Girls Und Panzer: Lion from the North

Chapter 1: Lionesses (Gustavus Adolphus School of Armored Sporting)

We in the Euro League take pride in the fact that we're different. We use different tanks, different tactics, and pride ourselves for giving tanks that weren't given a baptism in fire a chance to rule a new battlefield. Where I'm from we have fields, we have mountains, and we have forests. Perfect places for tanks. I'm Karin Falk. I welcome you all to Sweden

I'm the commander of 'Team Draken' at the Gustavus Adolphus School of Armored Sporting, but I don't command a tank all by myself. I have a crew, and I could never ask for a better trio of young ladies. Maria Nilsson is the Gunner, Eva Ansell the Loader, and Olivia Magnusson the Driver. Our tank of choice at our school is a medium tank: the Lansen C.

"Another day with the handsome devil" I thought,

This tank was developed by Landsverk at around 1950. Sadly, the wooden prototype of this tank is gone, but the Swedish Military did find the plans in the archives after the Euro League was formed, and 'POOF!' our school was established to teach young ladies like us on how to operate tanks. The Lancen C became very popular because it's a hunter-killer

Where some schools have both light, medium, and heavy tanks plus tank destroyers, we Swedish felt we can have one tank that can do it all. The Lansen C weighs 25 tons. She is armed with a 10.5 cm K L/53 gun. She is light, and she is fast. When we began competing, the Russians were the first to laugh at the little tank. They're not laughing anymore

"Hey, that looks lovely," I said to Olivia

"Thanks, I wanted to redo the paintwork on our tank," said Olivia painting an old Viking-style dragon on the side of the turret. Like me, Olivia is a blond. I go for the Trinity-style slicked back hair with one bang in front like an ear of corn. Olivia has hers tied back in a smooth ponytail. I have brown eyes, and she has blue eyes. She is a very talented artist

This tank is as dark grey as the steel on a Viking sword. I grinned as I saw Olivia happily painting away with her paint set beside her, "Carry on," I said, getting a nod from her. This tank has seen it's fair share of competition. Our crew has made it to the final four times in this tank. We won a championship trophy for our school. That was two years ago

"We can do it, I know we can" I motivated myself mentally

Since then, we have lost twice in the semi-finals to the Americans, and the Dutch. We have made two finals appearances only to be sent home by the Russians and Germans. In defeat, we made rivals and friendships with those teams. To the Americans, our tank is called 'The Valkyrie'. To those Russians, French, and Germans, it's called 'The White Fox'.

Where we have the 'Fox', another school, the Östergötland Girls Academy for Armored Sporting, has the 'Wolf'. The 'White Wolf' is the EMIL 1. I heard footsteps coming toward the tank, and saw the bounce in her fluffy brown curls. It's Eva coming back from lunch, "Well, you all certainly took your time," I teased, a few giggles came from Eva and Maria

"Come on, it's bruna bönor med fläsk," said Eva

"Yeah, and the dean stopped us in the hall," said Maria

"What did she say?" I asked the gunner curiously,

My nickname among my tank crew is Karin 'Dagger Eyes' because I have sharp-looking eyes. If you get to know me like they do, I'm actually a very nice person, and my crew knows me as the 'hugging' type when it comes to greetings or good news given. Eva shrugged, "All she said was if you have time in the afternoon today, she wants to talk to us"

"Alright, let's see to that," I said, thinking I will have lunch after I talk to her. The uniform is a blue-grey top and skirt with brass buttons, dark blue panty hose, and black shoes. Commanders like me have the Pattern 1893 sword, and our rank on our shoulder patches and on our black berets. Just like in the Army, the black beret means armored divisions

"I wonder what she wants to see us for?" I pondered

My crew and I are around 5'7 and a good 150lbs. The dean of our school is a big blond 'teddy bear' named Jenni Crona. With my sword at my side, and our uniforms presentable to her standards, my crew and I entered her office. Jenni is 5'10 and 170lbs. She looks like an older version of Olivia, but wears round wire-frame glasses, "Attention!" I ordered,

"At ease," she replied and we followed, "good to see you young ladies, now I have called you all hear today because I have good news, your crew, along with Team Griffon, have been chosen to compete in an upcoming competition in Japan, you will be joined by two teams from the Östergötland Girls Academy, I figured you all can use some heavy tanks"

"Permission to speak?" I asked the dean of our school

"What's on your mind, Commander Falk?" Jenni asked,

"This isn't going to work, seeing how the Japanese are,"

"I had the same feeling, but I feel like it's time we put all our differences aside, the League still putting the thought up in the air to have the Japanese come to Europe, so right now the League Office in Paris is leaning toward having us going to Japan," said our dean, "until then, I will keep you and Team Griffon posted on any developments...dismissed"