Chapter 2 Spider & Cat

Two Months Later

It has been two months since the events of Otto's death and the rebirth of a new hero. We see in an apartment, that once belonged to Peter but now Naruto the current and new Spiderman. He was working on a few things, mostly his suit and gadgets for his patrol later today, mostly tonight as he was going at it all day on working through his files and setting up his life in this new world. He was really lucky that Otto had a lot of bank accounts over the years and knows the password to them, and create his own profile through the government. The blond covered his tracks and made sure to not be leak back to him.

Yeah, Naruto looks have changed, rather than Peter but his own and different same time. Like hair, eyes, and whisker marks. His body type is the same and age is a little down thanks to Uzumaki gens on having a longer life which can be shared with a special someone down the line, but anyway.

To avoid confusion and question coming to him, Naruto made a great coverup for himself as Peter's friend who saved him from the new Sinister group and was separated through the whole events leading to Otto/Peter's death. He didn't like lying like that but was for the best and promised/vowed to get Peter back to those he cares about. He sighed as he put down his tools and rubbed his face to relax a bit. He had some ideas to fulfill that promise but not good outcomes and will need a lot of work.

"Hey whiskers," A female voice called out, being Naruto's roommate.

"Yeah, Michele?" Naruto asked, taking his attention away from his gear.

"You up for some pizza?" She asked.

Naruto hummed on that thought and love to have dinner before going out on patrol.

"Sure I can go for some pizza. How many?" Naruto asked as he put his gear in a safe place for the time being.

"Two pies and no you not eating it all. I want to safe for leftovers," Michael said.

"It was one time," Naruto said, trying different types of food rather than ramen.

Naruto gets up from his workspace and is excited out of his room to see his roommate who made him blush at the site she was wearing. She was a young woman with a great figure for her age with black hair that passes her shoulders and brown eyes. She wore an orange top and bottom. This was Naruto's roommate, Michele Gonzales who returns to New York to finish law school as a lawyer.

If Naruto wasn't blushing or feeling embarrassed, he would have commented on how hot Michele was.

"M-m-Michele what are you wearing?" Naruto asked, fighting hard and keep himself in control.

"A top and bottom," Michele simply replied.

"Why are you wearing that? What if someone sees you?" Naruto questioned.

"Nah, I have covers on the windows and lock the doors. Why, will you be jealous if I get someone's attention or lose yourself because of my looks?" Michele teased with a smirk.

"Maybe, maybe not but still Michele, remember the last time," Naruto reminded.

Michele made a face before blushing a bit on that remember and what happened when the pair had a problem and blushing mess in the bathroom that one time.

"Yeah, I remember that," Michele said as she plays with her hair and block away that memory but was hard not to and how amazing the blonde's felt against hers. Oh, boy.

And yeah, Naruto remembers that well as he was the one that walks in the bathroom and falls on Michele, accented mind you.

"Yeah, but it accented and I'm glad I fix those locks," Naruto said as he took a seat at the living room table for dinner.

"Thank god you did. I never understand how Peter had those smarts and never used them for simple things," Michele said before joining the blonde with their dinner.

"Some people are like that, Michele. Smart but lazy and stubborn," Naruto commented.

"Guess that can be the case," Michele agreed with a giggle.

Naruto smirked as he enjoyed his friend's company for dinner before his patrol. He was glad to have a friend and someone to be with during his two months in this new life. No, he didn't tell anyone about himself or the truth about Peter. Anything can happen and yes, the blonde has memories that Peter had with his roommate.

Naruto wonders how Peter does not have a girlfriend yet and a few bad histories with a few women over the years like on or offs or never works out. Thank Kami, Naruto is not going to be an idiot and maybe have a working relationship. Anything can happen for sure.

Time Skip

After dinner and heading out, we now see Naruto wearing his new spider suit and added a good number of updates to the suit. He wore a tight suit that was colored back, starting from its legs, remaining black till its chest area, where it turned red with black web-like design, along with a black spider-like emblem on it, its hands looked to be half black with its pals being red and a pair of devices on the wrists. Finally, a mask that could cover the entire head with a pair of spider-like black visors, resembling a pair of spider eyes. The blonde thought some changes can work and like the red & blue color theme but black works for night patrols and life as a shinobi.

Naruto was still trying to get used to his new body, even if two months have passed since he came to this world and gain a new body. The new powers, smarts, and memories were no problem, it was something else. His charka is still trying to work around his new body but no luck on that and also no luck talking to Kurama. He's still there, somehow, and was good enough for the blonde. He shook his head and kept on web swing.

"Man web swing is great! I can see why Peter enjoyed it so much," Naruto thought as he swung through the city during his patrol around the city and enjoying his new webs. He improved his web-shooters to be stronger to not be destroyed easily if some have super strength and webs last long to also be stronger to capture enemies.

Before going on with his patrol, the webhead started to notice a dark figure skipping across the rooftops.

Being curious, Naruto swung down towards the figure and was surprised to find it was a woman. A young woman with long pure white hair, green eyes that looked like a pair of gems with cat-like slits in them, her figure was a very developed one, that could make any man turn his head toward her while other women would look at her in jealousy, with a beautiful face and a pair of pink lips.

She was dressed into a one-piece, extremely tight, a black suit that hugged her figure perfectly, leaving a large opening on its upper half, revealing some of her large breasts, black claws on her hands with white fur around her suit's neck, and a black collar around her neck and a black mask over her face. This was Black Cat, underneath Felicia Hardly and someone that Peter knows very well.

"Ooh. Along came the Spider. And here I thought tonight was going to be all work and no fun," Black Cat said in a teasing tone that made Naruto's hairs stand up.

"Wow...I can see why Peter was attracted to her," Naruto thought, remembering from Peter's memories of this cat and one to keep around.

"What do you say Spider, think you can catch me?" Cat asked as she started running and starting her game of cat & mouse.

"Oh, it's on now kitty cat!" Spiderman shouted as he swung after the cat.

The leather-clad burglar flipping and jumping from building to building while the webbed warrior swung right after her.

Just as Cat was about to jump away she felt her legs pulled together as she suddenly lifted shocked to find herself now hanging upside down by her bound ankles.

"Sorry Cat but games over, and I'm gonna need to take that money back," Spiderman said landing in front of her.

"Oooh? And what if I don't feel like giving them money back?" Black Cat teased

"Then I may have to punish you," Spiderman said surprising the white-haired woman

"And how exactly do...oh!" Felicia gasped feeling a hard slap on her ass.

"Hmm, you seem a bit different now Spider...kitty like," Black Cat said licking her lips.

"This girl reminds me a bit of Anko," Naruto thought with a shiver in his spine and almost regrets doing that, and couldn't help himself as Felicia is a very attractive and beautiful woman. So a tease back won't hurt and wonders why Peter let this girl go. She's a lot of fun to be around with.

Spiderman then took the bag and webbed back at the building that was stolen from before looking at Black Cat.

"You are going to leave me?" Black Cat asked.

Spiderman cupped his chin, thinking for a second, and said, "Nah and maybe we could have more fun, without some stealing stuff."

"Ohh, what kind of fun?" Black Cat questioned.

"A chasing game," Spiderman offered.

"Didn't we already do that?" Black Cat asked while raising an eyebrow, not that she mind a good chasing game.

"We did? Nope, we didn't as that was work and part of the patrol. This is for fun," Spiderman replied before using a finger which a talon popped and cut the web to free the cat who landed on the ground with grace.

"And what happens to the winner if they win this chasing game?" Black Cat asked, getting very interested in Spiderman's change of character and wanted to know more, rising her interest.

"Up to the winner," Spiderman said who felt he will be regretting that but not much and felt a strong interest in Felicia.

Black Cat smirked on and had one idea in mind if she wins.

"You are on," Black Cat said, taking this chasing game on.

"Good...and you're it!" Spiderman shouted, shooting a small web ball at the cat who was surprised and saw the web swinger getting a head start.

"Hey! No fair, spider! You got your stuff on me. A gentleman will buy dinner before going that way," Black Cat said as she chases after Spiderman and started to use claw grapples for her swing.

Spiderman chuckled and starting to like this game, reminding me of his shinobi chases he did when he was a kid but this was funnier and adventuring to have someone that rivals your speed.

"Wait a second? Where's...," Naruto thought as saw Felicia was nowhere to be seen and felt someone landing on his back which surprised him, being the Cat herself.

Black Cat gives Spiderman a seductive smirk before cutting his webs, taking the lead.

"You are it," Black Cat said with her seductive smirk not leaving her face and blow a kiss to the spider.

Recovering the fall and web swing to gain his speed back, Spiderman then landed on the building and smiled underneath his mask, enjoying this chase a lot more and kept up with Black Cat who was now in the lead.

Their game of cat and mouse or spider and cat kept going for a while. Both taking the lead by flirting and teasing the other, rising their interest in each other a lot more and sparked feelings up more.

Naruto enjoyed Felicia's company and wonder why Peter dropped her. She was amazing and a lot of fun, one of a kind. Sure, there are risks of going into a relationship in this life but you only live once and should enjoy it with those you care about. Yeah, that sounds nice.

Felicia was having the time of her life and blast with this new Spider. Yeah, she is starting to see that this Spiderman was a lot more fun and not boring like the last one, her ex that drops her for normal. Sure it's cool to have a normal life but can be boring and how about some fun. She won't ask him, not yet, and likes to figure things out for herself and looks forward to it.

We see our Spider and Cat pair sitting on the edge of the building the view and relaxing after their chasing game.

"Whoa, did you enjoy that as much as I did and you planned to have?" Black Cat asked.

"I did and a lot more," Spiderman admitted, looking at the cat thief.

"Good, I did as well and was perfect," Black Cat said with a purr escaping her lips.

Spiderman almost chuckled at that and can tell that from the memories, himself as well, that being Felicia won't be something he will regret. No, will be a wonderful thing in his life, and trust this feeling.

"Also you won the chasing game, graduation," Spiderman said, recalling that Felicia had the lead ahead of him.

Black Cat was surprised but had a seductive smirk and idea in mind for her reward.

Just as Naruto turn to Felicia and ask what her reward be, he found out very soon and was surprised. She had pulled his mask up, passing his nose, and captured his lips, giving him a heated kiss.

Naruto was stunned but soon relax and started to close his eyes, enjoying the heated kiss and kissed back as his arms held the cat close to him. Felicia moaned as her reward was becoming more heated and she wrapped her arms around the new spider's neck, enjoying more and more of her reward.

In the need of air and a break, the pair broke off and patted a bit as their forehead touched each other. Something tells the other that they don't mind doing it again and get more heated.

Black Cat smirked before giving Spiderman a lick on the cheek, similar to a real cat dose, and got the blonde a little stun but more so when...

"Hey!" Spiderman called out as Black Cat had pushed him off the building which surprised him on how his Spider-sense wasn't triggered, at all but recovered and used his web-shooters to create a large net of webs to land below him.

Spiderman landed on the large web net which Black Cat landed on top of him and gave a quick kiss on his lips.

"I can't wait for our next game spider," Black Cat said with a smirk and wink before leaving the scene.

Naruto was stunned, aroused, and highly interested in Felicia which he had a feeling that the black cat had crossed his path in more ways than one.

"Whoa. Peter, you have your dump Parker Luck but it seems I have great luck on my side. Yeah, I look forward to our next game, Felicia," Naruto thought, knowing that this wasn't over, and lay in his web net to calm down before heading home.