In a dark crimson violently void of swirling maddens a tear in reality as a flash of light before dropping eight teens covered in food stains and an adult woman with a purple cape and glasses. The confusion of the 9 individuals intensified at the sight of a fair skin, messy red hair with sideburns, red eyes man who looks to be in his mid 20's and average build if his clothing was anything to go by. He wore a dark gray under shirt, with a light gray button down which is unbutton, dark gray sweats on, a crimson overcoat and black boots.

"Hello, welcome to the warp." The man said, before reality morphed into a room with a U-shape couch and a large tv. "Now we're in a room."

"Who are you?" The older woman asks.

"I am the Crimson Weresloth, nice to see you again Glynda but I'm afraid you wouldn't know me even if I told you." He said before turning the two teams before spine his hands causing crimson energy similar to the void to spine around them. "Let's get you cleaned up." Before long the stains are gone and the students give a surprise awe. "No, with that done, please take a seat. Will be watching a story from a friend of mine."

"And what do we get out of this?" Weiss asks in an annoyed tone.

"Knowledge about some future events." Crimson said which did get them intrigued by the story. After everyone takes a seat, Crimson hits the play button.

Chapter 1

Rose/Xiao Long household

"Cool, we're starting at our place." Yang said as she pulls her sister in a choke hold as said sister tries to free herself.

Awkward silence fills the room as I look at the person in front of me sitting a chair is a Fifteen year old boy with medium length black hair and red highlights. He has silver eyes and a pale complexion with a look plastered on his face that practically says, 'I'm waiting'. He's wearing what looks like... Well, if I had to call it anything, I would call it Kurogiri's bartender outfit from My Hero Academia. The only real difference being the color palettes, the button down shirt being red instead of black and the vest being black instead of light grey.

"Who is that?" Ruby asks with a confused look as Yang let her go because she has the same question in mind.

As for me, I'm in my late thirties and I basically look like Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians. You see, in my past life I knew this kid in front of me, he was my childhood friend. We died a long time ago... Okay, in all honesty, he was my first and ONLY friend and we became friends at age twenty.

"That really doesn't make you childhood friends." Jaune pointed out.

As I was about to speak up and bring an end to this moment, my old friend beats me to it.

"So what should I call you in this life, Pitch Black or Do-?"

"Pitch Black?" Blake asks her host.

"A movie villain who can control nightmares." Crimson answers, causing the hunters to give a small sweat, after all nightmares can help bring Grimm.

I interrupted him, "Pitch, Pitch will do for now. Though you're free to call me that when our privacy is guaranteed. So, what's your name?"

*sighs* "...Royal Rose, but you can call me Roy."

"Okay, is he related to me?" Ruby asks, causing the host to chuckle a little.

"You have no idea how close you two are." Ruby gives a confused look well Yang simply glared at that answer.

I put my head into my hands and groaned in exasperation, "It kills me that, while RWBY and DBZ were so great, the creators were terrible at coming up with names for characters."

"Wait, what?" The viewers ask, turning to they're host.

"Alright, now time for the meta moment. So where I'm from you are all in a show called RWBY, made by the great Monty Oum, may he rest in peace." Crimson says the slow part in a gentle tone before continuing. "In short, we are watching a FanFiction of your universe… Sadly thanks to the immaterium these creations aren't just fiction but becomes reality itself. This is sadly something that most people of my universe don't even know about so there are a lot of…" Crimson sees both a succubus like being try to seduce the guest who can't see it, a demonic being holding a chain of skulls and an eldritch horror almost screaming. "Questionable realities."

"You can't be serious?" Weiss looks at Crimson not believing a single word he gave.

"Suit yourself, but you'll understand shortly.

Roy shrugged, "Still better than Minato Namikaze."

"Who?" Blake asks.

"A character for another anime." The host answer.

I chuckle a little and look back up at him, "So stupid and simple that it all works out, no need for people to be like Scar."

"Do we have to ask?" Ren looks at the host.

"A lion who murder his brother in a moment that still makes grown men cry… But not me, fucking sociopath."

He smiles before turning serious and asks the big question, "So, what have you done aside from the obvious? You've been here for decades longer than I have, so don't tell me that you didn't do anything, we both know it's not in your nature."

I look up at the ceiling with a ghost of a smile on my face and chuckle, "Where should I start...? When I entered Beacon...? When I graduated...? When Oz finally invited us...? Or just the main plot points...? I'm not going to do a whole "How I Met Your Mother?" and explain it all in one go, it's too long to do it like that and might take years to explain all the plans and changes I've made, and even then I highly doubt you'd be able to remember it all like that. No, I think I'll go down the route CW's Arrow went and tell you when we have time or when things are about to become relevant. And you, how are things holding up on your end? I'd hate to see anything happen to your sisters."

Before any questions about the references came the Xiao-Long-Rose sisters beat them all. "He's our brother?!" Causing the host to laugh as he bangs his head yes.

He sighs again and replies, "Fine, I suppose that's fair enough. But only if you answer at least some of my questions and don't be vague, you come across as a total dick when you do that, one wizard is plenty."

"Who?" Ren asks.

Crimson gives a wicked grin before saying a vague answer. "The old man in the tower."

"So question for a question then?", I suggest while receiving a nod. I sigh and prepare myself, "Fine, you first."

He nods at me and asks, "What happened to Summer and is she alive?"

That perked up the sisters, they always did wonder what happened to her but never had a clear answer.

"Starting with the big one, huh? Alright then, but you can't tell anyone especially Ruby. Summer's situation is... complicated. The way to keep her from having a mental breakdown like before is to have enough exposure to what Tai keeps from her. Believe me, I hate myself for having to keep this away from everyone but this is the only way.", I tell him as I show him a genuine sad and tired expression.

"W-what happened?" Ruby asks almost in tears.

He looks at me with frustration and pity before ultimately agreeing to the condition.

I take a deep breath and sigh as I begin my story, "Well unlike what we've heard she didn't go to Grimm Lands alone. I followed her, it took some time for me to catch up to her but... But when I finally did, I found her bleeding in the castle. As to whether she's alive is up for debate..."

"She went there?!" Glynda shouted in concern causing the students to turn to her.

"Is everything okay, professor?" Pyrrha asks, not getting an answer.

He looks at me with suspicion and asks, "What do you mean by, "up for debate"?"

"Yeah, explain." Yang growled under her breath as Crimson simply shrugs and turns to the screen.

'I can already feel the headache coming on.'

"What I mean is that the only way to save her was to use my semblance. The reason she isn't here is because she's currently healing, my semblance is incredible at destroying things and fixing them. Unfortunately, Summer's condition was critical and I didn't have the experience I do now using it on living beings. If all goes well she'll be up and on her feet in about ten months.", I smile seeing a look of relief on my friend's face.

Several of the guests had gone bugeye at hearing about his semblance, but the sisters now went tearing eyes with joy instead of sorrow.

"Thank God, at least she's not dead... Alright, your turn"

I look at him and ask, "What is your semblance and how have you gone with your eyes?"

Ruby gives a confused look as she starts seeing parallels between them and her with Ozpin.

He raises a brow and asks, "Isn't that two questions?"

I smirk as I cross my arms, "Like yours wasn't."

"He has a point." Nora said.

He smirks back and replies, "Touch`e, well my eyes are about as well as you'd expect from some with no teacher. As for my semblance, well, let's just say that Obito has some competition. Why did she leave without telling anyone?"

"What's this about his and mine eyes?" Ruby question.

"Lets just say you and him are tied to a powerful warrior bloodline and leave it at that." Crimson answers obviously stay vague for some reason.

My eyebrow starts to twitch after hearing what he just told me, this little shit has Kamui. I take a deep breath and answer his next question, "Because they wouldn't help her even if STRQ was getting along as well as season 2 RWBY, she wanted to make a trade with Salem. Her life for family, as long as her loved ones were there Salem and her followers wouldn't touch anyone at least till Ruby graduates."

Ruby starts to feel tears run down her cheeks at hearing that her mother sacrifices herself to save her and Yang. But that left one question. "Whose Salem?"

Glynda flinched, fearing that the man both on screen and with them was aligned with her somehow. Crimson gives no answer just yet.

He grit his teeth and lets out a whispering shout, "Shit! I had a feeling it'd be something like that, but I can't believe she'd get that much out of it."

I nod at him with a straight face as I continue, "There's more, since she saw me save her, the deal didn't fall through and Salem would've been in a position where she could end you all."

"Seriously who is Salem?" Yang demanded to know but got no answers.

Roy's face turns serious and narrows his eyes, "Would've? What did you do?"

"Ah, don't look at me like that. I did what I had to, don't worry, we're still on the same side. Nobody's betraying you all, I'm still on your side.", I raise my hands in a placating manner.

Glynda gives a sigh of relief at hearing that, but still feels uneasy.

I continued after seeing him relax his muscles, "She and I formed a non-aggression pact, so as long as I don't get directly involved in what Ozpin has planned, you're all safe. There were a few other conditions, but we'll talk about that some other time."

Glynda wants to know so much what he meant but Crimson looks to be in the same wonderment as her.

Roy turned curious, "I can get Summer, but why wouldn't she just kill you and be done with you?"

I chuckle with a smug look on my face, "Don't get me wrong we fought for three days before we reached the agreement. But when at the end of the third day we ran out of steam, just because she's immortal doesn't mean her stamina is infinite, mental or physical and definitely not in terms of magic. I had the power to keep fighting but didn't have the means to put her down, meanwhile she had the means to recover from every pounding I gave her but didn't have power to cause enough damage."

Glynda's eyes widened at hearing that, not only did Pitch fight Salem for three days, he couldn't put her down that caused more questions. She looks at Crimson who looks to have a similar encounter and would want to hear about it. As for the students they were just shocked not yet truly understanding what's happening.

He looked at me with a gobsmacked face, "Wait, so are you saying you slept with her?"

Glynda's eyes widened in disbelief and noticed something she didn't quite understand but a certain blonde dragon noticed it was a sign of respect.

I smirk, "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, or maybe I'm saying it like this just screw with you. In the end, she was on her back gasping for air and told me that I was better than Ozma. It was literally a battle of an unstoppable force versus an unmovable object."

"Ew!" Ruby yelled, as Blake blushed up a storm slightly curious to hear more.

"Whose Ozma?" Nora asks, making Crimson smile but not answering.

Roy looked at me with his eye twitching, sort of reminds me of when Shifu saw that Po was chosen, and thought, "Don't think about it, either way he's screwing someone. Whether it's Salem or me, he will only continue to get on my nerves. That still begs the question, if it was a REAL battle and not a gag; then what semblance would've been powerful enough to keep her busy for seventy-two hours straight? Knowing Donovan's nature better than anyone, it's probably something hard to predict and even harder to avoid, something fluid perhaps, something frighteningly adaptable, what is it?"

"What is his semblance?" Weiss asks only for Crimson smile.

"Time will tell."

Crimson stands in the center of the screen covered in green lip marks with annoyed look. "Hello, everyone. For those who are wondering I do have permission from Chronosign to write this story. Please follow the original story to support him." He then grab a wet towel and try to scrub the lip marks off his face.