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Chapter 5

Food on the brain, Kai leads his brother and Asia to Yuji's work to grab a bite. "Hey Yuji!" Entering his buddies workplace, he greeted him with a raised hand.

"Hey Kai, Asia-chan. Oh. And what a nice surprise. How's it going Ise?" Yuji greeted the younger brother with a smile.

Issei smiled at Yuji. "I'm doing fine Yuji. Was surprised when Kai told me you're working here." He said as he knew the younger Itadori liked to spend time with his grandfather who's in the hospital.

A shrug was given. "Well, you know the old man. He's yelled at me to get a job, so I got one." He explained.

Looking over the menu, Issei didn't know what to order. "Well, what do you recommend?" He asked.

"I'd go for shoyu ramen. It's pretty good." Yuji suggested. It didn't take long for the ramen to arrive. Yuji told Issei his would arrive in a bit so Kai decided to go ahead and eat his first.

"Ya~h! Thank you, Asia-chan! You really saved me there!" Kai thanked Asia the fourth time as he slurped some miso ramen. Asia really was a miracle worker. If it wasn't for her healing him, he would have been in some pain for a couple days. That wasn't the case since she used her Sacred Gear.

"I-It's fine, Hyoudou-san." Asia smiled benignly. "Anything to help."

"No, really. Thank you. I owe you, my life." Kai smiled back. "Tell you what? When Issei introduces you to our parents, I'll gladly welcome you as my own little sister."

"Kai?! What are you planning?!" Issei cried in embarrassment. He was still waiting for his shoyu, and his brother is already treating Asia like a little sister! He wanted to treat Asia like a little sister first!

"I'll be blunt, Asia-chan." Kai held both of Asia's hand. "Please take care of my stupid brother. He may be a big pervert, but he's actually a really nice person."

"...I don't know if I should be thanking or hitting you right now, Kai." Issei deadpanned.

"Alright. I'll take care of him." Asia replied with an innocent smile, not understanding what Kai was getting to. That rang a certain bell in Kai's mind, conveniently labeled 'Moe Alert'. With that ringing, Kai felt a sudden urge to just kidnap Asia and snuggle with her, but he resisted it with all his might.

"Thank you~" Kai said it like he was ready to go to heaven. In a comical fashion, of course.

"Here ya go, Ise! One shoyu ramen!" Yuji suddenly showed up, placing a bowl of shoyu in front of Issei.

"Wah! Thank you, Yuji!" Issei thanked, before chowing down on his food.

Yuji smirked as the brothers are the food. "So, Ise. Like I asked before; how's it going? Haven't talked in a bit. Still a little perv getting into trouble?" The teen lightly mocked the slightly younger brother.

"Hey! I know you're a pervert too! Every man is inside! The sooner you and Kai accept that the closer we can get!" Issei proudly said, ignoring the looks he received. Yuji and Kai rolled their eyes at Issei.

"Hahah. Well, Ise, I think we'll keep the closeness we have right now. Wouldn't want to catch anything." Yuji joked, making Issei slump in his chair and Kai chuckle at the jab.

Before the conversation could continue, the nun spoke up, getting the three boys' attention. "Umm... What's a pervert?" The innocent girl asked with a head tilt.




"Not touching this." Yuji quickly excused himself as he didn't want to be the one to tell this innocent girl what a pervert was. This left the brothers in a little conundrum and looked at each other blankly, but people can see that they're communicating via eye contact.

Kai: '...Oi, Ise.'

Issei: '...What is it, Kai?"

Kai: 'It appears Asia is still very innocent.'

Issei: 'Yeah, she is.'

Kai: '...Don't you dare go corrupt her. I will end you.'

Issei: 'Never will I ever.'

Kai: 'This conversation never happened.'

Issei: 'Agreed.'

The two finally nodded and turned to Asia as though they never looked at each other. Asia still looked confused as ever.

"A-Asia-chan!" Issei finally said. "Let's go to the arcades!"

Asia blinked, before smiling brightly, not caring that her question didn't get answered. The idea of having fun with her two new friends was too great an experience to pass up. "Okay!"

Yuji would have liked to join the trio, but he couldn't as he had to work. So, saying goodbye, the brothers took Asia to the arcades and had a lot of fun. Kai and Issei were initially teaching Asia how to play a racing game, but things went downhill when Asia asked who was better. That lead to a racing game marathon that took as much as 3 hours to complete. Kai later claimed that he wanted a motorcycle after they finished their little competition.

At least they're lucky truancy officers didn't see them, though Kai would have helped them out if they did get caught.

"Haha, we played a lot, didn't we?"

"Y-Yes…I'm a bit tired…"

"You sure know how to please a girl, Ise. You would dump ¥500 on Rache-kun in a crane game." Kai smiled teasingly.

"She wanted Rache-kun, so I gave it to her!"

"Yeah, I know. You can easily buy Rache-kun for like ¥200, you know?"

"G-girls like it if you put the effort in getting it!"

"Really? Man, I must be getting cheap, then." Kai muttered to himself, while Asia hugged Rache-kun closer. The older brother saw this and smiled. "Oh well. You guys need anything to drink? It's on me."

"I'll have some iced coffee."

"Um... water, please." Kai nodded and went off to the nearby vendor... about a few minutes away.

"You have a nice brother, Ise-san." Asia said cheerfully. "The relationship you two have is wonderful."

Issei chuckled uncertainly. "Yeah, well... we weren't always close. In fact, there was a time I couldn't stand him." He smiled sadly, remembering that he didn't like Kai at first. Hearing Asia gasp in shock, he explained. "Yeah. With how close we are now; you wouldn't think it. I think we really became close is when we were both eleven."

Young Issei was just sitting down looking at the clouds, letting his mind wander. Like you'd expect, as he looked at the clouds, all he saw was his favorite thing: oppai! The preteen chuckled perversely as he continued to see oppai through the clouds. Seems even Mother Nature knew the wonders of breasts! He was knocked from his cloud watching when he heard some girls making some noise.

Turning, the brunette saw some girls crowding the brother he's had for the past year. Now, when he heard his parents were adopting some kid his own age, he was happy. He was an only child and it got lonely for him to be alone with no friends his own age after Irina-kun left a couple years ago. Kai was pretty cool. When his parents told him he had amnesia, and explaining what that meant, he felt bad for his new older brother. But didn't let that show and tried to be nice to him. What he didn't expect was for the slightly older boy to play little pranks on him after some time passed and getting comfortable with the Hyoudou family. He did feel jealous of Kai though for getting attention of so many girls in his school. It kind of put a damper on the relationship they have.

Issei just pouted as his brother was, once again, the center of attention for the girls. "Stupid Kai." He mumbled before going back to watching the clouds. The cloud watching was interrupted by a very familiar and unwanted voice.

"He. Figures. Pervy Hyoudou alone and looking for anything that looks like boobs." An obnoxious voice called out.

The smile on his face was washed away as he turned to see a couple kids his age. Center was the leader of the 'cool' group of school. It seemed like the boy in charge never seemed to get over messing with Issei. Sometimes he knocked his books from his arm, 'accidentally' shoved him, and other mean things. 'I don't even know what I did to him.' He moaned sadly to himself as his bully and his pose was near him.

"Hello, Lee-san." He greeted the leader with no enthusiasm.

The kid took some offense to that. "Awe. Not happy to see me Pery Issei? I thought we were buddies. Then again, who would want to be buddies with a loser like you." Issei didn't show it, other than the little flinch of his hands, that the insult got to him.

"T-That's not a very nice thing to say, Lee-san." The young brunette said, only to get laughed at.

"Who said I was trying to be nice. Heck, even your family is so sick of you that they had to adopt some kid. And even then, Kai is the best they can do? He's some loser orphan whose parents didn't even want him. Guess losers stick together." This time Issei couldn't hold the anger and tears he felt at the stabbing words.

"SHUT UP!" Like that, the playground went silent. All eyes centered around the fight just waiting to happen. "Don't call my family losers!" Issei demanded with as best a glare he could manage with tears in his eyes.

A little shocked at the outburst, Lee got his confidence back. "Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it? Cry some more? Or maybe try looking at boobs again?" Laughter filled the playground at the taunt.

No one expected Issei to jump Lee and start hitting him. Wailing on him for a second or two, his little group finally got there sense back and tackled Issei off. "What the fuck Hyoudou!?" Standing on shaky legs, he stomped over to the pinned boy. "Now you're dead!"

Brown eyes widened in fear at the incoming fist. Knowing this was gonna hurt, he closed his eyes and looked away. When he didn't feel anything hit his cheek, he slowly opened his eyes before widening them to see the first was caught. And who caught the fist?

Kai! And he was looking furious at the boy that was about to hit Issei.

When he heard his brother yell, like everyone else, Kai turned to watch. Kai knew Issei was kind of jealous of him for his popularity, but he didn't really know what to do about it. It did create a rift in the growing brotherhood bond they had been sharing and he decided to give him some space recently. That all ended when he heard was that asshole said about the family that took him in and even insulted Issei.

Before the leader could say anything to the adopted Hyoudou, he stuck. Fist meet cheek as the leader was knocked off his feet again. A bruise already starting to form from how hard he got hit. Not letting up, he kicked the two other boys who were holding Issei down away.

Brown eyes glared at the gathered students. "Listen up! Anyone wants to mess with my little brother, they gotta get through me first!"

"Ever since he stood up for me, we've been the best of friends. There is no one else I would trust more than Kai-ni." For the first time in years, he added the ni to Kai's name.

Asia was mesmerized by the story of her new friends and how they connected to form the brotherly bond they now shared. While she is not one for violence, she saw Kai's actions as noble. "That's a wonderful story Ise-san. Kai-san is truly a kind person." And she really meant that.

Issei just chuckled at her kind words and rubbed the back of his head. As he rubbed his head, he felt pain shoot through the calf that got shoot last night. "Arg." He let out a pained grunt.

"…Ise-san, are you injured? Is it from yesterday?" She asked. Issei tried to reassure her that he was alright. The girl certainly had an interesting Sacred Gear. From what his brother said, he got some nasty cuts but were healed up in seconds.

"Can you please lift your trousers, Ise-san?" She asked, falling into the role given to her by the church. Issei complied and showed his calf to her. The biological Hyoudou watched as Asia placed her palms against the bullet wound. He was amazed when a warm green light emanated from her. Relief filled him when he looked at the light. In a few seconds, it was over, and his calf was completely healed.

"Wow! That's truly amazing." Issei moved his leg up and down, feeling no pain. "You are amazing Asia-chan! You're Sacred Gear is cool."

Asia shifted uncomfortably, before her face turned sad. That sad face turned into a single tear falling down her innocent face before going into full-blown sobbing. Issei was freaking out and asked what he did wrong.

Issei did nothing wrong, and Asia began her little tale. By the end of it, Issei was furious. To kick out such a sweet girl for doing what she was meant to do…!

Kai squatted down to pick up the canned drinks that dropped then began to walk back to the park his brother and Asia were at. 'Asia-chan looked so sad when she was healing me.' Kai recounted the face the little blonde nun had when she healed him last night. 'What kind of story does she have? More importantly, how did she get involved with such a crazy crowd. She sure as shit ain't the kind of person to be with them.' The youth was sure the story how she came to Kuoh Town was something crazy and sad.

Well, Kai could ask the girl later on when she opens up a little. About to enter the park, he saw something that caused his blood to freeze. A single black feather lightly falling to the concrete. "Oh, shit!" He knew what this meant and knew he had to get to his brother quick. Dropping the drink, he was about to rush, before his instincts flared, forcing him to duck under the thing that would have lopped his head off. Turning his head slightly, he saw the familiar handle of the fake lightsaber. 'Damn.' Kai cursed inwardly, before lashing out with a back kick, knocking the attacker away.

Flipping himself over the shot to his ribs, Kai continued to flip himself over the ground before skidding to a stop. The youth glared at the gathered, four, priests that surrounded him. 'Damn. They're separated us.' It didn't take a genius to see what was happening. "I don't have time for this!" Yelling, Kai launched himself into the four. Only thing on his mind was to beat these assholes and get back to his brother and Asia-chan before something bad happened.

When she got the news that Asia had ran away, Raynare searched everywhere to find the little girl. She wouldn't let some stupid nun ruin her plans to impress Azazel-sama with such a powerful Sacred Gear. When she found the girl, she smirked as she saw Asia with the boy she killed. 'Even better the perverts' brother isn't here.' While she hated to admit it, she was slightly afraid of the human after hearing what he did to Freed.


"...You survived, Hyoudou Issei. And as a devil, too. Why am I so amused by this?" She'll have to play a bewitching front then once again.

"...Raynare-sama..." Asia muttered with a hint of fear.

"Asia-chan. Please come back to us. I took all this time looking for you, so please don't make this harder for me." Raynare tried to persuade Asia to come back while taking a step towards her.

"...No. I don't want to go back... I don't want to return to the people who kill other people..." Asia replied with disgust in her voice.

"...Well, I tried but-"

"What are you planning, Yu-Raynare? Why are you here to claim Asia?" Issei interrupted her mid-sentence. She would have replied to that, but her Fallen Angel pride got in the way.

"Low-class Devil, don't call me by my name. It'll get filthy." Raynare sneered. How dare this Low-class address her real name? Light forming in her right hand. "What's between us doesn't have anything to do with you. If you don't go back to your master's place quickly, you will die, you know?"

Issei panicked when he saw the light forming into a spear. After all, who wouldn't fear a weapon that killed him and was geared to kill him again, only more painfully? Issei cried out, "Sacred Gear!" and formed a red gauntlet. 'I did it!' Issei inwardly cheered at successfully summoning his Sacred Gear.

The beautiful Fallen Angels eyes widened before she burst out laughing. "I was told your Sacred Gear was a dangerous one before from the higher-ups. But it looks like they were totally wrong!" Seeing the confused look on Issei's face, she decided to educate the stupid pervert, after getting her laughter under control. "Your Sacred Gear is one of the common ones. It's called [Twice Critical]. It doubles the power of the wielder temporarily for a time. But just because you double your power, you're still no threat to me. Truly, a fitting object for a Low-class Devil like you." Raynare mocked with a sneer on her face.

Issei took in the information of his Sacred Gear. 'The ability to double my power? That's it. Well, it'll have to do for now. I just need to shake her off and run away with Asia-chan.' Issei mused to himself. Before he could go really think of something, he noticed something was off. 'Where's Kai?' The vending machine wasn't far off, and he knew his brother should be back by now. If he had Kai with him, he'd be much more confident.

"Looking for that brother of yours, Low-class?" After seeing Issei look around, she called out. "Don't worry about him. He'll be dealt with soon enough."

Anger and worry bubbled up inside him, idly hearing the frightened gasp of Asia. "What did you do to Kai!?" He demanded.

Raynare just chuckled at him. "Well, it doesn't matter anyway if I tell you, but I will. Thought I should give that brother of yours a little gift, so he won't interrupt me this time. No one is going to save you from me today." She mocked the Hyoudou.

His teeth gritted together in anger at that. While he was slightly worried for his brother, he knew he wouldn't go down easily. "Doesn't matter! My brother will beat whoever you sent and get here fast! Sacred Gear! Activate! You can double my power, right? Then activate!" Issei demanded with great passion.

As if answering his request, the green jewel on his gauntlet glowed brightly. [Boost!] With that shout, the brunette felt power flow into him like a river. 'Is this what it means to double my power!?' Issei thought with glee at the power going through him. Before he could admire his power, something inside told him to run. Following the advice, he threw himself to the side. It was a good thing he dodged as the light spear was imbedded into the ground. 'Damn!'

"Well, that's a surprise." Raynare said with some shock in her voice. From how easy it was to kill the fool last time, minus the idiots' brother, she thought it was another quick kill before she took Asia to perform the ritual. "No matter. You can't win this by dodging." Without hesitation, she created two light spears and chucked them at him.

Even with his mind now focused, and power going through him, Issei could only dodge the light spears that threatened to run him through again. 'Come on! I got to see an opening. Kai always says there is an opening to any opponent.' The youth remembered the lesson his brother gave him that he actually listened to when it comes to fighting.

But, even with that knowledge, he wasn't able to get even close to her. He did one more roll to the side, only to hit a tree. 'Damn it!' Issei cursed inwardly before yelling out it pain when he felt the familiar sensation of being speared.

"Even if your power gets doubled, you couldn't even evade my spears for very long. While a little impressive, even if you double a low number like you, you cannot narrow the power gap between us. Do you understand now, Low-class Devil-kun?" Raynare smirked at the teen as he slid down the tree in pain. She took great pleasure in hurting this little pervert.

'Shit! This is worse than the light gun!' Issei groaned to himself, holding the small hole in his stomach, trying to stop the bleeding as best he could. Just as he was prepared for the light poison to really seep in, he felt a familiar relief sensation rush over him. Looking to the side, he saw Asia using her Sacred Gear.

Raynare watched Asia heal the weakling without any stopping her. She could heal Issei all she wanted; it wouldn't do any good in the long run. "Asia. If you don't want that Devil to die, come with me. Your Sacred Gear is essential for our plan. Your power, the [Twilight Healing], is a rare Sacred Gear unlike the Devil trash you're healing. If you don't come with me right now, he will die." Narrowed eyes glared at the lightly shivering girl.

"S-Shut the hell up! Kai will be here any second and we'll beat you-"

"Yes, I understand." Before Issei could continue, the girl he was protecting spoke up.

"Asia!" Issei shouted in shock.

"Ise-san. Thank you for today. Tell Kai-san the same. I had a really fun time with you two." Asia said with a genuine smile of happiness. With the healing done, the girl walked over to Raynare.

"Good girl, Asia. Problem solved. With today's ritual, you will be freed from your suffering." Raynare said with a victorious smile.

Gritting his teeth in frustration, the teen yelled. "Wait, Asia! We're friends, aren't we!?"

Asia gave Issei a grateful smile. "Yes. Thank you and Kai-san for being friends with someone like me." Brown eyes welled up with tears at that. A girl like that shouldn't be throwing herself away for someone like him! He should be the one protecting her, damn it! "Goodbye."

Now within reach, Raynare slowly covered herself and Asia with her dark wings. "Low-class Devil. Looks like you were saved because of this girl. If you get in my way again, you won't be getting up ever again. Goodbye, Ise-kun." As to rub salt into the wound, she used the same voice she had as Yuuma.

Issei watched helplessly as his former girlfriend took his friend away. And there was nothing he could do about it. "No way in hell!" A familiar shout reached the ears of all before a rock was thrown at high speeds at the Fallen Angel.

While shocked, the Fallen was able to maneuver herself out of the way. Not wanting to get into a fight after finally getting Asia again, she launched a light spear to distract Kai and flew towards the church.

Kai gritted his teeth as he watched the Fallen bitch take Asia away. "Fuck!" He growled before looking at his brother. Sadness filled him as he saw the utter sadness in those eyes of his. Determination filled Kai's eyes the next second. "Don't worry, Ise. We're not letting this pass. We're getting Asia back, tonight!"

Rubbing his tear-filled eyes, Issei looked at his brother. "But how?"

"We'll figure that out. But first, I need some healing. Let's go to your little clubhouse."

'Not my best idea.' Kai thought to himself with a dull look as Rias had just slapped his brother across the face. "Why would you get involved with the Fallen Angels again!? Not only that, but you also even got your brother, a normal human, injured because you couldn't stay away from that nun!" Rias shouted at Issei before pointing at Kai who was sitting on the couch.

And it was true. While he did take down those stray priests, he didn't do it without damage. His shirt was ripped with slash marks, blood seeping through, and some cuts across his cheeks and legs. It wasn't the worst injuries he's had, but it did hurt a bit. When he got there, seeing his condition, Rias had Akeno, who was better at healing, get to work.

Issei looked down in shame. He didn't mean for his brother to get hurt, but it happened and there was nothing he could do to change it. Looking down for a few more seconds, the brunette looked at his [King] with a determined stare.

"Then I'll go by myself. I'm really worried about this ritual thing. The Fallen Angels are doing something bad, and I can't let Asia be hurt because of it." Issei declared.

While she admitted to herself that she was impressed that the young [Pawn] wasn't looking at her with the usual perversion look, she had to let him see reason. "Are you really that stupid? If you go there, you will die. Your actions will affect not only me, but the others too. You are a Devil of the Gremory family! You need to be aware of that!"

"Then let me out of this group! I'll go there as an individual!" Without hesitation, Issei retorted.

"I can't let you do that! Why don't you understand that!?" Rias yelled, getting angrier at her newest piece.

Kai and the others were watching the scene in silence. The other peerage members were honestly shocked at this side of Issei. As long as he's been in this school, he's never shown this side of himself. All they've seen is a perv who did anything to see the female flesh. Kai looked on in approval of his little brother's determination.

"Asia is my friend. I can't turn my back on a friend who needs me!" The brown-eyed teen told the crimson-haired princess.

Rias' eyes softened at her [Pawn's] willingness to go against her order and kindness he's showing. "That's a wonderful thing. But that is different than what we are talking about now. The relationship between Devils and Angels aren't as simple as you think. The two sides have bad blood between them for thousands of years. If you show a single weakness, they will exploit it without hesitation. Never forget that they are the enemies."

"Wasn't blowing away the enemy the Gremory's way of doing things?" If this was any other time, the brunette wouldn't dare to say such things to Rias Gremory. But, with a friend's life possibly on the line, his usual antics took the back burner.

"OHHH!" Unable to hold himself back, Kai shouted out. He appreciated the good burn as Issei had told him about Rias and her ability to destroy anything in her path. "That was good, and you know it." Not at all intimidated by the glare, Kai responded. It got a giggle from Akeno, who received a light glare too.

"I don't care, Buchou. Asia is my friend and I'm going." Issei said before turning to Kai. "Can I count you in?" He asked.

Smirking, Kai nodded and got up and rolling his shoulder. "No problem bro. Can't let you go into the lion's den alone. But I gotta get home to change first." He added. "I'll meet you at the church as soon as I can."

Rias was about to protest about this, before Akeno, who had a rather serious look on her face, came up to Rias and whispered into her ear. Kai tried to hear but they were talking so lowly, even for him. But, to him, it didn't matter. He needed to get ready for the battle that was to come.

Walking through the forest with his brother, and, to his surprise, Koneko and Kiba joining. He didn't expect the two to join, but he didn't complain to the back up. Kai felt much more confident with two experienced Devils by his side. With dull eyes, he took in the outfits. 'Why do I feel like I'm in an anime? A bunch of high-school kids going into battle while wearing their school uniforms.' The youth mused to himself.

Shaking his head, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. 'Isn't that…?' Kai stopped, getting their attention.

"What's wrong Kai?" Issei asked.

"…Getting scared?" Koneko mocked her senpai.

Kai's eyebrow twitched at the taunt but let it go. But just because he let it go now, doesn't mean he won't get the little midget back. "Sorry. Nature calls bro. Go on ahead. I'll catch up."

"Well, hurry up." Issei nodded before he and the two peerage members walked their way up the hill.

When they were out of sight, he glanced over his shoulder. "You can come out now." Kai called out to, seemingly, no one. A high-pitched giggle rung through the air.

"My, my. This guy seems rather competent. Surprising for a human. Ain't that right, Kala, Dona?" Brown eyes glanced up, spotting the three figures stranding casually on the branch just a few trees from him. It was the fedora dude from the other night plus two others. One was a midget blonde and a sexy blue-haired woman that looked like she belonged in the red-light district. 'Wait…why does it seem like all the supernatural women I've met so far, minus the cat and this midget, look like porn-stars? Answers for another time.' Kai mused before shrugging it off for the situation at hand.

"Be quite Mirlett." The other woman, Kala, said.

"Huh. Seems I've got the honor of playing host to three vultures. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Kai asked, tense for any sudden attack. He smirked as he saw the lone male of the group's jaw tighten at the jab. 'Classic older dude hating to take orders from a younger, less experienced if I'm guessing, person.' He deduced as he could see the anger in the man's eyes.

"Wow! This human really is arrogant. To say that when he's completely surrounded!" The loli said with amusement shining in her eyes.

"I don't even know why the three of us are needed. It's just a human. Nothing truly special. He caught Raynare off guard and those priests were worthless anyway." The man said with a dismissive wave, looking down at Kai with a sneer.

Kai got a little angry at the remark and obvious arrogance this man had. But that didn't wipe the smirk off his face. "Well, if I'm nothing special, why are you three here to confront me? Let me guess." He raised his hand, stopping the man from speaking. "The head bitch of this little group wanted to handle my brother and the other two herself and, arrogantly thinking she could take them herself, probably with some throwaway priests, didn't want me to interrupt like I've done before. That right?" He knew he was right by the slight shift in stances.

"Doesn't matter." The blue-haired one said, mocking smile on her face. "We're still gonna kill you. You won't survive this night, and neither will your friends. You're all alone after all."

Kai just smirked at the woman. "Yeah, I don't think so. On either front." Just then, a barrier surrounded the area, shocking the three Fallen Angels of the sudden magical field. "Took your damn time, Tomato, Akeno-san." He called out.

"Ara, ara. He isn't surprised at all President." From one of the trees came Akeno and Rias. The black-haired girl had her usual smile while Rias had a slightly ticked off expression.

"So, you get her name right while you call me that." Rias noted before giving him a light glare at the chuckle she received. Shaking her head, she turned to address the enemy with a confident look. "Now, while my beloved servants deal with your leader, I'll do some clean up. Akeno."

A magic circle appeared over the raven-haired beauty and shone. The light died down and revealed that she had changed into a shrine maiden outfit that hugged her form nicely. "Damn." Even Kai couldn't help but admire the beauty. His eye twitched at the giggle Akeno. 'No doubt that'll bite me in the ass later on.' Of that he knew.

"Why is the Gremory princess here? Here to save those pathetic servants of yours? Especially that little weakling Raynare-sama played with." Mirtlett asked, not threatened by the High-Class Devil.

Rias just smiled. "Don't go underestimating Issei. He is, after all, my strongest [Pawn]." She told them.

'Cleaver little misdirection to say that.' Kai admitted to the rather clever word play, knowing Issei was her only piece, not that they know that.

Dona mockingly laughed at that. "He's your strongest!? That's just sad." The two devils and one human frowned at that but didn't retaliate just yet.

"Akeno." Rias instructed with a slight clipped tone. Akeno raised her hand, slightly confusing the Fallen. Eyes widened a little as they realized what she was doing. Flying out of the tree, they narrowly dodged the lightning bolt that vaporized the tree they were standing on.

"Bitch!" Growling, Kalawarner, Mirttlet, and Donasheek launched tree spears at the priestess, who easily blocked the attack with a magic circle appearing before her. The three combined light attacks pushed her back a few inches, but she was fine otherwise. 'Stronger than she looks. Shouldn't be too surprised.' Kai noted. With there other hands, they launched another barrage of spears at the redhead.

Kai was about to get her out of the way before a black with crimson outline power surrounded the girl. As soon as it was within an inch of the teen devil, the light constructs were destroyed. "Wow!" The grey-haired youth couldn't help but be amazed at the power this girl had. He lightly noted the feeling of something clicking deep inside him but pushed that off for another time.

"That's the famed Power of Destruction, I see." Donasheek, landing on a tree, clicked his teeth. "Doesn't matter, keep attacking." Shouting the order, the three began to attack again. This time they also targeted Kai. While not a supernatural creature, he showed he was above the usual humans they have faced and moved out of the way by flipping, jumping off trees, and moving in such ways it would make dances jealous. By the end of it, none of the attacks hit.

Deciding to take a little break, the eldest began to talk. "You seem to think that kid can really beat Raynare-sama. It would be inspiring if it wasn't directed at such a pathetic [Pawn]." He mocked, lightly floating in the air, spear in hand.

Tension filled the air at the insult at Issei. Rias glared at the man for insulting one of her servants with Akeno joining in, not liking how this disgusting thing talked about her junior. But all that was nothing compared to Kai. His bangs covered his eyes as he tilted his head down.

"She is his ex-girlfriend, after all. She even told us what she did to that kid. I nearly busted a gut over how hilarious it was." Mirtlett continued to mock.

Donasheek just laughed. "Now, now. Don't go there. You'll make me laugh." None noticed the tightening on Kai's hands.

"Well, I also have to admit it was very funny." With the last insult, they threw all three spears at Rias, hoping to skewer her as she seemed to be lost in thought.

But, like before, the attacks didn't meet their target. And it wasn't because of Rias, even though she was about to. It was Kai. Shock filled the group at the unexpected turn of events. Rias even dropping her aura over the shock. The human (?), now standing in front of Rias, had his fist to his side, with said fist having smoke coming off it.

"H-how did you do that?!" Donasheek, getting over his shock, yelled out in some new caution. How could this human move so fast and actually backhand three light spears without losing said hand?! Even a high-class Devil would be in some serious pain if three light spears hit them but this…boy only had his hand singed. If one looked closely, you'd see part of his fist being covered in a thin white light.

"You know," The silence that followed was broken by the barely constrained voice of Kai Hyoudou. "I can handle most insults. Hell, I'll most likely laugh it off or even kick the crap out of you depending on what it is. But, if there is one thing, I can't stand above anything else…" Kai's head shot up, showing the utter rage in his eyes. His grey eyes now had slits in them and was leaking some kind of aura that had them slightly trembling. The trembling intensified as they saw a faint image of a giant snarling dog behind him. "Is when someone mocks my little brother when he put himself out there!" Shouting that, he disappeared from everyone's sight, small cracks appearing where he stood.

'What!?' Was the same thought shared by all in the magic barrier. The Fallen looked frantically for the enraged youth before they heard something from behind. Looking back, it was Donasheek who got the first strike. A bone-crushing fist to the face sent him cratering to the ground, nose obviously broken. Mirtlett was the next, getting a roundhouse to the ribs, which made a satisfying crunch sound, that sent her crashing through three trees. Last was Kalawarner who got an axe kick to the skull, which she felt a small crack, that sent her crashing next to her her Fallen brethren.

Landing on the branch, Kai looked down at them with utter contempt. "If you three think you're getting out of this fight after that, you're out of your fucking mind! Get up! It won't be satisfying if those love taps took you out!" He wasn't done with these pricks. Kai wouldn't be sedated till these fucking crows were begging for mercy, which he wouldn't give!

Getting over her shock, Rias yelled out. "Wait, Kai! Don't be stupid! You can't possibly take on three Fallen! These aren't human priests or thugs you usually deal with! Let us-" "Stay the hell out of this Rias!" Kai yelled over her.

Both ladies were surprised. Both because they never expected Kai to use her name and actually yell at them, something they aren't used to. "Ise is my little brother. I don't care if he's in your little group! I've known him longer! And these assholes dared to mock him in such a way! It means they're mine! Simple! If you interfere, you're next!" And he meant that. Kai didn't care who the hell she and these fools were. He wouldn't lose to such people and he sure as hell wouldn't let little miss princess boss him around.

"You're dead, you bastard!" Kai didn't need to turn his head to know it was the midget who was behind him, light spears primed to pierce him through. She wasn't even able to thrust as her face was introduced to the back of his fist. Flinching hack, feeling her nose bleeding, she was unprepared for the human to trap her neck and roughly throw her to the ground.

Jumping off the branch, he landed in a crouch, his glare never leaving the slowly getting up Fallen. "Like I said, I'm not even close to being done with you three." Like usual, he cracked his knuckles, ready for the fight.

Coughing a little, the lone male of the group let out a chuckle as he got up with some struggle but nothing he hasn't dealt with before. He easily realigned his nose with a small crack "This human truly is arrogant. Just because he landed some surprise attacks on us, he thinks he can take all of us on." An amused smirk plastered his face.

The slut, in Kai's eye, took her turn to speak. "I know. Let's just shut him up now. We can kill the Gremory bitch and her little servants after putting this human in the ground." The three opposing the fallen narrowed their eyes at that.

"Shut up and fight." Without any warning, Kai launched himself at the three again. Unlike last time, the Fallen were expecting the human and followed him…barely. All dodged the incoming left-handed swing that left a spiderweb crack in the ground. Dropping to the ground, a few of his hairs being sliced off by Fedora's light sword. The teen retaliated with a side kick that sent him back a few feet. Using his hands, he launched himself over Kalawarner's thrust to the heart.

Kai was not too surprised to see the blonde midget try to rush him while in the air. When she got close enough, he grabbed her shoulders, shocking her that he was able to grab her, before using the momentum of the rush to throw her into the busty woman, knocking them to the ground. When he touched the ground, he sidestepped out of the way from a light infused punch from Fedora. Behind him, Kai lashed out by kicking his knee, making him bend.

"Bastard!" Fedora cursed as his knee buckled at the kick. As he turned, his face got intimate with his fist again, sending him through the air a couple feet before landing in a thud.

Flapping wings reached his ears. Quickly, the teen reached into his pocket and grabbed the turned off lightsaber and blocked the incoming light spear thrust with the hilt. Kai smirked at little as he noticed the shock in the midgets' eyes at the odd way to block. Rolling with the thrust, he got away from the spear and switched the saber on. With the light energy now humming, he went for a quick slash to the side only for him to be surprised now when she blocked the strike by blocking with her wing. 'Didn't see that coming.' From what he remembered, the wings were a sensitive spot, but he guessed they could harden them or something like that to not have that weakness exploited.

Returning the smirk at the stupid human, she flapped her wings up, knocking him off balance enough for Donasheek to rush over and land a fist to Kai's cheek. It was his turn to now stumble through the ground. Going with the roll, Kai pushed himself up, just dodging the light-infused kick to the chest by the big breasted Fallen.

Once he got his footing, Kai had to deflect the incoming barrage of feathers. He swung his sword as fast as he could, knocking most off course but still got a few tears through his cloths with shallow cut left behind but really didn't do anything to impede his movement.

Kai grunted as Fedora stopped throwing spears and came at him with a sword of pure light that he blocked with his own light sword. Shifting his sword, he let the sword run along the light sword to Fedora. With a flap of his wings, he dodged the strike.

"Got you!" Seeing the opportunity, the smallest of the group rushed him, spear ready to run him through. 'Oh, come on!' She mentally complained as Kai twirled around the thrust before lashing out with a snap kick to her midsection. A few drops of blood mixed with spit flew from her mouth as she gasped through the pain.

Twirling on his heel, the youth raised his sword to block the incoming light-spear thrust from Kalawarner. Feet touching the ground, the woman used the leverage to try and push him back. It worked for a second before Kai dug his heels into the dirt. The class of weapons lasted for a second before Kai lashed out with his free hand, burying itself into her exposed gut.

Saliva flew from her mouth at the pain. 'How can this human hit so fucking hard!?' Kalawarner wondered in shock at the power this human continued to show through this bout. Eyes soon widened in dread when she saw the stolen light sword coming at her head.

The slash wasn't meant to be as the sole male Fallen came in to save his comrade. He landed a rather harsh kick to Kai's side, tossing him away. Even though the cut didn't slice her head off, like he wanted, the swing managed to leave a fresh blood trail right above her eye.

'Well, at least her eye is out of commission.' After rolling, negating most of the damage and quickly getting up, Kai saw the blood dripping into the blunette's eye. Like he expected, the little one, after getting her breath back from the harsh kick, soon came back at him like many of the other gang members would they thought his attention was on another.

Instead of another light spear, like he expected, the little one came at him with fists. As he moved around the straight to his face, he saw the light covering her fist her hand. 'Okay. Shouldn't be surprised that they can do more with that light than just make spears.' Kai thought to himself as he continued to block and redirect the strikes, ignoring the light stinging sensations on his arms with each one.

While this was going on, the devils were watching the altercation with great attention and surprise. Both were ready to interfere in case he got a fatal strike. But they were honestly surprised that he was doing so well against three Fallen. "Ara, ara. Seems there is much more to our junior than we thought." Akeno mused as she watched Kai fighting off the blonde fallen before pushing her away and backflipping over the top heavy Fallen and lashing out with a back kick.

"Very true Akeno." Rias agreed with her best friend. "He's much more capable that we first thought." It was rather impressive for a human to handle his own against three supernatural beings when he didn't even know about them till recently. Now she really wanted him to join her peerage. That and it would be another thing she could hold over Sona.

Landing on his feet after another flip over the low sweep kick and his response of a fresh line of blood on the loli's face from his strike, Kai had to raise his sword to block the heavy-handed slash of the lone male Fallen. What he wasn't expecting was the man to lessen the pressure. With that slight distraction, he was nailed in the gut with a strong knee. Tumbling over the ground, he righted himself quickly. "Damn." The young man cursed as he noticed the sword slipped from his grasp during the exchange.

"Hehe. No more sword for you kid." Smirking at the teen, Donasheek picked up the sword and actually began to absorb the light from the sword.

Kalawarner smirked at the surprise on Kai's face. "Oh, don't look so shocked. Even though we're Fallen, we're still Angels. Light is our domain." Raising her hand, which now glowed a soft blue, a ray of light came rushing at the youth.

Eyes wide at the new move, the barely had time to cross his arms in a guard. The guard, while helping from the full force of the light beam, still sent him crashing through the tree before hitting another. 'Shit!' With a heavy groan, Kai got to a knee. Steam was coming off his arms, showing how hot the beam was. 'Well, they're better than I thought. Teamwork is damn good.' He took note of the things against him. Cracking his neck, Kai got up and rolled his slightly sore shoulder, impressing and shocking the viewers at the fact he can still stand after the assault. "Guess I gotta kick this up a notch." Kai mused.

Laughing with that annoying laugh, all taking note of how durable this human was, the blonde mocked. "With what weapon? The sword is done. What are you going to do, fight with a stick?" This got chuckled from the others.

Kai smirked before cracking his knuckles. "Nope. Just a good old beatdown." Speeding at the sole male, he was about to land a strong gut punch, but this time the man was ready and blocked the strike with a cross-guard. While he blocked it, it still sent him skidding across the ground, making some small trenches along the ground. It was then Kai's turn to block, this time with a raised knee, the incoming kick to his midsection.

Slightly rattled at the shaking of his knee, he kicked off the leg, somersaulting over the littlest one's palm strike to his unguarded chest. Sticking the landing with his hands, Kai sent a back kick that slammed into her unguarded back. Unfortunately, he was unable to block the incoming leg that was infused with light energy. "Gha!" Coughing, the teen was sent tumbling across the ground before managing to gather himself and rolled himself into a kneeling position. Not given much room to breathe, his hands snapped to grab the forearms of the taller female, halting the light blue energy sword coming at him.

With the buxom woman focused on bringing his life to an end, Kai lashed out with a kick to her legs, making her stumble in surprise. Standing abruptly, he smashed his head in her chin, rattling her teeth, before getting tossed over the shoulder into the ground, HARD. Just as he was about to make even bigger cracks into the ground with a hammer fist, he had to backpedal the two thrown light spears.

Eyes widened though when something he didn't see coming happen. Just before the light spears disappeared, they exploded, sending small sharp light spears at him. "Fuck!" Growling, he raised his arms in a cross block. He let out little pained grunts as his shirt was ripped a little more than he was comfortable with along with his pants, blood leaking through the cuts.

Turning his head, Kai let out a wad of spit mixed with blood. "That all you got?" The youth mocked, even though he could feel himself getting weaker the longer this went on.

"Not even close." Eyes widened at the voice to his right, he barely ducked under the jab, his hair waving in the wind at how strong it was. Kai wasn't able to block the incoming kick to the chest, dragging him through the dirt. 'Fuck!' Grunting in pain, the young man rolled with the momentum before springing up and nailed the incoming Fallen Angel male in the face, making him stumble at the unorthodox move.

Growling, the teen didn't stop and grabbed the man's arm. With a harsh grunt, he threw the man over his shoulder, his back slamming into the tree. High with adrenaline, and the ability that he's been using since the start, Kai turned on his heel, lashing out with a strong back-fist to the busty Fallen.

"Guha!" Kalawarner grunted in pain at the strong punch. 'How is this possible?! He's just a human! He looked to be on his last legs!' She couldn't comprehend how the human is still alive, let alone keep fighting them. The thoughts were interrupted when she dubelled over from the harsh knee strike to the stomach. She barely held back the bile from leaving her mouth.

Glancing up, he quickly rolled over the bending woman, dodging the thrown light spear. But just before it fully passed him, he grabbed it out of the air. A slight stinging sensation was felt in his hand, indicating some burning. That didn't stop him though as he flung the light made weapon back at the shocked blonde.

Mirtlett couldn't believe it. Not many, unless they were Fallen or regular Angels, can grab a light spear barehanded. Blood was soon flowing from her gasping lips as she was quite literally speared through the gut by her own weapon. Shaky hands went down to her stomach before coughing up a large amount of blood before falling over.

A dead silence fell over the area. The Fallen and Devils couldn't believe that the human had killed one of the Fallen with their own weapon. Shock soon turned into anger for the Fallen at the man who killed a comrade.

"Bastard! I'll kill you!" Yelling in pure rage, Donasheek rushed at the standing still Kai.

For the young man, he couldn't even think right now. After going through the motions, he had finally taken into account of what he just did. He had actually killed someone. Sure, he beat up a lot of punk bullies, but he had never killed anyone. Kai knew that it would happen, seeing as he promised the Fallen…but actually doing it made the reality wash over him.

A child stood around countless dead bodies. He shakily looked down at his hands, tears streaming down his face as his hands were dyed in blood.

Looking up, he saw a figure standing in front of him. It was hazy but he could tell it was a man and the worst part was that smile. It was so chilling and crazy it sent shivers down his spine. "Just what I would expect from that man's child. Get stronger. We'll meet again in the future." And with that, the man seemingly faded out of existence.

The last thing the young child felt before passing out was someone catching him.

A bloody cough woke Kai up from…whatever the hell that was. Spinning around, he noticed the Fallen male, inches away from striking him down with a light sword, had been blasted away, half his body disappeared. Shocked grey eyes turned to see Rias with her hand pointed at the man, showing she had shot her signature family magic at the Fallen.

He barely saw the remaining Fallen be struck by lightning, curtsey of the buxom black-haired miko. When all was said and done, there were three dead Fallen Angels, like Kai had promised.

Kai felt a wave of nausea wash over him before he coughed up his lunch all over the bloody grass. A strangled gasp rushed through his lungs after emptying his stomach, sweat dripping down his forehead. "Kai-kun." The grey-haired teen looked to his left to see a concerned Akeno with a hand gently holding his shoulder.

"Akeno-san." Getting her name right, showing how he was feeling, Kai felt the adrenaline fade, making him drop to the floor. "D-Damn!" Yelling, the adopted Hyoudo yelled while looking at his shaky hands.

Rias and Akeno stared at the obviously shocked boy with sadness. They had remembered when they first took a life. It was never, and should never, be easy to kill someone. Resting her gentle hand on his other shoulder, Rias spoke softly. "It's alright Kai-kun. You did the right thing. They would have killed you and tried to come after us." When she saw his eyes on her, she continued. "And they have more than likely killed their fair share of people. Remember that you saved people today." With a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder, Rias kept looking into his eyes.

Quickly getting himself under control, his pragmatic mind kicked in. It made sense. These beings have lived for centuries and from there recent actions took great pleasure in causing destruction. So, it was only natural that they'd face some kind of justice. 'Don't show such weakness Kai. You told yourself you'd never feel weak again.' Kai berated himself internally at letting such a vulnerable side show, something he doesn't really like to show. "Yeah…you're right. Thanks…Senpai." That made Rias smile a little more.

"Do you need some time?" Akeno asked, still worried over the younger teen.

Kai soon stood and shook his head. "I'm good." Both knew he was still coming to terms with his actions but didn't say anything. He needed to figure it out himself. "Come on. Let's go save my little brother before he does something stupid…if he hasn't already." With that said, they made their way to the abandoned church.

It didn't take long to get to the church and see the doors slammed open. Didn't surprise the trio one bit. Before they could step through the doors, they soon heard Issei yell and saw the remaining Fallen Angel crash through the top of the church and land painfully on the ground before them.

'Not bad.' Kai thought to himself idly at the powerful blow his brother did. Shaking those thoughts away, he glared at the Fallen who started all this nonsense. "Guys." Rias and Akeno turned their attention to Kai. "Go inside the church. If I think what happened, happened, Ise will need some help. I need to have a chat with this bitch." They were about to say something but was stopped by the side glare the grey-haired youth sent them.

"…Alright. Just come in with the Fallen when you're done. Be careful." Rias nodded and warned the second year before walking into the church. Akeno trailed behind, giving Kai a concerned look before leveling a glare at the…disgusting thing on the ground, and caught up to her best friend.

Taking a deep breath, gathering himself, he heard the Fallen let out a groan. Kai let the Fallen slowly wake up. "Fuck…that damn pervert. I'll kill him." Raynare hissed in pain and utter anger. She had never felt so humiliated before. To be defeated by such a perverted loser. The Fallen was knocked from her thoughts when she heard the grass crunch near her. Whipping her head around, she barely got to wide her eyes when another fist lodged itself into her gorgeous, in her mind, face.

Kai let out a satisfied smirk at the pained yelp she gave as she tumbled across the ground a few feet before stopping. Again, he allowed the dark-haired woman to get to one knee before she looked up to see him. "YOU!? HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!?" The Fallen woman yelled in shock and furry. He should have been dealt with, drowning in a pool of his own blood by now!

"Like a couple of birdies are gonna keep me down." With a scoff and a shake of the head, Kai replied to the angered black-haired woman. "Next time, not that there will be, don't send the backup to take out a main character." He playfully chided the infuriated woman. "And I can see my little brother got a nice hit on you. Good for him. Shows that I'm doing something right by making him workout when I can." Kai praised himself and Issei.

"Fuck you! Just wait! After I'm done healing, I'll deal with that loser brother of yours, you, then those filthy devils! I will make the world recognize me as the strongest Fallen! Then Azazel-sama will love me!" She screeched with fanatic eyes. Around her fingers, a familiar green glow appeared.

The clearly deranged woman honestly made Kai nervous. He had heard about fanatics before but had never seen one before. The crazed devotion in her eyes was unnerving. Recognizing that glow, Kai knew he needed to stop it. Speeding over to the woman, he kicked her hands away from her wounds, before spinning with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Little bits of blood spewed from her lips as she was, once again, sent tumbling on the ground.

This time, he didn't let her get back up and quickly stomped on her back when she tried to get back up. "Not this time." Again, he playfully chided with a finger wage. "I ain't done talking yet." With that, his playful tone vanished. "Now, before I beat you up more, I got something to ask. Why did you kill my brother? Is it because of that Sacred Gear I've heard about these past couple days?" Kai asked his brother's killer.

Surprised at the question, she went with it as she saw it as her chance to distract the human long enough to heal before killing him. "That's right! If you should be angry at anyone, be angry at the God who gave your perverted brother that gear. But honestly, I think I did the world a favor by killing him. He was a useless piece of trash that would have been a stain to the world. If only that Gremory bitch had let him die! I wouldn't have to deal with this shit!" A crazed grin graced her face after her little rant and glanced up to see the teen's hair was covering his eyes. "But don't worry! I'll grant him the estemed honor of being killed again by a superior being!" Raynare didn't know she just fucked up…big time.

Once again, Kai felt truly angry. To hear another person mock his brother like that. Even going to say it was better if he died. Feeling the woman start to push him back, his head shot up, with his eyes glaring daggers at her.

Unknown to him, the same thing that happened to the Fallen he had fought earlier happened again. An image of a large snarling dog shadowed him, sharing the same glare pointed directly at the now scared Raynare. Her fear only grew when his fists glowed a bright white. "Wait!" Before another work slipped past her lips, Kai rammed his coated fist deep into her face.

Kai didn't care for what this…bitch had to say anymore. He was on her in a second and harshly stomped on her heaving chest. The youth didn't care for the blood that flew from her mouth and onto his face. Raising his leg up, barely noting the glow, he stomped again.

And again.

And again.

It wasn't until a firm hand grabbed his leg just inches away from smashing her chest in is when Kai saw colors other than red. Whipping his head around, he saw the shortest of the ORC staring at him. If one looked closely, you'd see fear in her eyes.

Koneko was honestly surprised her senpai was still alive. She knew Buchou and Akeno-senpai would show up and stopped the other Fallen she just didn't expect Kai to fight them off. Rias and Akeno had told her of his strength, and it amazed her and scared her. From how it sounded to her, it seemed her new senpai was using senjutsu…the power that frightened her to this day.

So, when she walked out to get the beaten Fallen Angel, her eyes widened when she saw Kai beating her into the ground. Large cracks impeded into the ground with each stomp. While she would usually let the Fallen Angel die, she knew Rias needed the [Sacred Gear] she stole.

The usually stoic silverette stopped Kai just in time from killing Raynare. When his eyes turned to her, she barely held the flinch. His eyes were filled with bloodlust and his pupils were slit. Her fear vanished when his eyes returned to normal. "…You can't Senpai." Koneko finally spoke.

"Why?" Kai gritted the question out. "She needs to die for what she did!" The grey-haired second year knew this crow must have killed Asia to get her [Sacred Gear] and he'd be damned if she didn't at least die for killing such an innocent soul.

"…And she won't. Buchou won't let that happen. But she needs to live for just a little bit longer." Koneko said as even she was angry for what happened to the nun, even though they were supposed to be enemies. No one deserved to die because of someone's greed.

The air was so dense you could cut a knife through it as the two stared at the other. Kai wanted to kill this woman so bad, but he could guess what the Tomato would do with what Koneko said. Debating with himself for a second, he roughly got out of her grasp and walked a few feet away before hitting the ground in anger. The slight tremor didn't phase Koneko as her golden eyes stared at Kai as he breathed heavy.

"…Fine. I'll be inside." Giving the passed out ravenette a hateful glare, he walked to the church to comfort his brother.

"Kai!" That hateful look was wiped away from the tearful voice of Issei. Looking up, he saw what he didn't want to see but expected. Asia was lying on a pew, hands folded on her chest…dead. Grey eyes turned to the crying Issei, idly noting his gauntlet changed to look more draconic with actual claws instead of a bracer. "I-I-I couldn't save her! She died! I'm so sorry!" Wailed the brunette, burying his face into his hands.

It was a sight that would bring sympathy from even the coldest of people. And the group stared at Issei with sadness at the pain he was facing.

Sighing, Kai walked over to Issei. Getting down to his level, he wrapped him in a hug. He didn't have to say anything as his brother in all but blood cried into his shirt. "It's fine, Ise. Rias-senpai has something in mind to help out Asia-chan." After a few minutes of letting his cry, Kai informed.

"Really!?" Pulling away from Kai, he looked at Rias with hope. With a second thought, he guessed how to save her and bowed low, head touching the floor. "Please! Please, Buchou! You have to bring her back! She didn't deserve to die like that! I'll do anything if you can reincarnate her! I know she is supposed to be our enemy, but she's not! She's my friend!" Issei begged tearfully.

Rias' eyes softened at the plea. She softly placed her hand on Issei's shoulder, pulling him up. "Silly boy. How could I possibly refuse such a request from my precious [Pawn]. Especially if he's trying to help a friend in need." That brought massive relief to Issei and Kai. "But we have to take care of something first."

"Buchou. I brought it." Through the broken church door came Koneko dragging the ragged Raynare's body. Issei's brown eyes widened at the state she was in. All he did was punch her in the face, making her fly into the church window. She should have some cuts, at most with a bruised cheek. He came to a realization quick and turned to his brother. Meeting his eyes, Issei knew his brother was the one who did it to the woman who had played with him. He felt conflicted, but he knew his brother did it because he loved him. After a moment, a small smile reached his face, which was reciprocated by Kai.

Kai was kind of nervous of Issei's reaction. Sure, she killed him, but this person was his brother's first date, and the guy wore his heart on his sleeve. But he took comfort in the fact Issei wasn't mad at him.

"Thank you, Koneko. Akeno. Let's wake up our quest." Rias asked politely.

"Yes." Raising her hand up, a magical circle appeared over the down Raynare before water splashed all over her bruised form. Coughs soon escaped her pained throat and slowly woke up to something she didn't want to see. Devils looking down at her.

"How are you doing, Fallen Angel Raynare. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person." Rias said with fake sweetness at the Fallen who had been causing trouble in town.

"Gremory? You've got to be kidding me." Raynare easily recognized the hair color and felt some fear run down her spine. The fear increased when she spotted the human who had almost crushed her outside.

"As you guessed, I am a Gremory. Rias Gremory in fact. I'm the next heir to the House of Gremory." Raynare just glared at the Devil and sneered at her, regaining confidence…for some reason.

"You think you got me, but you haven't. This plan was kept secret from the higher ups, but I also have other Fallen Angels with me. Even if what that boy said was true, I've still got two more coming if I get into danger-"

Before she would 'boast' anymore, Rias took out three black feathers and let them drop in front of the distraught woman. "I'm sorry, but they would be dead now. We eliminated the remaining Fallen Angels after Kai-san. We blasted them away." Rias revealed, shocking the woman and Issei, as he could only guess what his brother had done. Again, his eyes went to his brother, who gave a solemn nod.

What she said and how she said it reached Issei's mind. "Blasted away?" He questioned.

"Buchou is known as the 'Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess'. Her family power allows her to destroy anyone when she blasts them." Kiba explained to the duo on who Rias is to the Underworld.

"I never knew I was serving someone so awesome…" Issei was amazed at the power his new master held.

"Kind of long winded but decent name." Kai mused to himself, getting a little giggle from Akeno.

"Why would the Gremory heiress so something like this?" Raynare asked after getting her voice back.

Smirking a little, the redhead explained herself. "You see, when Ise was attacked, me and my comrades knew there was something going on in town and did some investigating. Once we knew what you were up to, we decided to step in before you caused more trouble in town." Rias then glanced over at Issei, specifically his arm. "Amazing. The Red Dragon. I didn't expect this to happen. It also explains why Issei was targeted." She whispered, her eyes widened at the power Issei can hold in time.

"Fucking brat…" Raynare cursed the brunette, having barely caught Rias but knew it was something important with her eyes widened.

"I had heard you call his Sacred Gear a mere Twice Critical earlier, correct? You couldn't have been more mistaken." Her words made Raynare raise her eyebrow in confusion. "The Red Dragon. The boy you played with, Issei Hyoudo, holds a much greater power. It's famously known to double its holder's power every ten seconds; allowing any who master it to possess power that can surpass even the four Maou or even a God for a short period of time. It's name is [Boosted Gear] the Longinus that hold the Welsh Dragon Ddraig." She revealed, surprising all.

"Damn…" Both Hyoudo brothers whispered in awe at the ability his gauntlet held. It was also a little frightening for Issei to hold so much power in time but was shaken from it by Kai placing his hand on his shoulder, reassuring him that he'd have his back.

"Even though it's powerful, it's not invincible as it takes time to build up that power. Had you not underestimated Issei, and Yuuto and Koneko not being here, you would have won. But that isn't the reality we live in. Die, Fallen Angel." Rias stared down at Raynare, her signature power beginning to surround her hand before utter contempt filled her face as she turned herself back into Yuuma Amano.

"Issei-kun! Help me! I said those mean thing, but I had no choice!" Raynare pleaded in the sweet tone of Yuuma.

"Yuuma-chan…" For a split second Issei was lost. It didn't take long to regain his senses when he heard his brother growl in anger.

"Look, I still have this! It's proof of what I said!" She held up her hand, showing the pink frilly wristband Issei had bought her on the date. "You remember this, right? You bought it for me! You have to help me! This Devil and your brother had tried to kill me! If we are together, we can beat them!" She forced out tears. Rayanre was desperate as hell right now. She'd do anything to make it out of this situation right now.

Kai was seconds away from rushing past Rias and going for the kill himself. This…bitch has the audacity to turn back into the persona that made Issei fall for to sway him and stop from being killed. Just as he was about to break the Fallen, Issei held up his hand, stopping him. "You are so…Buchou, please." Issei begged, not being able to look at Raynare anymore. To think she would even try to make it seem like his brother, who always had his back, look like the enemy angered him.

With the desperate attempt to seduce Issei to help her having failed, horror filled her face. Rias approached the Fallen Angel with a dangerous look on her face and the destructive aura flaring wildly around her form. She was furious with the attempt to seduce her servant's feelings like that. She wouldn't leave this church alive; she'd make sure of it.

Just before she could unleash all hell on her, a familiar crazed voice rang through the church. "Me, here." Above then stood the crazed white-haired priest himself; Freed Zeelzan. He looked a little beaten up from the battle he had with Kiba and Koneko but could still flee when needed. "Wow! My superior is in serious danger! So, what's gonna happen now!?" Seeing the situation, Freed asked.

Seeing this as her last chance, she reached out to the mad-man. "Save me! If you save m, I'll give you anything you want!"

While tempting offer to the man, a sadistic smile graced his face. "While the thought of fucking that body of yours is delightful, I don't need a superior who loses to such trashy Devils. So, just die already. Hey, seeing as you're a Fallen, when you die, do you go to Heaven or Hell? Or do you go back to being nothing? Oh well, not really my problem anymore." With that crazed rant over, his red eyes searched among the guarded group.

Kai and Issei made a disgusted face when a lustful grin was on Freed's face as he looked at them. "Ise-kun and Kai-kun. You two have such wonderful abilities. You two have my interest now. It's that wonderful for you? Both of you are truly worthy of killing. I can't wait to kill the two of you. Be prepared next time. Hopefully we can have a three-way fight to the death. Won't that be fun?" disgusted chills ran down their spines at the man. "Bye-bye! Make sure to brush your teeth and not die before I chop you up!" With that, he slammed a flashbang on the ground, covering his escape. Crazy as he was, he knew a losing battle and he still wanted to kill lots more heathens.

"Ooookay. Fuck that guy." After a long string of awkward silence, Kai spoke. "Since he's gone, can you finish this off, Tomato-senpai? I'm sick of looking at this bitch." He asked Rias, leveling the broken ravenette with a baleful glare.

"Gladly. Die." Raising her hand at the woman, she unleashed all her anger at Raynare. She couldn't even let out a scream of pain as she just vanished from existence.

When Issei and Kai opened there eyes, having been blinded by the flash of crimson energy, they saw only black feathers surrounding a bright green light that lightly levitated in the air. Gently plucking it out of the air, she turned to the brothers' with a soft smile. "Let's give this back to the rightful owner, shall we?"

When all was said and done, Rias reincarnated the blonde nun to become her [Bishop]. The group waited patiently for the girl to wake. Her eyes fluttered lightly before opening, showing those innocent eyes thought never to be opened again.

"Huh?" Confused, as she thought she had passed on, Asia looked around before spotting the familiar brunette and grey-haired teens. "Ise-san? Kai-san?" The former human let out a surprised squeak when the two enveloped her in a hug.

"Welcome back, Asia." Issei and Kai said at the same time, holding the girl for dear life. It was a scene that even made Koneko crack a small smile.

Ending the hug, Kai dried his tears and let out a teary chuckle. "Well, all's well that ends well. We beat the bad guy, saved the girl, and even got a new enemy. Seems like a great way to end the night." Not being able to help himself, the adopted youth brought some levity to the situation.

"…You're so lame." Koneko berated, even though she was smiling slightly.

Flipping the girl off, he turned to Asia with a soft smile. "Let's get you out of here and head home." With that, the situation had ended with a high note as the group slowly left the church in the rearview mirror.


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