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It was a day like any other summer day in Konoha. Birds were chirping, the trees rustled in a slight, cooling breeze and in the distance, you could make out the noises of a market. Everything was peaceful. But as if Kami had other plans for today, the peace and quiet was disrupted by an explosion, followed by birds making a hasty retreat into the sky and a big commotion at the academy.

Hiruzen could feel an enormous headache coming up. He closed the window, hoping to get just a few more minutes to enjoy in peaceful silence.

Naruto was on the run, once again. His brain paced through the possible scenarios almost as fast as he ran. He tried to focus on the task at hand, escape.

The mission so far had gone perfectly as planned: get in, find the target, track its habits. It had been quite easy. The target, a man around his mid twenties, with near white, grayish neck length hair, was easily spotted after Naruto had infiltrated the rather big building.

He had managed to stay undiscovered while following the man for the rest of the day, first through the building and then into what seemed to be a shinobi apartment district, judging from the amount of people wearing forehead protectors and the lack of those not wearing them.

This first day he had stayed overnight to find out when the man would be woken up by his alarm clock. After this, he had proceeded to follow the man for the rest of the week, tracking his target until it would go to bed before retreating for the night, only to get back up at 4am so he would be at his targets location half an hour before the wake up call at 6am.

He had taken notes of pretty much every information he could get, as unnecessary the information he had found may have seemed. He had learned that the man had a schedule for almost everything, from getting coffee to visiting the toilet.

Over the weekend he had worked out a plan, utilizing all of the collected intel. And today, he had finally taken action.

Naruto had figured out that, as long as he stayed on schedule, the man would never really be on his own and thus he would have been unable to complete his mission without collateral damage.

That's what step one had taken care of. A strong laxative in the first coffee had bought him the time for step two, setting a trap. He knew that after the coffee, the man would go eat with some of his colleagues. This first break though would be spent in the restroom instead, giving Naruto time to get done with step two and three, setting up the trap and escaping to a place he could confirm the completion of his mission without being noticed.

But just when he left the building, a small scale explosion went off, alarming the other people in the building, which stormed towards the source of the noise, putting him in the predicament he was in presently.

He turned left, throwing a glance over his shoulder as he ran through the streets and alleys. He scowled, finding his pursuers closing in. His chances to get out alive were low and still falling.

'How did everything go this wrong? The plan was near perfect!' Naruto turned right again, then quickly dove to the left into a dark alleyway, hoping to throw off his pursuers. He was almost at the safe house now. Turning right, he sprinted down a bigger road with houses on either site.

He heard a small noise, which caused him to look up to a roof but it was too late. The last thing he saw was a silhouette closing in before a heavy weight crashed into his back, throwing him to the ground. A fist connected with the side of his face, again and again.

Then, he felt cold steel against his neck, stinging him. His nose felt horribly pulpy from the rough contact with the hard ground and he could feel blood running down his face from both his nose and his cheek. He could hear his heartbeat and his blood rushing in his ears.

'Will this be the end now?' Naruto wondered, closing his eyes, preparing for what was inevitably coming next. He couldn't move with the weight pressed into his spine and the kunai's tip in his neck, so escape was out of the question.

"What do you say, demon brat", the man on top of him practically spit those last two words at the blond beneath him, "shall I just put an end to you now and free the village from you?"

He heard the sound of wind and leaves, the telltale signs of other shinobi appearing. "Don't you think you are overdoing it a bit, Mizuki? Better get off him." Naruto heard a female voice. It was somewhat familiar but he couldn't quite place it. "Maa, he just played a little prank on you, no reason to beat him bloody like that. Now put that kunai away so we can all be friends again." A lazy sounding male voice this time. A lightbulb went off in Naruto's head. Maybe that was the anbu!


Despite still being a child, most merchants and clerks would chase him away from their shops and stalls, while some of the villagers and many of the children would throw things at him or beat him up when he was younger.

Because of this, the sandaime hokage had decided to assign some people to watch over him, people the hokage himself picked and he trusted.

Ever since then, the amount of attacks on Naruto had gone down considerably and on the few occasions something did happen, the anbu would be quick to intervene. Due to the harsh punishments given out by the hokage for this kind of behavior, less and less villagers wanted to try their luck at killing or at least punishing the demon for what it did. Or rather, punish Naruto for it.

While the anbu were protecting Naruto, they rarely showed themselves or interacted with him directly. However, two anbu had grown quite close to the boy. Snake and Dog. Thus, whenever they had time, they would take over the role as Naruto's protectors. And they even went beyond this, occasionally restocking his fridge or leaving clothes at his doorstep.

Flashback end*

With a growl, Mizuki removed himself and his kunai from Naruto's battered form, but not without pressing his knee into the boy's spine harder for a moment.

"Today's your lucky day, you little bastard. Next time you won't get off this easy." With that, Mizuki took off. Naruto rolled onto his back, took a deep breath and then let out a sigh. "Thanks for saving my ass there once again", Naruto said, picking himself up only to wince in pain. The anbu with the dog mask caught him before he could fall to the ground.

"So kid, care to tell me why an orange man just beat the crap out of you?" Despite the pain, Naruto grinned happily at the man. "I got him with my paint-bomb trap! But he came earlier than I thought after the laxative in his coffee. Must have skipped breakfast.", Naruto chuckled at this.

The masked man shook his head in disbelief, or was it disappointment? The woman just laughed. "H-have you s-seen his FACE!?" She laughed once more, then continued, trying to finish without giggles, "I have never seen him THIS pissed before! And believe me, Dog, I tried!"

Dog face palmed at that. "Snake, don't encourage him. He has enough trouble with the people in the village as is."

He turned to Naruto. "Why did you do it anyways?" Naruto's face took on a sad look.

"I watched him and a few others burn down Ichiraku's. They were laughing while doing it. I couldn't just let him get away with that."

Ichiraku's was a small ramen restaurant owned by Teuchi and operated by him and his daughter, Ayame. It was one of the few shops actually selling him food and the only one that he could afford and didn't overcharge him. Both the ramen chef and his daughter had grown on him, so much so that he would call Ayame Nee-chan and Teuchi Oji-san.

Since Naruto was a regular at Ichiraku's, they had faced harassment and the occasional act of vandalism, usually minor things like graffiti. They also didn't have a big customer base but with the occasional Akimichi coming by, they did okay.

However, with their shop burnt down, Teuchi saw life in Konoha would not be safe for his daughter and with a heavy heart, he decided it was for the best to leave Konoha behind and lead a better, more peaceful life away from the village.

Telling Naruto was the hardest part. Naruto was trying to keep a strong facade but try as he might, a few treacherous tears wormed their way into his eyes. Teuchi didn't fare much better. Ayame was outright crying when they said their goodbyes. They did however promise to send letters once they settled somewhere else.

Dog nodded. "Naruto, you should have told us about that. Now with the Ichiraku's gone and this whole thing in the past, we can't report this with the lack of evidence." Naruto frowned at this. Then he looked at the ground in shame. Dog patted his back. "Maa, you didn't know. Let's get you home so Kurenai can heal you."

They brought Naruto back to his apartment. Actually, the Hokage had given him the whole apartment complex but he didn't know what to do with it. He didn't have furniture in any other apartment and most of them were somewhat rotten anyways.

True to his words, Dog brought in Kurenai, a beautiful, black haired woman with red eyes, smooth, pale skin, a big rack and a stunning smile that made Naruto's heart skip a beat.

Sure, he was young, way too young to get her attention, but he couldn't help it. He had seen beautiful women in the magazines he found in the trash or that store at the outskirts of the village where he went when the owner fell asleep on the counter again to read manga and look into the adult magazines, but even with clothes Kurenai easily beat them all.

He looked at her face while she concentrated on the healing jutsu. She wasn't a master of healing jutsu, but with Naruto's high natural regeneration and the addition of the demons healing, it was more than enough.

Naruto hated the hospital. The smell gave him a headache and some of the staff were really mean to him. When he was about 6, the Hokage had sent him there for a checkup and one of the nurses needed 7 tries to get the needle into a vein for an injection. So, when he wasn't too beat up, the anbu would usually call on Kurenai for help.

When she was done, Kurenai poked Naruto in the chest with her index finger. "You should be more careful, how could you become Hokage if you died?" Naruto blushed and grinned at her.

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