Chapter 5 Enforcers

Naruto's Apartment

In the blonde's apartment, we see the three having dinner which the blonde had to cook, a great skill to have in a new world.

"I'm suprise you didn't take that robot, Naruto," Michele commented from the battle that took place from the news on the TV or pictures that the blonde took.

"I would have but I have no authority on that. Living Brain will either go to the police station for lock-up or Horizon Labs to study on. I can't do anything on that as of right now, I am a reporter and need to make a good story for tomorrow," Naruto said as he looks over the photos he took from his camera and Spiderbots captured on film for his report.

"Arent you an Avenger?" Felicia asked as she eats another bite.

"Not sure on that as the original/first Spiderman was a member. But for me? A New Spiderman? I am not sure about that as they never contacted me or anything. You would think these guys have a cell phone with all of those techs," Naruto replied but had a feeling they will contact him once he starts making big moves and they question him about a few things.

Oh, that would be interesting for sure.

"And this new Sinister Six group?" Michele questioned.

"Five," Naruto and Felicia corrected.

"Whatever. What do they want?" Michele asked.

"At this moment, I'm working on it, thanks to the new gear I made. The spider tracer can track them while listening in and my Spider-Drone is hacking into information around them. And strong possibility who hired them," Naruto replied as he checked his phone and saw his Spider-Drone was downloading information in, 50% and closing in.

"I might have a general idea. I have been hearing rumors of a good number of crime bosses wanting to uprise the current Kingpin and become the new godfather of crime. Minter Negative, Owl, and some names I can't remember at the top of my head," Felicia informed, remembering a few rumors on the streets of a possible gang war might happen.

"That limited down to a few names and some who want that kind of power for a criminal empire," Naruto said, recalling from the memoirs on a good number of crime bosses that want to take down Wilson Fisk and become the new Kingpin.

The blonde had a few in mind and would need to keep an eye on that, which his Spider-Drone will get a good amount of information.

Then suddenly the sound of a phone was ringing which got Naruto and Felicia to look at Michele who finds out that her phone was ringing.

"Hello," Michele answered before putting her phone on speaker.

"Hey Michele, has life treating you?" A female voice asked, being very familiar and the trio know who it was.

"Doing good MJ. How's your nightclub and modeling going?" Michele asked.

"Doing alright, can't much complain about the business hours at night but overall very good," MJ replied.

Naruto and Felicia stay quiet, just listening for the time being.

"What brings you back to New York? I thought you left to help your brother out," MJ said, recalling the last time the black-haired beauty was here in NY and why she left.

"Yeah, I did. My brother is working at a good part-time job and get himself back on his feet. I thought of coming back to New York and finished my law school for being a lawyer, full-time instead of part-time for sure," Michele explained.

"I see, that makes sense. And how's your new roommate?" MJ asked, sounding interested in the blonde-haired roommate.

Naruto wonders about that as Felicia did too who raised an eyebrow at that question.

"Nothing much. An overall normal guy who is smart, working as a reporter now, and one hell of a chief," Michele commented.

"Anything else about him?" MJ asked.

"Why are so interested?" Michele questioned.

"J-j-just interested and wonder what this newcomer in town is up to," MJ replied but the three can tell she was lying and hiding something but what is a good question.

"If you want to know guy, just swing by and have a visit. You know where the apartment is and I know you have a good hours before the nightclub starts," Michele offered.

Felicia wasn't too happy on that offer, her rivalry with the redhead for a good number of reasons. Naruto saw this and hold his girl's hand to calm her down which worked, wanting to hear where this talk ends.

"Maybe, maybe. I will have to see when I can," MJ said.

"Well don't take too long and I understand you miss Peter. I do too and he will be alright. And who knows, maybe Naruto can help you out, he is kind and treats people with kindness that needs it," Michele informed.

"We will see. I have to go now. Nice talking with you, Michele. Bye," MJ said, ending the call.

"Bye," Michele said, ending the call on her end.

"Trying to set me for a date?" Naruto asked as he drinks his water.

"Nah, just want to help a friend...or you don't mind more than one, player," Michele teased with a smirk.

Naruto would have choked on his drink but recovered and said, "Nope, not a player and choose life."

"Good answer, but it might change," Felicia commented.

"Huh?" This got Naruto off guard.

"Oh, who knows but I want to have a chat with Michele. You mind give us some alone time for our chat?" Felicia requested.

"Huh, sure. And it looks like I might have the information finished. I will let you when I gather up the rest for our night patrol," Naruto said, getting up and took his phone with him, seeing he was at 85% on data completed.

"Sounds good to me," Felicia said before turning her attention towards the black-haired roommate who might, and most likely have feelings for the new spider-like her.

Naruto didn't need his spider-sense to sense that Felicia and Michele were going to have a big talk, making him a bit tensed and scared, to be honest. He felt a weird aura around those two who behind him were actually talking and had plans for the blonde.

"That smile, that mischievous smile. I feel a little worried now and have a bad feeling about what they are planning," Naruto thought with a shiver and had a feeling that he will find out soon enough as he saw the girls smiling mischievously at him, unknowing that their claws will get into him and more than one way.

Then his phone beeped and started to show the information coming in, the blonde grabbed his goggles that have a HUD version mode like his mask lens does and started to see what his Spider-Drone has gathered up.

Naruto found out that Sinister Group was hired by Hammerhead, a former enforcer of Maggia Crime Family who became his own crime boss and one of the well-known criminals in New York. The blonde already knows that from the memories that both Peter and Otto had on fought that crime boss in their separate lives. Those memories will help him on fighting that crime boss and not the strength to fight him in a front fight but maybe something else in mind.

However, what interested the blonde more was the meeting that his Spider-Drone hacked into. A meeting on Hammerhead talking to his goons about some backstabbing and cutting out loose ends. Oh, that would be interesting and the Sinister group would love to hear about it.

Time Skip

Horizon Lab

In one of the labs in New York, Horizon Labs goes into reaches, study, and engineering as well, we see the Sinister Six (Five) attacking the labs and stealing another generator for what their boss required. They wonder why those generators made little sense but didn't question it as the money was right. That didn't stop them from having second thoughts much.

The Sinister Group were about to head out but were stopped by Spiderman and Black Cat who swung in to deal with them.

However before their fight could start, something happens as gangisters came out of black vans and loaded up their guns.

Spiderman's spider-senses were going nuts and sensed a danger, not coming to him but to everyone, and made his eyes widen.

"GET DOWN!" Spiderman shouted before tackling Black Cat to take cover behind a stone pillar.

The Sinister group saw the danger and took cover behind Overdrive's giant wheel who activated the shields to defend themself.

"What the hell! Hey, assholes you are shooting at the wrong guys! We work for your boss!" Boomerang shouted before being pulled back to dodge a few bullets aiming at him.

"We did that scumbag work," Beetle said, not believing this.

The leader, Shocker was grunting in anger and smelled that Hammerhead set them up, or maybe not.

"It's easy to see, you guys have been set up and set up as Pawns by Hammerhead," Spiderman said as he and his girl got up from the ground to look at the Sinister group across from them.

"You lie!" Speed Demon shouted over the sounds of gunshots.

"Really?" Spiderman questioned before throwing a new cellphone at Shocker who got it and looks at the proof.

"I want it done tonight boys. I will come out on top and would like all loose ends to be clean up. Not just that wall-crawler or pusy cat, it also means the new Sinister Six as well," Hammerhead voice spoke over the phone, information that the New Spider gather up and proof.

"That son of a bitch!" Shocker shouted, losing his cool and open fired his sonic gauntlets onto the men that were hired to take him & his group out.

The cars and men were launched into the air but were captured in a large web that was set up by Spiderman, being lucky on setting those large webs around the area up and captured those thugs like the bugs they are.

"I must say I have outdone myself. New recorded on setting up large webs," Spiderman commented.

"Not bad," Black Cat agreed, being impressed with her boyfriend's work.

"Alright bug, time to finish this," Shocker said, still upset, and was looking on taking his anger out on the New Spider.

"Maybe or maybe not, Shocker. We could finish our fight and last us to morning...or we do something else instead. Partner up and take down Hammerhead for the betrayal," Spiderman offered.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Black Cat commented.

"Team up with you?" Boomerang asked, almost if someone was telling him a joke, and did his best to control his laughter.

"That is a good one," Speed Deom laughed.

Spiderman and Black Cat weren't laughing, idiots were the only thing on their mind. And they won't only one to think like that.

"That does sound like a bad idea," Beetle commented as she cupped her chin in thought.

"Yeah, I mean payback onto Hammerhead will be nice," Overdrive agreed.

"What give you two that idea on partnering up with those two?" Shocker asked.

"It's a lot better than being stabbed in the back and I would love to get back at Hammerhead for not this but for that betrayal he did to my father," Beetle said in anger who always wanted to get back at Hammerhead for betraying her father those years ago and this was a good time for it.

Spiderman saw that getting memories of his life and Peter's about that feeling, wanting revenge. It won't help, only build up the cycle of hatred and create a bigger threat.

"I understand that. Anger, wanting revenge but that won't help Beetle. That would only create a bigger threat than Hammerhead," Spiderman said.

"And how would you know that!" Beetle shouted as she grabbed the spider by his suit chest.

Spiderman sighed, seeing that coming, and put his hands on Beetle's shoulders.

"I too know what it feels like on losing those closest to you," Spiderman answered which surprised the group and Black Cat but the white-haired beauty had been told a good number of things by the blonde.

Beetle lowered her head and was close to letting her tears out but stay strong and could hear some sobs.

"It says, we agree on dealing with Hammerhead. What do we get in return?" Shocker asked.

"Payback and sending that bone head to jail. But also get the chance of doing some good and step out of the Sinister Six's shadow by being own group. Sinister Six has a bad history when fighting me and doesn't have a good one that the world knows," Spiderman replied, recalling what Otto had done.

Shocker will admit that the new wall-crawler had a good point. He singled his group to talk with him in private and they whisper to each other which Beetle joined in. The five were going back and forth on whatever or not on getting payback and start this somewhat new path.

"Think this could work?" Black Cat asked.

"Only one way to find out," Spiderman replied, hoping his plan works and if some criminals can be redeemed.


"In other news, one of the crime bosses, Hammerhead has been taken into custody for a good number of crimes and chaos he started tonight. His tower building was attacked by a former group of villains, Spiderman, and Black Cat," Norah Winters started as pictures of the battle were shown of Shocker & his group fighting off Hammerhead's men in the building. And set of photos showing Spiderman & Black Cat dealing with Hammerhead himself in his very own office.

"Now New York can rest easy with Hammerhead heading to the court, jail most likely. We must ask ourselves about this New Spiderman, his actions, and what is to come with a group of villains taking this new leaf? I hope they are good answers. This is Norah Winters from the Daily Bugle, enjoy the night," Norah finished before the TV was turned off by the blonde himself.

Naruto smiled at how the night patrol was great tonight. Not only he and Felicia deal with Hammerhead but also redeem a group of villains and turn over a new leaf. The blonde had made a great deal with Shocker who agree to it and they enjoyed beating that bone head like a ragdoll for his crimes & double-crossing them. And that group was going as the New Enforcers which Spider & Cat have their numbers in case they need a hand on their missions. Yes, the New Enforces are becoming a freelancers group, bounty hunters more likely.

It was good and shows that some good are in the world, something that Naruto knows that a certain godfather would be proud of him. And crying in tears because his godson lives with two hot girls. Yeah, that's Jiraiya for you.

Naruto had used his camera, Spiderbots, and Spider-Drones on taking all of those pictures for Norah's night reporting while he makes the morning news which he emails to his boss, Robbie who was impressed with a good first story the blonde created. A good start and needs to keep it up.

Naruto had come back to his apartment, very late after getting his work done as both himself and Spiderman. Felicia had gone home before him and wonder what she's planning. Michele should already be fast asleep by now. And he should get some rest as well but not quite yet...

"Welcome home, spider," A certain female voice spoke, being sweet and seductive, getting the blonde to turn around and was speechless at what he saw.

Felicia was beautiful and amazing like before, wearing nothing but underwear. She wore a lustful pair of black underwear, her bra hugging her massive breasts perfectly, showing the design of black thorned roses on it. The same design is present on her panties. Her appearance alone can make any man fall down from blood loss or gravel at her feet.

Naruto freeze in place, dropping all of his equipment, his eyes fixed on the sexy cat in front of him as his mouth was left wide open, and blushed in deep red. He starting to get what his girl met by a special kind of modeling.

Felicia giggled at the blonde's reaction, it was priceless.

"That is what kind of modeling you do?" Naruto asked, fighting off his shock, blushed face, and bloody nose from what was happening.

"Yep, glad you like it. This one is one of the special ones I made myself," Felicia said with a smirk as she walks over to the blonde with a sway of her hips, a show for the blonde to enjoy and was now close to him which backed them up to the bed.

Naruto was sitting on the bed with Felicia straddling on his waist and was very close to him, feeling heated and doing his best on keeping himself in control. He had an idea of what might happen due to Peter's memories and other things from what his godfather had told but wasn't sure at the moment.

Seeing this, Felicia smiled and said, "Don't worry Naruto. I will love to show you my love and rock your world but we can wait and I thought of a good show for you. A preview to a special one, and something to keep an eye on. And the chance to bring more for the fun."

"Yeah, wait what?" Naruto said, catching on to what the white-haired beauty had told him.

"Don't be so surprised, Naruto. Michele and I had a good talk about our relationship with you," Felicia said.

Naruto now remembers earlier when they were talking to each other and wonder what they were talking about back then which he was going to find out soon.

"And what have you both decided?" Naruto asked.

"We both agree on sharing with you," Felicia answered.

Naruto was about to speak but Felicia cut him by placing a finger on his lips.

"You need to have happiness in your life and shouldn't be a problem for you. You did mention about some sole heirs have more than one lover in your old world and life," Felicia said, remembering Naruto talking to her about his old life and some statues that a few people have.

Naruto was quiet, remembering that and how he could have been into that Clan Restoration Arc (CRA) statues, harem if you will. The blonde fits into that due to being the last surviving member of his parents' clans and some can see he needs a lot of love & kindness because of what happened to him.

"Felicia, I won't lie about and how I feel about you, Michele. But this is new to me," Naruto said, being honest.

"I understand but just now that I am your first and alpha," Felicia said with a smile on her face.

"I can agree to that," Naruto said.

"Good. Now tonight, let's rest as we have a good number of things to do tomorrow and next following days," Felicia said as she pushed them down onto the bed and cuddled next to her blonde spider.

"Yeah that sounds good to me," Naruto agreed as held onto his white-haired girlfriend and rest for the night.

Today may have been a long day but was worth it and a great start of something for our blonde hero to have in his life.