Girls Und Panzer: Lion from the North

Chapter 2: School Curriculum (Part 1)

Because we cannot drive our tanks around Stockholm without creating unwanted attention and noise, the Euro League set up our school in Mora, Sweden. Yes, it's the very same city where the famous knives are from for you outdoorsmen out there. Our school is quite modern. Olivia says the architect might have taken a bit of influence from Guggenheim

The teachers and instructors at our school teach all us the required classes, but also added classes such as tank operation and mechanics, and outdoor education class. I'm good at english and mathematics, but not so much at science. Don't worry, I have not burned down the chemistry lab. I'm not too bad. My crew and I enjoy outdoor education classes

"Hey, it's our turn tomorrow," said Maria

"Be sure to get your packs ready for tomorrow morning, and get the ration packs from the school store," I said to my crew as I look out for them. They saluted me, and went on their way to prepare. I got my pack with rolled up a sleeping bag and blanket. My M1893 cavalry sword is replaced with a Marttiini Silver Carbinox with a ferro rod on the sheath

At my dorm room, "Let's see...mess kit, sleeping bag, blankets, knife, ferro rod, let's see what we got for rations," I checked my backpack, and pulled out one of the 24hr ration packs. They are the same rations used by the Swedish Military. It looks like everything is in date, and Carbonara Pasta too. That sounds lovely. I placed my backpack by my desk

Then I remembered, "Oh yes, flashlight,"

I took both the battery powered flashlight and a hand crank flashlight for the side pockets on my backpack. I also remembered my canteen flask. With everything set, I went to bed that night. The next morning after a shower, I met up with my crew in the lunchroom. They all looked as prepared as possible, "Alright, so who's bringing the tent?" I asked,

"I am," said Eva, bringing a Tetragon NX4 tent kit. This is how the outdoor education class works. It's divided up into four days. The first day is instruction and introduction. The second day involves something going wrong with the tank, and fixing it. The third is driving, and target practice. The fourth is our rest day. All while roughing it in the wilderness

This class is overseen by our dean, "Ready, ladies?"

"Yes, ma'm," we replied, and saluted her. A team is chosen at random each month to take part in this required course. The first mistake one will make is thinking that it's easy. It's not, trust me. The first part of the instruction and introduction class involves you and the crew hiking to the spot. Often times the hike can be around 4.8km or slightly more.

The outdoor class is designed for teaching a very important lesson to crews: 'anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, you have to be prepared to fix it'. Ms. Crona will lead us deep into the woods on the trails, "Hello, Team Draken, welcome to your outdoor education seminar, or class, however you want to call it, the first day will focus on edible plants"

"So we're going out to pick mushrooms?" asked Eva

"Well, more than that, there's more to be found in the woods," said Ms. Crona, and led us away from our tank, and away from the main school building. Down the trails into the woods we went while carrying our packs on our backs. Ms. Crona showed us how to find edible berries in the woods, and mushrooms which are edible, and which are poisonous.

Ms. Crona made the hike more enjoyable, but aching ankles weren't easy to ignore, "Come on, ladies, move it! You're one of the best teams at this school! My grandmother can hike this trail better than you and she's in a retirement home with dementia!" she barked, looking back at us as we were getting tired. We soon made it to our spot in the woods.

"Is anyone getting hungry yet?" asked Maria,

"We can eat when we get back to the school," I reassured her, we followed Ms. Crona back to the school. Tired and hungry myself, I sat down agains the tracks of the tank, and held my ankle to roll my feet, hearing little cracking noises. My crew had their own means of stretching out. With all that done, we went to the lunchroom to eat. It was Renskav.

A nice wholesome meal before we are to go into the wilderness. If you're wondering how I'm allowed to carry a knife, let alone a sword, in school? Well, students have a 'school store' not far down the hall by the dean's office. First off, the Model 1893 cavalry sword is given to a student that has earned the rank of commander of a tank crew by the dean.

"Hey, that's a nice knife, is it new?" asked Olivia

"Oh no, I've had this since the beginning of the semester, really good for feather sticks," I replied, at our 'school store', you can buy all your items for being outdoors and for the crew. There are tents, blankets, snacks, sweets, tools, and even bushcraft knives which are kept under glass. You will need permission from the dean before you can buy a knife.

That means filling out an application form, giving it to the dean, and waiting about a day for it to be processed before you can have a knife. Another school rule is that tools like picks, shovels, and axes cannot be carried around the school building and must be kept on the tank. We have never had an instance of school violence. This is a very safe school.