Assassins in the Wizarding World.

Chapter Eight: Finding a Date

"Weasley! Kitty! Will you pay attention?!" A cold voice barked, Ron and Leone jumped into the air and looked around. It was the end of Physical Education lesson, and the students were panting heavily, though some of the students, like Muggle-borns, were panting lightly. Harry, Tatsumi and Akame were the only ones that were breathing normally.

Ron and Leone were at the back of the room, scratching the back of their heads sheepishly, though Leone had a tick mark on her head from the name that Esdeath called her. "Now that Weasley and Kitty are paying attention," Esdeath shot a glare at the pair of them, who froze, though Leone had anger on her face from that damn name. "I have something important to say that you all might like."

"During the Tri-Wizard Tournament, there was an event called the Yule Ball. The Yule Ball is a tradition event for people to socialize with each other, or in this case, dance." Esdeath explained, and the girls, despite being tired, started to giggle a bit, though it was silence instantly when Esdeath coldly glared at them.

"Professor Dumbledore said that only Fourth year or above can attend the ball, though you can invite a younger student if you want." Esdeath continued. "Dress robes will be worn, and the ball starts at eight o'clock on Christmas night."

Leone grinned at the thought of drinking beer, and teasing men like she always does. Akame blushed bright red and looked at Tatsumi, who didn't noticed as he was busy putting his stuff away. Harry, on the other hand, was wondering if he should choose Susan or Daphne. He was spending time with them in secret and Ron still hasn't found out yet. If he learned that Harry is spending time with a Slytherin, then it would be a huge argument.

He's assuming that Esdeath is going to tell him more about the Yule Ball, including Tatsumi. The bell rang and students began heading to the door. As he was predicted, Esdeath called out, "Potter, Tatsumi, stay here. I need to have a word with you."

Harry and Tatsumi head to the front, wondering if its about the Yule Ball. When the last student left, Esdeath said, "Now, Harry, Tatsumi, since you two are champions, you'll have to dance first. Its tradition that the champions danced first because they opened the ball. Make sure you get partners." Tatsumi and Harry nodded, both knowing who they are going to ask. Tatsumi left, muttering about getting a dress for Akame and asking her to the Yule Ball.

Harry was about to leave when he heard Esdeath called out, "Harry, can you come here for a second?" Wondering what his teacher wants, Harry came up to her, only to rolled to his right to dodge a punch that Esdeath threw at him. Surprised at his speed, Esdeath summoned an ice sword and rushed at Harry, who had his eyes closed and was surrounded in a blue aura. He opened his eyes and Esdeath was a bit stunned from seeing Harry's bright, green eyes that were glowing and had a tint of blue in it. Harry took advantage of her distracted state by creating an ice shield that block Esdeath's sword just in time.

Esdeath smirked, glad to see her favorite student has become a much better Wizard than the weaklings she seen. "Very good, Harry. You managed to block my ice sword and began tapping into your ice powers." Esdeath said, making Harry blink and looked at his hands. After all the training he did with Esdeath, he had done it. He was now an Ice Elemental. "As for a reward for summoning ice for your first time, I'll give you a clue. Have you opened your golden egg yet?"

Harry shook his head, forgetting to open it a couple days ago. He was busy doing his homework, spending time with Susan and Daphne, and training his body and his ice powers. Esdeath shook her head in amusement, muttering about teenagers.

She turned to looked at Harry and said, "You should try putting underwater, you'll thank me later. If you want, you can listen to it tonight in my office at nine o'clock. I'll escort you back to your Common Room." Harry nodded and left the office, planning to talk to Susan and Daphne and listen to the golden egg.

Esdeath watched Harry left her classroom and began to think all the time of spending time with him. 'Harry, even though you had started using your ice powers, you're still a long way to go if you want to beat me.' Esdeath thought, as a smile spread on her face. 'When the holiday's starts, you and I are going to train in the cold.'

(With Akame)

After the Yule Ball was announced, a lot of boys had been asking her if she'll go to the ball with them, including Malfoy. All Akame did was gave the boys a cold, dark glare that made them scramble away.

She was now sitting at the Great Hall, eating her lunch with Leone, who was happily talking to the Twins of Gryffindor. "Leone," Akame said, getting the busty blonde attention. "I want to go to the ball with Tatsumi, should I ask him or wait?" Her face became red when she was talking.

Leone smiled amusingly at the black-hair girl, after all this time, she was still socially awkward. Shaking her head, Leone said, "Well, I think that you should wait until tonight. Tatsumi would like to go with you, even though I wish that me and him can drink sometimes. Besides, dancing isn't my thing."

Akame nodded and decided to wait until tonight if Tatsumi will ask her to the ball. It would be nice to dance with her boyfriend.

(At the Hogwarts Library)

Susan and Daphne were in the library, reading books and doing their homework. They were a bit annoyed how the girls in their own separate Common Room were giggling and talking about boys. They were wondering if Harry will ask them to the ball.

"Hey, Daphne." Susan said, getting the girls attention. "Do you think that Harry will ask us to the ball?"

Daphne had a thoughtful look on her face before saying, "I think so, but I'm not sure he should pick me. If Weasley found out I went with him, then it would be a shouting match in the Great Hall." Daphne could even imagine the shouting between Harry and Ron.

Susan nodded grimly; she knew that the Weasleys didn't like Dark Wizards because they were Voldemort's supporters, though she knew that some were Neutral who didn't care about the war.

She was brought out of her thoughts when Daphne said, "Hello, Harry." Susan turned around to see Harry walking towards them, without Hermione and Ron. Harry sat down and greeted, "Hey, Susan, Daphne."

"Hey, Harry. How are you?" Susan asked, wondering if he was here to ask them to the ball. Daphne seemed to think the same as she was staring at Harry, who was trying to gather his courage to asked them out.

Taking a deep breath and prepared to get rejected, Harry turned to looked at Susan and Daphne and asked, "Daphne, Susan. Will you two go to the ball with me?"

Susan and Daphne blinked a few times before the words register in their minds. Susan's face turned red, and she was nodding rapidly, happy that her crush was asking her out. She said, "Yes! I will go to the ball with you, Harry!" And she hugged him, making Harry blush a bit of feeling Susan's huge bosom on his chest.

Daphne had a light blush on her face, glad that her crush asked her out, but she feels like she couldn't go with him because of his friendship with Weasley. "Harry, as much I want to go to the ball with you, I don't think that's a good idea." Daphne said, making Harry and Susan looked at her, though Susan had a grim expression on her face about why Daphne couldn't go with Harry.

Harry was confused when Daphne said that, why did she not want to go with him? Susan saw this and explained that the Weasleys don't like Dark Wizards, saying that all of them were Voldemort's supporters. Harry was baffled that Ron would think that every person who is in Slytherin would be a Dark Wizard, some of them were Neutral. Did Ron understand that or does not care about it?

"I'm going to talk to Fred, George and Ginny about this, wondering what their opinion is. If I talk to Ron, he'll just say that all Slytherins are slimy and dark." Harry said, shaking his head at the thought of talking to Ron.

"True, but who are you going to dance with?" Susan asked, not wanting to imagine the argument with Harry and Ron. "You'll need to dance first for the tradition of the Tri-Wizard Tournament."

"I was thinking dancing with Daphne first." Harry said, surprising Daphne and Susan, though the latter looked sad before she cheered up when Harry said, "After dancing with Daphne for an hour, I'll dance with you, Susan. And after another hour, I'll dance with Daphne."

Harry looked at them and asked, "Will that be alright with you two?"

Susan and Daphne nodded, happy that Harry will take turns dancing with them, though they were going to prepared when Ron finds out that Harry is going out with a Slytherin.

Soon, Daphne and Susan packed their stuff and prepared to leave the library, not before giving Harry a kiss on the check, much to his surprised and embarrassment. Daphne and Susan giggled at his surprised face and left with high spirits, leaving a blushing and stunned Gryffindor Potter.

(At the living Quarters of the Empire Group)

It was nighttime and Akame was sitting on the couch by the fire, waiting for Tatsumi to enter the Living Quarters. She was wondering where he was, she haven't seen him since this morning. She heard rumors about a village by the school that was called Hogsmeade, perhaps he went to there to look around or to buy something.

'Wait, if I'm going to the Yule Ball, I need a dress.' Akame thought, as she realized that the event is a ball. She smacked herself on the forehead, forgetting that the ball required a dress, and she doesn't have one!

She was about to asked Esdeath if she can talk to Dumbledore to see if he can transfigure a dress for her but couldn't when Tatsumi walked in through the portrait door, carrying a white box.

"Hey, Akame." Tatsumi said, walking towards her and sat down beside her. "What are you doing?"

"I was just thinking about the Yule Ball and I need to buy a dress." Akame replied, a bit sad that she doesn't have a dress and Tatsumi hasn't asked her to the ball.

Tatsumi saw the sadness in her eyes and gently grabbed her hands, making her turned to look at his bright, green eyes. They gazed at each other's eyes before Tatsumi asked, "Will you go to the ball with me?"

His answer was Akame got on his lap and gave him a passionate kiss. Tatsumi was surprised by the sudden kiss from Akame before returning it with passion. When they parted for air, Tatsumi had a small blush on his face, while Akame had a bright blush on her face.

"I take it as a yes, right?" Tatsumi asked, knowing the answer.

Akame just nodded, though she was still upset about not having a dress for the ball. Tatsumi smiled and gave her the white box he brought with. She looked confused and was about to open it, but Tatsumi stopped her and said, "You should wait until the ball starts." After that, he went to bed.

Akame smiled at the white box and followed him into bed, feeling happy that she'll have a great time at the ball.

If only they knew how much trouble the ball will be at the end…

Harry and Tatsumi has gotten a date to the Yule Ball and it looks like that Ron is about to find out that Harry is going to the ball with a Slytherin. What will happened at ball? Let's find out in the next chapter.

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