A/N: This is a trailer for another fanfiction I plan to work on in the future. I hope you guys LOVE the Dragon Ball Trilogy because that's what's going to go down! Oh, and I am going to add the Nintendo 3DS game known as "Dragon Ball Fusions". For those of you who do not know about it please give it a search and go on YouTube to observe the opening and the walkthroughs. Next to Goku, the second protagonist is going to be the human male starter Tekka, I am going to give him his last name since he doesn't have one. AND, duh, I am DEFINITELY going to include Pinich the Saiyan! I would also like to point out that I am going to have this become a crossover in the future, but that won't come for a WHILE. Though it is something that I'm DEFINITELY LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING!

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A forest located far away from Mt. Paozu is shown.

All I've ever wanted was a peaceful life...

The image fades out, bringing up a small house set within the landscape.

Living with my family...

A man and a woman wearing fighter gi are shown in front of the house outside.

My mother...

A flawless and curvaceous woman with long brown hair and navy-blue eyes is shown in a combat stance. She wears a blue martial arts gi. She displays a competitive smirk upon her beautiful face. Her face fades out.

My father...

A muscular and tall man with short black hair and black eyes is shown in a combat stance of his own. Two similar scars are displayed horizontally over his eyes to the middle of his cheeks. He wears black martial arts gi. His face fades out.

With me by their sides...

A small boy with his mother's hair and his father's eyes is shown wearing a red and blue uniform while in his combat stance. His hair is short and he looks 10 years old. He has a cheeky yet silly smirk across his face. His face is the next to fade out.

The trio is shown altogether with the man and woman on the left and the boy on the right. They are a few feet away from each other.

And growing up to be what I always wanted to be...

The two adults give a light chuckle. The boy responds with a giggle of excitement.

An amazing martial artist...

Both sides lunge forward with battle cries as they all start their training. The man throws a punch towards the kid while the woman quickly appears behind him and attempts to swing a kick.

Just like they were.

The boy hums a chuckle as he manages to block his parents' attacks with both arms.

Each was still and silent for a moment. The adults' hardened faces soften up into proud and gentle smiles towards their son. He gives another toothy smile in return as they resume their sparring session.


The family fades out.

Fate had other plans...

A sharp-toothed wicked smile appears and chuckles evilly. It then flashes out as the family's house is shown in flames.

It switches towards the boy crying as a terrifying figure is shown next to his dead father.

His mother tells him to run and hide right before she too gets killed.

The boy sobs next to his dead parents around his destroyed home.

He's shown as a young adult sitting next to a beautiful woman near his age.

She has long blonde hair up in a ponytail with two strips of hair curving in a loop from the sides of her forehead to behind her neck and has jade eyes. She is wearing a golden chain around her neck holding a very familiar blue charm from an earring possessing a sun, a moon, and stars bestowed on it. Her attire consists of a plain blue V-neck shirt, exposing an appropriate amount of cleavage and her abdomen. She has two white snug wristbands on her forearms along with two light silver gauntlets on her hands. She has snug greyish-white shorts ending at the middle of her thighs with high brown boots. Wrapped around her shoulders is a navy green cloak tied with string wrapped around two gold buttons. The cloak extends to her heels and has a hood.

They are shown kissing within a beautiful cave.

The scene fades out.

Fate always does...

The same being who murdered his parents reappears fighting the boy and his lover, who is seen with four large white wings.

And it is a bitch.

The woman is shown standing defensively in front of the boy right before she takes a hit from an attack meant for him.

She gets pierced through the heart and collapses forward to the ground bleeding out.

The boy stares in absolute horror as tears come down like waterfalls.

Everything goes black.

He's shown emitting fire while furiously roaring.

He's shown gently cradling his "on the brink of death" girlfriend as tears fall from his eyes.

She hands him an orange sphere with seven stars on it.

They're seen discussing the orb.

"S-Sarah...I promise...I promise that I'll find a way to bring you back. I will get stronger...for you...for all of you. And I will keep looking for a way if it's the last thing I do!"

Tears of affection are formed as she smiles up at him.

She places her left hand gently on his right cheek.

"T-Tekka...I l-love...you."

She stops breathing.

But good can come out of it.

Tekka is seen meeting Gohan Senior and kid Goku.

Tekka watches in shock & terror as Oozaru Goku stomps on Gohan.

Tekka is seen crying and promising Gohan that he wouldn't tell the kid.


Goku is shown defeating King Piccolo.

I gotta admit...

Adult Goku is shown beating Piccolo Jr. at the martial arts tournament.

Tekka brawls against Pinich for the first time.

Goku and Tekka go up against Frieza on Planet Namek before it implodes.

Tekka is seen fighting Android 17 with Piccolo.

Gohan defeats Cell.

Goku and Tekka defeat Majin Buu.

Goku faces Lord Beerus.

It is awesome!

He's shown in the Tournament of Power, helping Goku fight Jiren.

Beerus's voice is heard.

"Just who do you think you are, mortal?"

Tekka's face is shown giving a cocky and toothy smirk towards us.

"Hehe...the name's Tekka Shinaharu! AND YOU ARE GOING DOWN!"

Tekka is shown powering up to Kaioken and forming a blade of energy.

He gives off a battle cry while lunging forward, slicing Super Buu.

That said...

A ray of light appears, showing a black monster.

Even awesome can be too much.

The beast roars showing its highly sharp fangs.


The beast talks in a monstrous voice.


Beerus and the monster are shown battling more intensely than how Goku was.

Beerus's voice is heard.

"Monaka was never the first to best me. As a matter of fact, he's not even a fighter at all."

The black monster throws Beerus's dead body into a crater.

Goku's voice comes up.


The beast is seen snapping Whis's staff in two.

"Lord Beerus, are you saying that I'm the first best?"

20 shadowed beings are shown.

Beerus's voice is heard.


A massive pillar of fire shoots up from a destroyed city.

Through the flames, a psycho smile is shown.

"You are actually the third best."

Vegeta charges straight at the fire demon.

The demon speaks.

"Let's see how you fly!"

Vegeta slingshots away after the demon said those words.

The Oracle Fish speaks.

"The new omen is of 20 shadows."

Demon God Demigra is shown laughing evilly.

Goku is shown in Ultra Instinct Mastered.

Tekka's voice is heard in a tone of pure hatred and seething anger.

"This presence."

The being who murdered Tekka's loved ones is shown with a menacing smirk.

"That's impossible! I killed that son of a bitch!"

Tekka is shown slowly pacing forward to the 20 demons while gripping his head in pain.

Goku's voice is heard.

"Yo, Tekka!? Are you okay-"

Tekka is shown screaming in pain as his hands cover the upper half of his face. It's like he's screaming to the heavens.

Beerus's voice is heard and is evident with rage.

"All this time...all this time...the vilest of my adversaries was right in front of me!?"

The black monster is shown eating Bulma.

Beerus's voice is heard.

"The first is known as Krathlos, the Alpha Vyrann."

Tekka is heard laughing evilly.

"The other..."

Tekka is shown gripping painfully on someone's shoulders as he shoots a ray of fire from his mouth, burning off the victim's head.

"...happens to be more powerful than Krathlos."

Tekka lets go, he snarls before giving off a roar.

"His name is Talos...the Demon of Destruction and Chaos...Leader of the 20 Atrocities."

Tekka displays a psychopathic smile on his face.

Tekka is then shown facing up against his loved ones' killer while both are covered in wounds.

They are charging at each other in anger.


Meliodas's voice is heard.

"Talos? If you really want to make it up to me..."

Meliodas is shown extending his hand towards Tekka who's laying on the ground sobbing.

Meliodas gives off his goofy signature grin.

"Then help me out, would ya? Ni-shi-shi."

Goku, Vegeta, Tekka, Pinich, Meliodas, and Zeldris are shown charging at Demigra yelling.

Demigra's voice is heard.

"Child, if you surrender now I will be generous and put you out of your misery."


Tekka and Pinich are shown doing the fusion dance with arm braces glowing. One on Tekka's right arm and one on Pinich's left.

"What do you say, my son?"

Mael is shown, tattered and bruised.

Tekka and Pinich are shown merging in a ray of light.

That doesn't mean I'll just give up! Not without a fight!

Broly is thrown like a ragdoll.

Tekka and Pinich's fusion is shown smirking with their arms crossed.

"I'm no longer your son...and I'll never surrender to the likes of you!"

Derieri is fighting a female demon with silver hair.

The fusion starts talking.

"Look out world. This here is Tekinich. And he's new in town!"

Meliodas is shown facing towards us, reflecting an energy blast.


The first half of the title shows up from light and is labeled in gold. The second half shows up from flames and is labeled in white. Then the four-star dragon ball appears in the first two (o's) and the seven-star ball fills the last two.

Dragon Ball Fusions: The Story of Tekka

I guarantee you guys are going to LOVE this fanfic once it's completed! This is an idea that I've had for about two to three years...no joke...I'm finally planning on doing it, all I need is to sort everything out and get my other ideas in order. I'm already working on another story, so it will be a while before I start on this fanfic.

A/N: I am keeping this trailer up for you guys. I will take any idea requests. FYI, I am most likely going to add other crossover elements from other anime. I'll read any ideas you have, but I can't guarantee that I will consider ALL ideas I'm given. I MAY consider a few though. Until then! :)