I'm not going to lie to you guys I actually don't know any Pokemon after the Alola region. So if you see any Pokemon that is after the Alola region for the new games I don't know it because I'm broke as f*** and I don't play the new games. I'm only making the story for fun so... yeah LOL

im writing this just so i can let out some steem and i know I won't be able to write my regular stories properly since they are all supposed to have long chapters. I felt like a One-Shot can help me out a little bit more than riding my regular stories so here you guys go.

Thatch was exploring the new island they landed on. they had been traveling for a good month before they reached the island they were in right now. as he was exploring he was complaining to his brother Haruta. one of the younger members who was also his best friend.

"why do I have to be the one to look for the new supply of food... IM NOT THE ONE WHO ATE ALL THE MEAT" Thatch yelled as he glared back at where he came from. Haruta just glared at him and cut down another branch from one of the overgrown trees.

"yeah but it's your fault he got into the food storage." Haruta snapped "and it's also your fault that they caught me" he snapped at him. Thatch just ignored him and continued to walk ahead. they continued to complain until they got to a cave. it looked deep and was very dark.

"you think there might be a bear in there," Thatch asked Haruta

"I don't know and I don't care... hurry up I wanna go back to the ship." Haruta snapped as he watched Thatch make a makeshift torch and start walking inside laughing. "don't go in there without me dumb ass" he snapped

"what? you scared" Thatch laughed as he turned his head slightly. Haruta huffed but followed anyway not knowing if there were any dangers inside. they walked for a couple of minutes as they started to feel a slight chill.

"Damn it's cold in here," Haruta said as he hugged himself trying to get some heat. Thatch was trying to do the same but he was holding up the torch. they continued to walk until they got to a hallway with three openings. what got Thatch's attention was that the one in the far left had what looked like ice.

"what the hell," Thatch asked as he got closer to the walls. there he saw the walls start to shine with the light of the fire. "are these... crystals..." he asked as he used his unoccupied hand to check. Haruta quickly walked next to him and started to inspect it.

"I think they are..." Haruta told him as he got a closer look at the blue crystal. the closer he got the more colors started to shine. "... we should ask Izo," he said as he turned to his brother

"yeah... but before that..." Thatch said as he continued to walk forward making sure to leave a trail of seeds behind him just in case they got lost.

"Where are you going" Haruta snapped at him.

"don't worry I just wanna see how far the crystals go," Thatch told him as he walked. he wasn't really paying attention as he looked at the Crystals that covered the walls, ceiling, and even the small rocks that poked out. he liked that some of them were different colors and was very distracted.

suddenly Thatch let out a scream as he fell. Haruta who was right behind him panicked once the only light source disappeared along with his brother and stopped walking. he could hear Thatch falling and his grunts of pain as he hit rocks and other things.

"THATCH" he yelled. he continued to hear his brother fall until a loud grunt was heard and something breaking along with a splash. "THATCH... ARE YOU OK" Haruta yelled

"IM... I THINK I TWISTED MY ANKLE" Thatch yelled back. he tried to move his foot only to have pain shoot through him, he tried his best to swim to land even as he couldn't really see. "fuck" he whispered to himself. "I can't get up!" Thatch yelled at Hiruta.

"Can you turn on the torch again" Haruta called back.

"Hold on..." thatch yelled back as he tried to find the piece of wood he had earlier. it took him a bit to find it but when he did he quickly used one of the matches that he had in his pocket that was kinda waterproof to light it again.

"I see you!" Haruta yelled back. finally being able to see again. once he saw a little bit of light he slowly approached where Thatch fell and looked over from the edge. he saw his brother holding his leg in pain as he placed the torch by the wall that was next to him. he was surprised that Thatch didn't die by that fall. he looked to have fallen 20 to 25 meters down and fell in a small underground lake.

"I can't find my bag" Thatch yelled up at Haruta. Thatch was the only one of the two to bring his mini transponder snail but it was inside of his bag that was now lost.

"I'll go get help!" Haruta yelled back as he found something to burn and took out his own matches from his pocket. "are you going to be ok by your self for a little bit" Haruta called

"Yeah... I think so... I don't see anything dangerous around here" Thatch yelled back. as he looked around the cave only finding a thick layer of Crystals and the deep but small pond.

"ok... I'll be back" Haruta yelled as he quickly retraced his steps. he was sure Thatch wouldn't be able to get into any trouble in just a couple of minutes.

"YEAH" Thatch yelled back as he let out a sigh before taking off his top and squeezing the water out of them. he tried to get up but once he placed his left foot on the ground the pain came and made him wobble a little bit. he quickly went to lean on one of the walls.

"man... this is all Ace's fault." Thatch cursed as he slammed his head on the wall. "he just had and go and eat all the fucking meat we had" he snapped.

after a couple of minutes, he let out another sigh before getting bored and getting up to explore more. he tried to stay off his foot and went along the wall.

he noticed how Thick the wall was with crystal was and how they grew. at some point they were so shiny they looked kinda like a mirror. Thatch looked at his reflection and glared. His hair was messed up and all the gel that he had in his hair was gone. So all of his hair was on his face. He quickly moved his hair back trying not to getting blinded again. He held up the torch and continue to walk until a light Breeze scared him. He turned towards the direction it came from and walk slightly forward without injuring his leg more. He took a couple of steps before slowly turning around and continuing to walk forward but just as he did he let out a high pitch scream.

once Haruta made it back to Moby Dick he instantly started to tell everyone that he needed help at once. All of his brothers look worried not expecting him to come back alone and without Thatch. Marco was the first one at his side along with Izo asking him why was he alone and what happened.

"We were looking for animals to kill and Thatch decided to go into a cave and ended up falling a very high drop and he broke his ankle. I think he dropped his bag when he fell into the little lake" Haruta cried as he explained it to them and Pops who was listening.

"where," Marco asked him

"north of the island right next to the volcano."

"WHAT" everyone yelled as he said that.

"did you smell any smoke coming from inside the cave," Marco asked worried with a Worried Ace behind him.

"no... it was really cold though," Haruta told him.

Marco just nodded and looked at Whitebeard who nodded his head

"Marco take Ace, Namur, and Izo with you to help Thatch. Haruta lead your brothers to him at once" Pops told them before turning to the nurses "be ready to take Thatch to the infirmary" Pops told them only to have the Nurses nod their heads.

Quickly after getting some basic medical supplies they left toward the cave. Marco flew in the sky making sure that it was safe for them and that no animals or anything else got in their way. once they made it to the cave Haruta started to explain

"We walked for a couple of minutes looking for a bear" Haruta explained once they were two minutes away "we saw some Crystals in one of the walls and he wanted to ask you Izo if you thought they might have been worth something..."

"Why didn't you come and get me when you guys found it," Izo asked. he wasn't worried about the Crystals but the fact that Thatch went in deeper.

"he saw that the crystals covered all the walls and wanted to see how far it went," Haruta told him once they were at the entrance.

"I can go in first to light the way," Ace said in a series voice.

"no, I will... just in case," Marco told him before lighting his arm on fire and making it turn into a blue wing. everyone nodded and followed after him making sure that they didn't get separated. once they made it to the three entrances Marco asked where they went.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" a scream was heard. everyone shot to where they heard the scream Ace lighting himself on fire and running ahead. he saw where Thatch fell and quickly looked over the edge. he didn't see anything

"THATCH" he called "THATCH CAN YOU HEAR ME... ARE YOU OK" he yelled as he looked.

"GUYS HURRY UP COME SEE THIS" it took Thatch a little bit to respond but when he did everyone nodded sure that he was kinda ok.

fist macro dropped of Ace just so they had a source of light at the bottom then Namur, Haruta, and lastly Izo.

"guys come, look at this" Thatch said as he limped back to them.

"Thatch are you alright," Ace asked as he went to help his brother. he quickly helped him sit against the wall. Izo went to his side with the medical kit and started to check on him. he looked over his ankle and had had Marco use his Pheonix powers to heal it. he checked him over and found that he mostly had bruises and scratches that were easily healed by Marco.

"Guys you guys have to see this" Thatch told them panicked. he grabbed onto Izo's Kimono and tried to stand only to have Izo and Marco push him back.

"Thatch you need to calm down," Namur told him standing a little bit away "we can see whatever you want us to see after you are taken care of"

"no you guys don't understand there is a girl in there," he told them as he tried to stand again.

"We can check in a little bit you need to calm down," Izo told him not catching what he said correctly because he was so focused on taking care of him.

"IZO there is a girl in the Crystals over there" Thatch snapped at him

"We don't have time for your pranks right now Thatch" Izo snapped back "you are hurt and you need to be taken care of"

"it's not a prank there really is a girl in there" he snapped back. he quickly got up from the ground and limped back to where he came from (his leg was healed but his mind didn't catch up and he still felt a little pain when he walked). once there he made Ace light up and show everyone what he saw.

Izo gasped and placed his hand on his mouth

Namur looked shocked at what he saw

Marco's flame flickered

Ace jumped back considering he was so close and Haruta let out a shout.

in the wall where the crystal was at least 10 to 15 feet thick (this is the size of the cave ) there stood a young woman standing there. she had her arms up as if she was blocking something and a look of fear on her face.

she had long black and blue hair and she had a short top and shorts. she also had a small bag along with smaller bags attached to her legs. she looked to be around 20 years old.

"What the fuck" Haruta yelled as he backed away. Everyone just stared at the woman. the look of fear scared them. she looked like someone was attacking her and she was placing a hand on someone else that was no longer there.

"call... call it in" Marco ordered before snapping out of his daze "Namur try to find Thatch's bag, Haruta I want you to place torches all around here and... make sure that you're in front of the cave to lead the rest of the crew here... Izo you make sure that Thatch stays put... I'm going to... check deeper in the cave to make sure there are no other people like her here."

"What... what are we going to do," Izo asked finally looking away from the girl.

"I'm going to go to Pop's and tell him about her... we will figure it all when I told to him," Marco told him as he transformed into his Phionex form and flew away toward the entrance. he flew all the way back to Moby where he found Juzo talking with Whitebeard.

"Pops" Marco called as he landed with a series of expressions. Whitebeard turned to face him and gave him a look of worry wondering what happened to Thatch and why he didn't call it in through transponder snail.

"what is it my son," he asked

"We found Thatch. he was injured slightly but nothing too bad," Marco told him but he still had an urgent and serious look on his face.

"that's good..." Whitebeard nodded he was about to continue but was interrupted by Marco.

"We found a girl about 18 to 21 years old in the cave Thatch was in" Marco explained Whitebeard nodded letting him continue. "we don't know who she is but we think she needs help... urgently I had Haruta make a path for everyone just in case"

"What is wrong with the girl," Whitebeard asked interested. all around them, the other commanders and crew members surrounded them. Most of them didn't really understand why Marco looks so worried over a girl. There was probably a hidden village somewhere looking for her at this point.

" it looks like the girl has been trapped inside the cave walls... More like the crystals that are attached to the caves" Marco told him

" what do you mean my son," Whitebeard asked his first division Commander

" I don't know how to explain it to you Pops... I really want to help this girl she looks... I don't know how to explain it I'm sorry pops but she looks so... desperate" Marco stated " it's like she was frozen in there... And like someone was trying to attack her and she tried to defend herself with her arms"

" I'm afraid I'm not understanding you my son what do you mean she looks like she's been trapped and the crystals you found. Do you believe it was a devil fruit" Whitebeard asked his son

" I'm not sure but I really want to help this girl... And so do the rest of the guys" Marco told him remembering the looks that his brothers had in the caves. Sure they were scared after seeing the girl but he could tell that they really wanted to help her or at least find out who did that to her... She was more than likely dead.

" set up a team... Whatever you need" Whitebeard ordered him " I'll be going with you this time," whitebeard told him Marco just nodded and ended up setting up a team. he got a team of the strongest in the crew and also got some of the builders to build a tall ladder to reach the bottom of the cave.

After about an hour Namur calls them using Thatch's transponder snail. it turns out that the water under the cave was not seawater for the transponder snail to malfunction. It also turns out that there was something strange in the water that allows devil fruit users to go in without feeling weak or losing their powers.

After that Haruta was done placing torches all around the cave from the entrance all the way to where the cliff was. Ace was the one that placed the torches at the bottom where the lake was. He was also the one that searches the rest of the bottom of the cave but found nothing other than the girl. Define estranged but they didn't say anything else they were just going to wait till Marco Got Back so he can search the rest of the cave just in case.

After about another hour they were finally ready to go into the cave. The crew cut down trees for wood that they might use and others ended up going hunting doing what Thatch and Haruta were doing before. The remaining Commander's ended up staying behind. They needed someone to watch over the ship along with the rest of the crew.

" my son over the last hour you have been explaining to me what you found. I seem to understand the situation but I hardly believe that she is alive"

" I know pops... But the look on her face... It just tells me that she was looking up at somebody with so much fear" Marco told him. Marco always hated that expression after so many years living in slavery in his childhood... Way before he joined the Whitebeard Pirates and got his devil fruit.

" I understand my son but I don't want you to get your hopes up... We are not certain how long ago she's been trapped in there... Her body could have been preserved with the Crystals."

" I understand. Don't worry" Marco nodded his head. Once they made it to the cave they followed the path that Haruta left and made it to the drop. The ones who built the ladder quickly measured how far the distance would be and ended up completing the ladder all the way so it can reach the bottom and still be sturdy even with their pop's weight on top of it. Once pops made it down the rest of the crew followed after him as he went deeper inside. He pauses when he saw the girl. Marco was right. the look on her face was terrifying to see.

She had a look of fear that was so great that even pops got chills. The rest of the crew saw the girl and most of them jump back. She was actually floating up slightly from the ground around 2 or 3 ft but still where people could see her easily.

" my son's" Whitebeard ordered. The crew suddenly understood and instantly started to get to work. they started to use pickaxes and shovels to try to get the stone loose but not to the point where it would break. Izo and Thatch just watch them work. Thatch was ordered to go back to the ship and be seen by the nurses.

Marco ended up flying around the entire cave but didn't find any other person stuck in any stone or crystals. There was nothing else in the cave and he was getting ready to go when he was called back.

" Marco should we take her out of the crystals when we get to the ship," Namur asked. Namur ended up joining him throughout the cave just to make sure that there was nothing dangerous and just in case.

" I think we should... We could find something in her bag that could tell us when this could have possibly happened to her"

"Do you think we would be allowed to sell it or make things out of it"

" I'm not sure you're going to have to ask Izo later... Or at least until he forgets about the girl... You know how he is"

" I guess yeah..."

It took them two days to finally get the entire chunk of crystal out of the cave. Whitebeard ended up going back to the ship after the first day to tell the rest of the commanders to make room for the crystal. He also told them that they would be breaking down the crystal to try to get the girl's body out of it and to get her belongings.

Most of the commanders just nodded and continued doing what they were doing. They were worried about what they would find. Most of them had mothers sisters lovers and even children back where they are originally from. And to hear that they found a girl all alone by herself in a middle of a cave in the middle of nowhere... It kind of scared them to imagine that being one of their family members. They looked through the entire Island and there was no Village so they didn't know where the girl could come from

By the third day, the girl was on the ship. The commanders who didn't see her at first were shocked to see the girl's expression. No one said anything after she was brought on board and just watched as she was taken into Izo's division. Izo would be in charge of breaking down the crystal without damaging the girl's body. They ended up leaving that same day after getting all the wild animals that they caught and killed to eat later.

Thatch didn't say much right after that and ended up spending the next couple of weeks very recently cooking or doing his Commander duties.

Haruta rarely pranks anymore and only did so after a couple of weeks.

Izo spent most of the time in his division side trying to figure out a safe way to get the girl's body outside of the crystals and started working after 2 days.

After a couple of weeks, everybody was gathered around the girl's body that was still inside of the crystal. The crew had to take out a large chunk of the crystal that was around the girl in order not to accidentally have it crack all the way through and damage her body.

At some point, they all decided that they were going to bury the girl and have a proper funeral for her.

" What did you find so far," Marco asked.

" so far I haven't found much I only found out that the crystals are worth a lot of money... Apparently, they're very rare and only the celestial dragons are allowed to have this type of crystal... Apparently, the types of crystals that were in the cave represent different things depending on the colors." izo told them.

" what do they represent," Namur asked

" This dark red with black and gray represents land... The one with different shades of blue represents the sea... And this green one with the black and gold represents the sky..." Izo started " this light blue with red and gold represent knowledge... This one with the pink represents emotion and that one over there with the bluish-green represents willpower... There are more but... It gets confusing after a while, even for me"

" but the girl is wrapped around the white crystal what does that one mean"

" let me see... Here. It says here that the white crystal represents the concept of truth and the black one represents the Ideals" Izo explain to them " she is wrapped around the crystal that represents the truth"

" how long will it take you to get her out of there," Thatch asked.

" I'm not sure possibly a couple more weeks" Izo confirms their suspicions.

" take however long you need" and with that, all of the commanders ended up leaving.

A week later a scream Was Heard coming from the 16th division. Izo was the only one in there because everyone else was having dinner and he wanted some alone time.

" someone get the nurses!" Izo called. No one knew how they heard him from the other side of the ship but the nurses were at his side in a matter of seconds. " hurry up and get her to the Infirmary. She was still breathing by the time I got her out of there" Izo told the nurses. The other commanders were running behind the nurses and were shocked to find them carrying the girl in the stretcher that they owned.

" what happened," Whitebeard asked. He looked worried.

Izo had his hand to his chest trying to calm his heart down. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack or at least die after the scare that he just got.

" I... I... I don't know what happened" Izo said with tears in his eyes " I was breaking more of the crystal off... And it broke" Izo told them.

" how... what happened," Marco asked placing a relaxing hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

" I must have hit a bad spot on the Crystal and it broke I... I thought I... I thought she was going to break like glass..."

" what happened" Thatch clearly asked.

" She... she... she's alive," Izo told them. Of the commanders who were listening and even some of the crew that went to help in case something was wrong they all looked shocked. " I panicked when the first crack appeared by her face so I stepped back after that... All of the Crystal shattered around her and she fell to the table... I heard her gasp for air" Izo said as he tried to get a hold of himself. He wasn't one to show so much emotion but it scared him to know that the girl was alive in there.

" Are you sure?" one of the other commanders asked. At that point, everybody knew that the girl must have been dead inside of the crystal. It took them weeks to get to the point that they were currently at and trying to get her out and they didn't know how long she had been in there before they found her.

" yes, I'm sure I'm not an idiot." Izo snapped. " I was frozen for a moment and she blinked her eyes... she looked at me before falling unconscious. I checked her pulse and I even checked her breathing and... she's alive"

" have the nurses informed me about her condition as soon as they know something. Marco, you will be in charge of everything that has to do with the girl. Everyone else does not disturb the nurses or Marco for the next week at least do I make myself clear" he asked everyone in the Crew. Everyone just nodded their head and continued in their way talking about what just happened.

Izo ended up going to his room to rest after the incident leaving the rest of his division to clean up what happened. The Commanders came to check on him now and then making sure he was okay only to find him sleeping or at least pretend sleeping most of the next couple of weeks. He needed some time off after that scare.

days passed and the girl ended up slipping into a coma. she was tired and needed a lot of fluids in her body. she was laid down inside the infirmary all the way in the back so no one would disturb her in case someone came in. they kept a close eye on her after she was brought in making sure she had what she needed.

they checked her bag and had more questions than answers. there were three types of balls inside of her bag. there were three red, white with a black line going through them, and two black yellow, and white ones. there was only one purple, pink and white. the purple one was broken but the rest were fine. she also had some kind of box that opened and what looked like a screen appeared... she had two but one of different and bigger.

they found many different I.D's from unknown locations.

"do you guys know any place called Unova..." Ace asked. he had joined almost 2 years ago and didn't know much about the world...


"it says 'hometown is Aspertia City in Unova' and she has a bunch of others Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola... also her name is Moon LongShadow," Haruta told them as he looked through all the I.D's. he was also trying to turn on the weird boxes but they were under a password lock.

"look at this" Thatch said as he held up some pictures "they look so cool... but the animals look weird"











"yeah... your right... we should show this to Pop's Marco told him as he looked through the pictures. "maybe he knows where the animals are located and we can drop her off with her family" they all nodded and placed her things back.

"Don't let him get away, Reshiram" the girl's voice rang out from on top of her pokemon. the Legendary Pokemon quickly following her orders and followed behind the train.

A couple of years all organizations from all regions allied to reach their goal. That cost all the regions to come together to fight back. All the trainers that owned a legendary Pokemon were quickly on the chase making sure that the villain organizations didn't get what they wanted. the organizations all claimed that they wanted different things but sadly it would all end the same for all of them.

They all wanted world domination.

Moon, Red, Green, Hugh, Branden, Wally, Cheren, Bianca, and many more Trainers who won their pokemon League in their region quickly came together along with many gym leaders. Even the people that were in hiding came out to fight.

"Moon Be careful the pokemon they created could be around here" Hugh called from his Kyogre as they flue next to Moon. on Moon's other side N was riding Zekrom with a determined look on his face. they all quickly surrounded the blimp but before anyone could do anything a Purple Pokemon came from the clouds next to Moon. she quickly let out a cry to get Reshiram to turn and battle it but it attacked them before they could do anything. it gathered dark purple energy and shot it at Moon.

Moon let out a scream as Reshiram was hit and she almost fell off its back. she quickly grabbed on tighter as she looked at the new pokemon. it was a combination of the three legendary pokemon of Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. it was one of the new legendary pokemon they made in the Team Rocket lab with the help of Team Flare and their leader Lysandre.

"Go on ahead ill deal with it" Calem yelled as he rode on Yveltal and started to fight the new pokemon. Moon quickly pat Reshiram and quickly got next to the train. But just as she was about to jump off a Pokemon shot a beam at her. Reshiram saw this and quickly backed away before she could get hurt.

"Pidgoet comes on out" Moon Yelled her flying Pokemon quickly came out of its Pokeball and gave a battle cry before flying into battle. " be careful out there," she told her Pokemon. She knew that they could take care of themselves but sometimes they had a habit of ignoring their injuries.

" I'm going to go up ahead slightly stay safe" Hugh told her before flying off

" I am going to go further back please be careful Moon," N told ger

" yeah I'll make sure that nothing surprises us from above" she called both men ended up leaving her by herself only to have another Pokemon shoot something at her. She quickly turned around and found two of the newly created Pokemon. Moon let out a curse before turning around with Reshiram. Reshiram let out a Battle Cry as he started to power up his move called ancient power. They were battling for a couple of minutes until they lost a train. At some point, one of them got a good hit causing Reshiram the fall out of the sky. Moon quickly called him back only to be falling alone. Didn't have any other flying-type Pokemon that can help her. The two newly created Pokemon saw that she was not calling any other Pokemon and quickly charged up their powerful moves. Moon let out a scream as she watched the powerful energy come towards her face.

Moon sturred in her bed as she slowly woke up from her coma. it was dark and she couldn't see anyone in the room she was in. there was a small light shining from under the door she was in and nothing else. She looked around and found the room she was in was all built with dark wood and there was a nightstand right next to her bag was in. on the older side of the room was a desk and on the other a bathroom with the door wide open.

she slowly got up from her bed and drank the water that was next to her bag. she looked around more and slowly got up. she almost fell but struggled to get up. she leaned on the bed and reached for her bag. she searched for something before pulling out one of the Balls that was in there and pressed the button.

"come... out Del... DelPhox" she called as a bright light shown. in front of her appeared a Fox about 4'11. it looked like it had a dress on with Orange, yellow, red, and white. it also had a stick sticking out of its dress right next to its long blond tail.

"Del... Del DelPhox" DelPhox cried as he helped his trainer sit on the bed again. he looked at her worried as she placed her hand on her head.

"can... can you help me... walk Del," she asked her pokemon who just nodded his head and helped her stand.

"do you... do you remember... what happened" she asked him.

"Del..." DelPhox said sadly he didn't remember much because She called him back into his Pokeball when everything went down.

"come on," she told him as she placed her bag over her shoulder and how it normally went before DelPhox helped her walk outside.

they walked out of the room and into another infirmary that was much bigger and with more beds. there was no one there but a candlelit on top of one of the many decks that were by one of the beds. they saw two doors and decided to go to the one in front of the room. it was silent but they felt the floor rocking so they knew they were on a boat or ship.

"Del Del..." DelPhox called as if he was asking a question

"I'm...I'm fine," she told him as they continued to walk. "we need... we need to find someone to help us," she told him. DelPhox nodded and used his enhanced nose and ears to help find someone close.

"Del Del Del Phox" he called as he pointed to a hallway. he senses a couple of people down the hallway. she nodded understanding what he meant and let him lead her to where the people were.

they walked for a little bit because the boat or ship they were in was huge and there were a lot of doors to bedrooms where people were sleeping.

they continued to walk through the dimly lit hallway until they reached a dining room area. they walked inside and slowly walked to the kitchen where they saw the light was fully on and the door wide open. and there stood a big man. his back was facing them and they could hear that someone else was inside cooking or doing something inside by the sounds that were heard.

"Teach what's up." a man's voice rang out. Moon was about to call out but she watched as the man at the door lift a knife and run inside. she heard the other man scream and the sound of the knife making contact with flesh. Moon screams slightly.

"DelPhox protects that man now" she yelled as she moved out of Delphox's way so that he could jump over her and attack the bigger man.

the man shouted in confusion as he was attacked with fire. Moon tried her best to walk and run to the man who was stabbed and was facing the ground. placed some pressure on the knife wound. she tried her best to stop the bleeding as her pokemon battled the man who was eating a weird fruit he stole from the fallen man.

"Haunter!" she yelled as she quickly grabbed one of her pokeballs and called out her ghost poison pokemon. Haunter cried out as he appeared out of his Pokeball ready for action. he could hear the fighting from the Pokeball and wanted to take part in the action "Haunter please go get help PLEASE!" she cried as she helped the unconscious man. Haunter nodded his head and quickly floated out of the room and went to the other rooms.

"PHOX" Delphox cried as he was forced to the ground. he was about to be stabbed but was forced back into his Pokeball. the man looked shocked at the pokemon disappearing and another one appearing.

"Lucario Protect us" Moon called as she put away Delphox's Pokeball and taking out Lucario's.

screams were heard as Haunter's voice rang around the entire boat. Haunter appeared a couple of seconds later and went to help Lucario with the man who somehow got darkness powers. the Ghost-type tried his best to keep the shadows away from his trainer.

"what the hell are those things" someone yelled.

"PLEASE HELP" Moon cried as she continued to try and stop the bleeding. "Please he won't stop bleeding"

"oh my god," a feminine-looking man yelled once he entered the kitchen. he quickly went to the girl and helped her stop the blood. Marco came in next

"what happened" Marco ordered asking Izo. he didn't notice the girl with the panic that was happening. his brothers were trying to get ahold of the animals and trying to help Teach

"that man stabbed him... I woke up in an infirmary and I found myself here. when I got here that man over there attacked this one" Moon told him. he looked at her shocked but nodded. he glared at Teach only to watch the said man use the devel fruit that he stole from Thatch. that just proved that what the girl said was true.

"move aside I got it," Marco told her "do you know what they are," he asked her pointing to the pokemon with his head.

"yeah... there my pokemon" she told him. he gave her a confused look but continued to do what he was doing

"can you call them back so that we can get ahold of them" she nodded and moved to the side to give Marco room to do whatever he needed to do.

"Haunter, Lucario to my side" she called both pokemon were at her side in seconds in battle stances waiting for her next order. everyone paused for a moment shocked at the instant change of character the weird animals had once the girl gave the order.

"capture Teach" Marco ordered "he stabbed Thatch" he ordered. just then Ace appeared and heard what he said and went to attack Teach only to be punched away. Teach made a run for it running outside and passed the still shocked crew. they all snapped out of it and some came to help others went to get nurses and Pops and others went after Teach as Ace did.

"are you hurt dear" Izo finally asked her.

"no... no I'm fine," she told him before realizing that she had blood all over her. she only had a nightgown on that was given to her when she was unconscious. "it's not my blood... I'm sorry" she told them. Lucario placed a relaxing hand on her back making her look at him.

"Everyone moves aside" the nurses yelled they pushed people to the side and instantly got to work on Thatch.

an hour later they were in the meeting room. Ace was pissed because Teach ended up getting away. everyone was more worried about Thatch getting better and trying to find out more about the girl.

Whitebeard woke up to a ghost-type monster waking him up. he was shocked at first and used his haki to ward it off only to have it pull at his blanket and point to the door. he got up and tried to follow it but it disappeared through the walls. he later heard all his sons screaming and shouting about a ghost. he used his haki to see what was happening his sons were either hiding in fear or chasing the ghost. he had gotten out of his room once he heard the Nurses running to the infirmary telling everyone that Thatch was stabbed and needed everyone to move to the side.

"may you please introduce yourself," Whitebeard asked the girl who was sitting in the middle of the room and her ghost-type pokemon floating right next to her. They had already talked about what happened with Teach and Thatch so Ace ended up leaving to check up on his best friend. she nodded and looked at him and the other commanders.

"yes. of course. my name is Moon LongShadow but you can call me Moon" she smiled kindly.

"if I may ask who is your companion," Izo asked as he played with his hands. he didn't know what to think about the ghost.

"This is Haunter... he is a ghost poison type pokemon."

"whats a pokemon" Marco asked her

"um... Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. For the most part, Pokémon do not speak except to utter their names... I don't know how you don't know this... they are everywhere"

"honey can you please tell me what year you think it is," Izo asked Moon gave him a confused look. they avoided her question.

"um... it's 2021... sometime in March... can you please tell me exactly what day it is," she asked. they all looked at each other confused and started to talk among themselves.

"may I ask you what island you are from," Whitebeard asked her avoiding her question?

"um... I'm from the Unova region... " she told them as she reached into her bag and took out one of the boxes that the Whitebeards saw earlier. she opened it and put in her password. she turned it to them and showed them a map.

"what the hell," Haruta said as he jumped over the table and going to see the map. he took it from her only to look at it questionably. Moon helped him use it after seeing him struggle.

"Just move your finger around the screen and it will show you more of the map and if you pinch it will show you a map of the regions I have been to," she told him as he just nodded and started to look through it. Haruta went through it as everyone else continued to talk.

"Can you please explain to us how you got stuck in the Crystals?" Did whitebeard ask?

"I don't remember much. I just remember that Team Plazma, Rocket, Flare, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and even Team Skull. allied and made pokemon Hybrids of the legendary pokemon and other strong pokemon to reach their goal."

"and do you know what that goal was"

"yes... world domination," she told them. the whitebeard Pirates looked at each other before looking back at the girl.

" Can you please explain more about these Pokemon," Whitebeard asked

" of course but may I know everyone's name," she asked

"my name is Whitebeard I am the captain of this ship."

"Marco the first commander. Ace is the one with black hair and the fire powers the second Commander but he can't be here now because he's going to check on Thatch the 4th Commander."

"I'm Haruta the 12th..." Haruta said not bothering to look up from the map as he continued to examine it and take notes.

" I Am Izo I'm the one that took care of you throughout your stay here... I am the 16th division Commander" after that every Commander introduced themselves before Moon nodded her head.

" Hello everyone" she smiled slightly she's been questioning why they have been avoiding all of her questions but still tried her best to answer everything that the question about her and where she was from " as you know my name is Moon LongShadow. This is one of my partners his name is Haunter he is a ghost poison type Pokemon" Moon told them that she took out four of the red and white balls they saw earlier in her bag. "Come on out guys" she called as the balls increase size and light appeared from the balls releasing whatever was inside. In the middle of the room, different types of animals appeared most of them were tall and including the bird. " over there is Lucario. He is a fighting Steel-type Pokemon. After him, we have Pidgeot a normal flying Pokemon. up next is Delphox a fire psychic type, And lastly, we have Samurott he is a pure water Pokemon... I don't know where my last one is but... I think he's lost." she told them as she looked at the purple ball that she had in her bag. It was the only one that was broken and it held nothing inside.

" and if you don't mind me asking how old are they"

" they are around 8 to 15 years old," she told him " I'm not exactly sure how old haunter or Pidgeot are since I caught them in the wild but Lucario is 10 and Samurott is 9 and DelPhox is 15 years old" she explained to them. " can you please answer my questions I know you've been avoiding them..."

" We are trying to figure out everything the best we can... Most of the things you have told us do not make any sense and we would like to make sense of them before we continue and answer your questions" Marco told her.

" but can you at least try I'm trying to figure out where I am and how far it is to get home"

" there's something odd about the map" Haruta finally spoke up looking away from the map after taking so many notes. Everyone looked at him and let him continue talking. " this map gives locations to cities and towns and a bunch of other locations that seemed kind of familiar in the grand line and the Blues." he told everyone

" what are you saying"

" I'm not exactly sure but I need to look at the map that we have so far," he told them before running out and coming back a minute later. He had a lot of papers in his hand and opened all of them on the floor. The Pokemon look interested and tried to see over the little human's shoulder. "...I think I might have a theory as to what's going on but no one is going to like it," he told everyone in the room

" my son can you please tell us what you discovered," Whitebeard asked of Haruta with a worried expression.

" all the locations in her map do not make any sense. The islands are in there are too big to be considered an island and more like a nation... I just finished comparing those maps with our own and I found out that... Some of the location in her map is actually on our Maps"

Everyone looks shocked at the discovery. Haruta Passed around the world map everyone seeing what he saw earlier. He was right the island that she was from was too big to be considered an island and more like a nation or something bigger. They followed her earlier instructions as to how to use the map and found that there were even bigger places than the one she was from.

" I don't understand can you show me more proof"

" yeah sure look," Haruta said as he showed everyone the maps that he went to go get. Moon also followed and tried to see the new map. It didn't make sense to her considering that the islands that were on the new maps were so much smaller than what they were where she was from. " I've been pointed to different locations that seem kind of familiar like this one... Lumiose City...On her map, you can see a gigantic building right in the middle of the entire Island... The nation I'm sorry. And if you go here to the small islands off of the new world you can see that that building is also right here... I don't know if you remember that old abandoned place that we couldn't get close to." he told them remembering the island that had all the old buildings and other structures that were about to fall.

Many of the crew started to think back as to the time they went to go visit those Islands. When they saw the gigantic building that was on her map it was very different from the picture that was there. in real life,e it was run down and it had many holes in it. The buildings around were already crumbling to the ground and the only proof that was there was the ruins that were all over the place.

" what are you trying to say," Moon asked worriedly. her Pokemon felt her worry and quickly went to her side they really wanted to make sure that she was okay. They were all so worried and listening to what they were saying and tried to put as many dots together as they could.

" it doesn't make any sense" Marco spoke up.

" Yeah that's what I thought too but then I looked at all the other big cities that her map had and I looked at several different locations from ours and I also found out that if you place all the islands together in the Grand Line and the Blues you could get all those Nations. I could be wrong though," he told them as he started to move around the paper maps. He folded some of them to allow the maps to connect and at some point when he finished putting all the maps together, there was a map that matched up with Moon's map. Everyone looked at it shocked that confused as to how that was possible.

Moon looked at the map shocked. If what he was saying was true she didn't know what could that possibly mean.

" I'm a little confused but it does kind of make sense" Izo started "Moon was trapped in the crystals but we are not sure for how many days, months, or even years... it might Be possible that the crystal has preserved her body along with all of her belongings allowing her to be alive right now... But what I don't understand is how long ago that could have possibly been."

" can you... Can you please tell me what year it is" Moon asked

" I'm sorry to tell you this and this is why we were very confused but the year is 0983," Whitebeard told her. Moon looked shocked. Didn't expect it to be... like that she guessed but... She expected it to be much deeper into the future not back into the past...

She was frozen and her Pokemon also looks shocked. One of the Pokemon the one in the dress quickly went to its trainer's side and tried to shake her. She didn't respond but he could tell that she would be okay.

" How is that possible..." she asked " unless Dialga had something to do with it"

" who is this Dialga you speak of," Izo asked catching her words.

"..." Moon was still deep in thought as the pirates looked through the maps making sure that they all matched up. they all did

" excuse me dear I ask you a question," Izo said as Haunter finally got her to snap out of it

" oh, I'm very sorry... Dialga is one of the Legendary Pokemon... He is the Pokemon that controls time"

" and you believe that he has something to do with this" Marco asked

" I'm not sure Dialga was captured by one of my friends and I doubt he had anything to do with it... But I am so confused" she said as she slowly sat down on the chair she was offered.

" don't worry... We will try our best to help you solve this mystery. Everything you can always stick with us" Haruta told her.

" yes that is correct. For the time being, you should stay with us we can help you get an answer to all of this" Izo told her Whitebeard just nodded

" you are welcome on this ship as long as you need to." Whitebeard told her. " we will try to solve this mystery together this will be a new adventure for all of us" everyone nodded in agreement. They were glad that they have made a new discovery and are going on a new adventure

Many years later they found out the truth... It was not really what they were expecting but it was the best that they got.

Long ago way before the time of pirates and before the Pokemon disappeared. There was a great big battle. All the evil organizations that once were defeated by children of the age of 10 came together and allied. Together they were all Unstoppable and they created hybrid Pokemon. Those hybrid Pokemon we're mixed with the DNA of legendary Pokemon along with regular Pokemon. They were really strong and people had a hard time defeating them.

The ten-year-old children grew up. And they were 20 years old by the time the evil organizations made their Alliance. The children had all come together with their legendary Pokemon along with their regular teams to defeat the organizations.

But just as it seemed like everything was going to be okay. the Evil organizations took out their final weapon. And a Pokemon that almost seem like a God as it was released from its containment. It was very strong and almost no one survived when it attacked but all the children came together and attacked it at once defeating it.

They were all cheering and having a celebration, as the evil organization leaders ran away. But something went wrong and one of the labs exploded. All the chemicals along with all the Pokemon that were in there were released into the world. The children didn't notice until it was too late and the new Pokemon were attacking them.

They were all caught by surprise and ordered the legendary Pokemon to attack at the same time not realizing that the chemicals were already out.

When all the Legendary Pokemon released their powerful moves. A shock wave with caused. That shock wave went around the entire world merging Pokemon destroying buildings and killing off many other Pokemon. At some point, the Shockwave was too great and it started to move many locations around. The ground under the people's feet started to break and Islands were formed.

The Pokemon who were from the lab survived the Shockwave. The evil organization leaders saw this and quickly took action and used their new Machinery to turn the original legendary Pokemon into gigantic Stone pillars.

The children saw this and quickly summoned their Pokemon only to be defeated and have them retreat. Another shock wave was sent out and with the power that remained in some of the Legendary Pokemon from their Stone pillars, they covered their trainers in a dense Crystal material causing their bodies to be protected.

Only one of the trainers survived that encounter and hid. The trainer's name was Wally. A green-haired scrawny little man. He survived all of that and everything else and he witnesses what the organizations did. The organization quickly took power and commenced a new era erasing the old one.

They restarted everything. They took everything for themselves along with money and the power that everyone held. They became rich and powerful and got rid of anything that had to do with the past.

Wally saw this and quickly went to the pillars that trapped the legendary Pokemon and quickly engraved many things on them.

Those stones became known as poneglyph's.

Wally knew that the evil organizations do not want anyone to remember the past so he quickly asked his Pokemon to scatter the poneglyph's around the making sure that no one ever found them.

Legendary weapons were made with the remaining Pokemon that still lived in the world.

The evil organization ended up making a government system called the Marines to make sure that no one went against their rules.

If a child was to find out what a Pokemon was they were to be exterminated along with their parents who most likely passed on the information to their children. (basically what happened in Attack on Titan when the commander shared his information that his father gave him).

At some point, Pokemon merged with humans allowing there to be several different kinds of humans. Such as long arms or long legs. Some of them even had a third eye or were Giants.

other pokemon merged and created Seakings and another sea creates that attacked humans.

when Moon found all of this information she broke down. her friends were probably dead unless they were still in the crystals that the legendary pokemon trapped them in to keep them safe.

Whitebeard told her that he and the crew will help her find her family and friends along with their legendary pokemon who were missing.

The rest of the white beards felt bad for her and tried to reassure her that they would help her with whatever she needed.

Moon was a very kind woman and accepted all of their help. She stayed open-minded and tried her best not to have another breakdown.

The white beards and her Pokemon got along great. Most of the time whenever the Pirates wanted to train they would ask one of the Pokemon to train with them. The Pokemon were always excited to train with new people and sometimes the Pokemon help to run with chores.

Haunter usually helped by making sure that everyone was doing what they're supposed to making him Marco's favorite... To an extent. Sometimes Haunter would even prank everyone on board with Haruta, Ace, and Thatch. once Thatch was better and Ace calmed down.

Lucario and DelPhox usually helped around the kitchen or helped Izo with mending clothes or with jewelry.

Pidgeot helps with Patrol and fishing. He also sometimes got into flying races with Marco ending with the 1st division Commander losing almost every time

Samurott also helps with fishing but he also helped whenever someone fell into the ocean. He also got along better with Namur who was a fishman.

It was all very nice. But they all felt like something was missing in their lives. After all, they just found out that they have been in the crystals for almost a thousand years...