Adrien woke up early in the morning and got ready for work. He didn't have any photoshoots so he only had to work in the office. As he got ready, he couldn't help but feel annoyed at last night's conversation with Ladybug.

At the age of 12, Adrien had noticed that his parents started fighting with each other more. Whenever he tried to ask, they would pretend it was nothing. He starting listening in on them and couldn't help but feel more depressed each time he did. Not because of guilt, but because of the topic(s) of conversation. When he was 14, he would try to comfort his mother after the argument because she was the one who cried. His dad never said anything but remained in a foul mood for a couple of hours, making him want to avoid the man altogether. Looking back, his father was probably as hurt as his mother was. At age 16, his parents started having even worse fights. It got to the point where the sound of things shattering could be heard. Adrien would hide away in his room while this happened and try to drown himself in something else. Something with sound like Jagged Stone or Netflix. One day, when he wanted to hide himself away from his parents after another argument, his mother came in and tried to talk to him. He ignored her as much as possible, which only made her angrier. She called him the same as his father. She said that it was a genetic problem they had. It was always there and always would be. Adrien tried to runaway, but she caught him and locked him inside of the house. He barricaded himself in his room and wrecked everything aside from his computer. Eventually, his mom got the door open and managed to calm him down. He kicked her out and locked himself away in his room for the rest of the day. They managed to work things out, but he never forgot her words and they burned themselves into Adrien's mind. Some time after that, she disappeared. His father was never the same, and as far as Adrien knows, she abandoned them, maybe for something better. Maybe she should have something better.

Adrien started noticing his parents faults the older he got, and he noticed his father had more than his mother. Part of him had wished she had a better life, or that their family would get better. However, he knew the latter was impossible because of his father's personality. Even so, the hurt he felt from his parents fighting was replaced with the hurt of abandonment. His father grew colder and more distant. He was almost always trapped in the mansion, strictly so his father could keep an eye on him. The only time he could go out was for extracurriculars and photoshoots, all of which quickly grew boring. At some point, he stopped caring altogether and followed along with his father's plans because he had no desire to do anything else. When he got older and attended university, he began to care more about making money than anything else. He and his father barely saw each other anymore. Even then, it was mostly through Nathalie's tablet.

A Chat Noir, he tried to maintain a positive personality, no matter how fake it felt. As a hero, he had a duty to the citizens of Paris and a duty to defeat Hawkmoth. Unlike Ladybug, who only saw the hero side of her life as a chore, he saw it as a way of living. Even though he still had to fake his smile, it felt less restrictive than being Adrien. That didn't mean Chat Noir wouldn't drop the act every now and then, but he had been wearing the Adrien Agreste mask for so long that a lot of things just became a habit.

Adrien tried to date once, with Kagami Tsurugi, but that barely lasted a few months before he called it off. She turned into an akuma because of that but eventually managed to move on, as far as he knew.

Adrien knew love hurt and there was no point in investing in it. He threw himself into materialistic things and fun activities to avoid that hurt. He threw himself into materialistic things and hobbies. Sword fighting, music, indoor rock climbing, anime, superheroing and more. At this point, Adrien wasn't sure if he truly enjoyed those things or just made himself think he did as a distraction. Even if he was forced to get married someday, he would make sure they sign a pre-nuptial agreement or the deal was off. If their feelings were hurt, he didn't care. He was only concerned with making sure himself was safe in their torture prison of a marriage. Hopefully, it wouldn't come to that though. He had been saving up his money ever since he had become Chat Noir. He had enough that he could leave and live a comfortable life elsewhere. Maybe even find something to do that he enjoyed. Part of him wanted to study physics and do something with that, but his father killed that stone cold dead. The only reason he stayed was because Gabriel was paying for everything he had right now. His food, clothes, a place to work, and a place to stay. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? He would just stay until pushed too far and he had to leave.

That didn't mean Adrien was blind though. He did like women and knew when someone was attractive. But any feelings he had beyond platonic were all carefully wrapped up inside a little box and burned and buried deep within his mind. Relationships hurt. That all they ever did and nothing good ever came from them. He should NEVER get involved in one.

With that in mind, Adrien finished up his morning routine and Plagg flew into his pocket as he left for work.