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Author's Note: I started replaying the first Nier and talked to Devola in the tavern. The first thing she said is, "Wanna let a girl buy ya a drink?", which is why I chose that as the title. This FanFic is my take of a "what if'' situation, as in, what if Nier actually did let Devola buy him a drink?

You better believe this is going to have some citrus in it. So, yes, it's a lemon. ;) So enjoy, and thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a review and some constructive criticism, if needed. Thank you in advance!

It was a long day filled with much sweat. Nier had just finished traveling back-and-forth between the fishing town, Seafront, and his own village. It was exhausting, but he had no choice, nor would he complain about it. He spent all of his time, from the moment that he awoke to his laying down to rest, all striving and working his fingers to the bones for his beloved daughter, Yonah.

Yonah was Nier's world, and he would do everything and anything to protect his little girl and care for her needs, especially whatever could possibly help or maybe even cure her of the dreadful disease, the Black Scrawl, that plagued her.

He pushed open the door to the tavern, and stepped inside. It was dimly lit, and just about everything inside was made of wood. To his left was the bar, which had the bartender and two customers all chatting together, sharing a laugh. He wore his normally gruff expression, but he smiled inwardly at the peacefulness of it. Then, the harmonic singing and stringed music that was being played on the bar's stage caught Nier's attention.

He looked forward, and to no surprise, he saw Devola softly projecting her soul into her music. After watching her for a moment, Nier strode over to the bar and took a seat on one of the tall wooden stools. He zoned out as he watched the crimson-haired woman, getting caught up in her melody and letting the lyrics flow into himself.

He became lost in his own little world, letting her song wash over him.

"Hey!" A woman's voice pierced his thoughts in what seemed to be seconds later.

His face shot up, and he looked to his side, where he saw Devola looking at him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Wow. I thought you were going to ignore me until I walked away."

"Oh! Devola... Sorry about that. I must've spaced out for a moment."

"Mhmm. Sure." She teased with a playful wink.

"I'm serious!" The silver-haired man shot back, causing her to laugh.

"You're always serious. You know you can chill out, right?" The lithe woman said as she rested her hands on her hips.

"Chill out? What does that even mean?" He raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head with a light chuckle. "Oh, nevermind it." Devola dismissed before waving over the bartender. "Hey, can I have one of the strongest fruity drinks that you have? I feel like trying something new."

"Coming right up, ma'am." He replied.

Nier's eyes got wide. "Um. Devola… Are you sure that's a good idea?"

She narrowed her eyes at him and wore a questioning look. "What do you mean?"

His eyes widened once more and he turned his gaze to the bottles of liquor behind the bar, in an attempt to feel less of the heat from her assuming glare.

"I'm waiting…." She insisted, whilst putting her hands back on her hips, this time in an annoyed manner, and cocked her head to the side.

Nier gruffly chuckled before nervously replying. "Well, I mean… You know how you were when you drank before."

As he finished his sentence, the bartender sat a tall glass of some type of dark blue drink with a melon slice on the rim onto the counter and slid it over to the angelic looking woman that was currently looking at her friend with the fiery eyes that rivaled those of a demon, that could potentially even scare away a Shade.

"Oh? How was I?"

After a moment of hesitation, he worked up the courage to respond. "You're… extra friendly." Nier nodded after speaking, as if agreeing with himself on his choice of words.

A mischievous smirk crept onto Devola's face before giggling. "So, that's what you meant?"

"Yeah. That could be dangerous. You wouldn't want some creep taking advantage of you, would you?" The big, muscular man asked sternly.

Devola couldn't help herself. She started chuckling and tried to fight it by placing her hand over her mouth. "Well, no. I can't say that I want a "creep" coming onto me." She stilled her laughter after working through a few more small giggles, then adjusted her hair with her fingers. "No creeps wanted."

Nier raised an eyebrow and looked back down at her drink. It had dew running down the sides of it, and he could hear and see the ice cubes gently bumping into each other as the counter got shook by other villagers walking by. The slice of melon had it's juice trickling into and down the side of the glass, as well. The deep blue color made it look even more tantalizing. He imagined it had to at least have a couple of types of berries in it.

The crimson haired woman caught him eyeing it, and grinned inwardly before snapping him out of his trance, yet again.

"Wanna let a girl buy ya a drink?"

"What? It's the middle of the day." He looked at her like she was crazy. "You shouldn't drink so early either. Maybe even not at all."

"Oh, come on. You really just need a day to breathe and lighten up, Nier. I know that you have a lot on your plate, but that's exactly why you need to throw one back every now and again."


He was taken aback by her words, knowing Devola was making sense. At least a little bit.

"Bartender! We need another one of these, please!" She called out, not waiting for an actual reply.

"Hey, I never said I wanted one!"

"You never said that you didn't either." She retorted, to which he just huffed. "Besides, you were looking at this drink like it was the first bit of water that you've seen after traveling through the desert for weeks!" She carefully waved the glass back-and-forth in front of him, causing him to eye it once again, as the tempting fluid waved to-and-fro.

Before he could argue any further, the bartender walked up and sat down another dark blue drink in front of Devola, who then slid it over to Nier.

"Drink up." Her voice was demanding, yet showed soft concern.

He looked at it, then at her, then back to the drink. Hesitantly, he reached out his hand and pulled it down the bar to him and took a sniff of the tasty looking beverage.

It smelled very fruity, but the alcohol was evident. Not overpowering, but he could tell it was there. Though, it's faintness made him feel more at ease about drinking it. The sweet scent definitely helped coax him into indulging as well.

With a short gruff, he took a large swig of it, expecting it to taste awful, despite it's sweet aroma. But to his surprise, it was downright delicious. Nier had never had such a flavorful booze in his life! It tasted even better than it looked!

The redhead grinned from ear-to-ear, seeing how delighted he was with it. "You see?"

The buff man nodded before chugging the rest of it before setting the empty cup on the bar, letting the sound of glass thud on the wood.

"Woah, there, big fella. That's a pretty strong drink you just inhaled. Did you even get to taste any after the first bit?" Devola laughed, cheekily.

The silver-haired man let out yet another huff. "You don't need to worry about me. I can handle my booze."

She raised an eyebrow at his words. "Um, did you just throw shade at me?"

"Of course not. If I threw a Shade at you, you would be running around screaming." He joked, as he slid the empty cup back-and-forth between each hand.

Was he already reacting to the drink? If so, she loved it. If not, she still loved it.

Excitedly, she exclaimed, "We'll see who can handle their drinks better!" Before motioning for two more to the bartender, who had them pretty much already mixed up and ready to go for the pair of friends.

"Hey, now. I never agreed to a competition!"

"Agreed? You're the one that started it!" The devilish woman said, as she snatched up her first drink and gulped it down. Nier just stared wide-eyed as Devola slammed the now empty cup onto the counter with a satisfied sigh, then took hold of the second glass.

"Devoal, wa—" He tried to say, but was completely dismissed as she pounded down her other glass.

"There." She squeezed out with the last bit of oxygen in her lungs before gasping for air almost as strongly as she did the drink. "I'm one ahead of you."

"Damn it! This isn't a competition! You said a drink! But, alright then! Bring it!" Nier shouted, as he lifted a hand to wave over the bartender, but he was already walking up with another for each of them.

"Once she gets started, I know she doesn't stop." The man chuckled as he sat the glasses down, that were no sooner than picked up by the pair.

After a couple of hours and many drinks of many varieties later, Devola and Nier were stumbling out of the tavern, patting each other on their backs and laughing their asses off. It got the attention of many of the nearby villagers, but neither of them realized it. They were too caught up in their own conversation.

"Holy crap. You can drink like a madwoman!" The silver-haired man exclaimed as he struggled to keep his footing.

"That's because I am a madwoman!" Devola replied loudly, followed by a playful cackle, which caused the two of them to only laugh even more.

"That Weiss can be a real killjoy. All he did was make snarky remarks about us having a good time and 'acting like unruly children'."

"Yeah. He can be a downer. It's probably for the best that he left before we did." Nier nodded as he spoke.

"Yeah. He was so quiet it was like he wasn't even there at first too."

As the conversation died down, the two walked aimlessly down a stone path surrounded by grass with a few trees in comfortable silence. The crisp air nibbling at their skin and the sounds of the wildlife that lived there provided a calm atmosphere.

"So, where exactly are we going?" Devola asked, as she looked down at her feet and took long, dance-like strides.

Nier stopped in his tracks. "I don't know… I honestly didn't even think about it."

She grinned, which illuminated the red tint on her cheeks from the alcohol. "Ya know, we can go to my place…."

"Oh, yeah? For what?" Nier raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Ya know, just to relax and talk a bit. Let the drinks settle, ya know?"

"I probably shouldn't be out too much longer. I don't want to keep Yonah waiting, 'ya know'?" He teased.

The burgundy-haired woman raised one of her eyebrows and put her hands on her hips. "You always leave Yonah at home to rest, and you wouldn't be there too long, anyway." She swayed her body as she talked. "What? Are you scared or something?"

The muscular man chuckled. "Scared? Of what? You?"

"... Maybe." Devola taunted him back.

"Pfft. You wish. But, fine. I'll go."

His reply made her leap with excitement and clap her hands while she was still in the air. "Yes! I won again!"

Her joy was stalled for a moment, as she didn't land on her feet right, and ended up busting her butt on the ground. "Ouch! Fuck me!"

"Woah. There's that 'friendly' side." Nier joked, as he stretched out his hand to help her up.

Devola jerked her head to look at him. "You're an ass." She said as she grabbed his hand.

"Well, let's go. My legs are getting pretty tired."

She nodded in agreement, and began leading the way. He felt slightly awkward, for she hadn't let go of his hand, but instead gripped it just enough to not let it slip away as she used it to lead him.

After a short while of more walking, they ended up at a fair-sized cabin in the forest. It looked well kept and cozy. Firewood was stacked next to the front door, and a little red bird feeder was hung on the tree closest to it.

"Nice place."

"Thanks. The inside is pretty good looking too. After all, Popola is all about organizing and keeping things tidy." The redhead said as they walked up to the door and popped the key in the lock before turning the metal knob.

Once inside, Devola tossed it on a shelf that was hung next to the door that had a couple of overcoats hanging on it. Meanwhile, Nier did what everyone does when they're in a new environment. He looked over the interior of her home and analyzed his surroundings.

Honestly, he was impressed. It truly was cozy and clean. Their home looked immaculate. He didn't see any mess. There wasn't a speck of dust in sight, from what the man could tell at least. Just some bookshelves, stands, and other house décor.

"Wow. Popola really is something, isn't she?"

Her twin laughed. "Yeah, she is." Then pretended to be offended, as she pointed her finger to the center of her chest. "But what about me? Am I not something?"

"Don't play. You know that you're both extraordinary." He either missed her playfulness or ignored it, "The village really leans on the two of you."

She was surprised by Nier's words. Not in a bad way, though. The surprised woman actually found what he said flattering. After all, he's known for being pretty straightforward, but not for sucking up to people. So, when he complimented someone, it was genuine.

"Us? You're the one always running around like a chicken with its head cut off, doing jobs for everyone and anyone."

He chuckled before replying, "For good reason. I need the money to take care of Yonah."

She smiled, with the blush from the booze still on her face. "I know. Your love for your daughter is probably my favorite thing about you."

"Thanks… I guess?" He didn't know what else to say or how to feel about what she had just said.

"My second favorite thing about you is—" She stopped, then turned to face down the hall before demanding, "Follow me."

"What?" The silver-haired man lifted his brow, "Alright ...?"

Nier followed a fair distance behind Devola as she trotted down the hallway, not wanting to shake the booze in his belly around, as he would rather feel buzzed and relaxed, than nauseous and woozy.

"Damn it, woman. Where are you dragging me off to now? You can at least tell me that."

Devola just giggled as she came to a stop in front of a closed wooden door before slowly pushing it open.

The old joints creaked and a warm gust of air escaped and gently rushed against both of their bodies. It sent chills down Nier's spine and made him want to go in and make himself at home. It was downright welcoming, along with something else in the atmosphere that made Nier feel like he was being pulled into something much more than just some random room.

But, even though he was unsure of what it was, the normally cautious and tough man, wanted to be pulled in by whatever it was. He wasn't afraid in the slightest, nor did he feel that he should be.

"What are you waiting for?" Devola poked her head out from around the doorway and woke him from his trance that he didn't even realize that he was in, "Get in here."

He obliged without a second thought.

Once inside, he didn't see his friend in sight. Just a bed and a single lit candle, which confused him. But that wasn't enough for life, apparently, as he was swept over by even more confusion as a set of soft hands suddenly gripped his wrist, then spun him, throwing him onto what he assumed to be the bed that he was just staring at.

"What the—!"

A devious, and seductive laugh cut him off as he felt a light weight and soft body swiftly climb onto him, followed by the same set of hands he had felt a moment ago push down on his chest.

"I can't help but be curious. Will you deny me if I'm like this?" Devola's voice chimed.

Still out of his wits from the sudden attack, Nier looked up and focused his eyes and tried to get a grasp on the situation at hand. From her voice, he expected to see his friend, but what he saw was quite a bit more of her than he was anticipating.

Straddled over him was Devola, but not how he was used to seeing her. This time, the beautiful woman with wine hair had no top on. No shirt, nor any other type of garment. Instead, her perky breasts were completely out in the open, bearing themselves to the small portion of the world that was in this room, with the only set of eyes in the room other than her, belonging to him.

Nier couldn't help but stare at them. They were more than fair-sized; bigger than they looked while she was in clothes. Her bosom was abundantly full looking. Her pale, small nipples blended extremely well with her porcelain skin. She wasn't sagging at all; instead they were hung tightly, right above her slender ribcage and sleek tummy.

The gruff man's body reacted in a way that it hadn't done in quite some time. His heart was beating hard and fast, his palms broke out in an instant sweat. His cock was fighting heavily against his trousers, as if it was trying to tear itself out, and if that didn't seem like enough… his head was spinning at a ridiculous rate.

"Is that a no?" She questioned, referring to what she had said just before.

"D-Devola… What are you doing? Why are you naked!?"

The petite lady giggled. "I'm not naked, silly. I just don't have a top on."

Nier couldn't help but keep ogling her.

"Oh? Is this bothering you?" Devola asked, as she grabbed his hands and made them cup her breasts, squeezing his callous hands against her ivory mounds, while slightly massaging them.

"H-hey!" He still couldn't grasp everything going on.

"Fuck… Your hands feel so good." She continued to use his hands on her chest, switching it up to be just a bit more rough and caressing her nipples. "I'm so wet already…"

His face flushed and if he thought his member couldn't get any more harder, he was wrong. It swelled up even more, pressing even harder between his friend's thighs, causing her eyes to get wide.

"Oh my. I guess that means you won't deny me." She said, as the dim candlelight glew on her lips, the same lips that met his own just a second later.

They were soft lips. Moist lips. Enticing lips.

He may not have fully understood everything going on before, but now it was much more clear than before.

Nier kissed Devola back, parting his lips a bit before sliding his tongue in her mouth and taking control of his own hands, softy caressing her breasts and twiddling her nipples with his fingers. Devola's own hands squeezed his chest and then slowly glided down his abdominal, to his pelvis region, where she grasped his bulging pants.

"Mmm. Damn." The wine-haired woman teased as she rubbed it through his pants.

He tensed up, but only for a moment.

"That's something for you." The man spoke huskily.

"That so?" She said before slipping her hand into his bottoms and pulling out his full-staff erection, making her eyes grow wide. "Shit. You've got a hearty cock on you."

Devola couldn't help but look at his member. It was a nice length, but it was thicker than she had seen before… and veiny. Not a monstrosity, but a delightful fantasy come to reality.

Instinctively, she crawled off of him and laid down on her tummy so that she was eye-to-eye with his manhood. As she looked it over some more, she noticed that his shaft wasn't the only impressive thing that Nier was carrying down there.

"Yeah, I have to now." Devola said, confusing Nier a little, but not much sooner clarified what she had said by sticking the head of his dick into her mouth and giving it a light suck. After bobbing her head on it just a few times, she pulled it out of her mouth with a popping sound, and followed up by running her tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip of it a couple of times, before enveloping half of it into her mouth.

"O-oh…" Nier couldn't help but moan a little.

"You like that?" She asked playfully before taking his cock deeper, and deeper into her mouth, until she took it all the way to the base, giving it a nice suck and rolling her tongue on it.

'F-fuck. D-don't stop." He managed to get out, but it didn't seem necessary to say as Devola was already continuously bobbing up and down on his thick cock at a brisk pace before needing to pull back for air. Only after doing so, she took one of his balls into her mouth and began rolling her tongue on it as well, while gently giving it some suction.

Nier couldn't help himself. He took his strong hand and grabbed Devola by the back of the head and pulled her head back, only to use his other hand to guide his glowing cock back into her mouth and furiously pumping himself deep into her throat, so much so that her face was bouncing off his pelvis. Only after seeing that she needed air did he release his friend.

She huffed, shocked at his actions and greatly aroused by them at the same time. "Y-you sure are a man, aren't you?"

He shook his head in agreement as he flipped Devola onto her back, and quickly yanked down her pants and undergarments, revealing her ivory legs and pink pussy, with just a wind-colored landing strip.

"Your body is beyond beautiful… it's absolutely captivating." He said, catching Devola off guard yet again.


He cut her off by getting onto his knees and spreading her creamy thighs wide open so he could get a full view of her womanhood.

"You weren't kidding when you said you were wet." the silver-haired man said bluntly before gently rubbing his thumb up-and-down her slit a few times before going up to her clit, and doing a circular motion, with such delicate force, as if he would break her.

Devola wasn't ready for it and tensed up her body as she mewled.

"You like that" He stole the line she used on him just moments ago, before taking his index finger and ever so softly gliding it into her womanhood. After pumping it inside her a bit, he added his middle finger, causing her to grip her sheets and bite her lip as she moaned.

Looking at her sleek, glistening pussy, he couldn't help but want to taste her, so he leaned in and gave her lady bits a sloppy lick, letting his moist tongue indulge in her juices.

"O-oh my gosh." She huffed, "Please… please keep going." She grinded her pelvis against Nier's face as he happily obliged, twiddling his fingers inside of her while he sucked and licked on her clit and wet folds.

As the moments went by and he was graciously giving her the oral gratification that she was yearning for, his own desire began to well up even more so, beginning to consume him. But he didn't want to stop yet. Nier kept going until her body started tensing up like crazy and her breathing and moaning became beyond erratic. He kept going until she moaned all of the breath from her lungs and her body froze up, and then some. She tried to push his face away, as she became too sensitive to withstand the onslaught of his mouth. He wouldn't let her.

He kept going until Devola had to use all of her limbs to push him away and she curled up, covering her womanly fruit from the heavily-breathing man. To soot her, a reached his hand out and gingerly rubbed her leg, then her back.

"Y-you're an animal." She huffed as she clasped her hand over his and ran it down to her exposed bottom and made him squeeze it. Which, intentionally or not, was hard enough to spread her cheeks just enough for the muscular man to catch a glimpse of her tight little backside. Which was too much for him to handle, as Nier was an "ass man" as some would say. He enjoyed breasts very much as well, but if he saw a woman with a set of cheeks on her, it was all over.

What was left of his self-control was out the window. Devola's silver-haired friend propped her up, so that she was on all fours and gave one of her ass cheeks a good bite, before following up with a frim-handed slap on the other, earning a yelp from Devola.


He paid her no mind, as he propped himself onto his knees behind her and ran both of his hands down her slender back and to her plump butt, grasping each cheek and spreading them wide open. Now her asshole and pussy was out in the open, in their fullness for Nier to behold. Which is exactly what he did.

Devola blushed furiously, but at the same time was overcome with an intense arousal herself. She quickly knocked her friend's hands out of the way and took a hold of her own cheeks even wider than her friend had. Her eagerness lit a blaze inside of the man like he had forgotten was even possible.

"I can't wait any longer!"

Nier grabbed his bulbous cock and ran it down Devola's crack, over her sphincter, and to her dripping entrance. Before actually putting it inside of her, he slapped her womanhood with the full weight of his meaty cock a couple of times, causing her to gasp a bit. He then lined himself up with her and wasted not even a second plunging his rod into his friend's heated core, causing her to grit her teeth and moan at the same time.

He groaned along with her as the town took a minute to let the sensation of each other wash over them. Her saturated ladyhood, and his throbbing manhood had finally become one. Their body heat and fluids felt as if they belonged together. As if this was destined to happen, no matter how long the wait would have been. It was like cracking open a bottle of fine-aged wine and indulging on a special occasion.

The two of them indulged in it. The feeling of finally connecting in this way, and the ecstasy of finally giving into their desires for one another. But that desire had gotten the better of them, Nier roughly gripped Devola's hips and began plowing himself into her furiously, causing her ass cheeks to recoil with each thrust, but not keeping up with his speed.

Devola was thrusting herself back, trying to match his pumps, while futilely trying to fight back her intense moaning, all while consistently huffing "fuck me" over and over again under her breath. Of course, she didn't need to say anything, as Nier couldn't hold himself back right now. He savagely pounded her cock into Devola's core with absolutely no hesitation or desire to hold back.

Seeing how much she was enjoying herself and how good he was making his friend feel, he licked the tip of his thumb and instinctively slid his hand over her backside and rubbed his moistened finger over her other hole, earning even stronger reactions from her. He took it as an okay, and gently slid his whole thumb into her bottom, causing her to let out a wild moan, and her to clench her hole around his finger. Seeing that she was loving it, he delicately slid it in-and-out, adding pleasure for the both of them.

Nier could feel his own thumb rub against his shaft as he continued to ravish Devola's body. He slid the index finger of his free hand in her mouth. He couldn't quite explain it, but he wanted to feel every single part of the wine-haired beauty's body that he possibly could. So that's what he went for.

After some more heavy breathing and their sweaty bodies smacking off of each other, a sudden tingling sensation began trickling up the gruff man's abdominal area, and he knew that he was close to climaxing.

"D-Devola, I'm going to—

"D-do it inside!" She screamed, while reaching back and grabbing him by his hips and gripping them tightly, as if to not let him pull out.

He didn't argue, nor resist. Instead, he continued thrusting himself inside of her and letting her warm and wet womanhood wash over him with no desire to hold himself back. Within a moment, he felt his seed shoot out inside of his angelic friend's body, but continued to pump himself inside of her. To ride out his orgasm, and almost as if to make sure that every last drop of his substance made it into Devola's core.

For the both of them, it just felt right. At least he thought she felt the same way, as he felt her grip tighten up on his waist and her pussy constrict around him. Along with the sudden gasp of air that rushed from her mouth, he could tell that she came with him.

Nier couldn't help but smile, as a warm feeling welled up inside of him. The pair were both fighting to catch their breath, and he couldn't help but to admire Devola's sweaty, worn out frame as she huffed away, still on all fours.

He shifted his body just a bit and was reminded that he was still inside of her by the sudden rush of sensitivity that waved through his body as his member barely moved a hair.

"Oh fuck." She let out, as she slowly leaned forward, letting his semi-flaccid cock slide out of her along with a bit of his cum that was leaking from both his tip and her opening.

Nier massaged her butt as he regained composure, and softly kneaded it with his fingers.

"That… was honestly really good." Devola stated as she turned around and plopped down in a seated position on her bed, staring into his eyes. Nier nodded in agreement, still trying to recoup from their romping.

The two friends just continued looking at one another and finally caught back up with the moment. No sign of regret was in either of their gazes. Only what seemed to be gratefulness and total delight. With themselves and each other.

Devola smirked before breaking the comfortable silence.

"Well, now Yonah might end up having a sibling on the way."

Nier blushed, clearly not ready for her teasing. "You're the one that said to 'do it inside'."

"Well, you're the one that really did it." She winked.

His eyes grew wide in embarrassment. "As if I could have pulled away! You had a vice grip on me!" The disgruntled man retorted.

His redheaded friend just laughed. "Yeah, yeah. You would've done it anyway." She played more.

He shocked his head, deciding that she would always have something to say.

"You know, that brings me back to what I was saying before…"

He raised an eyebrow.

"My other favorite thing about you… That you could've used to free yourself from my grasp.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Your big muscles." She said with a grin as she climbed into his lap and rubbed up on him.

He shook his head and she nuzzled up against him, guiding him to fall back onto the bed, where she laid on his chest and ran her fingers all around his upper body.

"Aren't you glad you a let a girl buy ya a drink?" She asked with a playful gin on her face.

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