War. That is all he can see. From many destruction that would have come, war was one of them.

As he look to the horizon, he saw nothing but blood and body of the dead. A heavy toll to his mind and yet subtle for his soul. As he laid on a wilted tree with his weapon away from his body, he was tired for the longest time.

Hand above gaze the sky as the last man have exhausted himself to an enteral slumber. With grace he felt, one would said he return to Eden however that was never the case as he was invited to be spoken by someone entirely different.

Now, how would this story goes. Would it be light or darkness, hope or despair. All could tell the story but none can understand it.

A point waken up in the empty white void, not believing that this was the final resting place, the man saw a spectrum of white. He couldn't think not say any word.

"W3lcOme" He spoke.

The man was visibly confuse. He doesn't understand what happened nor that was the case. The spectrum then reform itself to a more humanoid shape however appear to have a set of horns entangled to perform a circle.

The man was speechless. And he was right to do so. He have no known knowledge of what is he that he encounter.

"May I ask, who are you?" he ask.

"Y0uR PeOp1e Called Us bY MaNY naM3.God, The holy Father, the One Who Judge, etc. YoU're P3opLe never HAd a pRopeR systeM For uS."The man just stared. He was being too casual to a God. He doesn't know was one thing but being casual seems outrageous. It supposed to happen only in anime! he thought in his head.

As he continues to rant within his head, the supposed God let out a small cough which startled the poor guy.

"lIsten MoRtél. You Just HAppen to be th3 1,000,000,000 being pass true the AfTerliFE. oF Course- You know what? Screw it! I'll this way so it is easier for ya' eh?"

The man just nodded. Unsure on what to say. The god infront of him seems to be normal, in a godly sort of way. He isn't really a religious person nor a down right sinner.

He just continue staring at the entity for who knows how long, until He continues,

" Alright listen 'cause I'll say this once. Only ONCE. You are the 1,000,000,000 soul to be send here. The purgatory. The land of judgement."

"Okay..." the man replied.

"In other words, you are being reincarnated. You know, normally this type of thing is on 'special' situation but as one of the billion souls to appear... yeah. Not so a great deal. I pretty sure you don't-"

" I wouldn't mind. It's not like I'll lose anything in my world. I'm just an old sargent living in my work. No friends, no family... No family."

He said those words with a heavy heart. Why? He doesn't know. Maybe living alone for so long made longing to be held. To be loved.

The god saw his saddened face. He is just a shadow clone of the True One but he still cares for His many creation despite being a shadow. One of many speck of souls.

He just shake his head(?), cracked his fingers and just get to work.

"Alrighty. This is going to be the most troublesome task ever! I'll send you to a world where my other selfs, don't ask, where you can leave a way better life. In a way. You still have to fight but you will be fine. Any questions?"

The man was about to ask, however...

"Nothing? Good!"

As he felt a sudden tug to the other world, the god spoke, "Oh? Almost forgot. You will find a Summer Rose in this life. Keep her safe as long as you can. Save anyone who need saving. Oh, your mind and soul will still be the same but your body will be young-...

Summer Rose. Leader of team STRQ. To be said to be the most powerful team. A sword master, a weapon smith, a wife and maybe a soon to-be mother to her little ball of sunshine, Yang and her unborn child, Ruby.

She just about to return from her doctors appointment as per say. The doctor said that she and her baby are perfectly healthy and advice to stop her huntsman job for awhile after her three months prior.

As she walked back home as the clinic, which is located in town, she stumble upon a boy. He was no older than 8 years old. He looked confused, scare and tired. He was wearing ragged shirt. His full with bruises and scars. As if he was running from something or someone.

" Hey, are you okay?" Summer ask.

The boy just looked at her. Fear was in his eyes. He look around, wondering where he is. He mumble quickly like 'where is he?' and 'please help me!'. Summer was confused. She never seen a child this scare before. She was about to asked another question before he passed out.

She caught the boy and try to wake him up. As if that wasn't bad, he didn't wake up. And now she started to panic. She is getting nervous. What should she do?!

She have to get help but she was panicking. She slap herself and remember. The clinic isn't far. She can make it. She have to stay strong. Summer than carried the boy up and ran back to the clinic with him in her arms.


At the clinic


As she ran back, she was greeted with same nurse, as she turn with a surprise face.

"Welcom- Oh Mrs. Rose? Is there something the -! What happen!?" the nurse ask.

"I don't know! I bump into him and he was scared, tired and he was hurt and was mumbling things." Summer reply in panic.

"It's okay. I'll called the doctor. Wait here with him." the nurse suggested.

Summer just nodded. As she was alone with the boy, she take a proper look at the boy appearance. The boy a clear complexion while maybe dirty, his hair while not wash and cut, is light natural blue. She wonder about the eyes. Is like everyone else, normal or shaded or... like her own?

She froze at the thought. Should he be like her then-

"Mrs. Rose, may look at the child?"

Summer look up and saw the doctor. The same one who handle with her check up.

"I'm sorry?"

"I asked if I can see him?" he asked again.

Summer took awhile to focus before she was snapped out of her dazed.

"O- of course. Here."

"Thank you. It may take awhile so please wait here."

"Okay..." said Summer.

It was half an hour when the doctor check on the boy. Summer, while normally chatty was slightly quiet. There were not many patients came today. As this an island settlement.

The nurse came back with two cups of drinks as she passed on to Summer. She took it and said her thanks.

It was silent. Few minutes ago, Summer's scroll rang and it was from Taiyang asking if she will be back soon. She answer she will, just a little later in a heavy tone.

Maybe that's why there wasn't any call or a ping of messages. A while later, the doctor came back with news.

"He is a lucky boy. Not many would take in consideration to help a child on the streets. You did well Mrs. Rose."

"Oh it was nothing. So, how is he?"

"Well, the boy while physically weak is a healthy boy. Though I can't find anything wrong about him." said the doctor.

Summer nodded. She breathes out a sigh of relief that the child was alright.

"May I see him?" she asked

"Of course. Right this way."

The boy pov

When I was young, I always taught of traveling the world. Nothing big nor nothing small. Just mediocre. I always thought that hard works pays off. I learn that the world is cruel but humanities are crueler.

I dreamt about the last place I rest. An old oak tree. Yeah. It was comfortable to said the least.

As I woke up, I was in a doctor's office. Laying a patient bed. My first thought was, 'Ah; I'm here again.' but that wasn't the case. I look around and saw nothing of the abnormal. Just a regular doctor's office.

"Ah! I see you have awoken." said a voice." Huh? Wait, are you in my mind?" I asked.

"Yup! I'm telepathically talking to you in your mind. So it is better you talk in your mind."'Like this...'

"Exactly!"As I was about to ask why he is talking to me telepathically, I heard a sound of footsteps coming to this area. I started to panic until the door open.

I have no idea on what to do! Should I wait and see who it is or start running. That was until,

"He is right here *turn to see the boy* Oh, you're awake. Well isn't that a surprise."

He was an old man. Maybe in his late 50's. Beside him was a young nurse and young woman.

The woman is the actually caught my eyes. Her eyes were silver like the moon. It shows... a caring compassion to care. I was bambuzel.

She then walked towards me, took a chair and sat down. She stare to my eyes as I stared into hers.

She then smiled at me. I unsure why but smiled back as she said this.

"My name is Summer Rose. Nice to meet you. What is yours?"

I stunned. Do I remember my own name? No. Do I have one? Maybe long time ago.

"I'm sorry but I don't have name." I reply her question.

Her expression drop a little so as the other two adults in the front way.

"How about family? Relatives? Siblings?" she asked again.

"I don't have anyone to be called my family. It's just me alone." I reply.

I look back at her and her eyes were tearing up. I was panicking as I asked 'what is wrong?' and 'if did anything wrong?'. She merely shake her head. She wiped off her tears as well the woman at the back. She merely put on a sad smile as she hugged me.

It took awhile for me to realize that I was crying. Tears was dropping down from my eyes and I can tell why. She let me go, wipe off her's and mine tears and look at me.

She wasn't sure what to do but said this.

"If you like, I'll name you. How is that sound?"

I merely arch an eyebrow, think for awhile and nodded. Summer smiled to said the least. She think and as she got a name that seems to suit me most.

"If that's the case, I'll name you Azure Rose."

I may have made a small edit here and there to match just a bit the timeline.no major changes just this that is all.