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The world was ready to see the school system and so were the Roberts.

Today was the day, they resume back to where they worked before.

Skipper qualified as a first year of high school so she went with her older sister in the pink car.

Yes, Barbie can drive by the country standards.

Her little sister Stacy was waiting for the school bus, her mom was taking Chelsea to school and the puppies to pet school.

Her dad had already left for school.

Skipper got her camera and then turned it on so that world can see her and her sister going to school.

The world had actually declared a day holiday because everybody was so curious, so everybody with a device can come to watch.

The car drove and the camera turned to show how incredible the neighbourhood was and the world opened their mouths as they saw the front of the houses before them.

The world wanted to know who owned what, which one was Ryan house?

The camera followed them and as they exited out of the neighbour, the world saw just how advanced the country was.

There was hovering traffic lights, robots on the streets, hovering vehicles ridden by kids like it was nothing, hovering virtual screen and animals that have collars that allow them to speak.

What in the world!?

The World eyes were huge, as they all saw the technological advancements that they can only dream of, now before their very eyes and everybody was so casual.

How long had the country been liked this?

The car continued to drive until it got to the high school parking lot.

In the parking lot, they saw hot teens coming out of their cars, showing the world, the country had indeed nailed the good looking baby formula.

The world ate their snacks as they saw these teens that will become another crush of theirs.

Then the camera turned to the actual front of the school and it was just so stylish.

They walked across the streets to the school, good looking high schoolers walked past them and then in the crowd they saw him.

Kenneth Sean Carson.


The guy that caused the undeserved deaths of countless devices.

He was wearing a grey shirt with a blue half, skinny jeans and sneakers.

The moment the world saw him, countless females started blushing and squealing.

He said. "Hi, Barbie. Skipper"

Hello, Ken...thought the world, so this is where he was.

When was he coming back to his family resort, so he can smoothen their eyes in person, again?

Any trips he planned to take around the world?

And then he kissed Barbie and she kissed back.

The idea of them dating, hurt less now but people were still silently crying on the inside.

Then they held hands and he walked her inside like a gentleman.

They went inside and not only was the place physical appealing, but it was also bursting with personality.

"And he shoots. He scores!" Yelled a hot jock, landing a can in a bin.

He then bro bumped his friends.

A group of fine as hell cheerleaders were clearly coming back from cheer practice, walked past them.

A guy who was clearly a geek but attractive one said. "Hello, Cheerleaders"

They ignored him.

He said. "I'm wearing them down"

His guy friend said. "Dude, your delusion if you think any cheerleader on the planet, would go out with you"

Well, we would. Thought the cheerleaders from around the world.

He was the acceptable geek.

They saw robot janitors and then a door opened and out came a hot yet snobby looking girl.

She had black silk hair, brown eyes, wore a purple blouse, a dark green jacket with white and gold pearl necklaces and wore a black fluffy skirt, tights and heels.

She was hot and behind her was Ryan, a grey shirt, black leather jacket, jeans, boots.

He looked nice.

Females everywhere squealed when they saw their crush.

The two of them saw them.

"Hi, Ryan. Raquelle" said Barbie.

"Hi, Barbie," said Ryan, continue to be wonderful and continue to make girls pray that they meet him one day.

However, Raquella was a different story, instead of saying hi back, she looked Barbie up and down with the dirtiest look the world had ever seen.

The air around the world changed as everybody face changed.

She then said with a clearly fake smile. "Oh...I didn't know you were starting today"

Hello. thought the world.

Then the girl became a total bitch, in the world eyes by doing a one-eighty as she turned to Ken with a bright smile and said. "Hi, Ken. Want to go on a date with me at lunch? I was thinking, a sushi restaurant"

Everybody eyes widened.


Did she just.

Everybody face changed.

Yes, she did.

She asked Ken out in front of Barbie!

Ken said. "Sorry, but I'm actually having lunch with Barbie. My girlfriend"

Yes, Ken. Shut her down! Thought the Barbie and Ken shippers.

Her smile wiped off and said. "Oh" before it returned and said. "Well, you have my number in case you decide to stop dating" she looked purposely at Barbie and said. "That Thing"

And just like that, she had angered all of Barbie fans as well.

"Did she just call Barbie a 'thing?'. Oh, hell no. Who is this Bitch!?" Thought practically everybody.

And just like that, she had made herself memorable to the world that couldn't stop watching.

She then smiled that fake smile of hers and said. "Chow"

And then she walked and purposely bumped Barbie as she walked away.

People were mad.

Ryan was behind her, giving an apologetic look.

Skipper said. "Well, one thing, unfortunately, hasn't changed. Raquella is still a Bitch. I feel sorry for Ryan, she's his twin sister. Imagine living with her"

And just like that, the world found out why Ryan was with this bitch, he had no choice.

They lived in the same house and grew up together.

Suddenly they heard Ken say. "Barbie, are you okay?"

Yes, how was Barbie holding up? Thought the world.

It must have been shocking for somebody like her to be treated so awful.

However, Barbie said. "I'm fine. Not everybody is going to like me. I just need to keep moving forward"

Her response made people tear up, she was so wholesome.

And Raquelle was such a bitch.

They walked and Skipper split from them because they were in different years, she entered a classroom that looked like a college classroom, the camera turned to view her attractive classmates and then she saw her friends at last.

She hugged them and they hugged back, then they sat down, while she talked, the camera noticed a hot teen guy who was clearly more excited than everybody else to see her.

A young crush!

"Ah, he likes her," said an old woman.

A lot of adults were awww, meanwhile, those who liked Skipper or were just plain jealous did not take his existence well.

And then all of them must have come in because the door closed and a hologram beamed out in front of the class.

Yes, not a reboot or actual person, a hologram.

The hologram said. "Good morning class. Good more student Skipper. I have been informed about your situation. The past few weeks will be taught to you. Now, we will turn off the translator in the room"


What translator?

And then the surroundings turned green for a bit before she opened her mouth and words they had never heard before came out of her mouth. "Rigmatis lactatie nor is gender (We will now begin the register)"

The world was extremely confused.

And then they just enjoyed the country language and it actually sounded quite beautiful.

The tables flipped and their several devices on it, the students all put them on and the hologram disappeared.

There was silence for five minutes before the hologram came back and the translator was back on as she said. "Very good class. Just give it five minutes for your brain to settle in"

They took it off and really didn't say anything, and after a while, the bell rang.

"Alright, next class," said, Skipper. "I've missed this"

The world eyes were round.


Next class already?

They didn't see anything!

It was 15 minutes max!

The envy around the world was real as they found out these geniuses only had a 15-minute class.

However, the next session was art and it was a full hour.

Skipper chose to draw in thin air and before the world's eyes it began happening and she could even animate it.

The world was on pathetic virtual reality right now, those hailed as leading experts felt ash in their mouths.

They felt ash because now the world was going to ask them, why they didn't have this yet.

At break, they followed him to get some snacks, food from a vending machine showing snacks the world had never seen before.

She brought a few.

She turned the camera off when she went to the restroom and turned it off again, with PE.

At Lunchtime, she went to the cafeteria and instead of food there was tubes, tubes with food items to pick.

She chooses then she went to sit with her friends outside.

The camera picked up, not that far away, Ken lovingly setting up a picnic for Barbie.

When the world saw this, it warmed their heart.

Ken was such a sweetie.

However, half of them were still wishing for them to break up and start dating them.

And then they noticed Raquelle not that far away who looked like she was about to blow her top.

Ryan was right behind her licking ice cream and watching her fume.

She seemed to reach her peak when he said in the flattest tone they had ever heard. "Raquella, drop it. Don't go over there. Be the bigger person"

She went anyway and he said. "No. Please. Wait. Come back. It's not worth it"

And then he took out his phone and began to record.

The whole world lost it.

They all burst out laughing.

It was the most relatable thing they had ever seen all day, even the Kwamis were laughing.


What a character.

You know he was roasting his sister behind her back.

Now people had another reason to like him other than the fact he was hot.

The camera turned away to show Skipper, squeezing bottles and the paste magically turning into real hot food.

People looked at the country store and saw nothing.

When was the next item being posted?

She began to eat commenting on how good it tastes.

And then their ears heard a beautiful guitar melody play.

Skipper and her friends turned around along with the Camera.

They saw Ryan, with a guitar sitting on a brick circle with plant life in the middle.

Oh, right. He's a musician. The world remembered.

He then began to sing. "Called you for the first time yesterday"

The world eyes went wide.

His voice was amazing!

Girls worldwide began squealing.

He sang. "Finally, found the missing part of me."

Ryan smoothened ears and eyes worldwide.

"Dang. Pretty boy can sing" said Nora Cesaire and she wasn't the only one who thought that.

There was no doubt that if Ryan was born somewhere else, he would be a world-class rockstar.

However, they didn't have time to even get to the Chorus before a fuming Raquella said.

"Ryan, shut up! Nobody wants to hear you sing!"

Excuse me!? Thought the world, hearing her voice was like a record player scratching.

He said. "Right and it's better than the sound of you drooling over a boy you can't have"

Oh, the clap back. Thought the world.

She said flipping her hair. "Ken will fall for me one day. It's only a matter of time and besides, when I'm pinning for him I look like a goddess but you look like a whale"

Whale? Oh, no she didn't. Thought the world.

He said. "Excuse me but I am the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen"

Yes. Thought his fan, it wasn't even a question to them.

She said. "Please, the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen is the latest 10, 000 dollar NeBue collection that I place in my mansion"

Hello. Everybody thought she has money.

He said. "For the last time. It's our Mansion and your no looker either. The most beautiful I have ever seen is the garden I dedicated to me"

She said. "You mean that ugly thing you built that is full of nothing of statues of you ever since you were 9 years old? Our parents should have not let you built that thing, it was an eyesore"

The world face changed.

He said. "Please, is that any better. Then you buying shops just to put your face on it? I couldn't go anyway for a while without at least seeing your face. It was a nightmare."

The world continued eating.

God damn, these crazy rich people.

She said. "Just stopped singing"

He said. "Okay" and wondered why he gave up so easily until he said. "And then I'll do this"

He got up and walked up to Ken and Barbie said. "Hey, do you two want to come to my pool party, after school?"

The world eyes were huge.

Ryan Pool Party?

Ken and Barbie said. "Sure"

He then said. "In fact, you're all invited to my pool party after school!"

And they all cheered.

Raquella mouth was open, as she suddenly had guests.

The world had only one question.

Will Skipper be allowed to bring her camera so they could watch a bunch of hot teens, in swimsuits partying?

It was a valid question and they wanted to see how rich the two of them were.