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A/N: This is my actual first attempt at writing a story, but instead of using an already existing character in the series, I'm going completely original, the first book does take place in the highschool dxd universe and will branch off into other worlds. The pairing will be a harem but only with obscure characters. I will write this story at my leisure so that I can make things work and function properly. I will put this in now the majority of the crossover universes I'm going to be using is in the style of kingdom hearts but the worlds that will appear so are going to be Naruto, Bleach, Highschool DXD, Final Fantasy, some Disney Worlds, and I might even thro in some kingdom hearts at some point so please be patient as I slowly work through this process also for this first chapter only one person is going to be talking and that's what's been dubbed the "mysterious voice".

Worlds in Peril

Book 1: Awakening

"Someone talking"



Fighting/Abilities being Used

Prologue: This Is One F**ked Up Dream!

Location Unknown (Current Soundtrack: Simple and Clean):

"I've been having these weird thoughts lately…. Like is any of this for real or not?"

We start this story by observing the body of a person floating downwards surrounded by an aquatic like darkness, the person in question seems to be a young adult male with sharp features, his hair is a flat long style colored lilac purple with blue dyed tips and a bang covering his left eye, his eye color is a lime green. For clothing he wears a pair of two-tone ankle cut boots, a pair of faded black denim jeans with tears in the knees (a silver belt hanging loosely around his waist), a silver tank top with a black short sleeve shirt on top and a lilac colored hooded-vest over the shirt. For accessories, both of his ears are pierced and he has a tribal cross tattoo on his right forearm. As the person continues his descent towards the bottom he suddenly flips up, panicking and struggling around until his feet touch down on something solid which sends collapsing onto the ground on his hands and knees gasping with deep breaths slowly regaining his footing (End of Simple and Clean… start Dive into the Heart).

"So much to do… so little time", said an unknown voice as the person starts to look around, when all of a sudden a bunch of stone platforms carrying an assortment of different colored orbs appears and the mysterious voice is heard once again, saying "Pick your starting power, Seeker, for it will help you on the start of your journey and to fight against the coming darkness"

So without any hesitation, our protagonist takes a step towards the first pedestal with a greyish colored orb, and when he jumps on the pedestal he's shown flashes of a dark haired young man surrounded by weapons and then throwing said weapons around the field before warping to them then attacking his enemies once close enough. Before taking the grey orb, he climbs down from the pedestal then walks over to a violet colored orb that flashes images of a group of people wielding katanas.

Their weapons seem to be transforming as well as the individuals swiping their hands over their faces to produce a mask that gives them an intimidating appearance. After examining the violet orb, he makes his way over to a blue orb that once again flashes through images of people using energy from their bodies to walk up trees, across water and use different elemental attacks.

For the final orb is amaranth which once again shows flashes of a person transforming into what can be described as a reptile like creature with wings and leathery skin. After having observed the four pairs of orbs and taking a few minutes to decide, he's chosen to take the grey orb which then flies into him thus giving him access to the memories/abilities of the previous ability user.

"Now choose that which you wish to give up", spoke the unknown voice, thus giving our protagonist another choice which to him seemed to be the easiest choice of the violet orb. With his choices selected, the voice replies with "Very well, you walk the path of night and will give up the power of the power spirit. Stay true to your path and it shall serve you well until the end of time." And with that, the pillars shake and collapse before the floor breaks apart thus sending our protagonist down to the next platform showing a glass pane of a man with black hair, red eyes and cream colored skin wearing red armor.

The voice returns and says, "The door is not yet ready to be opened. Will you find the key or will the enemy find you before you can open the door. Be not afraid to follow your instincts for they will guide you." As the camera pans out, a distortion appears in front of our hero and out of it steps a random person whose eyes appear to be sunken with black sclera and slit pupils.

As our hero backs up in fear, he stops as an image flashes into his mind, and then phasing into existence right before his eyes is what appears to be a double edged broadsword with gold trim. As memories of the sword's first wielder come to the forefront of our protagonists head, they give him basic sword knowledge on how to wield the blade and what it is called.

(Excalibur proto:fate/prototype)

With the basics of sword fighting he swings the sword from the right with his dominant hand with a side slash comboing into an overhead swing followed by a stab to the abdomen, which successfully finished off his opponent, causing its body to disintegrate into ash. The imposing, yet helpful voice bellowed out once more.

"Your enemies will not always come at you one at a time. You must learn how to fight multiple opponents at once while also maintaining your guard" While paying attention to the voice, another enemy appears behind our hero, catching him by surprise with a vicious claw attack. The attack caused a wound to appear on his back before he was able to roll away from both enemies, yelping in pain as he rolled on his injured back.

Getting back into his fighting stance he charges forward to meet his enemy, going for a stabbing motion into one's chest before pulling out his sword, eviscerating one of them. He then stabs the sword into the ground and lifts himself onto it in a spin kick motion, hitting the second enemy across the face sending it to the ground before lifting the sword overhand and stabbing downward, the second enemy bursting into ash. Yet again, the voice called out.

"You got cocky, thus allowing your enemy to land a hit on you. You will not always be lucky and one mistake may prove you lead to your death. Now, here is your first spell, learn to use it well for it may just save your life someday. The door is open, now you need only to make the choice to step through it."

Without a second thought, he steps forward to grab the door handle. With confidence in his choice, he pulls open the door only to be blinded by a bright light before taking a step forward. "Hold on, before we go any further why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, just the small stuff really".

After taking a moment to carefully observe his surroundings, seeing his new location in what appears to be his apartment, he sees the image of a red headed adult man wearing armor in front of him, a blonde adult man with pure white angelic wings to the left of him, and another adult male with black hair and gold bangs and a goatee to the right of him.

Stepping up to the red headed man first, he's asked "What is a goal you wish to accomplish in this life? "Thinking about his answer puts him in quite the state of thought before he responds angrily with "My goal at the moment is to get the hell out of this damn dream wishing to wake up", only for the red head to respond with "Waking up? Is this dream really so horrible that you'd wish for freedom?" Shocked slightly at such a response, he goes to rebut only for the red haired man to ignore him. Seeing he'll get nothing more out of him, he proceeds to walk over to the blonde man intent to find out what the next question is.

He approaches the blonde man with hesitance in his step, not knowing what to expect in the form of the next question. Now standing in front of said blonde, he looks intently at the man and awaits his question. "What are you afraid of?", the blonde asks him. Shocked at such a question, it knocks him into a stupor unknowing of how to respond. After taking a few moments, he proceeds to think about his answer in which way is best to respond. "I'm afraid of not making the most in my life, to fall behind and not really enjoy what life has to offer. To experience all the joys, sorrow, etc.".

After giving his response he observes the blonde angel closely looking for any signs of emotion only for the angelic man to respond, "Don't you have bigger things to worry about then enjoying life?". As previously with the red-haired man, he went to respond to the angel only for him to get the same response. Seeing as how he wouldn't be getting any other form of conversation out of the blonde, he proceeds to walk over to the black haired man.

Now standing in front of the man, he looks at him closely to observe the man's features better only to be creeped out as the man is staring at him intently with a smirk on his face. "What do you seek to do with this power" the black haired man asks with an ever present grin on his face. Instead of being shocked he smirks back at the black haired man and responds "I'll protect those who are precious to me from any outside harm, while also using these abilities to keep the balance of power in check".

After giving his response, there's a moment of silence that lasts only a few seconds before the sound of laughter is heard and the black haired man is snickering, only to then respond with " Protecting those who are precious to you, that's a mighty fine goal you have there as well as trying to maintain balance."

After that response, the camera starts to pan to the right only for his responses to be heard on the wind. "Protect those who are precious, enjoy life, and awaken from this dream. Your choices are interesting. I'll give you that, much more so than the last guy that was here.

The day the doors open is both near yet far. Stick to what you know and all will be well". A blinding white flash happens and so he finds himself on another platform with the image of a man. The man's features are adorned with slicked back brown hair wearing a white robe.

A beam of light is aimed at the floor in front of him and our hero walks towards it thinking it might be his way out, only to notice four distortions appearing out of thin air. He attempts to summon his sword only for a different weapon to take its place. The weapon that he summoned looks like a flintlock rifle.(Le Faure design only the end of the barrel is a little bit sleeker and pointed to allow stabbing) Memories flash through his mind as he comes to understand the movements and ways to use the rifle as well as seeing the name of said gun carved into the side, reading "Matilda".

After getting the images of how to use this rifle, he proceeds to spin the rifle around his finger in a show of dexterity placing it on his right shoulder before in a cocky tone saying "Let's rock".

Lifting the rifle off his shoulder he then proceeds to aim down the sight and pull the trigger, unleashing a loud bang that sends the bullet flying into the first enemy's head instantly dropping the target before spinning the rifle and aiming over his shoulder. He takes a shot at the enemy that tried to jump attack him in midair, ending it before its attack could land, as the third enemy lunges towards him. He throws the rifle into air, getting it to spin in the air vertically before summoning Proto, his newly found sword, slashing the third enemy across the chest with a cross slash reducing him to ash.

Then in a show of amazing dexterity and skill, he turns around and stabs the final enemy in the chest before swiping the rifle that fell into his left hand before aiming at the enemy currently impaled on his sword, and with a cocky swagger says "Jackpot" and pulls the trigger resulting in another loud bang.

Looking around seeing that no more enemies have appeared, he looks shocked at the skills he just used before smirking and saying "This combat stuff isn't so hard after all, it might actually be kind of fun". After collecting himself, a set of glass stairs appear in front of him leading up to another platform. Realizing that this is the way he's meant to go, he proceeds to walk up the stairs. As he gets to the next platform, he looks down to see the image of what looks like a young dark haired girl with grey eyes and pointed ears wearing a gothic Lolita attire.

As he steps into the center of the platform, a voice is heard all around him and it says "The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes." He turns around and sees that his shadow has come alive before the voice returns saying " to leave this dream you must first overcome your darkness… prepare yourself!".

His shadow springs to life in an attack pattern first summoning ProtoMorgan and swinging at him, which he retaliates in summoning Proto to block the attack, and with a grunt pushes his shadow back, charging forward with his sword in both hands and yelling. He goes for a quick sword combo of vertical slashes into a stab before feinting into a quick overhand slash, successfully getting a hit on the shadow across the chest, only to get cocky as his shadow returns the attack with one of its own, punching him in the face before slicing him on his leg making a shallow cut appear.

Grunting from the attack done to him, he backflips away before summoning out his rifle Matilda, shooting off a few shots at his shadow which then proceeds to dodge two of the three bullets(one bullet gets the shadow in his arm). The shadow proceeds to summon out a weapon he hasn't seen yet, a beautifully crafted katana. The sheath boasted black lacquered wood with cherry blossoms, the blade showing black steel with red digital lines decorating the blade, a silver square tsuba, with a regular handle, and a broken chain link for a tassel.

The shadow grabs the katana in one hand but drops the sheath due to only having one arm. The shadow's eyes glow a deep red, releasing an animalistic roar before charging at an increased speed, acting more like an animal then before. Our protagonist prepares for a close encounter fight while trying to maintain his balance, since his right leg has an injury. As his shadow gets closer, he closes his eyes and calms his breathing down before right when his shadow is within striking distance. He moves quicker than he tried before, and with a final slash eviscerated his shadow looking into the distance as he listened to the dying cry of his shadow before it burst into small particles of light. The particles proceed to move into our hero where he sees flashes of memories of not only a new weapon, but also a new ability called Berserk trigger.

The voice called out one last time. "Congratulations. You have beaten your inner darkness. Now is the time for your journey to truly begin, take what you've learned here and follow your own path. Never forget what you strive to do and always follow your instincts, for more often than not they'll be what save you in even the most dire of situations". The area around him started to crack and the platform he stood on shatters apart. As he is falling, he thinks the end is nigh, until… Beep Beep Beep

End Dream Segment

Shaken awake from the intensity and simultaneously falling out of bed in a tangle of covers, he panics, looking around frantically only to realize that he's woken up. He sits there on his floor, lost in thought thinking about his dream 'Was any of that even real? Did it actually happen?

End of Chapter