Jaskier was silent as he walked through the market. Usually, he would be all around the place but the thoughts kept on circling in his mind.

How Geralt had come back to the inn, bloody, staggering as he tried to keep himself upright. But of course not one of the townsmen had cared about that.

They only cared if the monster was dead. And Jaskier could understand that, but for fuck sakes. Why couldn't they see the pain he was in, why didn't they offer to help?

Jaskier moved to the herbalist picking up the last few herbs he would need to make the salve. A sigh left his lips as he moved on.

Just as he got closer to the inn, he could pick up the faint sound of whining. He could feel himself being torn between going back to Geralt or find out what was wrong with the dog.

Before he could think it through, he walked into the ally. He almost dropped the bag at the sight of a puppy watching him with big scared eyes.

He scooped up the small mutt, his eyes growing soft. He gently scratched the pups head with one finger watching it lean into him.

How on this green earth could he just leave it out here to die?

With a sigh he picks up his bag again, cooing at the puppy. With careful movements he sneaked back into the inn, hoping that the owner wouldn't see him.

With some careful manoeuvring, Jaskier was able to get the door open. A small smile broke out when he saw Geralt sitting up.

The colour was slowly returning to his face and the glassy look in his eyes were gone.

When he saw the pup he holds his hand out carefully. Jaskier immediately got the idea and placed the pup in Geralt's hand. The little one growled slightly until he realised that Geralt was petting him.

With a sigh, he settled down. Jaskier moved closer, sitting down next to Geralt.

It was the small things in life, that makes everything worth it.

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