Chapter 1

"We're blown, get them out…Now Eliot…." Nate said turning to his Hitter who turned and shouted at the others.

"Dammit run…" Eliot shouted.

They all turned and headed for the exit with Nate bring up the rear as Eliot urged Sophie on and Parker and Hardison took the lead, as they exited there was an explosion and a powerful hot rush of air threw them to the ground. A second or two later Eliot sat up and looked around, Parker and Hardison were also sitting up with Sophie pushing herself into a sitting position but looking slightly dazed. Eliot turned around and looked back at the building which still burnt and smouldered and his eyes fell on the prone figure of Nate who lay sprawled out a short distance away. He quickly got to his feet and moved to the Mastermind's side.

"Nate…Nate…" He said as he turned to the man over onto his back.

"Nate…" Sophie said as she joined Eliot at his side.

Nate's eyes flickered open and for a moment he had no idea where he was or what was happening. Then he looked up and into the faces of a man and a woman who he did not recognise, his head hurt as did his whole body and he started to panic.

"Nate, it's ok." Eliot said seeing the panic in the man's eyes and thought it was due to concern for his wife and team. "We are all alright but we need to get out of here." He said taking his arm and helping him to sit up.

"Who…who are you…what happened, what did you do?" He asked as he sat up and looked at the destroyed building in front of him and then back to them. Just then a Parker and Hardison appeared with Parker leaning in to look closer at him and he recoiled.

"Nate…" Sophie said putting her hand on his arm and he immediately pulled away from her.

"Who are you people?" He asked then pushed himself up with great effort and moved away from them. "Why did you do this…what did you do?"

Eliot looked at him and realised like the others that Nate must have taken a hard hit to the head and he did not recognise them.

"We have to get out of here." Eliot said stepping towards the man who immediately moved backwards and away from him.

"Nate please." Sophie said looking at him with concern.

"I don't know who you people are or what you want." Nate said as he moved further backwards away from them he was now scared, he did not know who these people were and he could not understand what was going on, there had been an explosion that was obvious but had they set it and why, whose house was it that had just gone up in smoke, was it his and if it was had these people done that? Were they trying to kill him? He could hear the sirens indicating that the authorities were on their way and backed further away, he had to hold them off until the police could get there he thought as he watched the two other people in the group approach.

"We have to go." Parker said and Nate looked at the woman and frowned, she held a taser in her hand and looked ready to use it with a wild look on her face.

"Nate…" Eliot said as he stepped forward again with Nate moving backwards at the same time, then he moved swiftly catching the Mastermind unawares and grabbed him. "We have to go." He said as Nate fought his hold trying to get loose. Then his body stiffened as Parker applied the taser before he became limp in the Hitter's arms. He picked him up and they all moved swiftly to the van and as soon as they were all in Parker gunned the motor and sped away.

It took them twenty minutes to make it back to the house they had been staying in while doing the job and Eliot carried Nate's still unconscious form into the house and to his bedroom, laying him down on the bed. Then he set about checking for any external injuries but apart from a few scrapes and cuts there was nothing.

"Eliot?" Sophie asked as she stood and watched the Hitter work.

"I don't know Sophie, I think he took quite a knock to the head and he has …I don't know amnesia or something, he doesn't remember, and he don't know us."

"Yes I saw that." Sophie said a hint of sarcasm in her tone as she hid the fear she was feeling. That had been clear at the house, but what did they do now.

"He's going to be out for a while, with the effects from the explosion and then the taser." Eliot said as he pulled the blanket up and over the Mastermind.

Then he left the room leaving Sophie alone with the unconscious man.

"Oh Nate…" Sophie said taking a seat beside the man on the bed. "It's going to be fine." She said as she ran her hand through his hair. "We'll figure it out."

Then she sat for a few minutes watching him, they had been married for almost a year now and were supposed to be out of Leverage Inc, but Parker had asked for Nate's help with this mark and Nate had agreed because he could never not answer a call from them. He had helped them out on a few jobs, but she had not been involved in any of them, this time she was because Tara was not available, and they needed a Grifter. Nate had not wanted her to come with, but she had insisted, she had missed the game if she was honest and although running the theatre was great, she had enjoyed playing the part and it had all been going well, until it wasn't any more.

"He's onto us." Eliot said as they all took a seat around the table.

"Ya think?" Hardison said shaking his head. "He nearly killed us man."

Sophie sighed and shook her head, this had been a bad job from the beginning and now it was getting worse, more than that they had an injured Nate, and she was not sure how they were going to proceed.

"He knew we would go to that house it was a set-up." Parker stated.

"Well he knew Nate would, not sure about us." Eliot said nodding his head, the mark had obviously worked it out and was on to them and had tried to take them out. He was not sure what to do now, they needed Nate.

"Why was he behaving like that?" Parker said looking towards the room they had put Nate in. She was feeling bad that she had had to taser him and she was worried about him.

"He took a knock to the head Parker he was closer to the explosion than the rest of us." Eliot told her. "There doesn't seem to be any other damage though."

"So we are blown, and he knows us, and he'll be looking for us, what do we do now?" Hardison asked.

"Stay low until we can figure this out, we don't know he is on to all of us, or just Nate." Eliot said, they had taken this mark on despite the danger and despite him having told them it was a bad idea, but Nate was Nate and he had invested himself in the case, so they had all gone along and now they were in a pickle.

"Yes well let's just stay low like Eliot said, we need some time to come up with a new plan." Sophie said.

"We need Nate." Hardison said looking at her.

"Yes well Hardison we will have to just wait and see what happens when he wakes up." Sophie said with a sigh.

Nate woke in the early hours of the morning tentatively opening his eyes as he lay in the bed covered by a heavy blanket and he felt the presence of somebody beside him. His whole body hurt, and he had a headache from hell. He ran his hand over his face closing his eyes as he tried to comprehend what was happening. Pushing himself up in the bed he looked around not recognising anything about the room he was in, the presence beside him was the black hair woman from before but he still did not recognise her, and the panic started to rise in him again. Then he remembered the destroyed house, the four people who were there and the young blonde who had tasered him. He closed his eyes trying to remember anything more, but he couldn't, he could not even remember his name let alone what had happened. They had called him Nate, so that must be his name, but he did not know theirs or why they had blown up that house or why they had brought him here, wherever here was. He looked around the room noting that the door was closed. Standing from the bed as quietly as possible so as not to wake the sleeping woman, he took a second to regain his balance as a wave of dizziness washed over him and then quietly he made his way to the door and tried the handle. It was not locked, and he frowned slightly. He stood at the door listening for any sound but heard nothing. As quietly as he could he opened the door and peered out into the corridor. It was dark and quiet, so he stepped out and padded his way down the corridor to the open living room and kitchen. He saw a man half sitting half lying on one of the chairs in the living room and recognised him as the one who had restrained him before. Scanning the room he could not see any sign of the other three people and he retreated to the room closing the door. He needed to get out of there he thought to himself and looked around the room his eyes finding his clothes which hung over the back of a chair in the corner, with his shoes laid out beneath the chair. He moved over and quickly dressed himself before moving into the bathroom and standing in front of the basin. Looking into the mirror in the dim light he stared at his reflection trying to remember who he was but after a short while just shook his head and turned on the tap before splashing his face with cold water. Then he quietly moved to the door again opening it and stepping out trying to be as quiet as possible. He moved into the living room and stood staring at the seemingly sleeping man in the chair. He needed to get past him to get out of the house. He looked around for anything he could use as a weapon should the man awake and moved silently into the kitchen grabbing a kitchen knife. Then he took a deep breath and held it as he moved passed the man as quietly as possible ready for anything to happen.

Just as he reached the door Eliot came awake and sat up staring at him.

"Nate what are you doing…?" He asked and the Mastermind turned to face him knife at the ready.

"Stay away from me." He said softly as he waved the knife at Eliot while he tried to open the door with his other hand. "Just stay where you are." He said again trying to sound as menacing as possible.

"Nate I am not going to hurt you." Eliot said as he stood which caused the man in question to start to panic as he turned and pulled the door open grabbing the keys as he did and stepping outside closing the door again before Eliot could get to it. He quickly locked the door and then without waiting he ran out on the street and out of the driveway of the house heading down the street trying to get as far from the house as possible before they started after him.