Marinette ran towards the Gabriel building as fast as she could in her flats. Her habit of waking up late had subsided as she got older but it still kicked in every now and then. Today was one of those mornings. She still had five minutes to spare before she was late.

Having graduated from ESMOD, Marinette was hired almost immediately afterwards as a full-time employee. It was her dream come true and her parents were over the moon for her. Many of the higher ups were taking notice of her work as well and complimented that she had a promising future career in the fashion industry. She dreamed of running her own fashion house one day that was as big as Gabriel's.

Despite still having another year left, Marinette had made great progress as an intern at Gabriel and was promised a job post-graduation if she kept up the same performance. Her parents were ecstatic when they heard the news. Between, the bakery, designing, and being a superhero, her time was really limited.

Marinette's thoughts were interrupted as she ran headlong into someone and they both fell to the ground. She couldn't help but think she should have been more careful of where she was going. Marinette noticed she was sprawled on top of a very firm chest. Looking up, she noticed blonde hair and gorgeous, green eyes. The first thought that ran through her head was Chat Noir. Giving her head a shake, she noticed that no, he wasn't Chat Noir. He bore a passing resemblance, but it was actually someone else! He looked slightly annoyed at her too.

Marinette squeaked in embarrassment and clambered off of him as fast as she could. She simultaneously offered Adrien a hand up and blabbered off an apology. She was talking so fast that he was having trouble understanding what she was saying and could hardly get a word in. She noticed him looking at his watch and checking her own, she realized she had to clock in immediately. With another apology, Marinette ran into the Gabriel building. Hopefully, she would never run into that person again, have a complaint filed against her, and get fired from her dream job.

Marinette didn't give the incident much thought as she entered her workspace and started working on a design for an upcoming fashion show.