Well, here I am again, posting another one shot so I can feel accomplished. This will be short, but feel free to let me know if I missed anything and I'll post another chapter.Also, make sure to watch The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney plus! It's really good, and definitely worthy of the fangirl scream that I used a couple of times.Disclaimer: A couple of these are purely sarcastic and do not reflect my own self views. If you get offended, I'm really sorry.


Avengers characters as weird stuff me and my friends have said in school

Tony Stark: When I'm 30, I'm going to go bungee jumping. Without a cord.

Steve Rogers: This is America. Land of the free, and home of the gays.

Rocket Racoon: Are you depressed? Because same.

Natasha Romanoff: Don't blow this for us, boys. I can make this a women's choir if I please.

Peter Parker: Do you think that we're living in a giant cell phone and clouds are smudges on the screen?

Peter Quill: Babies be like, hey yo girl, I come out of your Virgina. Make sense? (A.N. Yes, she actually said Virginia. Sigh.)

Scott Lang: But fishes have feets too! Cause they have super powers! Like Mermaids!

Mantis: What's an X men?

Clint Barton: Dude, Laughing gas is liiiit. The droooogs.

Bruce Banner: This dog momentarily cures my depression.

Sam Wilson: I'm not gay, I promise! That's a lie.

Bucky Barnes: Sorry, I'm in a committed relationship with the law.

Loki: Hi, I'm Homosexual and you're watching Disney Channel.

MJ: Tom Holland (Peter Parker lol) is a snack. Have you seen him with no shirt on?

Drax: Ow, my chest! There's a scratch, do you see that?

Vision: Did you know that Brendon Urie can sing at the same pitch as Idina Menzel? What an icon.

Shuri: Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video. Today we are with Joseph, my collaborator and with this weird person. Welcome to my laboratory! (Imagine this in a Gru voice from despicable me.)

Darcy: If you wear drunk goggles while drunk, can you see normally because it cancels eachother out?

T'Challa: Do you remember our materation? They told us that we were all family, and then started talking about the birds and the bees.

Thor: You should love yourself to mars and back, because Moon is too hard to say.

Wanda Maximoff: Remind me not to wake up tomorrow.

Stephen Strange: I'm the most caucasian caucasian ever to caucasian, of course I play Minecraft.

Nebula: My dad is a total idiot. I don't know how he got a job at Microsoft.

Gamora: Hey, my sister is wearing my shirt again! She claims it's too small, but she doesn't know me.


Again, if you have anyone else that you want me to do, please let me know!Thanks for sticking with me through all of my inconsistent updates! You guys are awesome. Hopefully until I get over these motivation problems, I'll still feel good enough to post some one shots so I can still give you guys something.