White Day

By: Escarlata

Toei owns Precure, plot is mine

o ~ o ~ o ~ o

For Honoka, Nagisa's face was pretty... Cute, somehow endearing even when she was frowning, Nagisa looked cranky for some reason but Honoka could assure she wasn't angry or feeling anything bad. Honoka knew it, her partner was embarrassed for something that she was trying so hard to say but everytime she tried the poor thing failed like a champion. Nagisa's efforts even with her awkwardness were so lovely at Honoka's eyes.

Honoka sighed quietly in every chance that Nagisa wasn't looking at her.

The sporty girl took a deep breath, slapped her own cheeks and finally faced Honoka with her bravest and blushed face. Their walking in the park and the peaceful silence that Honoka gave her were long enough to help her to settle her thoughts.

"I... This is for you," Nagisa said as she handed a little white box with a blue ribbon to Honoka. The box was small, it fitted in her hand. A small and cute gift.

Honoka was surprised, her smile grew a little more and took her present with both hands. "Thank you, Nagisa. Can I open it?"

"Yeah, I mean... It's yours now," Nagisa looked away again, still blushing.

Honoka opened the box. The surprise inside was a cute, rounded and well-done white chocolate. Pretty elegant. She could sense the sweet smell of the candy. The bookish girl smiled. "This chocolate is beautiful, Nagisa!" Honoka couldn't help but express her happiness with a smile and a bright face. "I don't want to eat it, it's really beautiful."

"Eat it, I made it!" The moment Nagisa exclaimed that, the moment she covered her mouth with both hands. Her blush was so intense at that moment.


"I... I can't believe this..." Nagisa sighed and looked at the sky, now her hands were placed on her waist. "I owe you this... You gave me chocolate last Valentine's Day, so... I... I owe you this. You know... It's White Day after all..." The poor thing explained.

White Day.

Of course!

Honoka was really surprised this time.

"Oh, Nagisa..."

She remembered. The past month...

Nagisa wasn't excited about giving chocolate to Fujimura because the boy was absent for a match in another district. In this case, she didn't even prepare something like last year... And yes, that time she couldn't even give the chocolate to her crush. She shared the chocolate with Honoka.

This year the same thing happened.

A knowing Honoka took the initiative and decided to give chocolate to someone for the first time in her life. To Nagisa. To tell the truth, she did it because she didn't want to see Nagisa sad. She wanted to make Nagisa smile. And she succeeded that time.

Of course, her romantic feelings for Nagisa were reflected with small chocolate hearts. Pretty quiet like always... But apparently she hit the mark this time.

"Eat it," Nagisa asked again, still blushing and not looking at her partner.

"Okay," but before that, Honoka took a photo of the beautiful chocolate and its box with her phone, and then she ate it. Her face said it all. Honoka covered her mouth with a hand. She savored the candy properly, but her gestures made Nagisa smile.


"It's delicious! You even put an almond inside, it's not too sweet. I like it."

"You don't like candies too sweet, not like me, so... I made it thinking about your tastes," Nagisa stammered. "Just like you did it for me in the last Valentine." Honoka's chocolates were very, very sweet and soft, Nagisa really enjoyed them. "I made more, but they don't look pretty like this one."

"Thank you, Nagisa. I feel really happy."

"It's okay for you if... If you give me chocolate next year? I really like when you made them... And I'll pay you again on this day... With a date or something... Or..." Nagisa asked as she scratched the back of her head.

And Honoka felt like burning thanks to Nagisa's words.

She really meant something else or...?

"Nagisa... You..."

A tense silence hugged them but without feeling weird. Ten seconds of silence were enough, Nagisa couldn't resist any longer.

"Honoka, this is awkward! Just say yes or no!"


They finally looked at each other, at their eyes.

"Gre-Great! So..." Nagisa cleared her throat. "Let's eat takoyaki and say 'hi' to Hikari and the others, Mepple and Mipple can play with Porun and Lulun and..."

"Let 's go. Nagisa."

Honoka smiled and took Nagisa's hand. The latter smiled and her fingers intertwined with Honoka's.

"I feel curious. What happened with the other chocolate that you made?" Honoka asked with a smile, even knowing the answer beforehand.

"I ate them all," Nagisa finally laughed. Honoka laughed too.

"Thanks for the chocolate, Nagisa."

"You're welcome."

"Let's enjoy our date."

"Ah... Yes! Our date!"

Their date on their first White Day together.