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For Cas, one of the few good things about losing his "angel mojo" was the taste of food. Eventually, Dean realized Castiel liked pie. Dean then insisted they take a 3-hour road trip to a diner that had a blueberry pie that was, in his words, "better than sex.", He must have meant it, judging by the pleasure moans coming from Dean that reminded him of the Pizzaman. It was delicious but not worthy of sound effects. It also wasn't worth dying for, as he had to remind Dean after he gave him the Heimlich maneuver.

"You're lucky Sam taught me that when he showed me first-aid. Now slow down and chew! I organized a siege and rescued you from hell. I managed to keep you and your brother alive through multiple near apocalypses; I stayed away from you in purgatory to keep you safe, then protected you once you found me, and have healed you more times than I can count. You will not die on me due to gobbling down a pastry!" Why did he appoint himself the guardian – no – longer- an angel- of 2 people who seemed to keep finding new ways to almost get themselves killed.

Dean at least had the decency to look sheepish. "Sorry, Cas, it's just too good."