It ought to be fun. No wonder Ozumi wants to tag along. If bad deeds were to be done, she would be present, because pain is great and she is far too good at it.

The smell over the city of Yokohama is disgusting. It brings nothing new. No advancement from the time Ozumi lived there. Just from the smell she could tell. Absolutely nothing had changed. That's the reason she left in the first place. However, when her boss explained her mission in Yokohama, she couldn't refuse.

Seeing the stunt faces of the Detective Agency when the helicopter lands on the highway, it was worth all the trouble already. Francis, her boss, seems to agree with her thought. His smug, condescendent laugh does not hide it.

Ozumi has a condescending aura herself. Like everything around her belongs to her and everyone who sets eyes on her is now under her control. However, nothing compared with the comfort and casualty Francis showcases in the Detective Agency's meeting room. He seats up straight and crosses his legs on the yellow couch like it's already his. Ozumi stands behind the couch, to his right. She smiles with ease, her hand holds her wrist behind her back. Lucy is on the other side of the couch and stands holding her hands in front of her stomach.

"How nice to finally meet you," Francis spreads his arms in a welcoming manner. "President Fukuna… uhm, Fuzuka?"


The other man, the president of the Detective Agency, an old geezer with tough, cold looks has a steely gaze and serious tone to his voice. Unlike Francis, he seats with his arms crossed across his chest.

"That's it." Francis collects his arms on his lap. "Oh, we parked our chop on a nearby highway," his elbows rest on the back of the couch. "Was that okay?"

"What is it you wish to discuss?" President Fuzukawa asks, his eyes closed to his visitors. "You crossed the world to come here. Speak your mind."

A young girl in uniform enters the room and leaves two cups of tea on the table between the two men.

"Oh my," Francis sighs with satisfaction. "This is a rare specimen." he picks up the cup "I don't recognize this style of porcelain. What is the brand of this set?" he asks while he inspects the bottom of the cup by lifting it over his head. "Royal Blank? Or perhaps, Elzeka?"

"It's from the ceramic store next door." the woman who brought the tea answers. She now stands by the president's left, behind the couch, and faces Ozumi.

Francis takes a loud sip.

"My apologies." Francis says, handing the cup to Ozumi and begins to bow.

Ozumi complies and receives the cup on her hand. In this stance, her free hand instinctively lodges itself over her whip by her hip.

"Call me Francis, old sport. I insist." Francis lifts his gaze to the President. "I'm the leader of the Guild. We're headquartered in North America. I personally own three conglomerates, five hotels, an airline, an university…"

Fukuzawa interrupts his pretentious herself wishes her boss would get straight to the point. So she could burn the building down.

"Mister Fitzgerald, I received reports that you issued a bounty and encouraged the port mafia to attack us." for the first time, Fukuzawa looks right in Francis' eyes. His gaze is threatening. "Are they true?"

"Yes," Francis confirms, a wide smile forms on his face. "That was a big mistake on my part. To think such a famous criminal group would be so incompetent." he waved dismissively. "To make amends, I bring you a business proposal."

None of his words makes the President's face softened. This was already expected, words would not work on him. And neither would the power of money. This conversation is leading nowhere, it made Ozumi itch to make a bold move. Show them they are already at the Guild's mercy.

"You've got a nice little company here," Francis continues while he prompts a shiny metal suitcase on the table. "And it's on a friendly neighborhood,"

The suitcase opens with a clique.

"And such, I would like to buy it from you."

That was a man that did not waver not even at the sight of a suitcase filled with green paper.

"Don't misunderstand," Francis spoke. "I could buy every piece of property that you can see from here. It's not the building I'm interested in." he pauses and rests his arms on the briefcase open lid. "I want one thing."

"And that is?"

"What do you think? I want your gifted business permit."

Finally, Francis gets a reaction from the President. His eyes widen and his posture turns even more severe than before. Even the girl behind him can't help but cough silently.

"You see," Francis continues. "For a group of gifted individuals to open a business, they need permission from a special brandship from the Ministry from Internal Affairs. Those fools are about the only ones you can't buy with money."

Ozumi keeps a serene smile on her face, even though she doubts her boss's words. The Ministry is not the only one.

Francis leans back on the couch

"We are a secret society that officially doesn't even exist. There's something in this city that I want. We'd rather not rile up the Ministry while we look for it. The permit will allow us-"

Once again, Fukuzawa interrupts.

"I think you're confused," he uses a low impatient tone.

"C'mon now. Is this not enough?" Francis wonders. "Very well then," he reaches for his watch on his wrist. "I'll add this."

He tops the briefcase of money with a gold watch. Besides the black face, all the other parts of the watch shine golden. In the place of the numbers, diamonds reflect the light coming from the window.

"It's a limited edition, made to order in pink diamonds."

"I'm afraid there's no amount of money you can offer that would entice me to give up our permit."

Francis lifts his gaze to the President. Like those words made no sense to him. After all, to Ozumi's boss, everyone had a price.

"It is a symbol of hope." Fuzukawa continues. "Not just for our members, but also for that of Master Natsume. Without whom this agency would not exist." the next few words, he says while holding Francis' gaze. "Our permit is not for sale to the highest bidder. It's not a plaything for the idle rich."

"So you believe there's things money can't buy." Francis picks up his watch with his index finger. "That's the boring mantra of the poor." his cheery tone is no longer. It's loud and clear Francis is no longer interested in being civil. "If your employees vanished, I'd make a bet your little agency would cease to function. And by then it will be too late to change your mind."

Ozumi 's smile grows sinister. For now, Ozumi simply leaves the cup of tea next to that of Fukuzawa, which remains untouched. Her grip tightens around her rolled up whip.

"I'll take that into consideration. We're done here."

Like that, President Fukuzawa ends the meeting. With no idea that Francis' words were more than to convince him to change his mind. They were also more than a threat. It was a warning to the plan that had already taken place.

The leader of the Guild closes the briefcase and raises from his seat.

"For now…" he mumbles.

The woman by Fukuzawa's side claps her hands twice.

"Escort our guests out, Kanji."

Once the request is done, the door behind them opens. A short blond guy with a cheery and sweet voice enters the room.

"Understood!" he says. "This way, please."

Ozumi and Lucy follow their boss to the door. Before he leaves, the rich man speaks again,

"I'll leave a message for you on tomorrow's paper." Francis turns his head over his shoulder, a menacing look in his face. "Consider it carefully, old sport."

The facade finally breaks for both parts. The woman behind the couch scowls to them, but Francis ignores her ridiculous attempts to make them leave sooner. However, Ozumi has to fight the urge to burn the girl to a crisp.

"I always get what I'm after."

One last warning.

The blond boy leads the trio to the elevator and accompanies them through the ride.

"That's a really cute hat."

Lucy compliments the straw hat the boy has hanging on his neck from a string and it was larger than the boy's shoulders.

"You think so?" Kanji questioned with his cheery voice. A pink blush appears on his cheeks. "Thank you very much, miss!"

As soon as the elevator door closes, a mischievous smile appears on Ozumi's face. It is her favourite part. She only wishes she would be the one who starts it all, but at least she gets to witness it.

From the third floor, the elevator descends to the first floor. By the time the door opens, Kanji is nowhere to be seen and Lucy is placing her new straw hat on her head.

"Well? What do you think?" Lucy hops a few steps, showcasing her new accessory.

Francis has a satisfied smile on his face while Ozumi was the one to answer.

"Burn it."

"Hey, you!" Lucy puffs her cheeks. "Hmpf."

After she throws the hat off her head, Lucy follows them outside the building.

"First, there was one."

After the Detective Agency refused the Guild's offer, Francis ought to let his subordinates cut loose. He doesn't care how they did things, as long as their orders were fulfilled perfectly. If Ozumi happened to burn the whole city down, he would probably thank her.

The following day, their little job was all over the news. A whole seven store port mafia building vanished in thin air. Special abilities were really something interesting and Ozumi is itching to get to the field.

And who knows who she might encounter.

Oh, how she wishes she could've seen their faces. It was more than a threat to the Agency. The Port Mafia was now also involved. No matter who the enemy was, the Guild was sure to dizimate them.

In a cozy, well lit room, the location unknown, Ozumi sipps in her cup of wine on a black leather chair. No matter what channel she changes to, the news is the same. How the Port Mafia building vanished. Her other arm holds the hand of her whip that curled on the floor completely limb.

A knock on the door makes Ozumi peer over her shoulder. She answers with a crack of her whip hitting the wooden floor. The door inches open, a trembling voice fills the room.

"Excuse me. I have some bad news."

"Tell me." Ozumi orders.

"Well, it seems like Lucy failed her mission. And the assassin you, my lady, sent for the Port Mafia was found dead on a city ally."

Ozumi narrows her eyes. Clearly, for the Port Mafia a low grade assassin wouldn't get the job done, even if it belonged to the Guild.

"What a useless bunch." Ozumi murmurs.

"I apologize my lady, for the inconvenience." the boy bows his head and stares at his own shoes, incapable of meeting eyes with his superior.

"Don't worry, Piero. I could never include my only capable servant into this group of people." Ozumi starts. "However," A malicious smile forms on her face. Her eyes were somewhat small, but the bloodlust made the pupils dilate. A truly intimidating portrait. "This means my turn has come."

"Of course, my lady. I'll make preparations." Piero rushes and runs out of the room.


Not me starting two fics on the same week and both on the Mafia subject. What can you say, I'm on my Bungou Stray Dogs fase right now, so I'll make the most of it.

About the fic, this is the first fic I write ever that follows the cannon of the plot through and through, but also, it will only be for a few chapters. Eventually there will be non-cannon events to develop Ozumi's and Chuuya's relationsip.

About Ozumi, I wanted to grab the concept the creator of BSD used for his characters to create my OC. However, instead of a writer, I based her entirely on a character most of you know. Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wanted someone with a dictator kind of personality. It was either him or the Governor from The Walking Dead. And the fire lord's bending was, well, easier to turn into an ability. Hence the title of the fic, The Fire Lady. It's the name of Ozumi's ability. She's basically a fire bender, but I made some alterations to what she can actually do to make things interesting.

For now, one chapter corresponds to one episode of the anime and will have loads of non-cannon events going forward. Also, this is my first BSD fic, so go easy on me. If you are curious about the other mafia fic I mentioned. It's a college/modern/mafia AU from the Black Clover universe that stars another of my OC's and Zora Ideale as a pair. If you are interested, you can easily find the fic on my profile!