Hey! Roxy Goth here. So the idea of this little story is it's a bunch of one-shots creating an over-all story about Bugs and Elmer's relationship.

I have used some ideas from Tumblr including my own headcanons, listed under 'thebrownssociaty'. I'll explain as we go along.

This first one takes place directly after my story 'The Stalker', taking place in 1952, though you shouldn't need to read that one to understand this one. I have discovered through previous stories I am not good at writing hard-level angst. So this is [as indicated by the category] going to be more Hurt/Comfort level.

In this one shot Bugs is 14 and Elmer is 17.

I do not own any Looney Tunes characters from any decade. Any OC's and warning I will flag up as and when needed.

Warning: Cartoonish Violence.

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd were on there way to Bosko's and Honey's restaurant, which was cunningly called 'Bosko's'. 'Bosko's' was the sort of place that shouldn't really exist for a variety of reasons, the main one being that Honey part-owned it and ran the thing very efficiently. It had first been built in late 1930's, one of a series of 'up-and-coming' business's that out-of-work toons set up, hoping to be a success. Just over a decade on and it was one of ten still standing.

"Eh...do ya know what ya havin?" Bugs asked, as he and Elmer chugged along in Bugs's car.

Elmer considered as he tapped a random rhythm on Bugs's dashboard. "I think..." He said, slowly. "I'ww have whatever Bosko recommends."

Bosko was well-known for recommending the tastiest dish on the menu, so Elmer's idea wasn't a bad one. The downside to this was that the tastiest meal always seemed to double as the most expensive but, then again, it wasn't like Fudd was exactly struggling for money.

Bugs nodded. "Bet you can't guess what oi'm havin'." He said, playfully.

Elmer pretended to think. "Let me guess. Cawwots with a side-serving of cawwots?"

"You know me so well, Fuddsey." Bugs said, smiling.

A look of anxiety appeared on the older toons face and he leaned out the window slightly. "I hope they won't be to busy." He fretted. "I stiww think we should have booked a reservation."

"Eh...somehow I think they'll have room, Doc." Bugs said, confidently. He was Bugs Bunny, star of WB, of course they'd have room.

A couple of words later and they were at the restaurant. The outside area was heaving with toons all jostling each other and talking at the top of their voices.

Seeing this, Elmer grabbed Bugs's arm and said, nervously. "Maybe we better come back anothew night? They seem pretty busy..."

"Well, this isn't goin' ta be much of a story if we can't even get in da door." Bugs said, rolling his eyes a little. "It'll be fine, jus' follow me." And he strode of confidently towards the entrance

Standing at the doorway were a couple of massive bouncers, real tough-looking toons who had clearly been out of work for at least a decade. Between them, looking like the dictionary definition of a rose between two thorns, was Honey, Bosko's wife.

"ALLRIGHT!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. "Anyone who doesn't have a reservation, geddout! We're full!"

"Eh..." Bugs stepped forward and extracted a carrot from the inside of his jacket. Chewing it carefully he said. "Oi don't suppose you have a table for two do ya, Doc-ess?"

Honey looked at him, consulted her notepad then said. "Normally we wouldn't but seeing as you've got an audience an' all, I think we'll make an exception. ROXY!" She shrieked. "TABLE FOR TWO, C'MON!"

With a puff of smoke Roxy [of Foxy 'fame'] appeared next to her and beckoned for Bugs and Elmer to follow her. Inside was much quieter, just the sound of smooth jazz being played by Foxy and Goopy Gear stopping it being completely silent. Roxy zipped in-between tables heading towards a small, secluded area at the back of the restaurant. "Monsieur's." She said, with a pretty good French accent.

Elmer pulled the chair out for Bugs, saying with an very good English accent. "Bugs."

Bugs laughed and quickly cross-dressed. "How kind, sir." He said, with an equally good accent. "Remind me to give you a good tip later on."

"I don't think they tip in England." Elmer said, sitting down properly.

Bugs gave him a look. "Really?"

Elmer nodded. "Or that's what the Goofy Gophers were telling me anyway."

"Eh...Oi'd take dat wit' a pinch o' salt, Doc. Considerin' they ain't even been ta England an' all."

They went silent for a little while, both pursuing the menus and enjoying the soft music that was literally floating around the restaurant. After about five minutes of this the peaceful scene was broken by a familiar voice yelling, much to loudly.

"Bugsthy! Fuddsthey!"

Bugs and Elmer looked at each other in resignation. Less than two seconds later Daffy Duck had pulled up a chair from somewhere and sat in-between them. "What are you having?" He asked. "Me and Mellissa are having bunny."

Bugs gave him am alarmed look. "Yer havin' what!?"

"Bunny." Daffy said, looking at him like he was insane. "Bunny. You know, Bunny Chow."

Bugs nodded, relieved and said, jokingly. "Well, that'll give the readers something to look up on Wikipedia."

"Which doesn't exist yet." Elmer said, pointedly.

Bugs held his hand up in surrender. "Eh, good point Doc. Anyway, can we help ya, Duck?" He said, pointedly.

"Justth wondered if you were alright." Daffy said, with a wide grin, looking knowingly between them. "Which isth really a questhion you should be askthing me, really." He added.

"And why wouwd we do that?" Elmer asked, impatiently. "When it's cwear you'we fine?"

Daffy was saved from having to give a reply by Roxy re-appearing in a puff of smoke. "Right." She said, getting a notebook out of her hammerspace. "Have you decided what you'd like?"

"Yes...how about roasted duck?" Elmer said, leaning forward and grinning politely at Daffy with a malicious glint in his eyes.

Say what you want about Daffy Duck's intelligence, he was smart enough to know when he was close to getting shot and got up, saying, quickly. "Surely roasted rabbit would be better?"

So that was how he wanted to play it, Bugs though, grimly, snapping his menu shut. "Eh, Oi think Salted Duck'd be more up yer ally, Doc."

"Salty!?" Daffy was incredulous. "I'm not salty!"

"Well, you're sure not sweet!" Bugs spat.

"I'M STHWEET!" Daffy yelled, attracting the attention of the entire restaurant. "Tell him I'm sthweet, Twinsie!*"

Elmer looked alarmed and started stammering.

"Well, Oi say you're sour!" Bugs said, beginning to enjoy himself.









"So-!" Daffy cut himself short. "Oh no. No way. I'm not falling for this again. No-" He said, getting louder as his confidence grew. "I know what I am. I'm a sthweet and sour duck, that's what I am!"

Bugs held his hands up. "Okay, okay. I surrenda. Yer a sweet and sour duck."

Daffy nodded and blew a raspberry.

Bugs turned to Roxy, who had been watching the exchange like a spectator at a tennis match and said, nice and clearly. "Eh...Oi'll have sthweet and sour duck, please."

Roxy's eyes went wide. "Oh, we don't have any-" Then her mouth snapped shut and she looked at Daffy, who looked back at her. "Oh no." He said, stepping backwards. "Oh no. Not me-no, no, get away from me! NO! I HATE YOU!" He screamed at Bugs before being forced to run from the waitress who was going after him with a meat-cleaver.

There was a silence during which the only thing that could be heard [apart from the smooth Jazz] was Bugs laughing.

Elmer buried his head in his hands. "I'm so confused." He muttered.

"Eh..." Bugs, grinning widely, reached across the table to pat the hunters hand. "Oi'll explain it when oi drop ya off." He said, kindly.

* I headcanons Daffy and Elmer having been created three weeks apart due to a mix-up on a WB's executive part. So although they are not twins - even by toon standards - they've always been close and Daffy's always been convinced they have twin-like telepathy.