Hey guys… I'll just say this off the bat; This is not a chapter. Even worse, I don't think there will be any more content published for this story. As I said at the beginning, the only reason this story was put to paper in the first place is my muse wouldn't shut up about it until I did. And well, my muse has since been satisfied.

There were many, many mistakes that went into this story. Chief among them is that I had essentially no long-term plans for where it would go… ever. Direction was pretty much decided when I sat down to write a chapter, without much regard for an over arching story (which is mildly important). Coupled with the fact that I've never actually seen the source material in any depth, this was really never going to go anywhere in the first place.

It still astounds me that nearly 200 people follow this story, and it's because of that number of people invested in it that I feel the need to explain myself a bit here. I still see people follow and favorite from time to time, and I don't want to lead any of you on any further.

If by some miracle one of you fine bastards want to adopt this story, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to talk about what few ideas I do still have kicking around in my head and provide the original documents for each chapter. Also, as a final gift to you all I've included the outline I came up with for what would have been chapter five almost six months ago. Let me tell you, that AU didn't age well for many reasons, but I'll let it stand for history's sake.

Thank you all for the support you gave me while I was actively writing this story. Reading reviews, both positive and constructively negative legitimately was an amazing feeling. I won't mark this completed, because there is a one in a million chance I'll work on this again someday, but I'll compromise on [Permanent Hiatus] instead. I'm sorry I couldn't see this through to a satisfying end, and I hope you can forgive me.

On a final note, if you ever feel the urge to write, just do it. You never know how it will work out until you try it. I had some great fun working on this and I feel everyone should try putting an idea to paper at least once. Thank you for everything and keep reading.


Invisible Man Chapter Five Outline

-Rias Gives Issei Evil pieces Koneko POV

-Enters behind Akeno, Frantic

-Thinking it will only be one pawn piece, Rias decides to resurrect Issei.


-Ok, we thought he had a sacred gear, it makes sense he'd be worth more than one pawn.

-Wow, his sacred gear must be pretty powerful (excited)

-How strong is this guy, taking me six pieces?

-Scared that she's too weak to properly resurrect Issei.

-Relief when the eight piece finally takes and Issei turns.

-Issei is resurrected and turned, but he still isn't completely stable.

-Needs healing, of the body contact sort Rias gives him in canon.

-Rias needs to talk to sona about what happened ASAP, about both the fallen attacking people and resurrecting Issei, so she can't be the one to do it this time around.

-Pawns it off onto Koneko, not wanting Issei's first experience with her people to be with the sadist.

-Koneko initially rejects, strongly, citing Issei as a pervert.

-Rias explains she would do it herself, but she must deal with sona immediately, and contact people in the underworld, and issei's healing can't be delayed that long.

-Koneko begrudgingly accepts, with alt-personality episode.

-Rias puts Issei and Koneko into bed together Koneko POV.

-Teleport into Issei's room

-Koneko 'remembers/always knew' how bland it is

-Rias remarks how dull it is in issei's room

-Rias does some hypnosis on the parents to make them think things are normal

-Rias explains the requirements.

-Continuous skin to skin contact

-Minimal obstruction

-Issei keeps boxers.

-Koneko keeps bra and panties.

-Koneko asks if she can restrain Issei

-Rias tells her she can do whatever she wants to keep her comfortable

-Cut scene.

-Issei wakes up Issei POV

-Doesn't initially realize anything happened

-Thinks the previous day didn't happen

-Thinks it was all a dream

-Stabbing chest pain and massive headache tells him that no, it wasn't

-"Huh, my pillow feels really warm today…'

-And it has arms…And legs

-Looks down to find Koneko in bed with him

-In his tiredness, he only registers who it is, not her undress

-Freezes, no knowing what to do when waking up in bed with someone he's never so much as spoken to

-That he also really wants to have a meaningful relationship with.

-Decides to just stay still and enjoy it while it lasts (doesn't realize he's mostly naked yet)

-Tries to adjust… realizes he's tied up, unable to move his arms or legs from his current position.

-Arms around her, wrists tied. Legs tied.

-Koneko, staring to stir, brushes her hair against issei's chest, making him realize that he's not wearing a shirt like he normally does to sleep, but he at least still has his boxers.

-Also realizes that Koneko is mostly naked as well, gets instantly more embarrassed.

-As Koneko rouses, Issei Looks away pointedly.

-"Good morning?" Issei tries to be polite.

-Not yet fully awake or fully realizing her current position, Koneko snuggles closer into issei, before finally remembering what's going on.

-Tries to get away, but because of the ties, she is also trapped with issei until she undoes them.


-Issei is distraught and deflates at Koneko's barb, but pushes on:

-"Look, I know this looks bad for me, but I seriously have no idea what's going on right now. I don't know how or why I'm in bed with you, how I got home last night, or…. Fuck… I don't even know how I'm alive right now.

-Issei starts breaking down before he catches himself.

-"I… I have a lot of questions right now, I don't suppose you have any answers? You're… you're a devil, right, you must know more than me about how I could…. Come back to life…. After dying….

-Secondary breakdown realizing that he died… and was almost OK with it last chapter

-"Later" – Koneko with her typical terse reply, drawing Issei back out of his meltdown

-"Can you at least tell me why I'm tied up right now? … or why we're mostly naked…

-Sheepish, blush

-"To keep you still, pervert"

-"Now that I'm awake, can you take them off? (I've got to go to the bathroom…."

-Koneko removes ropes cautiously, Issei is a bit hurt that she seems like she thinks he would take advantage of her

-Issei goes to the bathroom, dresses

-Koneko dresses

-Issei comes back to his room to find Koneko preparing a magic circle

-Tells him that it's time to go talk to 'Buchou', and he will get his answers.

-Chapter ends with Issei stepping into circle.

AN Draft

If there is one thing I would go back and change about the previous chapters, it would definitely be eliminating most of the perspectives other than those of Issei and Koneko. Really takes away from the core of the story if 70% of what's going on isn't one of those two, I feel. So, from now on, I'll try my hardest to just limit it to Issei and Koneko as POV characters, unless I really can't find a way to progress the story otherwise. That will be a last dich resort though from now on.

Also, woo, first year of university is done and over with…. Which would normally mean that I'd be free to write more over the next few months. However… I took on a pretty time-consuming internship for this summer, so I really wouldn't be surprised if I put out less in the next three months than I used to. Really, just don't be surprised if there's no spike in productivity on this front even though it's summer is all I'm saying.