Their relationship wasn't as simple as many were led to believe. The story of their love was a little different than what others have told and retold over the years of their marriage. Miranda did indeed visit King Roland with her daughter Sofia, and the two did fall in love and married soon after. However, that was only a piece of what really had transpired.

Miranda was loyal to her husband Birk to the bitter end. She loved him more than anything in the world and continued to love him, even as she accepted Roland's marriage proposal.

Birk was a strong, wise man who loved his family dearly. He and Miranda knew the dangers that came with sailing and he explicitly told her that if anything were to happen to him, he would want them to be happy. All Birk ever dreamed of was giving his girls the best life possible and he worked hard each and every day to provide for them.

Miranda was not a woman who enjoyed being waited on, she insisted that a single income wasn't enough to raise a child and started making shoes. She and Birk were a young couple but they made it work and when Sofia was born less than a year after they married, both were thrilled.

After Birk's passing, Sofia and Miranda went into mourning. It was hard to move on when someone dear to you passed away and for a while, Sofia was under the impression that her father was merely late in getting home.

It broke Miranda's heart to see her daughter determinedly watch the door, waiting for the day Birk would return and scoop her up as he always did. Miranda also felt as though she were betraying her husband. Giving up on him while their daughter continued to hope he would return soon.

Months passed and slowly Sofia started to accept that Birk was not coming home.

It was hard, but somehow they made it through and started to accept the new normal in their lives.

One day, while Sofia was at school, Miranda was summoned to the castle to make a pair of shoes for the royal twins. She was met with Baileywick who escorted her there personally and asked him a few questions regarding the twins' taste. He was a little surprised but happily amused her with simple facts and a few cute stories regarding the prince and princess. It painted a lovely picture in Miranda's mind and when she arrived at the castle with her tools, she set to work on making the royal twins the best shoes she could.

Princess Amber was a high-maintenance young lady who loved shiny things. Miranda had picked out a lovely shimmering, gold fabric with just a hint of emerald for her and set to work on the shoes, making sure they were brilliant enough to catch her attention, but not outshine her if she were to go dancing.

Prince James was much more boisterous than his older twin and would want something that could keep up with him and not damage easily. Baileywick had mentioned James' interest in knights and Miranda made sure to incorporate it into the design of the shoe.

When she presented the shoes to the twins, both were overjoyed with Princess Amber acting a little standoffish about it, "I suppose they'll suffice." Miranda smirked a little, "My apologies, Princess Amber. Clearly, you don't want them-"

"W-Wait!" The princess barked, "I didn't say I didn't want them..."

Miranda gave Princess Amber a look, "Well if they are below your standards then I can not give them to you."

Amber gawked at her, stunned by Miranda's rather bold choice of words. She frowned, losing her temper a little, "I will take them because I want them!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Amber snapped, glaring at her, "I want them. They aren't perfect, but I want them."

It was Miranda's turn to frown, "Princess Amber, I will not make you take these shoes out of pity. What is it you want me to change."

"Nothing. I already told you, I'll take them."

"Even if they're not perfect?"

"Yes, because I want them."

"Amber," James whined, annoyed with his twin, "Why are you being so difficult. They're just shoes."

Amber huffed, glaring at Miranda, "I'm not being difficult.

"She's not being difficult," Miranda agreed, "It takes a lot for a lady to choose what she wants. However, if you really believe I'm wasting my talent then I'll leave with these shoes and you can summon another shoemaker who will better fit your tastes. Good day"

"Stop! I told you I want them."

"But why do you want them?" Miranda challenged, "You can't want something for the sake of wanting it, there has to be some kind of appeal. If there is no appeal with these shoes then my work will go to waste and I will not have your father waste his money on something that you don't want, Princess Amber."

The older of the royal twins seethed, her spoiled nature getting the better of her as her face turned an interesting shade of red. Prince James used to his sister's temper tantrums immediately stepped back. "Uh-oh..."

"I'll take them because I want them, and I always get what I want!"


The princess gasped, her red face immediately paled to white, while her brother snickered behind his sleeve.

Miranda stood in attention to his majesty, King Roland the Second, and bowed and courtesy. King Roland frowned at his daughter, "What are you doing, speaking to someone like this? That is no way for a princess to behave. Apologize to her this instant."

Amber gasped, "Apologize? But, Daddy-"

"No buts. Apologize now."

Amber opened and closed her mouth several times, stunned beyond belief that not only did this commoner ridicule her in her own castle, but now her father was siding with a commoner.

"There is no need, Your Majesty." Miranda addressed politely, " I will take my leave. I understand that Princess Amber doesn't like these shoes."

King Roland looked to his daughter, "You don't like them, Amber?"

"I didn't say that," the princess huffed, crossing her arms stubbornly, "But I do want them. Let's just pay her and then she can leave."

Miranda shook her head, tucking the box with the shoes under her arm, " I will not let you take these shoes out of pity, Princess Amber. It will be a waste of my talent and your father's money."

Amber glared at her, her face turning red again, "What does it matter, you're still getting paid. I told you that I want them. Why are you being difficult?"

"Amber," Roland scolded, making his daughter flinch, "You do not speak to someone like that. Now apologize to her." Despite his strict tone, there was a strong parental love behind his words that made Miranda's heart squeeze. An image of Birk flashed through her mind, making her lower lip tremble. She immediately thought of her daughter Sofia, how her little girl had been so hopeful and desperate to see her dad again.

She did not realize she was crying until King Roland brought it to attention. "Miss, are you alright?" He asked, and the head steward, Baileywick, immediately withdrew a single white cloth from his shirt pocket and offered it to her. Wordlessly, Miranda took the cloth, and dabbed her eyes, "I'm sorry," she apologized, trembling in embarrassment. She felt ridiculous for crying in front of a client, the king no less. They must see her as unprofessional.

"Don't apologize," King Roland said, his presence was comforting and strong. It was similar to Birk, but different in the sense that he was a man of power and such a presence was intimidating. "I will have a talk with Princess Amber and I will make sure you are well paid for your time here."

Her blood ran cold, making her panic, "No, no, that won't be necessary, your majesty. I'm not crying because of the princess. I..." she paused her mind coming to a stop. Why should she burden the king with her problems? He didn't need to hear her sob story on how she was a widow with a young daughter. His responsibilities were to the kingdom and its people. Not her.

Miranda finally managed to look the king in his eyes, her walls raised high. Only to have them shattered at the empathetic look he cast down to her. A look she saw every day when she caught her appearance in the mirror. He had also lost a spouse several years ago and had gone through the same pain as her.

"I see," was all he said and all he needed to say to her. Miranda wasn't sure what happened then, but she felt a strong sense of warmth rush through her. The king was kind, everyone in Enchancia knew that, however, she never thought she would see a man show such compassion to someone so beneath him.

King Roland looked to his daughter, "You still need to apologize Amber. I will not have you disrespect anyone who comes to the castle, especially when they are doing you a service."

Princess Amber, knowing she didn't have a choice in the matter, bit back the bile forming in her throat and offered Miranda a somewhat light bow, "I apologize for my behavior." Hearing Prince James snicker, she elbowed him hard in his side.

"Good," King Roland said and excused his children, before turning his attention to Miranda, "I know it's none of my business, miss, but are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she said, her voice slightly rasped. "I apologize for crying, your majesty."

He held up his hand, "No need, I understand."

Of course, he did. He was grieving too, she can tell. It must be hard to grieve for a loss when you have so many people who depend on you. "Do you have time to grieve?" She wondered to herself, not realizing the words had spilled out in a low whisper. The steward's eyes widen at her personal question and looked to King Roland in worry.

Miranda blushed and covered her mouth. She really needs to stop before they cut out her tongue.

"Only in rare moments," King Roland answered. He reached out and took the box from her, "I do apologize for my daughter's actions, miss. I will make sure she acts more respectful to you next time." He immediately withdraws a bag of coins and placed it in her hands. "Thank you for your concern," he said and leaves with Baileywick following close by.

Miranda looked down at the bag and gasped upon seeing it was more than she originally agreed upon. However, the money she held did not ease the sting in her heart. She had been so preoccupied with her own sorrows and sadness over the loss of Birk. She and Sofia had cried for days, closing shop to mourn together. Yet, King Roland could only get a few moments in to grieve the loss of his own beloved. His duties as king were far too great for him to spend some time processing his wife's death. She and Sofia were slowly putting themselves back together after several months, but from the sounds of it, King Roland could only place a few pieces together in the years following the queen's passing.

Miranda didn't care for the money anymore. At that moment she wanted to hurry home and hug Sofia. Putting the money down, Miranda left to do just that, unaware that this would be far from the first time she has encountered King Roland. Their fates were intertwined like grapevines.

AN: This took me forever to write, and it's only the first chapter. I do hope everyone enjoys this. While I love the beginning of Sofia the First, where we learn of how King Roland and Queen Miranda met and fell in love, I don't think that would be their first encounter. My headcanon is they met several times. And since this is there isn't a lot of stories about these two lovebirds, I decided to make a quick short series about their many encounters together. Thank you guys so much and I'll see you next time!