Signal academy, a combat school made ready for new generation to learn the basic. Or to learn how to control their powers. Normal elementary school do exist however there were time when some of their students accidentally or on instinct or by their parents, unlock their aura.

Many would fall into the last but it is mostly the former. And so the academy arise. Its sister and main school, Beacon academy tells a different story but that is for another time.

Azure is with Summer and Yang. Yang fell asleep during the walk (thank God it's somewhat close), and now in front of the school gate. It wasn't grand or look amazing of any standards. The school itself have the main building, a grand clock tower, cafeteria and the lectures halls. Other than that, it spacious. 'Must be for the practical work.' Azure thought. What he can made out of the distance is a big hall at the far back. Many students and parents came. Some are crying for them leaving some older kids are just getting ready for school or talking to their friends.

He wonder if he will gain any of his own.

(Azure pov)

As of right now, I'm at the school office and Taiyang is finishing the last of the document which didn't take to long until he complete it.

"And.. there! All done. Seeing this is a start of a new school year it wasn't that hard, though..." Taiyang gaze upon me. "Seeing that you haven't passed through the normal curriculum of first year, you have to be one year back."

For me, it seems normal and plain simple. If I'm one year back so I'm one year back. I never mind on the situation but it seems to Dad, it's different. So what if I'm a year back. I was the youngest sergeant in my past life, that's pressure. But I can tell he is just looking out for.

While we never bonded much, we do get along fine. But I believe Yang was getting jealous on how getting closer. Is she a daddy's little girl or something. I have no idea.

As we exited the office, he sent me to one of the class/lecture halls that this school has.

As he enter the hall, I saw many faces he may or may not know about. To me, it was all a blur. I mean hell it know any of their name until last semester.

"Alright class, we have a new student. I hope you took care of him." said Dad.

Many of the children (despite being one) turn their gaze on me and dad. Clearly their excited.

"Take it away kid."

"Azure Rose. I don't have much to say or I know anything that will interests you but hopefully we all can be... friends."

Many either tilt their head in confusion or outright ignore me. Not like I care. Even back then many refuse to hear me out or follow my suggestion.

I was their best damn it!

No matter as dad direct me to a desk and chair near a girl who eyes were slightly cover, he began homeroom.

And now all I have to do is learn.

I either regretted this or not but apparently the girl I'm sitting next to was popular. Her hair was a paler blond, unlike Yang's vibrant ones and her face was... cool. You know the type were the girl shows barely any emotions and only popular to girls.

As I took my sit and prepare myself for class, or homeroom for now, she turn and look at me. And my, oh my... I look at her back, by accident. Her violet eyes piercing my own heterochromatic ones.

She took out her hands and said..

"Galana. Galana D'Luc. Nice to meet your acquaintance."

Big words for her to pronouns. Clearly she was smarter than I believed. I took her hand as a shake and reply,

"As I said before, Azure Rose. A pleasure."

Clearly she was acting older than her form would. I wonder...


After all that and dad exit the classroom leaving what it seems to be three minutes window, many of the girls (and roughly small amount of boys) turn to me in pure jealousy. Clearly this was a terrible way to live. I was socially attack with eyes.

Oh well. See if I care. For now that is.


Anyway, it was as I said, classes was slow and easy to be honest. History, read all of the existing books and records. Even the conspiracies. Math, I easily finish it in record times. Linguistics, probably need more time on some languages.

It wasn't long until recess came about. Many children, that includes me by the way, about to walk out.

If only I wasn't stop by a group of girls.

Yup. Girls. Girls revolving my age stop me from getting out of the class.

"Who do you are, huh?! Sitting miss D'Luc and friendly with her?"



"You hear us! Who are you to touch and get friendly with her handsome grace, answer me!"

One of the girl, a brunette, slam her hand on the table.

I believe I wore a confuse expression that day since I have no idea what was going on.

And it was today that I learn she was popular. Galana, I mean.

"Enough all of you." said a voice. We turn to look who was calling. It was Galana.

"Kyaa! Galana- sama~!"

I believe I heard something disturbing just now.

Turns out she was standing at the door to exit the place as if she was waiting for someone.

"B-but Galana sama ,(what?), he got too comfortable with you. He doesn't deserve it."

It was rude to assume that about other people about who gets to do what or interact with someone. Galana turn to the group and said on what I think is across of 'well too bad for you' of point to children. But I'm as well a child despite having the mentality of an adult.

"I don't care what you think, all I know is that he is my friend. Now scram." She said. The girls were either shock by the announcement or heartbroken. No don't be heartbroken, you still got time! You are young and the world is not ending yet!

She grab my arm and dragged me away. I was confused on what happen.

"Sorry..." said Galana.

"For what?" I reply.

"Just now, they were about to threaten you."


Really? Is that how she interpreted that whole situation? And I thought I was dense.

"It's no biggie. Just a normal school thing, isn't it?" I said.

She look back at me before turn back to the front, muttering 'Hmm... he's okay I guess.' and my whole school life has been told.

And it wasn't the fifth section yet!