Hello again. I'm taking a break from the W101/ ME mess i've made in order to clear my head a bit and try to improve it , so that it doesn't make you wanna punch your screen just looking at it.

Now this little project is one of my other ideas inspired by Dr Manhattan's series starting with : Avengers of the Ring. I recommend you go read those cause they're really good stories to go through.

As for mine, well give it a go and try not to kill me.

'No rest for the weary' Thought Raiden as he walked down the alley, his right hand clenched at his side as if he was holding something. The members of Desperado are dead, World Marshal's reputation was in ruins and their funding was lying in the remains of a metal gear in a destroyed military base in Pakistan with the Senator's plans being thrown down the sewer. But he still had a mission.

He heard a ringing sound and pulled up the call in front of him. Boris had called him to ask how was he and if everything was all right. When he came back Maverick took him in and gave him a face lift.

He had also switched bodies in that time. He wasn't wearing his Custom chassis anymore, something engineered for combat purposes only but an upgraded version of the one he wore when he was in Africa. ' I just can't stop going back to that one can I ?' he shook his head, he supposed that livery was a part of him whether he liked it or not.

He told Boris of the talk he had with Armstrong right up until he ripped his heart out and crushed it and proceeded to ask how Kevin and the others are. He got a positive response.

"And how's business?" he asked in that raspy tone of his. "Oh, good, good, Herr Doktor's research and staffing service certainly help." was his answer, his scans showed hostile presence a few meters ahead but he didn't need to show them he was alert. "I hear World Marshal's looking for a buyer" he told his friend in a joking manner. Boris chuckled knowingly and replied "Well, you cost them a lot of money da ? Not to mention killing their funding. Literally"

He continued laughing at his little pun. Then he took a 180 and turned serious " Eh, the brain- taking program is finished, but the larger company is not, i'm afraid. Meh, someone will buy them" he said in an emotionless tone. The brain incident with the kidnapped kids had stuck a chord in all of them, especially Raiden given his past. " PMC's are in demand once again" he told the cyborg ninja.

Raiden sighed " Yeah, fighting for reasons they don't understand, causes they don't believe in...". He couldn't help but think that Armstrong, for all his darwinistic viewpoints had some valid points. People always threw themselves into the fray without bothering to think about the why and how.

His monologue confused Boris " Beg pardon?" he asked but was waved off prompting the Russian to ask " So...your mind is made? You will not come back? " He walked into a small opening and 4 mercenaries jumped out of thin air, disabling their stealth camo and drawing their machetes. He wasn't concerned. "Sorry, Boris" he told the man, stopping to look around him.

"I understand. But then...what will you do?" He asked his former employee. Raiden looked around, he was surrounded on all sides. He didn't care , it was their mistake for having so few being sent after him. He raised his arm and a case started materializing in his hand being under stealth camo itself. He looked at the cyborg in front of him and smirked his one visible eye glowing red. "Heh, i got my own war to fight" he said and cut the connection.

The suitcase opened from beneath and a sword floated at it's edge held by an electric force field. He had given Sam's Murasama back to Wolf to keep as a memento to his old comrade and received his own repaired HF blade back from the techs at Maverick, he had also given back the reverse engineered weapons made using data from the Winds Of Destruction.

He grabbed the sheath with his left hand and threw the case on the cyborg behind him, distracting the others and charged the one in front of him, jumping and twisting his body mid-air he delivered a heavy spin kick to his opponent's head making it snap to the side and the cyborg stumbling back. landing he put a hand to the suit he wore and tore it all off revealing his cybernetic body to them.

2 eye units slid in front of his eyes, their momentum blowing his hair to the side, their optics flashed red a few times before turning blue. a claw slighty activated on his back extending to the side, he attached the sheath on it and drew his sword. Gone was the sleek katana - like blade he had used in the last 3 months. He had reverted to the single edged straight sword he used back in the day. Black handle with a small knot at the hilt and white electricity, barely visible dancing around the blade. he took his stance and waited.

His ambushers weren't intimidated, they took a stance of their own and charged. The first two went for a one-two left and right horizontal slash, he parried both and relieved the first of his arm by slicing clean through the left shoulder prompting him to grunt in pain. The other two soon followed, one overreaching with a wide swing which sent him stumbling and the second locked blades with him. Raiden pushed back and sweeped the cyborg's legs from under him sending him in the air, then everything slowed down to a crawl, he had entered blade mode. He delivered a flurry of slashes turning the other man into mince meat and time resumed normally.

The others gasped and took a few steps back, their comrade laying in a pile of pieces on their target's feet. Raiden charged them head on dropping into a slide and putting the sword between his right heel, he did a slide tackle sweeping his leg and severing the already amputated cyborg's legs, the other two reacting in time and jumping to the side. He then rotated his body and sword in heel delivered an axe kick bifurcating the man. 2 left.

The last two were starting to have second thoughts, the target had not only manage to hold his own but had already killed half their number. Raiden got up and took a moment to look at the remaining mercs. Sam's little show back in Denver came to his mind how they were made to feel no pain. no fear, no nothing just to be sent into the 'blender...his blender" in order to get paid. He remembered 'listening' to the nano-suppressed emotions. At first it shook him, made him drop his guard. When Jack reared his ugly head again though, he started ignoring it, completely immersing himself to the satisfaction of killing.

Of course even the Ripper himself agreed that Marshal's and by extension Desperado's plan had to stop. They agreed that no more child soldiers were to be made, no more Jack the Rippers were gonna be created, no more lives ruined by the god be damned George Sears, Solidus Snake, his 'Father'. He understood that people made their choices in life and that they would suffer the consequences. That drive is what made him ignore whatever mercy his enemies wanted, because despite their cries they were the ones killing people not someone else.

His ambushers saw him lower his guard and charged right in, hoping to catch him while they could, unfortunately for them they were too slow. Raiden broke out of his thoughts the moment he heard them start running. He raised his sword in front of him in a high guard and blocked both attacks. He swatted both machetes to the side and made his move. A quick diagonal swing severed one of the enemy cyborg's head's the other barely leaning back in time. That didn't save him as he left himself open to a follow up. Raiden switched into a reverse grip, doing a side kick to his opponent's gut and attaching the blade in his heel again. Then he started dancing, constantly jumping and spinning, throwing kicks with the heel holding the blade delivering cut after cut, the high frequency blade tearing through the armored body like a hot knife through butter. The result was lying in a mess in front of him.

He took a moment to think, his eye covers receding to the side of his head . Who would put a hit on him? It couldn't be World Marshal since they don't have the ability to do so. No small PMC would since Maverick had a good relationship even with some of the competitor's. He turned to the only other cyborg still intact. The alley was drenched in blood and the walls had a few dents here and there though he supposed that they were simply worn down and damaged by time. Walking towards what hopefully held his answers he initiated a scan and his HUD was flooded with screens depicting analyzations.

"What the...no ID's, no recent transmissions, no employers, nothing..." He frowned, this is similar to Desperado, no XIFF Identification or anything else. But he didn't have time to ponder anything else since the whole area started shaking." Earthquake? " he asked, and immediately set his scans for seismic activity, he became confused however when he noticed that the quaking was only happening in a 200 meter radius.' This makes no sense, there are no underground works happening around and no weapon's testing either' he thought when his musings were cut by his interface glitching up, blacking out in the process and a splitting migraine assaulting him. He fell to his knees, hastily putting his hands into the ground to steady himself.

His codec immediately went off "Raiden what's happening? Your vital readings are spiking" , he knew the voice, that distinct German accent but he couldn't answer, his mind going into overload. "Raiden, RAIDEN talk to me." Doktor tried to get an answer but the connection was severed. Raiden was screaming at his point, trying to fight the pain, he bared his teeth and his eyes turned a very angry red. Then it all suddenly stopped and he dropped lifelessly into the floor, his head slamming down denting the ground.

A blue light started slowly engulfing him starting from the legs and after a few minutes there was no trace of the cyborg left.

A/N : Raiden in this one will start from the shire, meet with the Gandalf go see Bilbo, you know first movie stuff. I will follow the movies as closely as i can, that way i won't mess things up too much.

As for Wolf he will appear much later on. and he will have a part in the story.

My biggest problem using Raiden in fights is well...RAIDEN. HF blades can pretty much go through anything and the Cyborg has enough power to lift a metal gear ( Based on death battle's calculations EXCELSUS weighs about double the RAY unit from the game's prologue which puts it at a bit over 1k tons.) not to mention Raiden's body is somewhat heavy from Rising onwards. Not sure how much but my guess is about 250-300 kg if not more. Maybe i'm wrong.

In any case i'm not sure how to handle his fights with the Nazgul,the Balrog (assuming he stays with Gandalf), the skirmish at Amon Hen (Which will decide whether Boromir lives or not), and so on.

I will need help for this and anyone who wants to add his two cents is more then welcome. Thanks for staying y'all.