SQUIP Squad: Jersey City

Micheal POV

The rest of the Squad and I made our way through Jersey city which none of us knew anything about. We just had to get Jake far away from New Jersey, his parents got arrested and Jake was the youngest of all of us so he was only 16 and without any extended family members that live nearby the next place he would go is into foster families or an orphanage. He was terrified and the rest of the Squad and I weren't just going to leave him in the dark. We all talked through our options and decided to go to Newark and try our luck there.

Jenna was leading the way with Christine walking next to her. Jenna was the only one out of us who knows where the subway is and that's where we needed to go. We wanted to fly somewhere but the police were looking for Jake and we didn't know if anyone would let Jake travel. Me and Jeremy were behind them, Jeremy was shaking, he tends to worry about everything especially to do with his friends. I put my arm around him and he whispers really quietly so only I could could hear ''I'm scared Micheal.'' I sighed and told him it was all going to be okay.

Walking behind us was Chloe and Brooke, Chloe had a knife in her pocket. None of us thought that anything was going to try and hurt us but Chloe was not going to let anyone take Jake away and she was willing to stab anyone who tried. Despite them constantly fighting and disagreeing over everything, Chloe and Jake really cared about each other. They've known each other longer than Jeremy and I which is a long time. Their parents were friends before either of them were even born so they've known each other since birth. Chloe always thought of Jake like a little brother until high school when they both became popular and people pressured them into getting together. That obviously didn't work out. But Chloe would do anything to protect Jake.

Brooke was really worried for everyone, she thought that we would all get in a lot of trouble for doing this which we probably would. But we cared more about Jake than getting in trouble. None of our parents knew about what we were doing. If my moms knew, they would never let me out of the house ever again. They've always been overprotective they would panic if I got something as small as a papercut, but trying to protect my friend that my mom's barley know by running away from the police with him would be a reasonable thing to freak out about.

Finally Rich and Jake were in the back. They were whispering about something to each other. Jake had filled us all in with loads about his parents but there was always things he would only share with Rich, which is reasonable as Rich is Jakes boyfriend but the others and I are worried about him and what he's not telling us. We could help just as much as Rich could, and some of us even more. Rich has had to deal with a lot after the Squipcident and he's still managed to put on a brave face for Jake. We don't know how he does it, and we don't know how longer he can do it for. Rich suffers from horrible PTDS and painful burn scars and because we've had to leave town Rich can't do anything to help the pain or go to therapy anymore, he says it's not a big deal but I know it is and so does Jake.

''Well there's the subway.'' Jenna stopped and turned back to us. ''You guys ready?''

''Uggghhhhh...'' Chloe groaned, she's been really grumpy since we left.

Jeremy sighed. '' What's wrong now Chlo?''

''Are we really going on the subway? They're always so gross, there have been random butts on that seat before you!'' She whined of course she was going to make a big deal out of something as small as going on a subway.

''Chloe your going to have to deal with it, becauthe we don't have a limo to go to Newark in do we?'' Rich said angrily as he pushed past us to make his way to the subway. ''Bye New Jerthey then.''

''You guys really don't have to do this.'' Jake mumbled. ''I can just go by myself you guys don't have to leave your lives behind for me.''

''Jake, we care to much about you to leave you alone like this.'' Brooke shared.

''We've had this discussion to many times already. Let's go.'' Chloe grabbed Brooke's hand and together they made their way down to the subway.

Rich and Jake followed. Christine gave Jenna, Jeremy and I a worried look but we all went into the subway.

It was really busy and crowded but we all managed to stick together and got on a train to Newark.

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