Big Mom Fairy Tail

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if Lucy had all the powers of Big Mom from One Piece but was actually caring about others and especially those she deems as hers to the point where she becomes the Big Mom of Fairy Tail? AU OOC some bashing some femslash)

"Oh hello. You must be new." Mirajane Strauss said smiling as she walked up to the girl she didn't recognize in the guild hall. The girl was a lot taller than average, about the same height as Elfman actually, and looked fit but not overly muscled in her simple blue T-shirt and pair of skin tight jeans. Her pink heels only added an extra inch to her height and she had a rucksack thrown over one shoulder.

The hat on her head was a bit strange, it being pink with what looked like a skull and crossbones on it and Mirajane swore she saw the eyes of the hat move while there was a strange small cloud wearing a childish hat and small sun floating just over the girls shoulders. Both of them had faces and Mirajane knew she saw them moving and looking around in a way clouds and suns normally didn't.

"I'm looking to join Fairy Tail. My names Lucy Heartfillia." The tall blond haired girl, who had brown almost red colored eyes Mirajane noticed, said ducking her head a little in greeting.

Mirajane took note of the key ring on the right side of the girls waist as well as a whip on her left but didn't mention it, instead just smiling brightly and ignoring the brawl going on around her.

"Well welcome to the guild. We'll have to talk to Master but we accept pretty much everyone here!" Mirajane said and she noticed as the girls, and it was obvious that despite her height the person in front of her was still just a girl probably not even as old as Elfman, lips turned up in a small smile before her head raised and she smoothly stepped in front of Mirajane.

"Ow…what did I hit?" Elfman groaned after he had been thrown pretty hard into Lucy who hadn't budged a single centimeter from the impact.

"That would be my back." Lucy said dryly as she turned to glance down at the Take Over mage who winced a bit as he stood up and Mirajane's eyes widened. Okay so she was wrong about Lucy's height. The girl was an entire head and shoulders taller than Elfman. Holy shit.

"You're pretty tough huh new girl? Manly!" Elfman said with a grin and for once having to actually look up at someone who just raised an eyebrow.

"Shall we go wait by the bar for the Master to break them up?" Mirajane asked as Elfman dove back into the fray, one of Lucy's hands coming up and blocking a mug that was heading right for Mirajane. The glass shattering on impact.

"Oh dear is your hand okay?" Mirajane asked looking worried and Lucy just smirked slightly at her.

"It's fine. See? Not a scratch." Lucy said showing Mirajane her hand which was completely undamaged.

"Impressive. Can I get you anything while we wait?" Mirajane asked leading the girl to the bar while she easily waded through the fighting without suffering a single bruise, a few of the guild members stopping to gape after the tall blond.

"Got any good alcohol or did the drunk over there drink it all?" Lucy asked smirking as she nodded at Cana who was drinking straight from the barrel.

"Oh don't worry. We always have plenty on hand because of Cana. I'll get you a…would a glass be okay or should I get the barrel?" Mirajane asked as she realized how small the glasses were to someone of Lucy's height.

"Barrel is fine." Lucy said making Mirajane nod and go fetch a barrel. When she got back out with the barrel in hand, Lucy easily took it off of her holding it as if it were a cup.

"Oh hello master. I didn't see you there." Mirajane said to the giant shadow covered man who had finally broken up the fighting amongst the guildmembers.

"First time I've met someone taller than me." Lucy said looking impressed as the master shrunk down after putting Natsu in what seemed to be time out for them, aka carefully squished the boy under foot so as to not hurt him but to keep him from doing anything stupid or trying to start another brawl.

"Titan magic? Hadn't seen that in a while." Lucy said seeing the man shrink down and stand on the bar, raising a hand at her in greeting.

"So I see we've got a new recruit! I'm Makarov Dreyar. I run the place. What's your name?" The little old man asked smiling at Lucy who lowered one hand to carefully shake his in greeting.

"Name's Lucy Heartfillia, a Spirit Mage. Pleasure to meet you Master." Lucy said smiling at the old man who nodded to her before he jumped up onto the railing, hitting his back pretty hard on it at first before clambering up onto the rail proper.

Lucy smiled as she listened to his speech after he set the complaints from the magical council on fire and threw them to Natsu who happily gobbled them up.

"What an interesting bunch." Lucy said smiling while Mirajane fetched the stamp for guild marks.

"Where and what color would you like it?" Mirajane asked holding up the stamp and sweatdropping at how small it would look on the girls body.

"Hmm…center of the back of my hand and surprise me please." Lucy said setting her right hand on the bar counter and making sure Mirajane could reach it. Mirajane almost had to climb onto the counter to reach the spot Lucy wanted before she pressed the stamp down. Lucy noticed a slight drain on her magic before the stamp came off to show the Fairy Tail mark on the back of her hand. Mira stared curiously at it. It was a light pink center that faded into a darker pink and then finally faded into shades of yellow and white on the outside edges of it. She had never seen a mark that was more than one color before.

"Wow. It suits you Mama." The mini-sun said and everyone froze as they turned to stare at the new girl and her apparent companions.

"I want one too!" The cloud wearing the hat said zipping down to get a closer look at the mark as well.

"Zeus. Prometheus. You have to ask permission to get a guild mark and I'm not sure if the stamp can put it on you. You are a sun and cloud after all." Lucy said naming the two and causing them to pout a bit at that.

"What about Napoleon? Do you want a guild mark Napoleon? After all you're more solid than us!" The cloud said flying up to the hat on Lucy's head who glanced at it and then down at the mark.

"We're part of Mama's soul. That mark is linked to all four of us. There's no need for us to have one as well." The hat spoke and Makarov gaped as much as anyone else did as he stared at the new girl and the three talking objects.

"I think I've had a barrel too many…" Cana said lowering her barrel and staring between it and the new girl.

"I haven't introduce you to them yet. The sun is Prometheus, the cloud is Zeus and the hat is Napoleon. They're all parts of my soul." Lucy said casually as she motioned to each in turn before throwing back her barrel of beer in one gulp.

"You split your soul?" Makarov asked his face and voice darkening as some members looked a bit nervous.

"…Oh right. I forgot to tell you that by Spirit magic I mean not only being a Celestial Wizard but I have Soul magic. When I was younger my magic was too strong for most normal people or even wizards to get near me so I divided my soul into four pieces and put three of them into my faithful friends here. Now I can actually be near other people without them having risk of heart failure from the pressure or a magic overload." Lucy said after staring at him confused for a moment.

"Yeah it was really lonely not being able to get near anyone so Mama made us! Now we're not as lonely anymore!" The cloud said cheerfully and a few people frowned or winced, knowing all about the loneliness.

"That's enough Zeus." Lucy said quieting the cloud down and he mimed zipping his mouth shut as he zipped back over to Lucy.

"The Magic council already knows about it too so don't worry about getting in trouble with them over it. The bunch of wimps." Lucy said smirking as she thought back to when she had met the Magic Council at the tender age of eight after they had learned what she had done with her soul. They had all been scared of her by the time she left and she hadn't even done anything than flare her magic at them a bit.

"And the reason they call you mama?" Cana asked honestly wondering if this was all some drunken dream she was having.

"They said it's because I created them, brought them into this world and gave them life. That makes me a Mama to them." Lucy said with a shrug of her shoulders and a small kind of sheepish smile. She was used to it but she knew how off putting it was to new people to hear a sentient cloud and sun calling her mama.

"The fact that when we were on the road you helped and nearly adopted anyone who you thought even remotely needed help or a parental figure also plays a part Mama." Zeus said making Lucy sigh and rub her forehead.

"Yeah don't remind me. I'm never going to get rid of that title they gave me." Lucy said motioning for another barrel that Mirajane quickly fetched while Natsu was looking at the board.

Lucy didn't seem inclined to comment further for the moment as she drank her next barrel of beer, sipping it this time but still finishing it quicker than anyone else could.

She only put it down when a young boy named Romeo came in looking worried as he ran to Makarov.