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Catherine stormed through the castle. Her face plastered with what she hoped was indifference and not hurry and confusion. Catherine was beside herself, Charles and Little Henry had morphed a spar into a fight, Margot was desperate to stir her, begging for attention and worst of all Claude was back at court yet not as cheerful or as sarcastic as she was usually. This could be considered good except for the fact she hardly talked or left her chambers, just read, which for Claude was a bit strange.

Catherine was supposed to be in the throne room already but unfortunately the distractions of the day prevented this. As Catherine turned the corner she stopped, there was crying, waling in the next hallway. What would Catherine do? She could take a different way but that'd surely take longer, so she decided to peek and discover the source of her inconvenience. She slugged to the corner to look, a girl, a young girl with her back braced to the wall, her hands stiff to her side. Her head fix to her knees, she was on the floor.

Catherine peered in, getting a better look, wait, copper locks, beautifully adorned and that tiara. Claude, it was Claude, Catherine's heart felt heavy as she rushed to her daughter's side. Claude seemed not just shocked but surprised by her mother happening upon her but no by the embrace that followed. Her mother had always comforted her as a child by not in recent times. "Hush, mon tout", Catherine whispered. She unhinged Claude from the cold stone floors, and gently dragged her to her room.

Meanwhile, in the throne room, a summit between French and Spanish nobles was to take place. However, the Spanish were waiting for the Queen of France to attend. "Does your Italian born queen believe herself better than us?" "What of the de Medici gold promised to us?" Spanish nobles wagged their tongues, wondering about the Queen. Henry sat silently pondering the situation, "Catherine is never late for anything", he thought. Just then a messenger came into the throne room.

The messenger was one of Catherine's ladies and at the king's behest she spoke, "The Queen regrets to inform you she cannot attend the Summit this evening, because of an obligation that has arisen". Catherine's lady then took her leave, confused faces behind her. Henry however was the most confused of all. Catherine had always 'meddled' as he considered it, in political matters which they often fought over and now she was refusing to come to a political summit. What could be more important to her?

The first day of the summit started and ended, and Henry couldn't help but wonder about Catherine. He hadn't heard her comments, or options and it didn't please him as he thought it would. To not have her upend him, but that still begged the question, what was she up to?