Hey so this is inspired by a fanfic called 'avengers play Minecraft' On Archive of our Own. I hope you enjoy it. It's in an au where Infinity war and Endgame never happen, the Avengers make up thanks to the combined efforts of Peter, Thor and Loki, and everyone hangs around in the Avengers compound.

You lied, Spiderling! This IS magical!

Thor, Peter, Loki, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Nat, and Steve were all hanging out in the Avengers Compound. The other avengers were at a string of Charity events that was for survivors and refugees of war.

They were bored.

Not just bored. B.O.R.E.D.

Nothing interesting had happened all month. The Police had become so competent that they didn't need Peter anymore, though that didn't stop him from going on patrols from time to time. Nothing in Wakanda had happened for two months, so T'Challa had taken to visiting the Avengers' compound.

"I'm so bored I'm thinking of becoming a villain again." Grumbled Loki, wearing a Green Polo shirt, and black joggers.

"Don't you dare." Bruce told him, making his eyes flash green as a joke. Loki was so scared he jumped backwards and landed on the floor in a heap, making everyone laugh.

"Hey, I think I have an idea." Said Peter, slowly. "It might keep us occupied for a while."

"i'll do anything." Groaned Nat.

"Okay. It's called Minecraft."

"Minecraft? Is it a type of magic, Peter?" Asked Loki.

"What? no, it's a video game. try it, you'll see." He said.

He got out his phone, and called Ned, Shuri, and MJ.

"Hey guys, wanna play Minecraft with the Avengers?"


Peter created a server, and helped everyone create an account, as well as make Minecraft skins.

When they logged on, the adults became interested.

They spawned in a field near an oak forest, and Peter gave out instructions.

"Right guys, go punch those trees." He punched in the direction of the trees.

Thor went up, and raised his fist, only to be shown how by Loki, who had figured it out pretty quickly, and had been sitting next to his brother.

"Huh. So, we punched trees. What now, kid?" sighed Nat.

"You guys gather resources while I build a house." Peter told everyone.

As the others set off, Peter began building a large house out of Wood and cobblestone. It was going, he decided, to have three floors.

Meanwhile, the others had wandered into a desert and found a desert temple, where they had gotten rotten flesh, gold, iron, redstone, and enough string to make a bow for Clint.

"This is actually getting interesting." Muttered Clint, as he put the bow in his inventory.

"Guys, get back here. Night's falling." said Peter.

Everyone did as they were told though they were confused.

"Hey, Mr. Hawkeye, Sir?" Asked Ned "I have some arrows for you."

"Thanks, kid." Smiled Hawkeye, just as mobs began spawning.

'Holy ****!" Swore Tony, as he saw them.

Clint began fiiring at them with his bow, but quickly ran out of arrows.

"Did you guys craft swords?" Asked MJ.

"You never told us to!" Loki complained, Punching a Zombie.

"I'll have an axe, not a sword." Thor cried.

Ned Swiftly crafted some swords -and an axe- and ran out of the house, throwing the iron weapons to each Avenger (And Loki, MJ, and Ned).

The players were able to hold their own easily, and lasted it into the night. However, the biggest event was when Thor got overwhelmed and died.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he screamed, anguished.

"Relax, you can just respawn" Said MJ from her house.

Thor clicked the 'respawn' button, and was elated.

"Yes! Now I can take revenge on those monsters!" He cried, rushing to get back his stuff.

"You lied, Spiderling! This IS magical!" Roared Thor, as he fought the mobs.


A few days later...


A furious Thor chased Loki across the forest, hitting him with his axe repeatedly and killing him.

"What did he do?" Asked Tony, coming in.

"He burned down the house!"

"I should have guessed." Sighed Peter, coming in.

He logged on, and saw the remains of the house. Thankfully, the storage room, which was underground, was unharmed. He was smart to make it out of stone bricks.


A week after that...

"Okay, guys! We are about to enter the Nether!" Announced Peter, as everyone lined up in front of the portal, wearing enchanted diamond armour "We have to be careful, because-" Thor charged into the portal, and quickly got there.

The others followed suit.

Peter sighed. This was gonna be heckish...


The other players were surprised to find out what the nether looked like.

"Welll this is-" Began Nat.

"Language." Cap told her.

"Really?" Sighed Loki, before he spotted a ghast in the distance. "What in the name of the Norns is that?"

"A ghast. Be careful, they-" Began Peter, before the overgrown flying octopus spat a fireball at them.

Ned hit it back, and the ghast died, dropping a ghast tear on the ground.

"What's that?" Asked Loki.

"A ghast tear. You use them for potions." explained Peter.



Loki had a favourite potion. Three, actually. Speed, Slowness, and Invisibility. He would turn himself invisible, do something like set someone on fire, hit them off an edge, and kill them. If they came after him, he would drink a speed potion, and hit them with slowness, and run away, cackling insanely. Thor, Tony, and Nat had tried to put a stop to it by setting up complicated redstone traps, which included a trapdoor, a tnt cannon that destroyed the houses they had built, the This began a server war, which only stopped when Peter threatened to ban them all from the server.

"Spoilsport." Mumbled Loki, under his breath.

"Hey guys, I've finished building my house in the nether. Lemme just sleep." Said Steve.

"steve, wait-" Warned Peter.

Tooo late. With a BOOM! The bed exploded destroying part of Steve's bedroom.

"Yeah, they do that in the Nether..."


As the weeks passed, they grew better and better, gaining full netherite armour, and crossbows.

They. Were. Awesome.

Eventually, the time came when Nat accidentally found a stronghold.

She was mining for redstone for Tony as a favour, and dug straight down. She fell into the middle of the end portal, and into the lava. Fortunately, she wore netherite armour and manage to get away in time. Peter got really excited.

"Guys! That's the portal to the final boss!" He cried, excitedly.

'Let's go! How do we get it open?" Asked Tony.

"With eyes of Ender. You craft them with Ender pearls and blaze powder, but-"

Tony had bbegan to craft them already.

"Guys,, we need to set our spawn there!" Said Ned.

"Right. On it." Said Cap, gathering some wool and planks.

As they set their spawns, they grinned. Wasn't this great? They had beaten Minecraft while performing their Avengers' duty (Not that there was much to do, but eh).

Clint, with his max enchant Bow, placed the eyes in.

"Ready?" Asked Bruce, drinking a strength potion.

Everyone jumped into the void-like portal, ready for battle.


They spawned underground.

"What's happening?" asked Loki.

"Don't worry. I'll just dig up." Said Peter, beginning to strip mine up.

"Hey, what's up there?" Asked Clint.

"Oh, the dragon, and a bunch of endermen." Replied Peter, casually.

"It can't be that many- oh that is a lot." Muttered Natasha, as they broke the surface.

"Look out!" Yelled Ned, as the dragon came diving towards them.

Thor tried to build his way up, but that didn't work.

They were all thrown back, nearly dying. The good news was that Thor was thrown to the top of a tower.

He saw the End crystal. "Spiderling, what's that?"

"An End Crystal. The dragon needs it to heal. You need to destroy it. The rest, too."

"On it." Said Thor, punching the crystal, and getting knocked off the tower.

He used a water bucket to break his fall, and grinned. "Okay, so we know what to do."

Clint began shooting the ones that weren't covered with bars, one by one.

Nat ender pearled up to the ones with bars, and destroyed them.

"Okay, now what?"

"Kill the ender dragon!" Yelled Ned, beginning to shoot at it.

It took twelve minute, and everyone got thrown back at some point, but eventually they did it.

"Great! Now let's get the dragon egg" Peter told everyone.

"On it!" Said Thor, hitting it with a diamond pickaxe. Needless to say, it teleported, but one block away. It fell in the end portal, never to be seen again.

"Oh, come on!" Peter moaned.

"Never mind. Let's go to the end City." Said Ned, killing some endermen.


When they had gotten through the portal, the Avenegrs were astonished.

"Woah! Let's go!" Cried Clint, running up to the nearest tower.

He was doing the parkour when he saw a shulker.

"What on earth is this?" He muttered, as it opened, and spat a ball at him.

"Hey! I'm flying!" He cried.

"Careful! It wears off pretty quick!" Pete warned.

When they got onto an end ship, Tony found some elytra.

"Whoo! Wings! Let's gooooooo!" He cried, jumping off the side. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to use them and died off fall damage.

"Well, that was dumb." Remarked Loki.

"Okay, guys,, i really don't know what to do next-" began Peter.

At that moment, a message came up on-screen.

Nick_Fury_01 Has joined the game.

Followed by a chat message.

Nick_Fury_01: Surprised, ************?

Peter yelled; "What the fu-"


AAAAAANNNND we're gonna end it here. Favourite and Review!