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It was official.

She hated making human beings.

Trying to make a human being was a whole different beast than making a building.

There is no such thing as a flat surface on a normal human being, you can't make mistakes because it would be very noticeable.

Doing just one human being cost her 48 hours of pure frustration.

Every minute, she wondered if she should just make a android and cloak it.

But then she thought of how disrespectful that was, especially after she had plucked a whole family from their lives.

But she understood God frustration now, she struggled to make one while God made billions, even going so far as to grant them abilities and yet the being never got a word of thank you.

No wonder, the world was so chaotic, screw these people.

She looked at the holographic screen and saw that the eldest child had started a video blog and the only brown-haired child was now in paid babysitting with Paris newswomen Nadja Chamack, own daughter.

You could tell by the fun they were having, that Marinette Dupain-cheng was no longer the girl favourite baby-sitter.

She turned around to the person she made.

Kenneth Sean "Ken" Carson.

Blond-haired in an upper-class style, blue eyes, vibrant cheeks, great jaw and was the boyfriend she had promised the eldest child.

With looks like this, you could totally see him, at an important party in a suit and tie.

She placed him, in a great house as he was meant to be incredibly rich.

He was all set now, however, how was she going to introduce him?

Send him to surprise Barbie with flowers?

Yeah, and have half the city stalking them and taking pictures.

However about him showing up at her door?

Yeah and have the family not leave the two of them alone.

How can she introduce him?

Suddenly she had an idea but she couldn't do it alone.

It was impossible for her to do it alone.

She called God up and explained her idea.

She was thinking of buying an island under the Carson name and building a resort on top of it.

However buying an island would mean forking over information, she couldn't risk having or want to give out.

Honestly, the god was just happy somebody called and agreed.

The two of them worked together but God was amazing, the being finished everything so quickly and made the island not only populated by workers and fish life but also made it super attractive as well.

What would have taken her months, was finished in 10 minutes.

Fast! She thought, God clearly didn't need her.

However, this was as far as god would go, the being would not interfere directly in mortal lives.

But she could.

She said to Ken. "You can call her now"

And he did.

While Barbie was live streaming with her mother online, she received a message from Ken, who was shown to be online on her phone.

She was stunned before putting him on.

He said, with a hot accent. "Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie mom, guess what I'm watching right now?"

Both of them were wide-eyed.

"Wait, Ken?" Said her mother.

He said. "Yes," he confirmed. "It's been a while. I just noticed that you guys were going on Spring Break soon and my family just bought an island and built a resort. I was wondering if you would like to spend Spring break at my family's resort before it opens? I will send you a private plane to pick you up"

The viewers were understandably wide-eyed, along with the two blonds.

Private island for spring break?

The mom said. "Its a nice offer Ken but we need to discuss this as a family"

He then said. "No, problem. I hope to hear from you soon, bye"

And then he ended it.

And of course, the family said yes, they weren't nuts.

They never had the money to go on holiday before and now they were being offered a free one in a private resort all to themselves?

Hell, yes!

The two Engineers, cashed in their vacation days for three days.

Meanwhile, there was a stir in the pool of Barbie's millions of followers.

One half believed the phone call was staged, the other told them, to wait and see.

Before Monday even rolled around, everybody around them apparently knew about this conversation on the phone.

It would have been creepier if it got on the news or in a newspaper.

Everybody asked them if it was true and who was Ken.

Meanwhile, Barbie was texting Ken and back because it would be weird if they didn't after reconnecting.

However, it quickly became clear to the two of them that they lived in two different time zones but the two of them were still determined to make this work.

When the Sunday afternoon before Spring break came, the family made it no secret, that they were leaving.

Skipper had her flying camera with her to stream, just to shut up the people who kept saying this was fake.

Their packing was glamorous as they had the country technology to help them do it, but the three hours stuck in the family van was a lot less glamorous.

However, when they got to the pickup, it was worth it.

The private plane waiting for them, was hella nice and on the side read the letters 'Ken air travel.

Yep, this was Ken's plane.

They loaded their Van into the back and put the puppy cages in nice compartments.

Then they were taken to their seats.

And if the viewer's mouth weren't open, it was definitely was now.

This was super first-class.

"Oh, wow. I got my own section" said Skipper, sitting down and the door closing behind her.

The jealously was real online.

Who was Ken? They had never seen a private plane like this before!

And in a shocking turn of events, Gabriel Agreste let his son watch Skipper Livestream because this girl clearly had connections.

And he wasn't the only one, as the world went in search of bigger screens so that they can watch beautiful people be incredibly wealthy better.

And then the plane began to get off the ground and when they were off the ground, the plane proved it was indeed Ken's plane.

The plane unexpectedly kicked into hype drive and those watching from above couldn't believe it when such a big plane acted suddenly acted like a fighter jet.

This had to be the fastest private planet they had ever seen.

However, inside the passenger were barely feeling it but they could certainly see the wind around the plane.

"No way. How fast is this plane going?" Said Skipper.

Those below them, took out their phones to record as this big plane zoomed over their heads.

The plane made it to the world news and the world gawked at how fast this private plane was going.

Ken Airtravel?

What would have been an 8-hour trip, turned into a trip of a mere hour with this beast of a plane.

The plane landed and it took them all a while for their feet to get used to touching the ground.

Then they were taken to a boat that allowed them to unload their stuff onto it and then they were then driven to the island.

When they saw the island, all of them had their mouths open.

"Oh, wow!" Said Skipper and the world had the same reaction.

True Vacation Paradise was before their very eyes!

The world continued to be impressed.

They were greeted and split into two groups, adults and children with the puppies.

The puppies were excited in their cages by this new environment.

They got to their cabin and opened the door.

The moment they did so, they were met with the most gorgeous tropical room on the other side.

"Oh, my God!" Was the world reaction as they saw the room and the stunning view outside.

Where was this?

The world found out, but the booking started on Thursday and onwards.

700 plus, per night!

The puppies were released and off they went.

"This place is beautiful," said Chelsea.

And then they noticed Barbie on her phone.

She said. "Ken, just texting me to say he was just told we were here and is heading over now"


The owner of the plane and this resort.

The world was prepared to see this Ken, they imagined that he was a man who was at least 40.

Perhaps, an Uncle?

Ken texted that he was here and there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," said Stacie.

The door opened and the world saw perfection.

Young, blond, blue eyes, flush skin, light pink lips, amazing jaw and dressed in a 'Beach Wallow' T-Shirt and pink Shorts.

The world eyes were huge and they were silent before the female squealing worldwide started and many guys realised they weren't straight.

"Oh, no. He's hot!" Said Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

The whole world was captivated by Ken good looks just for a few seconds.

And why only for a few seconds?

Because Barbie said. "Ken!" And then she ran into his arms and both of them shared a deep kiss.

Not a peak.

A deep long kiss with each other.

The world could hear the mental slap as both of their admirers realised who they were to each other.

Suddenly Barbie relationship status online was no longer taken as a joke.

"Their dating!?"

"Son, of a bitch!"

There was rage, embarrassment, extreme shock, and admiration.

However, they all agreed that they couldn't even be mad at Barbie for looking at this guy.

Hot AND super-rich.

The girl got standards, they just didn't know he existed until now.

They broke apart and he said. "Well, that was quite the welcome"

His voice.

That smile.

"Bro, you better stick with Barbie or I will shoot you." Said the male's of the world, knowing that it was super easy for him to steal their girl.

He then saw the camera and said. "Oh, I didn't know you were streaming, I feel kind of embarrassed"

Skipper said. "It's alright. The battery is almost dead anyway" before she said. "But before that, can you introduce yourself to the camera?"

Yes, introduce.

Tell us your name, your phone number, your home address so that we can stalk you online and in person. Thought the world, wondering why they had never seen him before until today.

He said. "Well it won't hurt." and the world screamed yes.

He said to the camera. "Hi, my name is Kenneth Sean Carson but I go by the name Ken. I was born and raised in Vashta Nerada just like the Roberts. Growing up Barbie wed my best friend and now she's the love of my life." Barbie looked touched and then he said. "My family recently brought this island and built this resort. To help out with this I will be staying here all Spring Break, the full 7 days just to make sure everything is running smoothly"

The world was wide-eyed.


The WHOLE spring break?

As in, he would still be here after the Roberts leave and be where they can see him for 4 whole days!?

Them and Ken.

Alone on a romantic tropical island.

700 bucks was worth it.

The world went to book only to discover, it was too late, it had already been booked for the rest of the week before Ken even graced and smoothened their eyes.

The tantrums were legendary all around the world, as the resort phones didn't stop ringing.

And then the camera died and the world screamed 'No!'.

For an advanced camera, it was actually quite amazing what the camera survived though, to give the world five glorious hours of HD steady footage.

However, all was not lost as Skipper began posting pictures and videos with her phone and Barbie had promised to do a video on the island.

The creator of the country that had once again made headlines watched the world's reaction to Ken, and overall, despite the death of loyal devices, the reaction couldn't have been better.

And she wasn't worried about crazy, obsessed and ability powered people coming to the island, god was making sure her people weren't in danger of being kidnapped or their holiday being ruined.

She wished them a happy spring break because she certainly did not have the pleasure of having one.