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Chapter 2

It was just another regular day in Kuoh. Right now, two familiar brothers were walking back from another day at school. It had been one week since Kai had transferred to Kuoh Academy. The school was nice, but he could do without the crazy hormonal girls after him.

"So, Kai. How was your day?" Issei asked his brother who had his hands stuffed in his pockets.

He glanced at his brother before letting out a groaning sigh. "Horrible. Some girl wanted to drag me to her office and rape me." That obviously caught Issei's attention. Kai shuddered as he remembered the crazy girl from earlier.

Kai was in his happy place.

All of his classwork for the day is done. He was catching up on this interesting manga one of his new older friends showed him during lunch after departing with Issei. Ahh, Yu-Yu-Hakusho. Where had it been all his life? Needless to say, he was enjoying his time without a care in the world, and is currently laying down in the hallway reading away...

And no one is bothering to call him up, leaving him in peace as he read the manga to pass the time.

"What do you think you're doing?" A stern, controlled voice belonging to a girl asked him without the slightest hint of amusement.

Happy place gone now.

"As you can see..." Kai began without hesitation or bothering to move from his spot, while tapping the cover of the book. "I'm enjoying this manga, after a productive day." He hoped that signaled the end of the conversation with the girl.

It didn't.

"Hn. I don't think reading a child's comic book can be considered productive." The girl frowned. "State your name."

"Hyoudou Kai, second-year in class 2-A." Kai replied casually, still not looking up. "Recently transferred from Ishiyama, currently being called a 'Wild Older Brother'." As he finished his improvised introduction, he scratched his head, messing his gray hair further.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "Hyoudou Kai? 'Wild Older Brother'? You're Hyoudou's older brother?" She asked the elder brother.

"Yep, and before you ask why I don't look like him, I'm adopted." Kai finally looked up, and observed the girl. From what he saw, she's a young woman with black hair styled into a short bob cut, and violet eyes behind a pair of red glasses. What bothered him a little is how she has the same, yet different 'aura' as those other two ladies. Their names were... what again?

The girl stayed silent, before noticing something off. The boy in front of her was looking at her appraisingly, and she is smart enough to tell that he isn't looking at her body, but her actions. This is not something some 2nd year student would do when meeting someone new, so she is on edge.

Unknown to her, Kai was lost in his head, trying to remember what the names of those two ladies he saw were. His focused eyes on the girl is just a side effect from digging into his head. He is definitely NOT staring at her like a pervert. Nope, not at all.

It's times like these he wished Issei was around to supply him with names of girls he doesn't bother to remember. Not that it's his fault, really. He may recognize them by sight and smell, but he never really bothers to mark those specific combos with a name, except for the people who he truly cares for.

No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend. Dick.

"Can you please not lay down in the hallway? It's a bad influence to just laze around in the hallway." The stern looking girl knocked him from his thoughts.

Kai blinked, and returned his sight to the girl again. "Ah, right, I'll do that." Sighing, he got up from his spot on the floor.

"And come with me to the student council room. There's something I need to talk to you about." She stated.

Great, NOW what did he do?

"Umm, I politely refuse, what's-your-face. I believe I didn't do anything wrong or against the school rule, and I doubt that laying down in the hallway constitutes to a talk with the president. You'll need the president to make me do that." Kai felt he got the one up on this rather bossy girl.

That wasn't the case here.

The girl smirked. It's times like these that she quite enjoys abusing her power as she please, even though it's against her moral code. Well, she IS a devil, so why does that matter? "On the contrary, I AM the president." She took a moment to gauge Kai's reaction, and was delighted when she saw his face drop. On a massive scale.

"Oh, hell no! I am NOT joining the student council or whatever hell you want me in! No no no! You're just gonna tie me up and grope me there, huh?!" Kai backed away, before running away in a full sprint. Let it be known that this wouldn't be the first time a girl would have kidnapped him for that kind of stuff. Those rather desperate girls were stronger than they looked back at his old school. The bob-cut girl stood there bewildered, before sighing and walking to her office. Maybe she will have another chance getting her a new member in her peerage. If not, then there's also that other student... Genshirou Saji, if she remembers correctly.

After all, no one stands in Sona Sitri's way when she wants something. Not even her best friend.

"That's a good thing! How's that horrible!?" Issei questioned his brother incredulously. "You're a chick magnet! Why don't you take advantage of it!?" If he was Kai, he would jump at the chance to be with the girls that come around him.

Kai gave him a tired look. "Because Ise…" The elder Hyoudou mentally yelled for the umpteenth time at his brother bringing up this conversation. "Besides me and that ordeal, why were you peeking at the Tennis Club while they were changing?" Sometimes it was really hard for Kai to not just deck Issei every day.

Issei immediately paled. "H-How did you know?! I was sure no one saw us!" True, he and his fellow perverts found the perfect peeping spot, and while taking in the measurements via Motohama, no one, not even people outside, saw them at all. Their mission was a success.

"Because I saw you three walking behind the gym." Kai replied nonchalantly. "Just because I'm on the rooftop doesn't mean I don't know what you're doing, Ise."

"Guh!" Ise took a 'reminder' arrow to the heart. He had forgotten to take his brother's exceptional sight into account... though he's not pissed at him, right? Issei knew Kai can get angry for some of the things he does but after punching him in the shoulder he usually lets it go and they were okay with one another quickly.

A tired sigh escaped his lips. "Seriously, get a girlfriend, Ise. It might actually help you out..."

"Grr! Just watch! Once I get a girlfriend, I will rub it in your face!" Issei promised.

"Yeah, yeah... I can hardly wait." Kai said sarcastically. He knew the only way for Issei to get a girl was for him to tone down his perversion. That wasn't going to happen. Didn't mean his attempts hadn't had an effect.

Kai was laying down on the rooftop of Kuoh. After Issei complained about Kai being popular with the girls on his first day at Kuoh, his parents had thrown a miniature party celebrating the day he would potentially get a girlfriend. Even though he loves his parents, he couldn't help but feel tired with his parent's antics sometimes and how over the top they can be. He unconsciously release a sigh that had been building up since last night, and it didn't help that he slept late either. Again, he touched his necklace, giving him a sense of calm.

"Ara ara, someone is very tired." A cheery voice cuts through his thoughts. Kai opened his eyes, and was introduced to the sight of...

"You know I can see your panties, right?" A pair of of lewd, black panties.

"Ufufu~ that was the point, Kai-san." The girl giggled, a hand up to hide her smile.

"Uh... how do you know my name?" Kai asked with a raised eyebrow as he sat up to look at the girl properly. He would admit she's beautiful and had a nice body, but it took more than looks to make Kai Hyoudou act like his perv brother.

"Hyoudou Kai, the 'Wild Older Brother'," Akeno replied, as though it was the most obvious answer. "Rumors spread really fast, you know?"

Kai sweatdropped, unaware of this tidbit. His last school didn't have this problem. "...Right." Then he coughed to regain his composure. "So how can I help you... Ahegao?"

What? He can't remember names that easily! Don't judge him!

"Akeno. Himejima Akeno," The girl, now identified as Akeno corrected him, before assuming a lecturing pose, accompanied with a mock stern expression. "It's very rude to assume a girl's name without asking them, Kai-chan."

'Kai-chan?' Kai mused, laying up. "Meh, girls look the same to me, so I never really bothered remembering. Must be borderline disinterest in girls or something." He didn't see the teasing twinkle in her eyes.

"Oh? So you're ga-"

"I change my mind. I DO have a very healthy admiration of the female body." Kai paused, processing what he just said, before blushing slightly. "Actually, maybe just moderate. What I described would be Issei." He was grateful his brother wasn't there for that as he wouldn't shut up about his words.

"Ara ara, ufufu. So you're blaming your brother?" Akeno teased Kai further. He only looked away, before turning back, his blush now gone.

"So, can I help you, Himejima-senpai?" Kai asked. Well, at least he remembered that she's older than him. Good job, Kai.

"You can start by not calling me 'Himejima' and 'senpai'." Akeno replied with a smile.

"Ah, then... Akeno-san?"

"Hm, that will work for now."

"Then can I help you, Akeno-san?" He was curious why this third year was so suddenly talking to him.

"Can you-"

"No! You can't take me to wherever and do weird things to me! Can't go through that again!" Kai interrupted Akeno with a shout, remembering another time a few ladies tried to do something to him but got away before it happened.

"I wasn't going to ask that." Akeno said simply, though she was having different thoughts on what Kai just said. She was somewhat interested in what these "weird thing" he was talking about to make him suddenly freak out like that.

"Ah, sorry about that." Kai apologized, realizing what he just blurted out. Again, he was happy Issei wasn't here as he'd hound him to know what the ladies tried to do to him.

"No harm done." Akeno smiled sweetly, causing Kai to shiver for some reason. "Now, can you come with me?"

"Ah..." Kai hesitated, before relenting. "Sure." With a shrug, he followed the black haired beauty.

'Bad idea... Bad idea!... BAD IDEA!' Kai mentally screamed, having stepped inside the room. There were a bunch of weird circles drawn around, and the aura he experienced the day before is so much denser. 'What are they going to do?! Sacrifice me and summon a devil?! Who did I piss off this much to deserve this?!'

Well, he would know why he's in here if he wasn't scared shitless as countless scenarios ran in his head. And it showed in his figure and face, causing Akeno to giggle and Rias to shake her head in amusement by how the aura in the room is affecting him so.


"Yes, ma'am?! Don't sacrifice me, please! You can have my brother instead!" The adopted brother easily used Issei as a sacrifice.

"I'm not going to sacrifice you." Rias assured him, though still amused. Kai calmed down only a bit. "You're here because I have a request."

"Um... request? What kind?" Asked the grey haired teen.

"Tell me, how much do you know about the supernatural?" Rias asked.

Kai tilted his head in confusion, and for a split second, Rias and Akeno could see dog ears appear on his head. Only for a split second. It was gone when they looked closer. An illusion?

"Well, I know about youkais and those Christian praises toward God and how there are angels, fallen angels, and devils. Is this related to what you're going to say?" Leaning on one leg, he asked the red head.

"Yes. Yes, it is, Kai-kun." Rias nodded her head, now knowing that she can skip some parts.

"This is related to the Occult Research or whatnot, right?" Kai asked, slightly suspicious and his fear alleviated.

"Yes, and-"

"No, I'm not joining the Occult Research Club. Doesn't interest me." Kai promptly replied, not caring for the eyebrow twitch he got from interrupting her.

"Please let me finish." Rias pulled out a chessboard and laid 15 pieces out on the board. "Have you ever heard of chess, Kai-kun?"

"No... I played shogi before."It was his favorite game to play with his now deceased grandfather whenever he visited.

"Then you should learn chess easily then."

"What are you getting at, Lariat-senpai?"

"Rias." Rias corrected, while Akeno giggled again at Kai's mistake. "And... do you believe in devils?"

"Well... one is in front of me right now." Rias stiffened, and Kai waved his hand with a small chuckle. "Just pulling your leg. No, I don't believe in devils or the like."

"I see..." Rias muttered, before continuing. "Then how would you react if you were to talk to one right now?"

"Honestly? You're going to make me talk to one?" Kai asked, not catching the inside joke. "What are you laughing about, Rarity-senpai?"

"Nothing, and I'm Rias." Rias cleared her throat. She was kind of getting irritated at how he kept saying the wrong name.

"What's with the questions? I know you want something and these questions aren't going to be answered if you don't get to it." Tired of the run around, Kai got straight to the point.

"Very well, Kai-kun. I'll be blunt." Rias folded her hands together, Ikari Gendo style. "Would you like to be a devil? Would you like to be part of my peerage?"

Kai stayed silent to process what he just heard. Devils? "Are you a devil?" Kai asked bluntly, praying he just misheard.

"Yes. I am Rias Gremory, heir to the Gremory family, part of the 72 Pillars."

"No. I would like to live as a human, please." Kai replied hastily, causing Rias to raise an eyebrow.

"Why? Not many would refuse a chance to live longer."

"Umm, you're going to have to convince me to become one than to just turn me into one, Tomato." The nickname gave Rias a tickmark.

"Very well, then. I'll assume that you'll answer the question later then. And that was on purpose, wasn't it?!" Rias said, thinking Kai was just screwing with her now.

"Then can I go?" Ignoring the question, Kai asked. He'd give anything, other than his life, to get away.

Sighing a little, Rias nodded. "…Yes, you may."

Once those words came out, Kai immediately ran out of the building, most likely to get some fresh air. The room was getting really stuffy. And he would like to not get involved in the crap that's going on.

"Ufufu~ he ran away, Buchou." Akeno remarked with a giggle at how fast he was running.

"I should have told him everything before dropping the question, huh?" Rias mused.

"Hai... but his brother is still open. Maybe he will accept." She brought up the brunette brother.

Rias looked at her pawn pieces, which were all crimson red. "Akeno. I'll have to trouble you to watch over Kai-kun again. He may become a power to reckon with if he isn't tempered properly."

"Hai, Buchou." With a bow, Akeno went after Kai to try and convince him to join the group and help her best friend with her coming problem.

"You know, I never really expected this, with you of all people." Kai remarked. "I didn't think the question 'Do you have spare clothes?' would lead to this."

"Ara? Why do you say that?" Akeno asked, in false confusion.

Kai looked at her, wondering how this even happened, not at all falling for her little act. As far as he was concerned, he was on his way home, when Akeno appeared out of nowhere and asked him if he had spare clothes at the moment. One thing led to another, and he found himself going along with Akeno's beat. "Because we are outside campus, when we're suppose to be in school right now." Kai had just wanted to take a little break from what just happened and going home to workout more seemed like the best place to clear his head.

Both of them were outside at a mall somewhere close, both in casual clothes. Kai was dressed in a simple white undershirt, with only his blazer on, and his black pants was switched with a pair of flexible dark jeans. Akeno was in a light purple cardigan with a white blouse, along with a matching skirt.

"Ara ara, I never knew the 'Wild Older Brother' would be concerned about truancy. I thought Ishiyama didn't place any value on the future?" Akeno asked. As far as she knew, the place was overrun with thugs who wouldn't contribute much to society.

Kai sighed, remembering his old high school, before replying aridly. "Yes, Ishiyama has a 120% delinquency turn out, but just because I'm surrounded by muscle headed idiots all the time doesn't mean I don't want an education." While a good fight got the blood pumping, something he greatly enjoyed, he kept his grades up. He wanted a good future thank you very much.

And there's also the fact that he went there to be surrounded by danger, giving him some experience in fighting. Of course, his parents didn't know about this, since they didn't question his decision. Strange though, the girls there are just as bad as the guys, so why did they come to him for help on tests if they didn't care about it?

Akeno simply smiled at Kai, who was pondering something, before turning to a nearby store. "Anyways, let's eat there~!"

Kai looked at her perturbed, faintly noting how cute she looked in those clothes seen in the catalogs he looked at briefly before, and followed her finger to the nearby store with a somewhat irritated sigh. 'What am I getting myself into?' He wondered to himself.

Stepping inside, they easily got a table and ordered something. With the orders out of the way, Kai got to the question that's been on his mind since he saw Akeno. "So, what is Tomato trying to do, Akiha?" Kai asked, knowing what this is all about.

"Akeno. And her name is Rias. She only wants me to monitor you. No strings attached." The devil couldn't get over how funny it was that he kept getting Rias' name wrong.

"Oh? That explains why there's also my brother being followed." Kai scowled, having seen his brother being followed by the cat girl Koneko earlier today. Even if it wasn't apparent, she stood out like a sore thumb in Kai's perspective. It was only because she didn't come off with malicious intent that he didn't confront the girl and make her stop.

"...I suppose I should tell you instead of Rias." Akeno cleared her throat, surprised that Kai had spotted Koneko as, besides herself, she was the best at going unnoticed, before continuing. "You see, Kai, the devils are on the verge of extinction, and it's up to High-class devils like Rias to gather a peerage of devils, reincarnated and not. By building a peerage, she can not only refill the population of devils, but also gain more influence once she is older and strive to become more proactive once she succeeds the Gremory name."

"And? How will I benefit by doing this?" Kai saw absolutely nothing to gain in this for him. This all seemed like Rias' problem, not his.

"You're taking this well for someone who never brushed with the occult." Akeno remarked lightly. "Of course there will be benefits. Longevity, more chances in life, and of course, an opportunity to gather your own peerage as well." Akeno leaned forward, to whisper. "You can also form your own harem~"

Kai blushed, before shaking his head. "That's something Issei would do, not me. Besides, I know there's a catch for becoming a devil." When an offer seemed too good to be true, it usually was.

Once again she was impressed with the teen before her. Usually boys were stuttering messes when she teased them but all she got out of him was a blush. "Ufufu~ sharp, aren't you? Yes, there are catches. More specifically, by becoming a devil, you also mark yourself as an enemy of the angels and fallen angels."

Kai didn't miss the subtle bitterness when Akeno named the fallen angels, but ignore it for the more important part. "And this has been going on for how long?"

"I don't know the exact time. It was a long, long time ago." She shrugged.

"..." Kai stayed silent, before something came up. "Why is my brother being watched?" He wouldn't let the question unanswered and she knew that.

Akeno kept quiet, before relenting. "He has something special in him, and Rias noticed it and has taken interest in it."

"Is it something that will endanger his life?" A threat to his brother was instantly a threat to him. And he took care of threats to his family quickly.

"I assure you, he won't be harmed by us. But maybe... just maybe the others will." That didn't ease his worries AT ALL.

After a few minutes of tense silence, Kai let out a dramatic sigh, destroying the tense air. "Well, looks like I gotta keep an eye on my stupid little brother…again." Akeno, a little surprised, giggled at what he said. She could tell it was his way of defusing tension and ease his own worries.

While that was happening, the younger brother was doing what he does best. "Hah... I wanna fondle some nice boobies." Issei sighed out laying down on the lawn, getting agreeing gestures from his two best buddies, who were also laying down with him.

"I approve of Ise logic!" Matsuda pumped his fist into the air, though he still kept a expressionless face.

"Don't say that, it's pretty useless." Motohama tucked his glasses up, clearly depressed.

Issei wondered how everything had added up for his own life. From the beginning of his first year, to all of his peeping routines, getting chased by the girls in retaliation, to his brother finally transferring and obtaining his own title in a matter of days (3 days, to be exact), and finally, to the moment where he and his buddies are laying down watching the girls in their P.E. classes, and he could only come to one question.

"Matsude, Motohama," Issei called out, getting up. "Why did we enter this academy as freshmen? Kuoh was only recently switched over from an all-girl to a co-ed, which explains why there is an abundant number of beautiful foreign girls over guys. And so, the guys are outnumbered. In other words, even if they kept quiet, they will surely be popular! It truly is like an eroge!" Issei took a deep breath, and then. "In other words, a harem!"

Matsuda and Motohama became rejuvenated by Issei's mini speech, and both stood up and posed, like one of the Sentai poses, except without the staged, but still awesome background explosion.

"Yes, in other words, an everyday life full of breasts is waiting for us!" Matsuda cheered, flexing his arm.

"But..." Issei became depressed again. "Another spring is already here, without any of us getting a girlfriend."

"...Don't say it." Motohama said blankly again. "It feels so vacant inside."

"Anyone who gives up loses! We still have a chance!" Issei tried to cheer him up. "If my brother here is anything, then we still have a chance!"

"Says you, 'Pervy Younger Brother'." Matsuda and Motohama both said in sync while chuckling at their friends plight.

Issei's new nickname was coined at the same time as Kai's title 'Wild Older Brother', when they were both together on the third day. Kai was having a extremely good time during P.E., which escalated to him chasing after his brother like a wolf after food, only he chased after Issei with the intention of making him run and run and run. Definitely NOT because Issei was peeping on the Girl's Swimming Club with his two partners-in-crime. Plus, there was the fact that Kai protected his brother from a thrashing by volunteering to take his place instead, securing the 'older sibling protecting his younger siblings' fact. The girls later came to an unspoken consensus that whenever Kai was around, Issei will be forgiven begrudgingly, and if not, he'll have his just desserts.

And for Issei... well, everyone knew who he was, so he was labelled as such without a second thought.

"Kyaaaa~!" Some girl bries interrupted the Trio's little scuffle. "Kiba-kun, what are you doing later?" "Say, you're going to karaoke later, right?" And the questions go on.

"Sorry, I have club activities right now." Kiba said with slight regret in his tone. Did I mention that he sparkles when he smiles? "I'm really sorry..."

Well, at least he knows how to talk smoothly with girls.

"Kiba Yuuto, second year in class 2-C. Subject of adoration from all the girls-" Motohama stated.

"-and an enemy to the rest of us guys, not counting Hyoudou Kai, class 2-A." Matsuda finished, clenching a fist.

"Damn it!" Issei cursed. "He only looks nicer, smarter, and is better than us in class, and he shows off, too!" If Kai was around, he would have sweatdropped at how Issei would describe him the same way (Kai).

"Don't say it, it feels so vacant inside."

"Man, this world is unfair."

"Almost, it's almost time!" Matsuda checked his watch, and picked up his case.

"Where are you going?"

Matsuda turned around to look at the two, before pointing a thumbs up and wearing a lecherous smile.

It was a few hours later that school ended. With the sun setting Issei, who was now over a small bridge, sighed in depression. His two friends had ditched him when they were caught peeping at the kendo club, and he hadn't even taken a single peek. What justice? What friends? Sometimes, even HE wonders why he hangs out with them.

He would have been even more depressed if he hadn't seen the most beautiful girl in the Old School Building. As Motohama had stated with his abundant file of girls, she is Rias Gremory. Bust 90, Waist 58, Hips 90. 3rd year in Kuoh, rumored to have Scandinavian traits. One of the Academy's Two Great Ladies.

But again, reality took a harsh turn, and here he is.

'Man, what a hopeless life I'm leading. At this rate, my high school like will end without touching a single boob! And Ka is already surrounded by girl! What does he have that I don't!?' Issei thought depressingly as he leaned on the rail of the bridge.

So depressed that he did not notice a figure walk up to him.

"Excuse me, you're Hyoudou Issei from Kuoh Academy, aren't you?" A girl with silky black hair and a slender body asked Issei.

"H-Hai? Is there anything you need?" Issei asked nervously, though he remarked how cute she looked inwardly. While not as gorgeous as Rias, she was still pretty cute. with a nice chest. A plus for him!

"U-um... are you going out with anyone?" The girl asked shyly.

"W-well, I'm not." Issei stammered. 'Damn, she's cute!'

"That's great!" the girl cried out in relief, before half-shouting, "P-Please go out with me!"


Issei was now in a state of bliss, and considering every little thing he had done that constitutes to him being a massive pervert, he had every right to be so. After all, it isn't everyday that a pervert would be confessed to, unless that person is slightly confused, was tricked, or was just plain desperate for a relationship.

Well, for Issei, he didn't think it twice before agreeing with the girl but he had business he had to finish first.

"You know... she might be tricking you." Kai remarked, halfway through his third bowl of rice. When he heard the story, warning bells instantly went off in his head.

"Silence. I will hear no such lies from you!" Issei stated seriously, causing Kai to look at him blankly. "You're only jealous because I got a girlfriend earlier than you did!" Issei began presenting his accomplishment and rubbing it in Kai's face, like he always wished for.

"You've only known her for how many hours, and you're talking like you knew her for years." Kai pointed out, trying to get his brother to see something was up.

"Of course! She asked me out! Amano Yuuma-chan~" Issei began a little impromptu ballerina dance, making Kai sweatdrop at the non-Issei behavior.

Kai had every right to be suspicious. What are the chances of some random cute girl coming up to your perverted little brother, and confessing that she fell in love with him on first sight? Absolutely close to zero. I mean sure, something like that can happen ever once in a while, but he felt like it wasn't the case here. Maybe in some other messed-up universe, but definitely not in this one. Which leads to another problem. That girl that asked Issei out...

That does it. Kai will keep a close eye on the two of them. There was something very off about this. And he'd be damned if his brother gets embarrassed or something else. "Whatever rocks your boat, then."

"You have some suspicion that your brother has already been targeted?" Rias inquired, quite amused at her previous target's decision to come to her for help.

"Well, what are the chances of some random girl confessing their undying love to someone they just met?" Kai retorted, not in the mood to play games with the devil before him. It was one day after his brother got asked out and he wasted no time to talk to Rias about this.

"Ara ara, Buchou. If what Kai-chan says is true, then we'll just have to keep a closer eye on him." Akeno said, as amused as Rias.

"I'll send my familiar to watch him, will that be enough?"

"Yeah, whatever. I only need him to live. Whatever hurts him will be returned by me." He turned around, before stopping at the door to whisper. "...Thanks, Rihan."

And stepped out.

Rias blinked, having caught the 'thank you' through her enhanced devil ears, before sighing. "It's Rias." Even though it was a free be request, she couldn't help but want to do it as she saw how much Kai wanted to make sure his brother was safe. That, and she was gonna do it anyway.

"That idiot... Can't he do anything besides look at her breast?" Kai muttered, clearly irritated at his brother's lack of wariness. It was the day of the date and like he said, Kai shadowed the two. He had counted the number of times the girl had sent Issei some killing intent behind his back, and Issei hadn't even registered any of them. "...She's a good actress I'll give her that. Kai noted, seeing how rehearsed Amano's actions were. Especially when she had deliberately shown her breasts to Ise.

The two (not counting Kai) were at an ice cream parlor, and Kai was seated behind Ise, hiding himself through sunglasses and a straw fedora, which made him stand out more, but Issei was too dense to figure out that his brother was next to him.

Before that, Kai had been stalking the two of them, having gone unnoticed by the duo. Man. He can understand his brother not noticing this but he would have thought the girl would have noticed him.

Now? Well, it was close to sunset, and now Kai was in an vacant area, close to where Issei and Amano were. And he would have continued following them if there hadn't been something irritating from the past coming back.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" An unwelcome voice of the past drawled out from behind.

"Go away, Yama. I don't have time to play with you and your West Side Story wannabes." Kai said irritably, not bothering to glance at the interruption.

"Oh? Well, I want to play with you. Along with some of your friends."

Kai finally turned his attention to the growing numbers of hooligans, most armed with pipes, baseball bats, and knives. He looked behind him to find another group as well. More loose ends he had forgotten about.

"You see, we found it an insult that you would transfer to little bitch Kuoh and abandon your position in Ishiyama, so we decided to teach you what would happen to those who reject Ishiyama." Yama sneered, tapping the iron knuckles placed on his right hand.

'Since when was Ishiyama delivering retribution to transferees?' "My God, even after I thought that you guys would never go after me again, you had to do it now, of all times!" Kai shouted, turning his attention back to Issei and Yuuma.

"Don't you dare ignore us, traitor!" One of the hooligans behind Yama charged at Kai, bat in hand. The bat was swung down, but Kai dodged at the last second, stomped at the assailant's feet, and retrieved the dropped bat, proceeding to bash under the nose with its pommel, knocking some teeth out and the victim unconscious.

Brown eyes now narrowed at the group of fools attacking him when he was trying to make sure Issei didn't get screwed over. "If you think now was a good time to take on me, you picked the wrong time, Yama. Don't think about regretting this when it's over." Kai stated darkly, a pissed off expression on his face.

"Don't stand there! Attack him!" Yama shouted, causing the hooligans to stir and charge at him, each of them shouting a battle cry.

'Well…haven't been in a fight for a while. This should be fun.' Kai mused to himself with a smirk while cracking his knuckles. Putting his little brother on the back burner, for now, he was going to teach these punks why people don't fuck with him.

The second one got into his range, he dropped low, letting the metal pipe swing over his head harmlessly, he swept goon one off his feet before kicking him in the chin. Pushing himself up, he spun around another swing before punching the one in the back, stunning him, before kicking him into two more idiots going for him.

Bat still in hand, he swung it back, nailing another good in the arm, making him drop his switchblade, before preforming a roundhouse, knocking him to the ground.

With a few down, the rest were now more weary of the grey haired youth. Kai saw that and gave a fanged smirk. "Hey. What's wrong? I thought you were gonna teach me a lesson." He taunted, making them twitch with anger. "Come on!" With a shout, Kai threw himself into the group for a beat down.

"Did you hear that, Ise?" Yuuma asked Issei, concerned about the disturbance far behind.

"Yeah, let's avoid it. Nothing good will come from joining in." Issei said, but he knew what was going on. Gang war is the most appropriate answer. After all, his brother was in a couple of them, and to sum it up, Issei had a healthy respect for his brother for surviving in that 'school', if he could call it one.

"Hora hora! Pathetic! You call yourself hooligans!?" He could hear his brother's voice full of bloodlust from the distance.

"Gah! He's too good! He can't be human!"

"We still have the advantage in number! Surround him and attack him at once!"

"It's no use! We already used that!"

"Damn it! He already took down 46 of us! I'm outta here!"

Well, at least his parents weren't aware of Ishiyama's reputation. He can only pray that Kai wasn't too strung up after the beatdown. He didn't want to explain why his brother was so full of bruises to his parents…again. He was running out of excuses that they would buy.

It was now the end of the date for the two. They were currently at the fountain in the park. The sun was just setting. Overall, the scene was beautiful. "It sure was fun today." Yuuma smiled, with the fountain behind her. "Hey, Ise-kun."

"What is it, Yuuma-chan?" Issei asked nervously.

"There is something I want to do to celebrate our first date. Can you listen to my wish?" Yuuma asked with a smile.

Issei began to panic. Here it is! The moment where the girl asks the guy for her first kiss! "W-What is the w-wish you want?" And he made his voice too deep.

Yuuma smiled, before... "Will you die for me?"

"...Eh? That is...huh, sorry, can you repeat that again? I think there's something wrong with my ears."

Yuuma smiled, this time more sinisterly, and repeated, "Will you die for me?"

Then, black wings sprouted out of Yuuma's back and flapped, causing the scene around to look like it came out from a fantasy scene. Her eyes were looked warm at first had turned cold and scary, and a light spear formed in her hands, which she healed lazily. Too taken aback by the sight of the wings, Issei did barely register what she was saying.

"Sorry, Issei. You were a threat to us, so we have to get rid of you." 'Yuuma' decided to toy with the boy some more, like a typical villain, taunting him before killing him.

"If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sa-"

"WHO-THE-HELL-DO-YOU-THINK-YOU ARE KIIIICCCKKK!" A voice suddenly interrupted 'Yuuma's speech, and she felt the impact of a drop kick against her shoulders.

"Wha-!?" She only had time to register a gray blur. "You-"

"HOW-DARE-YOU-ATTEMPT-TO-SHANK-MY-BRO-WITH-A-DILDO PAAAWWWNNNNCH!" And she felt a fist collide with her nose, and was blown back a considerable distance, into the fountain. Blood slowly dripping down her beautiful face and a bruise slowly starting to form.

Kai had done all of that in a span of four seconds. He could have done it in two seconds if his bruises from the beating hadn't taken a toll on him. Damn bruises. Who invented those?

Now knocked from his shock, Issei noticed his brother standing in front of him protectively. "K-Kai!? Wha-what are you doing here?"

"Now's not the time!" Kai was in no mood to explain why he was here to Issei. All he cared about was kicking this bitch's teeth down her throat. Let it be known that Kai doesn't take it easy with women in fights. He learned that the hard way when he was confronted with a leader of an all-girl fan who attended Ishiyama. "Hide somewhere safe. I'll explain when I'm done here!" He ordered, not taking his eyes off the slowly getting up woman who obviously had a fetish for bondage with what she was wearing.

Issei knew when his usual easy going goofy brother was serious he better listen. And that's what he did. "B-Be careful!" He wished him luck.

Shaking her somewhat groggy head, she groaned. 'Damn it! What the hell hit me!?' The black winged Angel asked herself. Regaining her focus, she found out who surprised attacked her. Purple eyes widened when she found a human teenager was the one who put her in that crack in the fountain. "Who the fuck are you, human!?" She demanded, furious that a HUMAN of all things made her bleed.

Not intimidated in the slightest, Kai sneered. "I'm the brother of the guy you just tried to kill." Standing straight, brown eyes pierced 'Yuuma's' soul. Even if she hated to admit it to herself, she was somewhat intimidated. "And I don't take kindly to that. Whoever the hell you are, I hope you didn't expect to just kill my brother without getting your ass kicked." The teen cracked his knuckles, eager to beat her down.

'Yuuma' looked at the human before letting out a mocking laugh. "You? Kick my ass?" She laughed, finding the notion hilarious, forgetting that he just sent her crashing. "As if a human could possibly-!" Purple eyes widened when she saw the boy moving faster than what a human should be able to and now stared into the angry eyes of the older brother.

He let his left cocked arm fly to deliver a powerful gut punch, making her fold over his fist. Spittle flew out of her gaping mouth. Grabbing her exposed wings in a tight grasp, taking note of the pained gasp he got, he gave the Fallen Angel, he can only assume so as he didn't think a regular Angel would attack one of God's creations, a harsh throw into one of the trees littering the park.

Feeling vindictive, Kai mockingly cupped his hand to his ear. "What was that? It sounded like you were gonna say something before I threw your ass into that tree. Sounded like something you'd hear a cartoon villain say." He smirked at the angered growl given and how shakily she was getting up.

Furious at this human mocking her, she conjured two light speaks and threw them at him. "FUCK YOU!" Kai easily saw and dodged, even if he was a little bruised from his fight earlier, the attack with a simple weave to the side. Seeing her attacks not hitting she continued to spam those light spears at him. Not one of them even came close to hitting the already injured teen.

Even though he was dodging them with ease, preforming backflips here and there just to screw with her, Kai knew he couldn't do this forever as he was slowly growing tired. 'Damn fools.' Once again he cursed those idiots who decided today was a good day to mess with him. Shaking those thoughts from his head, he decided to get in close. Dodging one last spear, he rushed the Fallen Angel.

A little panicked at this human getting closer to her, she stopped throwing her spears when he got in her guard and went for an overhead slash. Just as it seemed like she would slice him in half, Kai stopped her by grabbing her wrist in an iron grip. 'Shit!' 'Yuuma' cursed to herself. Shooting his leg out, he kicked the back of her knee, throwing her off balance, before she could even scream in pain, Kai introduced her face to his fist.

Soaring a couple feet off the ground, she coughed out another glob of blood as she landed harshly on her back. Gasping for breath, she managed to get herself to her side. Scowling at the creature that would have killed his brother, Kai went over to the woman to give her a strong kick.

'Yuuma' saw him stalking her and knew she had to get to the air. Any kind of advantage in this situation is preferable to her. She ignored the pain in her back and shot up in the air, just missing the kick that would have nailed her in the gut.

"Tsk." Clicking his teeth in irritation, Kai gazed at the woman in the air. He smirked at the obvious broken leg, bleeding nose and bruised lip. "Heh. Seems like you can be hurt like anyone else. So much for this human not hurting you." Kai heard how hard she was gritting her teeth. Not for the first time, Issei was amazed at how his brother could do all the things he does. While he should be worried, he KNEW, Kai would be alright. 'What the hell is this anyway?!' Issei was still freaking out though as he was in the dark at how his first date turned out like this. He hoped it was all a really bad dream.

Deeply humiliated by this human and the fact he's made her bleed and broke one of her bones, she yelled with all her anger and launched a barrage or light spears at her earth bound foe. Brown eyes widened a little at the increased speed. 'Shit!' Cursing, Kai ran around and in between the dangerous spears, noting the small craters created where they impacted. He flinched when he felt some rocks nail his back.

Quickly getting an idea of how to get this Fallen down, he spun around an incoming rock, grabbing it. Going with the motion, he swung it with all his might at the hovering 'Yuuma' who didn't have time to dodge the rock that beaned her head.

Dazed, the Fallen slowly looked up to see Kai walking over to her. She didn't know if her eyes were playing tricks on her, but for a second, she thought she saw a giant snarling dog behind the youth. Fear filling her, she quickly shot to the air, wanting to get away from him. But, even in her fearful mind, she wouldn't leave before getting the last laugh.

Seeing her leave, Kai let out a sigh relief. He honestly didn't know if he would have lasted any longer. "Okay Ise. Come out-!" A flash of light passed his eyes. Turning on a dime, he saw his little brother being speared in the gut. Kai barely heard the laugh of the flying woman as he was already by his brothers side.

"Oi, Ise?! Hang in there! Don't think about dying on me!" Kai shouted at his barely conscious brother, refusing to accept his brother leaving the other side.

"...K...Kai..." Issei sputtered, finally recognizing his brother.

"If you think about dying right now, I will kill you! Then, I will tamper with the most darkest of black magic to bring you back to life, and kill you again!" He was now getting desperate as he threatened his brother to stay alive.

"...I... can't... h-hurts..."

"And once I'm done with you, I'll make sure you never look at another oppai again!"


"Come on, Ise! Hang on!"

"I wish..." Ise began muttering and Kai couldn't hear him, but he remembered from Akeno's lecture that a selfish wish can potentially summon a devil.

"That's it! Come on, Ise! For once, abandon all moral restraints and say a selfish wish!"

"I wish... I WISH FOR OPPAI!"

Then, a crimson red magic circle appeared, causing Kai to look up. There was a flash of light, and Rias stepped out of the circle. She took a moment to take in the environment, before turning her eyes to the two Hyoudou's, with Issei now unconscious.

Oh? I felt Ise summon me, and I see you as well, Kai."

"How..." Kai checked Issei, and found a slip of paper in his pocket. He pulled it out, and found an elaborate circle with the Gremory symbol drawn on it. "You gave him this paper?"

"Yes." Rias admitted. "I figured that your suspicion would be correct, so I had my familiar give him that."

Kai would have felt like he was played with, but that was no longer his concern. "You said something about reincarnating others into devils. Well, do that to my brother! Save him!"

"I intended to do so, to begin with." Rias walked towards Issei, and pulled out a pawn piece. "If you are dying, then I'll pick it up. Your life, that is. From now on, you will live for me."

From what Kai figured, the pawn piece was supposed to glow or react in someway. Instead, there was nothing. Not even a jerk.

"Hmm... looks like your brother is more valuable than I thought he would be." Rias smirked before taking four more pawn pieces, one of which was glowing and of different design. "2 pieces? No, then 3 three pieces? Not even that? Then four pieces!" Nothing happened again. "Looks like this will decide it then." Rias added the the last four pieces, and there was a reaction. "Good. (takes a deep breath) I order, in my name Rias Gremory, you, Hyoudou Issei. I, resurrect you back to this soil as my servant, and have you reborn as a Devil. You, my [Pawn], be delighted with your new life!"

The eight pawn pieces dropped into Issei like the Titanic did in the Atlantic, and his body released a dense aura that lasted for a second.

"...Now what? He'll be safe?" Kai asked, ignoring the aura Issei was emitting a second ago for the moment.

"Of course. He is now my beloved Pawn. All eight of my Pawns... he'll become a strong devil in the future..." Rias muttered under her breath, which he heard, before turning to Kai, a pleased smile on her face, before it shifted into a look of concern as she saw the state he was in. "Are you alright? You have a lot of bruises."

"I'll be fine. Just a little reunion with Ishiyama and that bitch getting in a lucky shot."

Rias nodded, having heard of Ishiyama's reputation, also amazed he stood up to a Fallen after fighting beforehand and continued. "Well? Will you still take up on my offer?"

"I humbly decline, Risque. I don't have a good reason to do so."

"Shame... then. Issei still isn't used to his new power, so I'll have to seal it up. Then, his hole still needs to be closed up." Rias stated, ignoring Kai's misnaming. "Your home is nearby?"

Once the question was asked, Kai had a feeling this would not end well.


Issei immediately turned his alarm clock off, before events that happened began filling his mind.

"A dream? But... it all felt too realistic..."

Issei was in a dilemma. Was all it a dream? Was Amano Yuuma-chan really some angel assassin that was sent to kill him because he was some pervert? And his brother coming in and beating her up? The hell! None of this makes sense at all! How could Heaven punish him for something he couldn't control!?

And why is he naked?!

"Unn... mmm..."


Issei heard a sweet voice, and slowly turned his head toward the direction of the voice.

There's a crimson-haired beauty sleeping next to him. Giving him a splendid show ala gratis.

No matter how much sense he tried to put into his mind, there was no doubt that this is Rias Gremory, his senpai, Kuoh Academy's Idol. One of the Two Great Ladies. Issei's mind was overclocking itself from the sheer experience he never thought he would ever achieve.

'Did I just score with Rias Gremory? Hell yeah! Take that, Kai!' Issei's 'little soldier' cheered.

'Why can't I remember a damn thing?! FUCK!' Issei's mind screamed in despair. He wanted to always have the memory of the day he lost his v-card.

"Ise! Wake-up! It's already time for school!" Even more despair filled him as he heard his mother's voice. If she came in here now he'll die!

"Dear, is Ise still in his room?"

"Sweetheart, his shoes are in the entrance so he came home. Geez! Staying at a friend's house so late! On top of that, being late for school! That, I won't forgive!" He heard his mother say.

"Mah, mah. Kaa-san, just let Issei be. I'll get him for you." And he heard Kai's footsteps. If he had paid more attention, he would have known that his footsteps were louder than usual. And Kai walked like a freaking ghost. When they were younger Kai just loved sneaking up on Issei and scaring the crap out of him.

"Oi, Ise! We're late! Get your fat ass up, so we can go!" His brother called him, walking loudly towards his room! Fuck, what to do!? He can hide in the closet... but what is that going to do!? He can cover Gremory-senpai up and... no, Kai's still going to ask why there is a huge bulge in his bed! AHHH~! What to do? WHAT TO DO?!

"OI! ISE!" Kai opened the door, and caught sight of Issei in his birthday suit, next to Rias who was also in her birthday suit.



After a few seconds of silence as he looked at them, the grey haired youth spoke. "Well... I suppose congratulations are at hand. Congratz, Ise! You became a man before me! I'm so proud." Kai wiped away a fake tear.

"W-well, I... wait, but!... How?... What's going on!?" Issei sputtered incomprehensibly.

"Unn... is it morning?" Rias yawned, finally waking up.

"Good morning, senpai. How was your Ise?" Kai asked amusedly, intentionally steering the conversation to Rias, and to tease Issei. Issei blushed red.

"Mmm, it was warm and sweaty all over." Rias replied, not catching the drift and causing Issei to blush even more. Kai's shoulders shook as he held back his laughter.

"Kai! What's taking so long!?" Miki couldn't take it anymore, and stormed up and caught sight of what was going on.

"Good morning." Rias waved at Mrs. Hyoudou like she wasn't naked in the woman's child's bed, who had a mechanical expression. Issei avoided eye contact, and Kai had to cover his mouth to prevent his amusement from being shown.

"...Get ready quickly." Mrs. Hyoudou stated with a machine-like voice before walking back downstairs.

Kai watched his mom walk downstairs, before counting "3... 2... 1..."

"O-O-O-O-Oooooo! Dearrrr!"

"What's wrong Love? You look like you just saw a ghost. Was Ise masturbating in the morning again?" It wouldn't be the first time.

"Seeeeeeee, sexxxxxxxxxx! Ise did~! With a foreigner~!"

"—!? W-What?! Miki, what happened!?"

"Internationaaaal~! Ise did!"

"Dear!? Miki!? Calm down! Mikiiiiiiiii!"

"Hahahaha~! This, this! Ise, once again, congratz!" Kai laughed out loud. This definitely made his morning.

"How can you be so lax!? I finally did it, and I don't remember shit!" Issei cried, anime tears running down, causing Kai to laugh even harder and Rias to giggle. "This isn't funny at all!"

Kai continued laughing, before panting slightly and adorning a serious face. "Senpai. I think you need to explain some things to him now." Hell, she needed to explain some things to him too as that woman was about to say something to Issei before he stepped in.

"S-Senpai!" Issei turned his attention to Rias, but remembered that she was still naked. "O-Oppai…I can see everything!"

"If you want to look, go ahead." Rias said it without a hint of shame, and moved her hand to Issei's stomach. "Is your stomach alright?" Issei touched his stomach with a confused expression. "You were stabbed yesterday."

Issei looked fully alert at the news, and Kai chipped in, "Idiot. Even after all the training I gave you for the past four years, and you can't even dodge a throw." After last night, he was gonna be harder with Issei's training. He was here he could handle it too with his tougher body.

Issei looked at his brother, shocked that his brother knew as well. "It can't be helped, Kai. He was probably caught off guard and didn't know what to do." Issei turned to Rias again, and she smirked. "I healed it. It was critical, but thanks to your tough body, it was healable with my power in a night. I shared some of my demonic powers with you by embracing you while we were naked. I was able to do it because we are from the same clan."

Issei looked shocked again, before it reverted back to his usual grin. Rias caught it, and added. "I'm still a virgin. Don't worry."

Rias patted Issei's cheek, and calmly stated. "I am Rias Gremory, and I am a Devil." Silence was all she got from that reveal to the brunette.

"And I'm Hyoudou Kai. I am a unicorn." Kai threw in to alleviate the tense atmosphere.

This just got more interesting for the Hyoudou's.

A/N: Now before I get the questions. I'll answer it right now. Kai's personality changed a little because he was in battle. The guy loves a good fight and, when the situation calls for it, he can be cold-hearted and merciless.

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