feeling how Judy kept massaging and caressing his hard shaft every time he twitched while shooting more of his hot seed into her, Nick was sure he had died and was now living in heavenly paradise. Was this what others meant when they claimed they had reached nirvana? Regardless, he doubted a vixen could satisfy him half as well, and he once more thanked the Keeper of the Stars for bringing Judy into his life, and even after he walked away from her, he still brought her back to him.

As their combined releases subsided, Nick released Judy's throat and flopped back on the bed as he continued breathing heavily. This was definitely an intense workout, an intense workout that he hadn't had in far too many months. Who needed to hit the gym or run several miles a day when he could roll around the bed with his honeybun and achieve the same results?

Watching Nick lying beneath her as his hard cock completely filled her up inside, Judy refused to drop onto his chest as she had before. Instead, she locked her elbows and leaned over him, with her ears perked forward and slanted down as she stared at Nick's beyond satisfied grin. Becoming one with Nick was better than anything her wild imagination had come up with on it own. If this is what she had to look forward to, then her future was truly bright indeed.

For so long, she feared her instincts were broken, that she wasn't hardwired for finding pleasure and satisfaction in another's touch, that her need to be with a male and have children was dead. But now she had Nick and all her worries and fears simply vanished. Her instincts were still probably broken seeing as she had fallen for a predator, a fox todd, but she didn't care. All her long years of loneliness were made up for in this one moment…and all the special moments yet to come.

Licking her lips while looking down at Nick's 'died and gone to heaven' look, Judy murmured, "So this is what your knot feels like." It was a statement, not a question. With a lusty smile, she wiggled her bum and grinned wider at the hiss of pleasure and pain it drew from Nick.

Slapping his paws around her hips again, Nick growled, "Sit still and behave." He paused a moment, then amended, "Well…sit still at any rate. I don't think you realize just how tightly you're holding me." Cocking his head, he said, "Since you can still wiggle around, I take it my knot's not that bad for you?"

Judy shifted again, which brought a glare from Nick which she ignored, then tilted her head in thought. "Well, it is tender and a bit uncomfortable, but the rest of your hard cock feels fantastic so it's a mix of pleasure and pain." With a grin, she shrugged, saying, "I don't think it'll take long for me to get accustomed to your knot, though, and then it shouldn't bother me." Nick nodded, and then Judy slid her fingers across his chest and towards his collarbone. With her nose twitching in anticipation, Judy asked, "Now we get to enjoy mandatory cuddle time, right?"

With a laugh, Nick replied, "Yes, yes, we do," even as he slid one paw up her back to lightly grip the back of her head. Pulling her small muzzle down to meet his own much longer muzzle, he stole a deep kiss from her while his other paw slid up to cup and squeeze one of her soft treasure mounds. Bringing a soft moan of pleasure from his honeybun, Nick then rubbed and squeezed her peak with his rough finger pad before teasing it with his claw, before switching over to give the same treatment to her other hard peak before massaging and squeezing her mound.

Judy was in absolute heaven. With her nose and tail both quivering as she drowned in Nick's touch, taste, and feel, she couldn't believe this amazing fox was all hers now! No one else could have him! He belonged to her and her alone! Furthermore, how could any rabbit buck possibly hold a candle to the intense pleasure and complete satisfaction that her hot fox gave her? Nick was able to make the pleasure last and last!

Oh, her boy-crazy sisters were going to be so envious if they ever found out Nick could set her off twice in a row before releasing himself! And then there was mandatory cuddle time! No wonder her instincts never let her bat an eye at any of the lame bucks she had met before! Before meeting Nick, she didn't know a lick about red foxes, or foxes in general, so how—how—did her instincts know that Nick could so utterly and so intensely satisfy her!?

Did she and Nick possibly know each other in another life? Was theirs an eternal love? Is that why they fell so quickly and irrevocably in love with each other? Was their love so strong and intense in a previous life that they were subconsciously searching for each other again in this life? And having found each other again, how could they possibly wait to pick up where they left off? This was the only explanation that made sense as to why they were drawn so quickly together—why they couldn't keep their mouths and paws to themselves.

After Nick had stood up for her after Bogo demanded she quit her job, Judy had felt like she had a special connection to Nick. Especially after she tracked him down and he forgave her. The more time they spent together, the more sure she felt like she had known him her whole life instead of a few measly days. But if they had been lovers and mates in a previous life, that would explain this strange feeling she had whenever she was with him. And explained why she couldn't leave him alone or get enough of his presence, his touch, or his taste.

And even now, with their bodies locked together as Nick showed her the beauty, pleasure, and heavenly satisfaction of mandatory cuddle time, it somehow felt natural. She was a bunny—they didn't have mandatory cuddle time, it wasn't in their DNA—so why did it feel so natural and, dare she say, familiar?

As Nick continued teasing and pleasing her with his cock still pulsing as it leaked more of his seed into her, Judy set her interesting thoughts and speculations aside. Why worry about a possible past she couldn't remember when she could enjoy the present with this wonderful, hot, sexy hunk of a fox? Nick was hers and that's all that mattered.

Completely losing all track of time, it surprised them both when Nick's knot finally shrunk enough to pop out of her. Nick didn't miss a beat, though, as he rolled Judy over and pulled out of her. Nipping his way down her body, he pushed her knees up and out which raised her hips and gave him better access to her heated core. Sticking his muzzle between her legs, he eagerly lapped at her hot, bunny juices while savoring her delicious bunny taste that was uniquely Judy: grassy fields, a summertime breeze, clover blossoms, honeysuckle, and a hint of nutmeg. Who would ever have thought a bunny could taste this amazing or that she would be more delicious than blueberry pie?

As Nick enjoyed her taste, Judy gripped the fur at the base of his ears and pulled his snout closer to her wet folds as she silently demanded he eat her. Nick quickly gave in to her demands as he thrust his long tongue into her quivering core. Fully enjoying the way she shivered and writhed around his hot tongue, listening to her groans and gasps as he 'ate' her up was sweet music to his ears. Thrusting his tongue inside her and occasionally twisting his tongue in a cork-screw fashion, it didn't take long to push Judy to the edge again.

As she begged him to finish what he started (Nick was going just fast enough to push her to the edge without pushing her over), Nick pulled his tongue out (to Judy's displeasure) and flipped his honeybun over. As enjoyable and satisfying as it was to taste and feel Judy's release on his tongue and in his mouth, now that they were husband and wife, he couldn't get enough of feeling her squeezing and shivering around his aching shaft as he thrust into her.

Which is what he did just now. After putting a pillow under her knees to raise her up a bit more, he gripped her hips, lined himself up, and filled her completely with one hard thrust. The cry of ecstasy that ripped from Judy's smiling lips stroked his male ego like nothing else, and it only took him a few hard, fast thrusts to push his honeybun over the edge. As she clamped down on his shaft in her vice-like grip, Nick continued thrusting into her as he chased his own release.

But since he had already released twice—no, thrice—this afternoon, not counting the time from this morning, it took him longer to achieve his climax and he was proud to say he got Judy off two more times before filling her once more with his hot seed. Gripping the base of her ears between his teeth, he repeatedly thrust into her fast and hard as his climax swept through him, with his knot pushing a little further into her with each thrust. Just before slamming it into her, though, Nick paused, unsure if Judy was ready for his knot so soon after the first time.

Judy answered his unspoken question by shoving back into him, forcing his hard knot into her quivering core and ramming his cock's tip up against her cervix (it felt incredible!). The growl of pleasure and complete satisfaction that erupted from her lover's chest added to Judy's own satisfaction and pleasure. She just couldn't get enough of Nick's growls! How could a predator's growl fill her with so much happiness, satisfaction, and anticipation!?

Caressing her stomach with his claws as his cock continued to pulse and shiver with each spurt of semen into her eager body, Nick licked the base of her ears where he had bitten her. After catching his breath, Nick nuzzled Judy's head between her ears and murmured, "I didn't think you would want my knot again so soon."

Reaching behind her to caress Nick's cheek as her tail quivered joyfully against his stomach, Judy replied, "It's a little more tender the second time, but this is the only way for my body to get used to it."

Nick licked her ear as she spoke, but then nipped its end before saying, "Yes, but you also need to sit at dinner tonight, not to mention walking and sitting tomorrow when we meet with Bogo at the Police Station."

Judy's ears drooped slightly as she murmured, "Is it bad that I've already forgotten everything going on outside this room?"

With a light chuckle, Nick replied, "No, it's not." Nuzzling her between the ears, he added, "This is your wedding day and you literally just tied the knot—twice—so of course you're allowed to be a little forgetful of everything else going on around us."

Judy giggled. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess I don't have to feel bad about forgetting, then."

Nick chuckled softly, then held Judy close as he rolled them both over onto their sides. Spooning while still being knotted together, Nick gently licked and nuzzled Judy's ears and head as he softly caressed her stomach with his fingers and claws, even as he curled his fluffy tail around her.

Taking a deep, relaxing breath, Judy wrapped her arms around his tail and snuggled with it while enjoying Nick's gentle attentions as she suddenly (and understandably) felt exhausted over their intense activities. Nick really was the best male for her. Not only could he—and did!—fully and completely satisfy her repeatedly, but now that she needed a break, he didn't ask more from her, but simply touched her in a calming, relaxing way—and she loved it!

Enjoying Nick's soft and gentle caresses, Judy once more considered how they might have been lovers and mates in a previous life. How would that have worked? Was she a fox in another life? Or maybe Nick had been a rabbit buck? Judy shook the idea from her head. Neither idea sat well with her. She couldn't see herself as a fox, but she could imagine Nick as a rabbit buck even less. She really couldn't imagine falling in love with Nick if he wasn't a fox. Him being a red fox just fit him. And, well, she really couldn't picture herself as anything but a rabbit doe.

So how would that have worked out? Pred-prey couples weren't widely accepted in today's world, and it was even less so in the past. So how could their love be allowed to grow and thrive hundreds of years ago? Was theirs a tragic love story? Was that why they were given a second chance at love in this life? Judy truly hoped that if they did find each other in a previous life, that their love had been accepted, but understanding the centuries old hate and distrust between predators and prey, Judy feared their love story had been doomed from the start.

Trying not to think about the tragedy that might have been, Judy focused on the bliss of the present and the hope for a much better future. She knew not everyone would be happy for them, and some might even try to break them up, but as long as she had Nick, she knew they could get through anything. Together, they could make it work.

Thinking about how right and natural it felt being with Nick, her handsome fox husband and mate, Judy started humming a moment before she started singing softly, "A dangerous plan, just this time. A stranger's hand clutched in mine…" Thinking of the words as she sang, Judy knew that when considering the short amount of days she and Nick had actually known each other, people could technically say they were still strangers.

But no matter what anyone else might say, Judy knew that her connection to Nick was real and that being with him—right here right now—was right. Just as the song said, she had been waiting her whole life for this moment. Putting the feelings of her heart to words, Judy sang, "I was made for loving you…"

Nick's ears perked up as Judy began singing, 'I Was Made for Loving You' by Tori Kelly feat. with Ed Sheeran. It's not a song he had paid much attention to before (it was a soft love song, totally not his type), but now that he had Judy, the song took on a whole new meaning.

Waiting until Ed Sheeran's lines came up, Nick then sang, "Hold me close, through the night. Don't let me go, we'll be alright…" He too, had been waiting his whole life for Judy. Running his claws lightly through her belly fur as he sang, Judy joined him in singing, "…I was made for loving you…"

They continued singing, sometimes switching off when it was just the female or male vocals. As the song continued, Nick slipped his arms around Judy and hugged her tight. He really had been waiting a long time for her: his lover, his mate, his wife.

Snuggling into Nick's embrace, Judy continued singing with him, finishing with, "All I know, darlin', is that I was made for loving you." This song fit them so well, and as the last strains of their soft voices hung in the air, Judy turned her head to nuzzle the underside of Nick's muzzle. He purred into the touch, and Judy said, "I love you, Nick."

Returning her nuzzle, Nick replied, "I love you, too, Judy, my wife, my mate."

Judy beamed at him. She loved hearing him call her 'wife'. She never expected to be someone's wife before, and for the longest time she didn't think marriage was in her future, but now, with Nick, she was so grateful they were able to rearrange their stars—that Nick was now her future—her whole future.

Feeling truly content for the first time in her life, Judy settled back into Nick's embrace as he went back to gently running his claws back and forth across her belly. It was so relaxing, that the peace and quiet lulled her into a light snooze. As her consciousness slipped into a blissful slumber, Judy caught Nick's soft purr that further lulled her to sleep.

As Judy slipped off to dreamland, Nick propped his head up on his raised paw and refused to sleep. He was feeling a little tired, but more than that, he couldn't get enough of watching Judy's peaceful face. There was a small, joyful smile tugging the corners of her lips and she looked so beautiful. Still questioning how he ended up with Judy, Nick half expected to wake up alone if he were to fall asleep. It just didn't seem like his luck was good enough to catch such an amazing bunny as his wife and mate, so he was still afraid he was experiencing some fantastical, incredible dream.

If he were to wake up tomorrow to realize this last week had been a dream, Nick figured he would break down and cry his eyes out before slipping into a heartbroken coma. Leaning down and breathing in deeply of their combined scents, Nick figured that would be too cruel, even for something that happened to him. Using this line of thinking, he tried convincing himself that this was real. That Judy was really here with him and they were now mated: husband and wife.

Closing his eyes, Nick focused on Judy's scent and presence to calm his overactive mind, and it wasn't long before the soft, steady beat of her heart, coupled with her calming presence, lulled him into a light slumber.

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