Big Mom Fairy Tail

By: FunahoMisaki

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Everyone was gaping at the sight of how much damage that one sword swing had done and it didn't even look like Big Mom had been trying with that attack! Unfortunately for everyone the look on her face didn't ease and instead it almost seemed as if her eyes became swirls.

"Uh oh. Mama's hunger pains." Zeus said wincing at the sight of Lucy's face and he knew what that meant.

"Hey Erza, Mama gave you that small bag right? The Just in Case one?" Zeus asked shrinking down and looking at the red head who nodded, holding up the sparkly bag that was almost half her height with ease.

"Good reach in and get out the big communication mirror and say Brulee into it." Zeus ordered and the tone in his voice is what had Erza doing as he said.

"PEANUT BARS!" Lucy roared and while most people were going 'wait what' Erza was already calling Brulee into the mirror.

"Yes mama- you're not mama. Who are you and why do you have Mama's mirror?" A purple haired scared woman demanded glaring darkly at Erza.

"Brulee-chan! Quick get Amande-chan!" Zeus ordered flying down near Erza so that Brulee could see him.

"Zeus-sama?! What's wrong? Is Mama alr-"

"PEANUT BARS!" Lucy roared again as she took a bite out of the remaining mountain, to everyone's disbelief, before spitting it out after crunching on it for a moment.

"Hunger pains! Shit! I'll get Monder-nee and the others!" The woman in the mirror said before she vanished.

"What is she doing?" Makarov asked looking confused and alarmed while Lucy kept biting random things, including the mountain a second time and a few trees.

"Monder is part of a set of quadruplets. One of them is Amande who is a master with nut based treats and snacks but each of the quadruplets has their own specialty snacks. Peanut Bars is one of Amande's." Zeus said quickly and the group nodded slightly in understanding.

"Whatever you do, don't get in her way or try to stop her." Prometheus warned as he flew by them to protectively hover near the other guild masters to hopefully keep Big Mom from taking one of them as a snack.

"She can't really see anyone or anything right now. If someone tries to stop her or get in her way there's a good chance she could eat them…an even better chance that she'll steal their life force." Zeus said wincing a bit and the mages near him looked queasy at the thought of Lucy actually eating someone.

"Hold the mirror steady!" The woman from before barked through the mirror and both Natsu and Gray immediately held up the back of the mirror on opposite sides as she stuck her hand through the glass.

"Go nee-sans!" The woman said and four women with long necks and almost greenish colored skin rushed out of the mirror with worried looks on their faces and the one with a large straw hat on her head had a peanut bar almost as big as she was in her hands that she was holding with ease.

"PEANUT BARS!" Lucy roared again before she bit down on what was left of the mountain, only to spit it out into a pile of pebbles.

"That can not be good for her teeth." Master Bob said sweatdropping a bit as he stared at the scene in front of him.

"Monder-nee, stay here and guard the bystanders. Effiler make sure no one is hurt. Hachee with me!" The one with the large hat called to the others while the woman in the mirror stuck her head out of it, causing Gray to nearly drop his end of the mirror.

"Should I go get Compote-nee-san or Perospero-onii-san or Katakuri-nii-chan?" The woman asked looking at the rather round shaped woman who had drawn a thin sword and was standing in front of the mages protectively since Zeus had flown after the two rushing towards Lucy.

"Let's wait for a minute Brulee-chan. Amande and Hachee are two of the best at satisfying Mama's cravings-monder." The large woman said although she was tense as Zeus flew towards Lucy, Hachee and Amande riding on it with the giant peanut bar in their hands.

"Mama!" One of them called out and Lucy whipped around in their direction.


The roar was cut off when the two tall women threw the giant peanut bar into her mouth. Lucy chewed for a minute before there was a happy look on her face.

"Yum!" Lucy said happily and the swirl to her eyes started disappearing, and the mages near the strange newcomers noticed how they had all relaxed at that.

"Are you back to normal now Mama?" One of the ones on Zeus asked and Lucy smiled when she saw them.

"Amande-chan! Hachee-chan!" Lucy beamed as she swept the two of them off of Zeus and into her arms for a hug.

"When did you both get here?" Lucy asked as she hugged the two of them and then looked around briefly before lighting up when she saw Monder and Effiler as well.

"During your Hunger Pains mama. You were craving Peanut Bars." The one in the pinstripe suit said as Lucy tensed up a bit.

"Did I hurt anyone?" Lucy asked as she stepped over to the mirror and the two other taller than normal people who shook their heads.

"No Mama! No one was hurt. Brulee fetched us immediately and thankfully Amande-nee had already been making a large batch of Peanut Bars." The one with the rather indecent outfit and the gun said smiling as Lucy reached them and pulled the other two of the apparent quadruplets into her arms for a hug and cuddle.

"Brulee-chan! Come and give me a hug!" Lucy said smiling as she looked at the mirror where the woman was already half out of it, dashing the rest of the way out of the mirror and into Lucy's waiting hand to be brought up to join the others in a hug.

"You five did amazing. Thank you for taking care of the hunger pain so quickly." Lucy thanked them and gave them each a gentle kiss on their heads, making each of them blush but smile slightly in happiness.

"Let me introduce you to some of my guildmates and the guildmaster." Lucy said and she sat down in front of the Fairy Tail mages while all five of the girls in her hand looked surprised.

"I didn't know you joined a guild mama!" The mirror woman, Brulee, said surprised and looking at the group in front of her scrutinizingly.

"I did. Not too long ago though. I joined Fairy Tail. Now why don't you five get to know them while I go and collect that demons soul." Lucy asked as she gently deposited the five in front of the Fairy Tail group before she went to gather what was left of Lullaby's soul to harvest.

"So you're some of the guild members for Mama's guild?" The one in the pinstripe suit asked tilting her head slightly so that one of her eyes could peek out and stare at them.

"Yep! I'm Natsu and this is Happy! Nice to meet you!" Natsu said grinning at them while Happy flew around his head.

"So if you call her Mama does that make you Natsu's big sisters?" Happy asked without hesitation or pause as she looked at the much taller women who all looked rather dangerous.

"Mama adopt another one?" The rather round woman in the long yellow dress asked staring at the pink haired boy curiously.

"He called her Mama when we were on a mission with her." Happy said shrugging slightly and the much taller and older women all looked at each other and nodded.

"Welcome to the family then little brother. As soon as you call her Mama that's it. She adopts you and we get a new sibling." Brulee said grinning and pulling Natsu forward to be hugged by each of his new big sisters.

"I'm Charlotte Monder, the second eldest daughter of Big Mom. These are my triplet younger sisters, Amande is the strongest of us. Hachee is the most laid back but is vicious when riled or protecting someone. Effiler is a joker but she's got amazing aim and an unlimited amount of ammo." Monder said beaming as she ruffled her new little brothers hair and then pointed at Brulee.

"And this is our Mirror Witch sister, Charlotte Brulee. She is the eighth oldest girl in the family." Monder said grinning at her little sister who immediately made a small mirror for Natsu and Happy.

"Here. I control mirrors and can travel through them. If you need anything then call for me through the mirror little brother." Brulee said handing them to the two boys and smiling when Natsu just grinned at her.

"I'm back. What did I miss?" Lucy asked smiling as she stuffed the new dark soul into her collection.

"Just us meeting our new little brother." Effiler said grinning up at Lucy who sighed but smiled.

"Make sure you tell your siblings about him when you go and visit them. They'll be upset at not knowing about him before they come to visit." Lucy said and she just gave up on everything at the moment.

She was going to be adopting them all anyways might as well just give up and go along with it.