Chapter 1 New Life


Within the void between many worlds, we see our blonde-haired Shinobi hero floating within the void of nothingness and look like his spirit had gone through a war. This was Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War and was in the void after his battles with Kaguya and later Sasuke.

Naruto had no idea what happens or how he was in this nothingness but sighed and closed his eyes, waiting to go to the afterlife and meet everyone he had lost but fate or rather something has had other plans.

In a last-ditch effort, Kurama and his siblings, the other Bijuu used their chakra, boosting and boosting in hopes to help Naruto escape this void between dimensions and find a way if they can or maybe a new world out there for the blonde to be in.

Naruto started to open his eyes as he felt a powerful force and saw a powerful light shining onto him, changing his whole scene and felt he was awakening.

Earth 616

Naruto blinked a couple of times, seeing something odd and new to him. And also feeling as well, both on his body and inside his very own being. The blonde noticed that he was in some kind of battle on the streets and in New York which surprised him on how he knows that but didn't panic as something told him not to. He was wearing a red and blue spider theme costume which the Shinobi will admit had a good taste and theme to it.

Naruto then saw a sicken old man who was dying from the looks of it and felt a strong pulse to him. Not just him but another one was screaming at the back of his mind that he lost and this golden chance to cheat death which reminds the blonde of a certain snake.

No, another memory came that wasn't Naruto but someone else that showed a kind man telling him to wake him. Shocking him to the core on the kindness and compassion he felt which connects him to this man and one inside his mind that being absorbed into his memories as own, all three.

"What is happened to me? Where am I?" Naruto thought in questions but someone had the answers.

"Look like Otto didn't saw that coming," The old man spoke but within Naruto's mind or rather us, as this was Peter in Otto dying body and Otto had swap brains between them but now Naruto pushed the octopus out.

"You can hear my thoughts?" Naruto asked as he walks towards the beaten Peter.

"Yes, and thank you for pushing Otto out but I sensed that all of three are connected," Peter said before coughing, almost his lung out as blood was shown.

"Hold on we can get you some help," Naruto said as he kneed down but felt a strong wave of memories shaking into him which made him held his head in pain with his right hand.

What is happening to him?

"No, no time. I have no more time but hey, at least I know someone is here to make sure everyone I care about and people are safe," Peter said, feeling his heartbeat slowing down.

"I can help you, Peter. Hold on," Naruto spoke in a whispered tone of voice, and not in his thoughts anymore.

"Maybe, maybe not but it has come. You, Naruto, I have seen Otto's for sure due to being in his mind but just now. At this moment, I saw your memories in one second and see why you are a good person. Someone I felt happy to watch over everyone when I'm gone," Peter said, his voice becoming more and more husking and sick.

"I-I-I want to help you. And why I feel like I show to do something in this life?" Naruto asked, feeling a strong sense of justice and responsibility within him. Sure he had back home but now was stronger.

"Because this your life now, Naruto," Peter said as more memories flashed within Naruto's mind.

Naruto saw everything which caused him to clench his head more in pain and started to see Peter's life, almost like his own and Otto as well. And even his. All three of them coming together like a movie which surprised the blonde that he knows what a movie to a TV is and everything else.

Naruto even saw painful memories that almost made Peter or himself want to quiet. Tragedy and loss that shinobi and the webhead shared. Uncle Ben, JJJ's wife, Gwen's father, and Gwen herself.

"We both understand life and those we care about but tragedy will come and each time it cut short. That pain will hurt but that what makes us strong and push foward."

"Please stop. No more, I can't," Naruto begged as was on his knees fully and head down as the memories kept flashing.

"Yes, yes you can take it. How many things are worth fighting for?"

"But's impossible!"

"I know but you can do now and I believed in you Naruto."

Naruto kept seeing more memories and this time that ties to his when he never gives up, no matter how bad it was or hard. He still gets up and fights on.

"I can feel it. Yes, I see now and understand. What do I must do?" Naruto asked as the pain was starting to go away now and he fully understands now.

"Yes, yes. You see it now. That is who I...we are," Peter said as he crawled to Naruto with all of his strength.

Naruto took a down and held the dying Peter in his arms much to everyone's surprise who very far away from the fight but saw everything and couldn't hear what the two were saying. They were surprised that their hero was being there for one of his dying villains.

"I still don't know if I can do this," Naruto honestly said, jumping into this new life was something beyond him but felt that he must.

"You can do it. Just don't give up," Peter said.

"Tell me, who I do...No. How could I do this?" Naruto asked, changing his question.

"It's it simple. With great power...," Peter started.

"Must come great responsibility. I understand and promise that I will do whatever it takes to get you back home to those you love, Peter. I promise you that and I don't break my promise. That's my way," Naruto finished, understanding and promised his new friend to give his life back.

"You will do good, Naruto. I believe in you. You will be better. You are better, better than me or Otto. You're Spiderman now," Peter said as the life was leaving him and had no little time now.

Naruto felt very bad but promise his new friend to help him find a way back to his life. Even it must take a good while, he promised and won't go back on his word.

"SPIDEY! Be careful!" A female voice shouted which caused the two to look who shouted and saw it was Mary Jana Waston or MJ for short, off-and-on girlfriend.

"MJ? Th-they're all here...Let me see them one last...time," Peter choked, death was at his door.

"Of course, here," Naruto said as he gelt left Peter's head and allowed him to see those he cares about one last time, give him peace in his final moments.

"Promise me, you will keep them safe," Peter grunted.

"I promise. It's what I do and never go back on my promises," Naruto said.

"Hmmm, that's all I ever...wanted...," Peter said before felt cold and heartbeat stopped which Naruto felt.

"Peter?" Naruto asked but got nothing and lowered his head down in mourning for a great hero which he was lucky that his mask hides his tears.

Naruto gelt lay the dead body back to the ground and thought to himself of this new life he was pushed into.

"Farewell, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spiderman. I feel like we could be great freinds and maybe even brothers. You may be gone from this world, but I promise that I will get you back and into your life. I meant that and what I promise to you personality. I swear that I will be Spiderman, the hero I feel that I was meant to be. With your memories, Otto's memories to his genius, and what I can do, I vow to become a great hero and spider," Naruto thought, knowing the path was going to take and will swing through it.

"I shall become the Superior Spiderman."

AN: And done. Wow, I really love how this prologue works and hope you are like it as well. Here's the pairing:

Naruto's Harem (So far): Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Gwen, and Rest TBA

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