It's Date A Live's 10th anniversary (and a few days late as per 'me' of course) so I figured now is about as late as ever in the game even though it really is too late down the line haha but regardless, I've gone ahead with what I started after all.

Despite being amongst my favourites, DaL is probably the fanfiction archive that I visit the least out of them… simply since updates just feel so rare and the relatively few amount of stories (not that it compares to other series I love that have 0 in counting but still)… not that will change unfortunately I feel.

Contains some spoilers for DaL IV/future anime content (although I feel people here are mainly LN readers already – or maybe just me impression)

Essentially set after the main series/vol 22 but also an AU in that sense, and a bunch of spoilers/references to events as well regarding the final arc but especially regarding 'Inverse Tohka' who will also be a key character haha (gimme her true name character tag to add, dammit!)

The one point I guess I have to address is simply Shido haha… when thinking over this, I guess that's no avoiding it but even though I absolutely love his character (especially in the final arc but in the later half in general of the LNs), as the title/description basically suggests… he won't be a part of this, I still honestly don't know if it would be 'kinder' to not involve him in the story that taking out his character just feels too sad for me, but it would be considered cruel to just have him watching the girls unfold…

I don't know if I should have adapted him as Shiori, but in this case for him to be genderbent or just being a trap and in either case whether to be permanent or an effect of the spirits' power, but either way right now, I will keep him as 'Shido', since that's the way I came to really like him haha, and for now give him an 'older brother' sorta position in the spirits' family.

All the spirits will still love and cherish him dearly but also come to… get interested in other matters with their goddess at the centre and all amongst each other too.

However this will focus on the yuri primarily but will still include such scenes of the spirits and Shido who will always be a special person to them no matter what, so don't want it to just seem like they don't think about him anymore but consider it occurring more 'off-screen' since well… the title is the theme/focus of this fanfic haha.

There's also Yoshino (for reasons I will elaborate in future) but yeah she will play more as the sort of 'little sister' to the group and not directly be involved in the yuri.

Feels like this may very well be the longest intro blabble I've done and which the least amount of people will read haha but hope you all enjoy, though either way… this was probably the most happy enjoyment I've ever had in imagining and writing.



' "speech" ' - Thinking about someone's words

Date A Yuri Harem Live

March 20th - Itsuka Residence

A Spirit's kiss was a unique feeling.

From the start, Spirits sharing a kiss with other Spirits went against the original purpose to why their power was created in the first places.

All the girls, who had attained the power from another world, were drawn together to the designated target in which all the reiryoku, now purified by the spirits sephira crystals, would be gathered within.

It was all for the sole dream of the one who created it and that 'designated person' had been Shido, now 32 years ago to when it all began.

Despite Miku's attempts, before nobody really knew what happened when two spirits would kiss one another since she had (thankfully?) never been successful in her rather direct approach.

"Ufufu Tohka-san… I'll be applying this ointment on you now~"

"Muu, Miku!" Tohka shivered from the sudden attack when she had been about to sink her lips into her favourite food in the world. "I-It's cold, don't do it right now…"

"Don't worry, my sweetheart~ Just leave it all in my capable hands and feel the touch of heaven!" Miku persisted.

The case had been different for the two identical girls, Kaguya and Yuzuru when they exchanged a kiss in their battle against Beast , although for them it had been a special case.

"Kukaka, let me ward off this troublesome mob for my kinswoman!"

"Suggestion. We should restrain Miku and await for the Queen."

"Ouu! Thank you Kaguya, Yuzuru!" Tohka beamed at the identical girls who looped an arm under either of Miku's shoulders and pulled her away.

Natsumi would rather not think about it if she could help it, especially when it gave her no help against the nightmares she had of Miku who had inflicted the trauma on her.

"Natsuummmiii! Help me escape and I'll reward you the whole night long!" Miku shamelessly called over to the jade haired girl.

"No way in hell!" She snapped back, shrinking over to the spot next to Tohka who just signed, hiding under her wing.

"Mu? Would you like some Natsumi?" Tohka offered to share her kinako bread. Or one of the ones she was eating.

"U-Un…" Natsumi averted her eyes, looking away with a sigh at a lost opportunity to comment on the breadcrumbs on Tohka's cheeks, "o-only if you would waste something precious on m-"

Sealing her mouth with a kinako bread, Tohka quickly followed up with a kiss on Natsumi's flushed cheeks, just like whenever Natsumi still felt down.

It wasn't something that had crossed Mukuro's mind either too much. But watching curiously, it had made her conscious of how close she had grown close to all these girls.

"Tohka," taking a towel, the blonde girl brushed the dark haired princess's silky hair aside for a moment, "Muku shalt cleanse thoust body from troublesome machinations."

"Ou! Thank you Mukuro!" Tohka allowed the busty girl to lift up her shirt and felt the ticklish wet sensations rubbed off. Half a minute later, Tohka realised herself after finishing another kinako bread that whatever lotion Miku had tried to put on her would surely be wiped clean by now. "M-Mukuro… is something the matter?"

Turning over her shoulder, Tohka shivered when Mukuro's face was inches away from her, leaning down the sofa and lost in thought as her other hand kept stroking Tohka's long hair.

"A-Ah… forgive Muku," Mukuro realised she had been lost in thought from the sensation of the princess's gorgeous and fine hair.

"I-It's fine," Tohka nodded comfortingly, blushing pleasantly before reaching out her hand to stroke Mukuro's hair in turn who allowed her. After a while they both giggled. "Ou! This is really relaxing!"

Nodding excitedly, Mukuro took put the towel to one side and sat beside Tohka who extended her other hand to also pat Natsumi's head as the girls began playing with each other's hair.

In the months which had passed, Kotori had been monitoring the developments and watching over the spirits well-being as always from the airship Fraxinus and from Maria's reports.

"H-Hey Tohka-neechan," Kotori leaned in from the back and stroking down the back of her night coloured hair, whilst Mukuro and Natsumi twirled her side bangs, "let me touch too!"

Watching the scene, Kotori's bright red twintails, tied by white ribbons, had been twitching in excitement. Watching their developments and relationships continue over the months. Always watching. But sooner or later, her resistance always seemed to buckle.

"Muu… everyone is always treating me," Tohka stared between Natsumi and Mukuro who nodded in affection as Tohka turned over the back of the couch and began patting and brushing the top of Kotori's hair, down over each of her twintails, "I want to pet Kotori too! Ou, but I also want to touch Natsumi, Mukuro and everyone else's hair at the same time too…"

Kotori blushed from seeing the smirks planted on the faces of Natsumi and Mukuro who seemed to enjoy watching her be the subject of affection.

"Ou! That's it! Kotori, Natsumi, can your powers give me a way to reach and touch everyone at the same time?" Tohka brightly asked, looking between the two, "muu… but having more arms might feel a little strange… Ouuu! Then what about summoning wriggly things!"

"Mun, wriggly things?" Mukuro inquired, fetching a comb to straighten out Tohka's already perfect hair.

"Umu! Let's see…" The night haired girl got up with a jump and looked around the room before sighting the manga, or in this case, 'doujin' which she had seen.

Yoshino had no fear in talking to the other spirits anymore, even if a number were in higher years than her. To her, they were all like elder sisters or classmates and best friends to her.

"Ou, Yoshino, mind if I borrow this!" Tohka happily asked as Yoshino nodded back with a smile from where she was sitting at the dinner table with Nia and reading a collection with Yoshinon. She then froze like an ice statue when she saw the cover.

"A-Ah, T-Tohka-san…" Yoshino got up quickly and followed her into the centre of the living room.

"Umu! Wriggly things, just like here!" Tohka proclaimed happily, showing the cover to Kotori, Natsumi and Mukuro just as the Yamai twins also entered the room with a tied up Miku.

Yoshino shuddered from the dark looks that spread across the girls' faces, as Kotori wiped off her white ribbons and retied her hair with black.

"W-What is this?!" Kaguya held down Miku who sighted the cover too and was trying to get the mouth muffle off her.

"Shock. Ecchi." Yuzuru turned to lean into Kaguya, both of whom kept blushing at the cover.

"Mu…?" Tohka innocently looked across all the girls, who were all beat red from her clueless expression at the manga. The title was 'The Rise of the Tentacle Magician'. "Natsumi, do you think I could touch everyone if I had these wriggly things extended from my control?"

"D-Don't ask me!" The Witch's face exploded and she grabbed a pillow to hide her face, "don't make me imagine weird things! N-No, I'm certain this would never work with my power, so don't try!"

"Uhuhuhu, what a reaction! I wonder just what you're all imagining!" Yoshinon exclaimed to the girls who all turned away whilst Yoshino covered her mouth, blushing herself.

"Tohka, forget about this, you are too innocent to understand this," Kotori was the only one who mustered forward despite a noticeable blush spreading as well, as she gently took the book before turning to the other girls and slamming it onto the floor. "I am confiscating this! And do not speak of this again! No… first, which one of you bought this in here?!"

Kurumi had always been curious about other spirit girls. The past her would have delightfully eaten a bit of them up if it helped her towards her goal, and even afterwards she still remained interested.

"Ara, ara," Kurumi entered the living room just at the perfect time, "what is the matter Kotori-san?"

"Kurumi…" Kotori picked up the novel and thrust it towards her, "are you the one sneaking in t-this…"

"Ufufu," the dark haired girl licked her lips, placing her bag down on the couch, "now, I wonder? I was asked to trade a number of books I've had, maybe that one had also somehow sneaked in amongst them? But whatever is the matter? That manga doesn't have anything wrong with it, or is Kotori interested in this kind of stuff too?"

"Kurumi, you nightmare…" Kotori growled, searching through the collection Yoshino had been reading on the table for any more content. "Listen everyone, from now on, this stuff goes through me before you bring this into the house. That also includes in your house!"

The spirit's apartment block next door had a number of rooms, some of which had been remodelled like on the second floor which was no a giant living space. Kotori made a note for herself to get Maria and Ellen to search through the whole place properly.

"Muu? I don't understand…" Tohka inclined her head cutely. The girls glancing at her felt relieved that it was the case.

"Ara Tohka-san," Kurumi looped a hand under the princess's arm and leaned into her, closing the space to her lips, "I will teach you about it if you want to know more~"

"Not a chance!" Kotori got in between them right before Kurumi made contact, holding an arm to defend Tohka who made a sad noise at the interrupted kiss, "Kurumi… it feels like we'll need to have a talk first.

Kurumi giggled freely and winked gently at Kotori, "then, I'll be looking forward to that."

From Nia's time as a mangaka, she had finished her latest publication around a year ago and then followed her next inspiration and switched to a new genre that caught her interest. Yuri.

"Ahh, an imouto-chan's jealousy for a beautiful onee-chan who is being engaged by a love rival!" Nia excitedly decided on the cliffhanger from the scene and what her next chapter would be about. "Even though they are not related by blood, the imouto-chan is in love with a girl she once saw an older sister but now is deeply in lo-"

"Quit it," Kotori slapped Nia's head with the manga now in her possession who gave a cry, "besides what is with this plot?! Since when did I become a stalker?!"

"Of course, the imouto-chan's heart was stolen from the moment the princess caused the chupa-chupa industry to explode." Nia adjusted her glasses confidentially, making a note for a flashback chapter later. "Oh and any resemblance to real life characters are totally coincidental."

"As if!" Kotori sighed and turned away, looking around for someone who she was growing suspicious by that person's absence.

"Nattsun! You can start colouring!" Nia energetically waved to her number 1 assistant who sunk into the sofa for a little while.

"Tohka-san, why don't you sit down," Kurumi suggested to her, leading her down onto the sofa again before taking a seat next to her.

"O-Ou, Kurumi…?" Tohka whispered softly, feeling the dark haired girl about to start it again.

"Kyaaah!" Nia squeaked in delight, jumping out of her seat from her newfound yuri interest, sketchbook in hand and kneeling in front of the girls to get the best view, "yes this is perfect! Just keep still you two!"

"H-Hey, just hold it right there," Kotori followed after them, trying to pull Kurumi away as all the spirits attention became focused on their princess.

Kurumi leaned in smoothly and licked across Tohka's earlope who let out a quiet moan before clamping her mouth shut with her hands.

Just like that, the switch had been flipped. Tohka's crystalline eyes turned to Kurumi whose arms were hanging lightly on her shoulders, her eyes looking in anticipation to her soft, rose lips.

Kotori gawked at the sight and jumped over the couch, kneeling down on either side of Kurumi's legs who she tried to push down. "T-Tohka, don't listen to this troublesome girl. I-If you want to k-k-, t-then I –"

"Kuku Tohka, don't you wish to feel the touch of our touch of breath first?" Kaguya leaned and stuck her head between Kurumi and Tohka, brushing her cheek against her kinswoman.

"Agreement. Tohka will want to experience a kiss from Kaguya and Yuzuru first." Yuzuru leaned in from the other side, both siding their hands over Tohka's shoulders whilst breathing against her cheeks.

"A-Ah…" The night haired girl blushed, feeling the excitement rushing to them all from the spirit pass, through the room's atmosphere and just from everyone's own feelings. "Everyone…"

"Mff! Mff!" Miku who had been tied up by the twins was now wriggling on the ground like a caterpillar, trying to get to the centre.

Natsumi stiffened at the sight, glancing at Yoshino who covered her mouth and eyes as she swore that Yoshinon gave her a thumbs up. The Witch tried to sneak in as well into the fray, but was beaten to her seat by Mukuro who took Tohka's side, opposite of Kurumi and Kotori.

"Arn't thou most smitten with Muku?" The blonde took Tohka's other arm from Yuzuru and pressed it between her sizeable bust while looking eagerly to her.

"H-Hey, I was supposed to…" Natsumi timidly approached and decided to sit next to Mukuro before glancing again and leaning over her entirely, reaching one hand onto Tohka's thigh as she stared up at her.

"… Guh…" Nia's sketch fell into the floor before her just as she felt more eager to engage with a princess who was in a blushing mess from the girls around her. The mangaka crawled up, brushing her hands over Tohka's thighs as she leaned up to see her up close.

"Mu, no fair…" Tohka complained lightly, breathing heavily from the contact of all the girls, and not knowing who to even start with. "I'll always make sure to give everybody kisses you know…"

At the time when all the reiryoku disappeared from the world for a time, now 2 years ago, the whole purpose to dating and kissing the spirit had all come to an end. For a time.

Just like when the anomaly known as spirit Beast appeared 1 years ago, all the girls have briefly regained spiritual energy and were able to wield their Angels .

A few weeks later, on that day – April 10th, Tohka returned. Now, the one who had been the source and the one who was at the centre of all the reiryoku was her.

Although there was no danger, after a series of events, they had found what occurred when two spirits kissed each other even if only in the resulting situation.

Just like before, a spirit pass would be open between the girls this time, circulating the reiryoku between them, while Tohka acted as the centre of it.

The girls who had stopped being spirits, could all now control their Angels once more so long as Tohka supplied them with the spiritual power.

In the end, it didn't change much else, as they continued to be as normal girls as they could be whilst being able to call upon their Angels once more when the need arose.

Everyday life continued just as normal.

Whilst thinking that, Shido continued watching the strange, albeit now common, scene from the kitchen with half knitted eyes.

'W-Well… there's nothing wrong with it… I'm glad they have all become such good… friends?'

He had finished preparing everyone's breakfast but now felt he shouldn't interrupt the alluring sight before him.

"Nii-sama…" Mana laid down the forks and knives on the table, clearing the manga from it, "is something the matter?"

"N-No…" Shido denied, fixated on the scene and giving a small smile, "of course not. T-They've all become such good friends…"

"Friends huh…" Mana stared doubtfully, glancing at Yoshino who was smiling strangely and watching too.

Almost a year had passed since the day Beast appeared, and then Tohka soon afterwards.

Like a missing gap in their lives that had been refilled, it had caused no small amount of waterworks. Even now, there was no shortage of tears when the topic came up.

Every time that happened, the only one who hadn't been victim to the waterworks by now had been Tohka herself who always stared fondly whilst comforting the individuals who had been driven in memory of it.

It had started out like that.

On the day when Shido passed Tohka and Origami, brightly smiling whilst talking happily to each other, he knew that all would be well from here on.

Any bad blood between them was long in the past, rather it had only led to an inseparable relationship between them.

The girls, all wishing to make up for lost time with Tohka, all invited her out on a girls date or to spend time at home peacefully.

Rekindling in a friendship that would last forever, they all reconnected with a heart of their spirit family, spending time with her individually and in groups sometime.

For Tohka who missed everyone dearly just as much, although she also began attending the same college as Shido, Origami, the Yamai twins and Kurumi too, the first couple months were spent deeply hanging out with all the spirits and Shido.

The third month had been much the same, although she was able to fully engage with classes now. Even in the fourth month after her return she continued the friends dates with everyone whenever she could

The fifth month was also the same, and so was the sixth month. By halfway through the year, Shido had felt something different was going on when it seemed that if Tohka or Origami wasn't in class, neither was the other. By the seventh month, Kurumi would give him teasing smirks and joke about what they might be doing whilst also not appearing in class when they were off.

The eight and ninth month came and Shido had found out what they had been up to, and in the 3 months since then, everyone had been open about it.

Looking back, they never tried to hide it from him, Shido had just not noticed. He too was often being invited out on the girls dates, so it wasn't that he felt they were not spending time with him.

It was just that they dearly missed each other.

He had missed Tohka just as much too.

He was happy to see her being loved and cherished by the others.

Watching the girls, he felt it was already enough for him.

"H-Hey, um… breakfast is ready," Shido called out to them. They had heard him from Tohka's happy sound but he understood they wanted to settle this matter first.

"Mff! Mff!" Miku had now managed to roll around on her side to the other side of the sofa, trying to jump into the girls without success.

All the other girls, besides Yoshino and Miku, were all trying to settle the matter of receiving Tohka's kiss first.

Between them all, Kaguya and Yuzuru were continuing to brush Tohka's cheeks sweetly, approaching her lips together whilst Kurumi was teasing Kotori and Mukuro, Natsumi and Nia had started pouting at each other just as they noticed.

"Uo?" Tohka blinked her steaming head, as the Yamai twins closed in, able to claim victory to their name.

– Until she appeared.

"Ouu?!" Tohka jumped at the girl who instantly appeared in her arms, pressing her chest into her whilst brushing the lips of both twins before she claimed Tohka's first.

The girls went silent, all watching as Origami had used her power to teleport straight into Tohka's lap, stealing the main spot completely.

"Guh?! Why is it you again, Tobiichi Origami!" Kotori jumped from Kurumi's snickering and latched herself onto the ex-AST girl's shoulders.

"Ara, ara, Origami-san has beat us all to it again," Kurumi licked her lips, watching from the side as Origami's tongue entered Tohka's mouth who lost herself in the sensation and began battling back.

"Gyu, Origami's first again…" Kaguya slumped down her head, before wiping her head exaggeratedly. "B-But of course my sacred eye has foreseen this! Such is our ladies union!"

"Admiration. Master Origami and Mistress Tohka are so close even now." Yuzuru smiled back softly, stroking Kaguya's braid as the two girls of the hurricane, looked intently at one another.

"Muku is not satisfied…" The blonde kept hold of Tohka's arm between her, waiting for her kiss to be next. Her face turned slowly redder whilst watching the make out session continue between the two.

"U-Uh…" Natsumi leaned away from her place and patted Kotori on the shoulder who had become frozen whilst watching them and loosened her grip.

"O-Oririn…" Nia stared with a sigh, before the image struck into her head again. "Yes… The Angel Oririn and the Sword Princess-chan, they're reunited again in the next chapter…"

"Mfffff! M- Ah! NO fair, me too, me too!" Miku finally managed to speak again but still remained tied up.

Whilst Shido watched sweating profusely, serving Yoshino her breakfast, he grunted when he saw.

Origami's tongue was heavily rolling against Tohka's, coating her with hot saliva whilst sucking with her lips over hers, roaming her hands over the back of Tohka's head who pressed intently back to the platinum blonde's touch, pressing her pure feelings to the girl who she wished to please.

When at last they broke for air, all the girls stopped to stare again, feeling Tohka and Origami breathe heavily into each other, some of their breath tickling the other spirits.

"Hot…" Origami breathed out with a pure angelic smile despite the evidently lewd thoughts she was having as her tongue licked Tohka's lip again who jumped. "Let's go… date time."

"Umu!" Tohka turned brightly upon hearing that before turning to the others, "ah, but first everyone's kisses too! Ou, and breakfast!"

"No time," the white haired girl claimed, hugging Tohka as she activated Metatron once more, teleporting only herself and Tohka out from the sofa. "We need to go now."


Breaking out into simulate nous yelps, the girls all fell into a pile together on the sofa, before they quickly rearranged themselves and looked at Origami who had sat Tohka on the stairs on the other side of the room and was quickly putting her boots on her.

"A-Ah wait Origami, but everyone else is – Uo!?" Tohka exclaimed as she felt herself being picked up bridal style before Origami dashed out of the door.


"Ah, what about me?!"

"Muku is not pleased by this development."

"Yuzuru, it seems like we are being challenged to battle."

"Excitement. Let us go claim our reward."

"H-Hey, wait you guys-, no girls-," Shido called after all the spirits who were rushing to get their shoes on as Origami jumped out the window with Tohka. "What about breakfast?! Aren't you going to school?! It's the last day of your first years so we'll all have our ending ceremonies."

"That doesn't matter now!" Kotori yelled, taking a single black ribbon, opening the door to everyone as she took command with the Yamai twins being the first out of the door, "everyone, hurry! Let's begin our date war !"

After a series of rushing footsteps, the door was slammed shut and Shido sighed, glancing at Yoshino was staring at the empty room with Mana.

"Ah, well…" Shido sighed, staring at the banquet he had been preparing for Tohka, "I'll make your lunchboxes with these today."

Tenguu City Park District

Her night coloured hair was flying in the wind from the speed at which the Angel was carrying her, making Tohka feel like she ought to reverse the roles later.

"Muu… Origami?" Tohka stared around embarrassingly at being carried like a princess which drew them a lot of attention. "Why did you leave everyone else behind?"

"…" The expressionless girl didn't answer for a while but slowed to a halt and let Tohka down at last. "… Fun to tease them."

"Well, that's true," Tohka giggled in agreement as Origami took her hand and they began walking down the street, "but… I want to give everyone their kisses too…"

"…" Origami made a bit of a sour face but nodded, feeling Tohka's hand squeeze hers comfortingly. "I wanted to get the timing right. According to my calculations, they'll catch up in 17 minutes 32 seconds."

"U-Umu, Kaguya and Yuzuru will probably catch us first," Tohka's intuition told her. The gentle wind blew back her long dress, a slightly lilac colour. She wore a white shirt with a light purple coat over her shoulders too, similar clothes to what she wore 2 years ago in the world which Tenka had created. "So, where did you want to go?"

"Right here." Gesturing her head forward silently, the platinum blonde added a small hint of pleasure in her tone, readjusting her loose dark shirt and silver necklace.

A savoury aroma covered the streets.

"W-What is this?!" Tohka's mouth watered like it had never before. "S-Such a thing, it actually exists?!"

Her stomach growled, reminding her of her missed breakfast. Aside from her starter of kinako breads.

"Ladies and gentlemen! It's our last call for any participants!" On top of a large stage in the middle of the town square, a man who looked like a performer spoke into the microphone to the gathered crowd. "We will end the advertisement of our business with our give away!"

And right there, in the middle of the table on the large stage, exhibited on one of the altars, was the biggest kinako bread that Tohka had ever seen.

Below it on the title, it read 'Kami Kinako-sama'.

More than 3 times the size of her lovable pillow, the heavenly scent that invaded her nose was without doubt a real kinako bread. It was the size of a car.

Her eyes had widened to the size of saucers and Origami's pulse raised at the twinkling heart eyes that seemed to be reflected.

"God… kinako… bread… Uuuuu! I see!" Tohka jumped, the waterfall splattered from her mouth, eyes stuck straight into the giant object on one of the stands in the stage in the middle of the square. "Are they going to be selling god kinako breads of that size from now on?!"

"Probably not," Origami took her hand and guided them to one of the benches that were set up amongst a sizeable crowd. She counted about 80 other individuals, couples or groups who were competing together.

"MU! Why not?!" Tohka demanded in horror, a futuristic dream of hers lost.

"It wouldn't be commercially effective," the platinum blonde explained, "it's a one time give away."

"I-I see!" The night haired girl leaned against her girlfriend in anticipation, wiping her mouth as she imagined the fresh crisp texture when she sank her teeth in it, "then I can't miss it out!"

Origami nodded, determinedly, seeking around and devising her strategy.

"With this, on to our first round, the first to answer three questions correctly in a row will receive any prize they choose, then the next two runner-ups will have the same," the presenter announced each of the three prizes here. "The first is the brand new luxury products to be sold from Nidhoggr Enterprise in the near future. The second is a result of an industry mistake which caused this giant kinako bread to be created. The third is an exemplary dish straight out of one of Tokyo's highest regarded restaurants - 'mochi au gratin de blanc'!"

Hearing the cheers, it seemed most people were aiming for the luxury eight stack of products. Chocolates, sweets and confectioneries of the highest class which would be sold at extravagant prices in the future.

Tohka inclined her head, applauding excitedly for the other two rewards as well, noticing Origami stop for a moment. "Muu? What's wrong, Origami?"

"No, it's nothing," she shook her head, returning to thinking of a way to disqualify the others gathered. "If we spread a sleeping drug around, we can knock out the presenter and take all the prizes."

Nodding hesitantly, Tohka gave her an inexplicable stare, hoping she didn't try to pull it.

"Let's start then, our first question –" Everyone listened up as the man pulled a card from the box, "in what era did the 'roasted whole soy flour' ( kinako ), begin circulating in cookbook-"

Before he could finish, two hands were struck up instantly.

The presenter noticed and pointed to one of them, "yes, young lady wi-"

"Uo, Muromachi's era!"

"Ashikaga period."

"… Huh?" Tohka and Origami looked at each other, realising they had both known the answer. Tohka was surprised at a question she knew and had jumped without conferring with her partner, and Origami because Tohka had remembered the history lessons she usually struggled with.

"A-Ah, yes, both would be the correct answers," the presenter awkwardly confirmed, seeing that they both answered before he could clarify which one of them had raised their hand first, "then, both of you young ladies have got 1 question correct! Then, onto the next question!"

"S-Sorry…" Tohka apologised, seeing people stare at them when they had appeared like a group but now seemed to be competing separately.

"You have nothing to apologise for," Origami nodded to herself, "Tohka is just too clever and will have no problems with the questions."

"I-I'm not," she argued, with a happy smile for being praised, "I-I just remember when I heard kinako from Tama-sensei."

"So, kinako comes from soybeans. Which two colours are the most com-"

"Uo!" Tohka and Origami raised their hands together again, instead of waiting for the judge, the night haired girl called out brightly. "Yellow, also green!"

"Yellow and green." Origami spoke clearly in a calmer voice which could still be heard even next to Tohka.

"A-Ah yes… both of you well done… You've both answered two correctly…" The commentator nodded at the girls who blinked at each other whilst the crowd began casting glances at them, somehow the same two able to answer again. "T-Then, onto the third question – huh…"

The man blinked at it. Then glanced to the biggest kinako bread that had ever come out of production. Once again the question was about kinako bread. 'Wait, this is strange, it can't be that someone's hijacked the question cards, right?' He thought whilst glancing to the reward that rested upon the aisle, 'Are you trying to tell me something, kami kinako-sama…?'

Origami watched the commentator about to continue. "Third question. In what month of the year did the first otherwordly being come into contact with kinako bread… huh?"

Looking dubiously and re-reading the card again, the crowd began chatting at the questionable question. "What's that… some kind of reference to a movie?"

"Beats me… and why is it kinako bread again." The crowd gazed at the monstrosity that should surely be uneatable.

"Hmm… other-wordly being…? Who could that be…" Tohka thought to herself whilst Origami waited patiently. "Month of the Year? Ah, if it was…"

Whilst seeing she was about to think of the wrong purpose, Origami gently pulled Tohka's arm up and headed towards the stage whilst whispering.

"Uo! I see!" She explained happily from the hint as the two girls boldly took the stage, the answer is –"


"Y-Yes…" The commentator glanced down at the card, having no clue either but his only job was to read what was provided, not understand them. "T-Then… you girls seem to get the first and second prizes."

The crowd began chatting between themselves, a few mumbling complaints and at how the girls seemed to be working together and were about to take the best prize.

"Then, I choose this one!" Tohka grabbed the dish and pulled the plate cover open from the dish at the table and inhaling the heavenly aroma of the high restaurant food. "Moshing a grated blank!"

"Huh? Why…" Origami froze in place, glancing back and forth. Tohka had not chosen the kinako bread at all. Once she had done so, Origami had intended to select the luxury products and gift them to the other spirits too as thanks for the morning. "The…"

"Muu… I really want your Mr Kinako so much…" Tohka's eyes glittered towards before pulling the dish round and allowing the short haired platinum blonde to behold it, "but, I want Origami to have her favourite dish more!"

"!" Origami froze in surprise, an old homely feeling resurfacing. "… Gratin?"

"Umu!" Tohka nodded enthusiastically, "it was always Origami's favourite when she was young, right?"

"… Ah." She nodded slowly. "… Yes."

"…!" Tohka leaned in, feeling the crowd's silent attention, "A-Ah Origami?! Why are you crying? Does it… still hurt?"

"… No." She wiped her eyes with a small smile, beaming at Tohka before pulling her into a hug. "Not crying."

"U-Umu…" The night haired girl wrapped her arms and hugged her girlfriend back cheerfully.

Admiring the lovely friendship, the crowd couldn't help but wash away any complaints and lightly clap before the two girls pulled away embarrassedly.

"Then… next is my turn," Origami, while keeping the recovered dish in one hand again, rose to the stand and picked out the kinako bread. "This one. For Tohka."

"Ah!" Tohka shyly beamed, "muu, Origami doesn't have to do this every time, but… thank you!"

She was about to leap to kiss her in front of the crowd before getting interrupted by the commentator again. "T-Then, where would you like this kinako bread delivered? If you wish for it to be frozen and put on display, we can –"

"What are you talking about?" Tohka raised an eyebrow without understanding, "we'll be eating it!"

"… What?" The crowd jaws fell open, as they watched the small girl pick up the giant kinako bread, over 3 times her size and carry it on top of head.

"Let's go," Origami nodded, eager to eat herself before she chose a location, "the park."

"Umu!" She joined after the platinum blonde, leaving the crowd full of cheer.

"W-Well then…" The remaining audience turned to the stage again, the prize they all really came for still unclaimed. "Onto the fourth question…"

Pulling out the card again, the commentator stared into the distance to where the two young girls had disappeared before reading. "In what era did the 'roasted whole soy flour' ( kinako ), begin circulating in cookbooks? … Wait a minute!"

By the time they realised there had been foul play involved in replacing the question cards the morning before, Origami was already smugly sitting opposite Tohka on the spacious bench they had wiped clean.

Whilst Tohka was munching and making speedy process already, Origami was glad it could hide her expression just for a little time.

'Ah… it's been so long…' The voice in her head sighed nostalgically. It was the voice of another Origami, the one who had memories of this new timeline.

'Want some?' The original Origami inquired.

'N-No there's no need,' the Origami, who remained with her longer hair in her self-formed image within her their shared mind, could feel the taste of what she ate too, 'I'm just happy you can eat something you love again…'

'… Yeah.' The short white haired girl nodded, taking a knife and fork which she had acquired to cut another piece.

It felt wholesome, a light feeling to the dish given it's size, soft and not too chewy whilst remaining a nice stringy mouthful and cheesy. A comfort food more suited to a small diner.

It had been long ago now, some 7 years ago when she last had eaten it. After losing her parents, the old timeline's Origami had largely forgotten about it.

No, she had completely blocked it out of her mind.

She didn't need a favourite food.

For Origami then, who was on the pursuit of revenge, having a favourite food, favourite clothes, favourite movies, none of that would have gotten her any closer to her goal.

Smirking softly back, she ironically listened as Tohka popped her head over the top, mouth stuffed with bread whilst offering a chunk to go with Origami's unusual breakfeast-lunch.

Smiling ironically, she accepted it and offered a spoonful of her culinary favourite to the princess who beamed, swallowed everything in her mouth at once and thanked her before diving back down.

The very existence which she threw aside old memories to pursue – that is, the Spirits, was now re-awakening the memories she had cast away.

She blinked and straightened up suddenly, realizing that she never once remembered telling Tohka, or anyone for that matter, about her old favourite.

'Try some,' Origami insisted to her other self, relinquishing control within her mind to the other Origami. Unlike her, the Origami of this new timeline had never shut herself off like that and forgotten small things like that.

'E-Eh… you don't have to…' Sitting up in their shared body again, the new timeline Origami sighed for a second, taking another portion, "w-well then I'll have a little -MH?!"

"Mu?" Tohka poked her head again. Origami was no making loud noises as she dug her mouth into the food, and stuffed it straight into her mouth. "Ou! Neo-Origami! Ah, there's a bit on your cheek."

"E-Eh?!" Neo-Origami saw Tohka looking happily at her, calling her by the name she had given to the new timeline's Origami. "H-Hi… I-I'm not actually a greedy girl, or anything!"

Before Tohka could get the chance to lick it off, Origami brushed her cheek clean, ger stomach growling as she blushed and she breathed out hotly from the food which she had consumed so quickly and made a bit of a mess on herself from.

"Don't worry! Eat up!" Tohka danced to the other side of the bench and crawled over to her on it, a chunk of the rich mouth-watering kinako bread held out from her mouth.

"E-Eh… what are you…" Neo-Origami yelped as Tohka pressed her down onto the bench, offering the bread in her mouth to her. "S-Seriously…"

She hesitated by eventually took a bite whilst about to faint from embarrassment. She was lucky that nobody seemed to be around them, otherwise she would have scurried away.

Crunching down, she hummed in delight as her lips were pressed into the warm doughy texture, biting down a chunk and swallowing as Tohka shown brightly on her and began eating away at her end.

In half a second, there was nothing between them anymore. The distance about to disappear, Neo-Origami made one last attempt to satisfy her painful stomach.

"Mh!" She gasped when her lips touched Tohka's who closed her eyes pleasantly and pulled her up on the bench again.

The beautiful girl kindly roamed her arms over the new timeline Origami's back, pressing their lips together in the taste of potatoes, kinako, mochi and more crisp and doughy bread textures.

Neo-Origami breathed out, feeling a gentle sound release when their lips loved contact, slumbing down and breathing into Tohka's neck as her whole vision became clouded.

Tohka giggled and hugged her back, cupping her cheek and stroking the short white hair.

"H-Hold it right there!" A girl whose hair was braided in a bun pointed out at the couple whilst trying to come up with a cool line. "Hoho, so we have exposed the site of your heavenly l-love nest!"

"Advice. Kaguya's envy is not being hidden very well," said the identical colour haired girl, whose braid run freely over her back and in two bangs on the sides. "Declaration. Yuzuru wishes to join in too."

"M-Me too!" Kaguya panicked to the smile of the girls, "Origami, for running off with my kinswoman, I demand a kiss from you too as retribution for your sins!"

"E-Eh?! H-Hold on…" Neo-Origami stuttered before her body lost control.

The sudden appearance of the Yamai twins who instantly wrapped their arms around them intimately, caused her whole head to spin.

Before she could fall down, Tohka caught her in her arms, as the more emotionless Origami did an about face.

"Very well," the platinum blonde pulled Tohka in, cheek to cheek who explained happily. They didn't see the others arrive yet.

"Muu, Neo-Origami run away again… she doesn't need to be shy," Tohka mumbled sadly to the original Origami's nod, before then thinking sulkily as she called to an equally elusive individual who was more stubborn than shy. "Come, Kaguya, Yuzuru!"

The twins nodded with thin blushes as Kaguya took the side next to Tohka, and Yuzuru did the same besides Origami as the four of them all pulled in together.

Their noses bumped a little and their cheeks squished against one another ticklishly even at an angle as the four girls all pressed their lips together at the centre.

A four way kiss was difficult to say the least, but one girl feeling three other's plush, delicate touches caused no short amount of ecstasy.

"A-Ah…" Kaguya traced her hands on the back of Tohka's hair who did the same, just as she felt her twin sister press into her hair bun too.

"Uh…" Yuzuru breathed out, spreading the warmth over all their faces when she felt her master press her hand to her inner thigh.

Tohka giggled, pressing a hand over her lips that shivered with delight before grabbing both Kaguya's and Yuzuru's heads and pulling them in for a three way kiss.

The strong princess coolly wrapped her lips over both girls', opening them slowly as she pressed and moistened them sweetly, sharing the flow of excitement.

Pulling away, Kaguya breathed out for a second, grinning in a daze as Tohka and Yuzuru began pressing their faces into each other as she leaned over to Origami who caught her lips passionately.

"Guh, O-Ori…" Her mouth was sealed as the platinum blonde's tongue dove straight into her mouth, pushing back along her lips as she sucked her breath out easily whilst Kaguya pressed on back.

Moaning against each other, Yuzuru pressed her hand over Tohka's waist, tracing her mouth over Tohka's soft upper lips before glancing up to her sister above her.

Releasing Kaguya who panted heavily with a heated chuckle, Origami turned to trace her finger under Yuzuru's neck, pulling her in again just as Tohka smiled gesturing to Kaguya who leaned in as well at the same, giving Origami a three way kiss now.

Their noses brushed together and tickled as the kiss didn't last long before they fell into giggles as Tohka watched over them with delight before encouraging them to try again, more slowly.

They did so, repeating the moisture as together, the Yamai twins managed to battle down Origami's tongue to equal footing against the platinum blonde's lewd kissing.

"Ahh… I-I'm going to melt from any more…" Kaguya sighed as Origami and Tohka this time pressed her down with their double kiss before it repeated with Yuzuru.

"D-Delight. Y-Yuzuru too…" Both girls by this point had felt their bodies grow week and couldn't notice the company arrive until Tohka and Origami released them with a flourish of cute giggles and a smaller smile on the latter.

Kaguya and Yuzuru inexplicably turned together, reminding themselves of when they did it as well. As Tohka cupped Origami's cheek and the two began to pull each other in, the Yamai girls who were once a single entity together, slowly leaned into each other as well.

"H-Hol… w-what are you guys…!" Kotori and the rest of the group stalled down, their brain functions shutting down at the sight they had been witnessing.

The remaining spirits, including a now free Miku whose eyes had blown out and retracted into blank circles, were all slack jawed at the display in public.

"Kotori!" Tohka opened them with welcoming arms, "come join us, quickly!"

"N-No way!" She glared down at Origami, with a pointed finger, "y-you're a terrible influence on her!"

"I don't know what you mean." She stated flatly, approaching the redhead and slipping her hand over her waist.

"Ara, ara, that's not what you were saying before, Kotori-san," Kurumi brushed her long skirt as she followed suspiciously behind the swaying mangaka, "you're still not being honest with yourself."

"S-Shut up!" The twintailed girl struggled when the former AST began feeling her up, "a-and you, what are you doing!"

"O-Oh my…" Nia began to walk swoonly around, slumping herself down on a nearby bench, her fingers trying to bring her hand up to the sketchbook without fail as the dark haired girl loomed over her. "Huh? Kurumin? What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing at all," she soothingly said before laying a peck on Nia's lips who jumped and lost her pen, "I will just need to borrow some of your power for later."

Without anyone noticing, Nia blushed at the girl who was compatible with both Zadkiel and Rasiel . When it came to between them, the pass would allow for Kurumi to use her Angel with her permission.

"S-Stop that!" Kotori explained as Origami suggestively massaged over her slightly grow bust as she was pulled towards Tohka.

"Muu? Kotori, did you want a kiss?" Tohka pressed a finger to her lips, looking quite forward to it.

"O-Of course, but not here!" She managed to struggle out of her reach when Mukuro grabbed Origami's shoulders enviously, sealing her movements for a moment.

Natsumi was following the group from the back and swaying slowly forward, freezing when she came within Miku's range and quickly taking a few steps back.

Glancing back, as Tohka took Kotori's hand and the group all began following them into town after a short recovery period, Natsumi hid out of Miku's sights and followed from the back.

She stopped and looked back at Miku who was the only one still rigid before turning her back to her. The witch turned back to the idol again with a sigh, already regretting it as she took the older girls sleeve and pulled her along, breaking her out a spell. "H-Hey… don't get left behind."

"Natsumi-chan…" Miku's sour face didn't disappear but she walked on herself normally.

"W-What?" The jade haired girl stuttered, feeling shivers run down her spine as she instantly wished she hadn't turned around for Miku.

"Just what have I been missing out on…" Her eyes rehealed and shone like god's light, as she turned down on the jade haired girl, "come here Natsumi-chan! I require healing! Let's pull everyone into one bed together tonight and eat them up completely!"

"G-GAH! Forget it!" Natsumi run out into a sprint, chasing after the group with Miku on her tail, "why did I even bother?!"


After catching up with the group, Tohka noticed Miku's lusting gaze and the group all scrambled around, playing an unofficial game of tag that was noticed by many passer-bys curiously, some who thought the girls seemed a little crazy.

As Miku's yuri lust had turned insatiable and began targetting all the girls, Tohka rushed around to protect all her other girls, mainly Natsumi who she carried on her back after she became exhausted.

Eventually, Miku was put down by a joint effort directed by Kotori with Mukuro's help who sealed her movements with Michael before freeing her again when she became too much too carry.

Now, appearing a little more like a group of close friends, that is a very, very attractive group of beautiful girls, they wondered around town for a little, sharing the remains of the kinako bread which Tohka had given out to them all – after having eaten three-quarters of it herself.

The Princess noticed a cute shoe shop which she entered with Natsumi as the girls all followed. The jade haired girl tried to assure her that her size was already fine whilst Tohka pressed on, having noticed Natsumi's body was healthier now and her feet were uncomfortable which didn't help in her walking.

Natsumi took her chance as was trying them with Tohka beaming happily and Mukuro praising her on the choice and passed a kiss to the Princess when she kept showering her with praises of her cuteness.

After the Yamai twins also took interest to some nicer sports shoes and somehow Origami had convinced Kotori into some fashionable high heels, the girls left after fashioning each other in different clothes and paying out of their personal bank cards.

Although Ratatoskr could easily cover their expenses, the girls had all been given their own bank accounts. When it came to paying for gifts bought for each other, they would all rather spend personal money they had saved up rather than being too over-reliant no matter how much Kotori assured them it would be alright.

Walking around the city, they engaged in different snack stands and Tohka's hunger, going from a barbecue spot, to an Italian restaurant, and then a noodles snack stand, all encouraging the girls to pick out their favourites.

When it came to a massive plate of noddles that was laid down on a big wok to stay work, Tohka picked out a group of long strings and beginning sucking it out from the bowl.

Noticing the chance, all the girls dove in from the table they were seated around, all trying to grab the other end of the noddles which Tohka kept picking out with intensity just like in a movie.

Mukuro had cried out in victory when she felt the noddles in her mouth tugged forward. The strands broke apart just a moment before Tohka pulled herself in and the two lips kissed in front of them and Mukuro satisfying gave everyone a smug look.

Like raising alarm bells throughout the group, each of the girls kept pursuing their morning kiss before noon came, they followed Nia who dropped into a manga store as they all split amongst the different areas and browsed their interested genres.

Whilst engrossed in something, Nia had peaked into the book Tohka was reading. It was a battle shounen in which she enjoyed the fights in before the Princess turned up to her.

The store owner who happened to be walking by, saw the two girls with lips aligned and hugging each other at the sides and kept staring with holy light in his glasses. Having noticed it, they left soon after making a few purchases, the store owner giving them thumbs up with blessed tears running down his face.

At some point, Tohka had noticed that Kurumi had disappeared before catching up to the girl hiding in the shadows who stole her lips briefly before she could ask where she was going. Moments after passing some encouraging words again, Kurumi vanished into the shadows, claiming she had something to attend to before Miku had began jumping on her and tried to push her into a swimsuit shop.

Afterwards the group had found a gun-shooting stall in which Kotori took quicky charge with the musket and aced all her shots, winning a prized teddy bear for Tohka, until Origami rivalled her score to the redhead's annoyance which led to an argument. Being the meditator of the group, Tohka rewarded them both with earnest kisses and patting the heads of all the other girls who had missed their marks for their effort.

Of course this did no help in adding to Origami's noticable kiss count that the other girls were taking note of.

Whilst looming around just as Kaguya and Yuzuru were eager to race across the town, Tohka noticed with a sweat drop at Miku who know had lost touch of reality and had been trying to molest other civilian girls.

Although she always claimed it was as a joke, and that she would only share kisses with beautiful girls like Tohka, Natsumi and all the other spirits, she did wish that Miku would be a bit more sincere about her promise.

Still, regardless of her blunt approach, Miku was also a dear friend to Tohka who they all loved dearly too, but they knew better than to feed her encouragement.

Tohka wrapped her arms around the idol who was off work for a short time, now degenerated into a pale ghost and given her a kiss of revival at last.

Bursting back into life, Miku tried to strip Tohka's clothes off right there before the other girls came to her rescue again, shouting at the civilians around them to look away.

Whilst Miku didn't mind being the last at all, she was always being a handful of trouble to grabbing attention and it would go on her track record when it came to punishing her severely.

All according to keikaku.

Or so Miku claimed.

"It's time…" Origami had managed to re-take Tohka's hand, the other which was held by Mukuro at the time, and led the group to the spot.

"Umu!" Tokha smiled brightly, "Kurumi told me you had something important to tell me!"

"Important… n-no way, it couldn't be." Bringing the group's attention, Kotori's twintails trembled, sensing trouble.

"Relax, imouto-chan, I'm sure even Oririn would be jumping to something like that," Nia reassured her and the group that something like a marriage proposition would be to forward.

Nia then remembered who she was talking about.

Seeing a rise in tension, the platinum blonde turned back and shook her head to reassure them. "This is…"

"Ah-!" The Princess stopped in her tracks, realising where Origami had taken her.

A refreshing, cool wind blew through the path they had taken, the residential blocks disappearing the further they went.

Forming an arch, the cherry blossom trees were lined up, filled with flowers were just beginning to fall, allowing a tunnel of flowers to be traversed.

"This is…" Deep running nostalgia glittered through her crystal eyes, reforming across the radiant colours of her irises. "…!"

'… It's still looking well.' The voice spoke in her head at last.

"Muu, Tenka! About time you showed up!" Tohka spoke aloud, breaking the girls out of their daze as many of them too had been caught awestruck from the scene.

'I'm always here with you.' She could sense Tenka's guilty conscience turn away, not wishing to show herself more than she already had.

"No excuses! It's no good to stay indoors all day!" The Princess shook her head with a pout, "Anyway, you can come on out now!"

'I'm fine, don't worry about me,' Tenka told her. 'Your… girlfriends

"No! Honestly, what am I going to do with you, baka, baka!" Tohka stomped her foot down, causing the girls to hesitate for a moment as she engaged in conversation. For a moment, she sounded like a mother desperate for her girl to hook up already. "I want to show Tenka more of the world!"

'Ku-…' The Tyrant went quiet for a little while. '…I don't need need anything like that. Anyway, it's not possible. the reiryoku that is slowly returning to the world would be wasted if I took a seperate for-'

"Muu, it's not a waste!" Tohka sighed, shaking her head at the troublesome girl before raising her hands together above her chest, where the reunited sephira crystal within her shimmered, inciting her wish.

'Wait, are you –"

Before Tenka finished, a flow of light was emitted from Tohka's body, separating and taking form in a dark colour.

The girl with hair the colour of night and intense crystal eyes, dressed in dark mature clothes, took form with her back facing to Tohka.

Beaming brightly at the identical girl, Tohka embraced Tenka from the back and pulled her into a loving hug. "Hehe, Tenka~"

"S-Stop that…" The identity of 'Inverse Tohka', struggled free weakly, only pretending to be comfortable whilst her hands slide sidewards, and squeezed the Princess's hands gently with an unnoticeable blush.

"I missed you, Tenka!" Tohka nuzzled her head into the crook of Tenka's head, breathing in her scent and opening her eyes.

"Mu…" Making out the identical small sound, Tenka reached out a hand to stroke the side of Tohka's hair who pressed her cheek into her other self's hand and looked longingly to her.

"Teeeenkaaaa-samaaaa!" They were interrupted by a noisy inidivual. "I missed you so much to- GU."

Holding up the Diva by the face with one hand, Tenka glared for being separated from Tohka whilst easily holding Miku's legs off the floor.

"You bastard…" Tenka hissed, turning around whilst still holding Miku by one hand who was struggling her hands up to grab the Inverse Spirit. "You're still being an insolent pest again."

The Spirits all turned delighted at the appearance on their Great Queen. Although Tohka was equally everyone's treasured Princess,

Tohka was an adorably pure, sweetly innocent and overly kind Princess. A powerful, charming, beautiful girl full of personality. Like a motherly tenderness that protected and sought to every girls needs.

By comparison, Tenka was a dropdead sexy, ecstatically fierce and secretly overprotective Queen. An unconquerable, unchallenged, untouchable ruler who none of them could deny wanting to worship and serve.

"T-That's right, this girl's still not learnt from your merciful teachings, my great Queen," Kaguya pressed her hands together in delight at Tenka's appearance, trembling excitedly when her gaze fell on her, "j-just the other day, I saw her, uh… u-uh you see, it was -"

"Disgust. Yuzuru witnessed it too." She bowed before Tenka playfully, with Kaguya following in sync before raising a finger accusingly at Miku. "We witnessed her sneaking in the forbidden drawer of Tohka's sacred underwear and lic-"

"Ehhhh, we promised to keep that a secret between us!" Miku whined to the Yamai twins who vigorously shook their heads. "Ah, not that I'm denying me! Tenka-sama, pleeeease punish me!"

"How terrible," Origami clucked her tongue as Natsumi shuddered, wondering what exactly she was referring to.

Kotori caught on with a glare, reminding herself to set up some security to safeguard Tohka.

"W-Wait!" Tohka jumped out, seeing Tenka's expression darken, as she tried to cool her down. "T-Tenka… even if it's Miku, please be easy on her just for today."

"This insolent mongrel needs to be put into her place," the Tyrant Queen growled hungrily, dropping her hand as Miku's bottom fell on the ground with a pleasured cry, before she was dropped down and opened her eyes to Tenka's upside down, slightly calmer face. "But fine. I'll deal with you later without any witnesses. We don't have much time."

Tohka breathed in relief, seeing Miku stuck in the tree as she awake and jumped around, clinging to the branch like a cat. "Ehhhh, nooo way, Tenka-sama! Please give me my punishment now!"

"So? Were did you want to take Tohka?" Tenka prompted Origami and the rest of the group who all smiled and gathered around her, trying to pull her along before Tohka had to take her hand.

"It's for Tenka too." Origami pointed out as they crossed down the road, leaving Miku behind.

"Aww, you can't all just leave me here, right? Natsumi-chan… ? Natsumi-chan?!" Miku became panicked when they disappeared into the distance and tried to climb down but felt something poke under her skirt. "Eek! What the-?!"

A black cat climbed over her back, looking at her confusingly just as a giggle followed.

"Oh dear, just what have we here?" Kurumi gazed up and considered whether to help out Miku, her hand filled with kittens.

The rest of the group emerged out into a wide pavement.

"Uo! It's the cherry blossoms again!" Tohka exclaimed, then gazing back and forth at the familiar setting. "This is the place Shidou took me and Tenka too!"

Nodding silently, Tenka huffed and pulled herself away from Nia, who shuffled back with an awkward laugh.

Keeping steady, they akk walked under the light purple heavens

"… It's nice." Tenka offered a rare compliment, holding onto Tohka's hand who led her before sighing when the twins engaged on either side of her, pushing her closer to Tohka whilst nestling their bosoms on the queen's back, who whispered, "get off."

The twins resisted her shrugging shoulders with pleased expressions whilst Kotori and Mukuro walked a little back, gazing up in a trance.

The whole pathway, filled with cherry blossoms parted before Tohka's feet, dancing up into the air again at the princess's appearance with irregular wind currents sending them into spiralling flights around her.

"Umu! It's just like the year before last," Tohka stopped and did a twirl with her skirt, turning to watch the slowly sifting trees in all directions. "I wonder when they'll start following in full bloom."

"Right now." Origami answered, checking her phone. "We made it on time."

"Mu? Right now?" She gazed up, feeling Tenka let her hand go as she seemed content to stand in a certain spot. Away from the rest of the group.

The platinum blonde nodded, and took Tohka's hand leading her into the centre of the pavement.

A smooth thin line of them were being carried by the lilac river opposite the road, signalling their coming to any folks downstream.

As though her entrance made all the difference in the world, just as Origami said, a single cherry blossom leaf feel right before Tohka who caught it in her hands.

Right after a couple followed right after, landing in Tenka's hair who nodded up and caused them to take flight once more, the petals brushing against Tohka and Origami too.

"!" The Spirits all parted their lips at the sight.

Just as she had said, like being called upon all the cherry blossoms in the trees around them began falling.

Kotori glanced to Tenka who looked equally perplexed, clearly not causing it herself at all.

The snowstorm of bright red, white, lilac and light purple sakura all coated the gathering of spirit girls.

"Ah… this is…"

"Wonder. What a sight…"

"Mun, this pleases Muku."

"Un… we had good timing."

"Haah, shame that Mikki and Kurumin didn't make it."

"Miku brought it on herself, at least it's peaceful this time round…"

Turning to both Tohka and Tenka, Origami eyed them curiously.

"Beautiful…" Tohka sighed and beamed at all the girls shouldering the result of the cherry blossom snowstorm.

Rose petals that matched the colours of the girls' cheeks continued to dance in spirals all around them wherever they walked, settling into their long hair and tickling all their clothes.

"…" Tenka breathed out softly, blowing a petal away as it landed amidst Tohka's hair who was pulling away the girls along by hand.

"Tenka!" The princess quickly approached, "let's keep going! Origami said that the cherry blossom desert shop from before is open!"

Becoming withdrawn, Tenka shook her head defiantly, pulling away. "No, I'm out of time."

"W-Wha, no way… but you only just got here…" Tohka frowned aghast, feeling the reiryoku being expended naturally. "Why is it going out so fast… Then, Tenka, you'll be taking over my body!"

"What? I'm not doing that," the Dark Queen refused completely. Although it still expended reiryoku, Tohka's body was able to sustain itself easily with the amount there normally would be, and Tenka would normally had been able to last longer too, had she not been expending it for other means.

"Muu, I'm going to sleep now!" Tohka declared proudly, "take care of this body, and there's something Tenka absolutely must see!"

"Stop, don't-" As Tohka did just that, Tenka felt herself dragged into space inexplicably, generating the light as their two bodies merged again.

Stumbling awkwardly, Tenka felt herself being caught by someone as she pulled around and turned to see Origami and Kotori supporting her, along with al the other girls who had gathered around, including Miku and Kurumi who had joined up.

"Tenka-" The girls all tried to speak out altogether, eager to take her along on the date.

"No." The Dark Queen glared and turned away.

"E-Eh? What's wrong?!" Kotori explained, trying to reach out for her, as all the girls jumped at her hostility and how she had changed moods for some reason.

"Stop bothering me," Tenka snapped, casting a sigh of relief when she checked in with Tohka who really had fallen asleep from the expended reiryoku. The whole point of it was that Tenka could have excused herself that way. "If you have time to waste, go prepare for Tohka's next date when she wakes up."

"T-That would be besides the whole point! " Kaguya argued back, standing in the way of the Tyrant.

"Confirmation. Please accompany us all on -" Yuzuru tried to aide in convincing the stubborn girl.

But they all sensed that something was different this time.

"Ridiculous…" Tenka turned to each and every one of them, "leave me."

Whilst being disinclined, Tenka sat down on the bench nearby and folded her arms grumpily, trying to call upon Tohka again. Despite what she said, she wasn't choosing to leave completely.

The girls all sighed and nodded to each other, not giving up that easily.

It seemed to happen often when Tenka never stuck around for long to see them.

Gathering around the still falling sea of cherry blossoms, everyone gathered together and picked them all up, before turning to Tenka.

Noticing the stares, she glared at them, causing them to hesitate a little before all following through with the assault and launching the heaps on top of her.

Whilst Tenka acted unamused, she proceeded to stuff everyone's clothes with the flower petals angrily, beginning the cherry blossom game of running about.

Origami kept casting glances back at her whilst gathering her own heaps into a pile.

'Tenka-san… she seemed… really upset just then…' Neo-Origami voiced her thoughts to her other self.

'… It's the way she is.' The original timeline's Origami conferred back.

It was a shame that they couldn't continue the walk under the cherry blossoms as would have been ideal.

With both Tohka and Tenka together.

But there was still time in the next few days too.

'The way she is? You mean how overly loving she is to Tohka? But just then… she seemed more upset than usual…'

'… That's because –'

And there was always next year. They would always visit the cherry blossoms again next March and April.

For however long it took.

6 Hours Later - Hillside Park

There was a grassy hill near the park which had become a special place for Tohka and for many of the others as well.

It was also a place of a sad memory of the day which the spirit power disappeared from the world.

The world which she had created for Tohka had come to an end here.

"…" Tenka frowned at the disdain within her, still feeling sincere anger that she hadn't been able to do more for her. If only she had acted faster and seized the Sephira crystal out of their 'mother', she might have been able to make that world last a little longer, perhaps for a full year.

Watching her most treasured person double the amount of memories she would have had in her life, experiencing her precious feelings while being able to watch her after waiting for so long, and waiting to see what conclusion Tohka might reach at the end…

The answer to what she wanted to do with her future.

Even if the inevitable grief that would accompany the fading world would come just the same way, she felt if given about that much time whilst spending the time alongside the beautiful girl, that Tohka would come to realize what her wish to pursue in the future would be.

There was still much for Tohka to learn and understand about the world, in all her cheerfulness and her curiosity, she had already learnt much about the beauty of the world.

And more than her share of it's ugliness glared at the cityscape. She could crush all the people in her way this very moment.

But she knew that would only cause trouble for Tohka. And for the others who lived in Tenguu city and looked over them like Kotor- No, just for Tohka's sake. 'Ignorant ningen, they don't know their place…'

She glanced upwards to the Ratatoskr ship, invisible to the people of the city, glaring at the screen which she felt Kotori and some of the girls watching her through when she thought of them before they quickly switched off of her.

The other girls had been spent after the rather admittedly enjoyable date.

Tohka herself was resting, recovering from the usage of the reiryoku that allowed them to hold separate forms just for a few moments.

Seeing through her mind's eye into their shared space of the Neighbouring World, she drew comfort from seeing Tohka resting easily in her white dress, stretching herself out freely with a bit of drool forming from her mouth as she recalled the entire day she spent with comforting pleasure.

She wanted to sink in and lick her face clean from seeing her like that before she frowned and began thinking. '… It's still empty like before. Maybe I should separate and decorate it a little for Tohka next time.'

Having gained the power of the Spirit of Origin from the other world, she had at least that much power now when it came to controlling her dimension of the Neighbouring World.

Despite holding that same amount of power as she did at her peak after taking Mio's Sephira crystal, the reiryoku was still only slowly returning to this world after it's disappearance 3 years ago.

Thanks to the base qualities of Tohka from the other world which had allowed for her, Tohka now had about the same level of power as when she first appeared in the human world as the Spirit Princess .

She also felt that if she manifested her true power here, she would also be about as powerful as when Tohka had first fallen into the void after despairing for Shido.

It was still difficult to transfer the reiryoku between the worlds, as though there was some barrier in place that was only slowly widening the gap in allowing their spiritual energy to pass through.

Over time, that power should increase but for now, it would seem she was limited to a short time if they tried to hold two forms independently.

So Tohka had absolutely insisted that Tenka was to assume control of her body whenever she wanted to.

"Mu…" Tenka hummed, pushing head head behind the hands which were folded on top of her legs that were pulled in together, hugging 'their body', thinking over to Tohka's insistence. 'I'm not going to keep interrupting your time and using your body just because you tell me to.'

"Humph… Baka." Grumbling with secret endearment for her other self, Tohka had just gone ahead and relinquished her body to Tenka since Tohka had used up a considerable amount of her reiryoku to allow her to appear which caused her to become tired.

Being left with no other choice, the girls had noticed the change in their demeanour and had tried to pulled her along in the date that had been for Tohka.

Tenka wasn't having it.

Quickly feeling out of place, as though she had taken the moment that should have been reserved for Tohka, she separated from the girls and told that they better continue the date with Tohka when she returned.

She huffed when she remembered how the girls acted around her, trying to make her take Tohka's place and have them waste their time on her instead of creating memories with Tohka and appreciating who the date should be meant for (which couldn't be any further from the truth).

Once she managed to get away from the girls, who still refused to back away from her until Kotori had appeared as a meditator and informed them that they should go shopping to stock up at home.

Despite that, even the red haired girl became insistent on Tenka coming along and kept hanging onto her arm before she shook her off and came here.

"… What the hell are they after." Tenka drawled at the kindness that had infected all of the spirit girls, no doubt due to Tohka's supporting effect on them in part. But also due to their own nature. She had learnt of each and every one of their pasts and wished to offer what solace she could in the world she had created. That's because, each and every one of them were – "Good girls… they value Tohka well."

Thinking the same of Shido, her good mood turned over when she remembered how they kept on bothering with her. Even so, she felt glad that Tohka was surrounded by special girls who all thought so kindly of her.

The hilltop park was dyed orange by the setting sun, an important special place within Tohka's memory.

Despite being an attractive spot that gave a few view of the city, it was empty. On her way here, she had used some of her power to influence the few people she saw on the way to ignore her and not approach.

Nobody would come to disturb her and she began thinking of the best way to sneak back inside the spirits apartment without being noticed by the other girls.

"…" She glared when the obvious presence had finally come close enough, able to sense the approaching girl to whom she was also connected by the spirit pass.

She considered getting up and pulling the girl out before her or just jumping down the hill and departing but decided to keep still once she became baffled at the terrible hiding technique.

Hopping along the pavement with a bush around them, if not for her noticeable prettiness, perhaps some humans as idiotic and oblivious as they could be, might mistake her for some large animal.

The approaching culprit however darted into the trees that lined the park hill and popped her head out before crawling ever so silently on all fours towards her, across the sloping hill.

She decided to stay put and face whatever would be in store for her now or later.

Before she could speak however, the platinum blonde girl hopped beside her and wrapped her arms around her waist. "Caught you."

"What do you want?" Tenka pushed her arms off which only rewrapped themselves before she slapped them.

Amongst all the spirit girls, she did at least acknowledge the bravery this girl had. Although their personality was different on this occasion, she appreciated someone that overstepped her territory when trying to help both sides while knowing full well she could have split them into two.

It also made her insides quench when she thought that between the girls, this was the one who seemed to have grown closest to Tohka despite how badly they started out.

Origami tilted her head, seeming a little sad at the resistance before laying her knees and sitting on the grass next to Tenka who tried to get up and leave.

The spirit Angel grabbed her hand firmly. "Let's talk."

Insisting softly with an expressionless voice, yet driven by an honest impulse, Origami softly cupped the hand of the Tyrant .

"There's nothing for us to talk about, the one you should talk to is Tohka when she's finished resting," pulling herself free of her hand, she frowned at the blue eyed girl who cooly met her intense eyes.

It gave her enough patience to not leave but not enough to sit down next to her.

"Why is Tenka so reluctant?" Origami drove straight to the matter, standing up again and brushing her skirt. "Why do you avoid the feelings of others?"

"You bastard, are you making fun of me?" Tenka's demeanour darkened, glaring daggers at the girl. "What the hell do you think you know about me?"

Passing the dark mood calmly, Origami's hand curled around Tenka's arm, trying to hold her. She was slapped off again and continued walking after expecting the result. She turned around on the pavement to look back at the dangerous girl sweetly.

"It's beautiful. Tenka's truly selfless feelings for Tohka, who she loves so much – are beautiful," the platinum blonde awakened a small smile, "just as Tohka dearly loves Tenka. Tohka's feelings for you – you can feel them. So why –"

"Silence, I will not tolerating your nonsense any longer." Reiryoku concentrated around her arm which she waved out in an arc, sending the wave of spiritual energy towards her.

Origami didn't move. Just as expected, the reiryoku passed her easily, simply causing a strong wind that blew her white hair back, never meaning to hit her. It was only a warning hit, no it was just –

"– Why do you not want others to accept your own feelings?" If she wanted to, the blast could have hit Origami and knocked her back without any harm aside from the pain. Despite that, Tenka still remained here, not calling upon her sword, and acting aggressive for only appearances. "… Is it that you wished for someone else – for Tohka – to be the one to reach out to you and receive your feelings?"

"…" Tenka's bangs covered her crystal eyes for a moment due to the wind.

She remembered the memories of the years she spent in darkness.

Alone with nobody except for her 'other self'.

Understand the relation to her 'other self'. feeling her rejection, anger and grief, and learning of her name.

When at last she was able to reach out to the one her heart ached for –

"Tohka wants you to take her hand and joins us. She wants you to stay with her and to spend many memories together. She may not be able to take your hand now, that's why she's asked this of me." She thought to herself how she would do the same even without Tohka needing to ask.


The angel extended out her hand to the demon queen in the sunset.

"Tenka… come on a date with us all." She smiled brighter than the amber hue. "Maybe it is too late today. Let's go back together for now and have dinner with everyone. Then, all of us together can decided on your next date. That is Tohka's wish… and for you to –"

"Be Quiet…" Tenka grit her teeth. Her body subtly stumbled when her arm flinched unnoticeably. "That doesn't matter. The only one for you to be concerned about it Tohka.

"– stop rejecting your feelings."

"Shut up you bastard." The purple iris glared with hostility but no anger. "Don't say another word."

Origami came to look impassive. Watching Tenka struggle, still refusing to admit her own worth.

"It is just my hand, but would you take it instead for now?" She kept it outstretched cleanly and instead took a step forwards, closing the gap to Tenka. "It was terribly lonely, right? With nobody but Tohka who you could not meet for so long. It was the same for Tohka… that… was also my fault for a long time too. No matter what, Tenka will always place Tohka's feelings first, because Tenka's feelings are so beautiful and selfless. But –"

"… Get away." Tenka felt Origami lean down to her hand. "Touch me and I will kill you."

"– Tenka's other feelings matter too. There will always be room for all your other feelings. From now on –"

Origami took Tenka's hand in hers and pulled the dark queen towards her, the soft contact of the girls' porcelain skin sending shivers through each other.

"– Do not reject your true feelings any more. No matter what you want, I and everyone else too will be make sure Tenka accepts herself. Otherwise, both Tenka and you, would become sad."

Pushing the girl down, Tenka pushed forward and threw Origami backwards onto the grass again and pinned her arms down. She sat down on top of the platinum blonde's waist, straddling her hips which caused Origami to moan and blush while looking up at her joyfully.

"Are you trying to threaten me you bastard?" She snapped at the thought of her other half becoming angry at her. "You will pay for your ridiculous talk."

"Ah –" Origami gasped at the idea, forgetting what else she was going to say when being pressed down from above by the dominant woman. " – More."

"… What?" Tenka's eyebrow twitched, grinding her body down on top. The reaction was exactly the opposite of what she intended.

"Please keep going," turning her head over the grass, Origami tugged on her clothes encouragingly, the hot sensation of their breaths from the proximity of their faces causing Tenka to pull back whilst twisting the girls arms. "Ah – yes. Punish me more."

"You damn…!" She growled, not wanting to hurt the girl, only to scare her off from her business. The girl clearly didn't fear her.

'… She has a different personality,' Tenka recalled the other Origami, who held the memories of the new timeline and was the one who confronted, stood up in the middle of her duel with the blonde spirit and proposed a commendable idea. 'But… this girl really is brave if nothing else.'

Busy admiring her for a split second, Origami's hand snaked out and pulled over Tenka's back and springing up, causing the girls to tumbled around each other along the grassy hill.

Seeing that she was about to switch positions with the platinum blonde girl above her, she immediately kept them turning sidewards, wrestling the girl down as their clothes began getting messed up from each others moments.

At some point during it, the trained former AST girl had slipped her hands out from Tenka's grip. When the demon queen finally pinned the wringly girl down again, now with a slightly hungry grin, Origami now hung loosely beneath the dark haired girl's body.

Tenka only had to look down, turning her chin with her body pressing down flat on top of the smaller girl's before –

Origami turned to the opportunity directly above her and sealed the distance to their lips, kissing her firmly.

"… Kh?!" Tenka became lost in the sensation just for a moment.

In correspondence to it, her insides beat drastically, the spiritual energy that she was made of amplified into a pulse that kept resonating on and on as the sensations of soft lips kept being transferred through her.

So hot, and wet, and strong.

So true, and real, and kind.

So welcoming, and longing and –

She wanted more of it.

Parting her soft lips away with a wet sound, Tenka immediately seized hold of the angelic girl, forcing her down with her whole body laying on top of her, and dominating down on Origami's lips.

Shuffling against each other, she pushed Origami's clothes into a mess whilst holding her shoulders onto the grass and resting her legs on the girl's inner thighs.

Sucking away Origami's breath from her mouth, Tenka continued to press into her, overwhelming feelings that had been held back trembling to unload whilst sensing the platinum blonde's moans and delirious enjoyment as her arms hugged over Tenka's back, squeezing their chests together that didn't help in the pain within the dark haired girl.

"! –" Releasing herself off, Tenka gasped and stared down.

The blue eyed girl breathed heavily, any quenched glimmer in her eyes that shone back into Tenka's crystal like orbs of many colours.

A single sliver trail had been broken and Origami's tongue licked her lips to collect it whilst holding her strong arms around Tenka, turning her head after a while and tilting up to her with a bright blush.

Tenka's eyebrows creased, and she made a terrible face.

She felt disgusted and sick.

Not at the girl beneath her, but at herself.

This situation… this kiss… it was something that should have been meant for Tohka.

That is what Tenka felt.

About the other girls, about the date she interrupted, about the kiss which she had taken.

'Muu… I won't leave Tenka alone…'

Tenka shuddered when she thought Tohka was calling to her. Looking back through their connection, her other self continued to sleep, apparently enjoying a pleasant dream.

All alone, in the darkness.


The exact words seemed suited for this situation, or maybe for her whole situation, but –

"– Why has it become like this again?" The night haired beauty spoke coldly.

"…" Origami turned more serious again, continuing to embrace the demon queen with more comforting movements before her expression changed.

"T-That is surely because – Tohka and everyone else too, wants you to be part of our lives. No, Tenka already is. Even if Tenka does not want to be a part of it, she already is an important person to everyone." Origami's face became soft, and much trembled in a big fluster, unlike her.

"… You." This was the Origami of the new timeline that was now speaking to her. Although the two versions of Origami, it was a bit different to Tenka's relationship with Tohka.

But there were still some similarities, even if the difference in time didn't come near to the 30 years that Tenka had waited, barred from being able to reach out to her other self.

"T-Tenka is not any trouble to Tohka or anyone else!" Neo-Origami looked all around, unable to settle at a specific part of the demon queen's beautiful face that loomed so close above her. "E-Even if Tenka cannot respond with her t-true feelings right now, p-please… accept the place everyone else has for you … i-it's what the other me m-meant to say!"

"…" Her lips trembled. "… Other me huh…"

It didn't matter to her whether this body had belonged to her originally.

The one who it belonged to now, was Tohka who had struggled, come to terms and found a place for herself in this world.

Just using it as her own for such things like being with Tohka's girlfriends, to date them, to kiss them. It was like tarnishing the memories the people who cared for Tohka had by using it for her own means.

There is no way she would ever allow it.

There were times it had been necessary or to protect her other self, but she would never take advantage for her own self.

Even if it she herself…

"Y-Yes!" Neo-Origami nodded, "T-There's no rush since Tenka… to Tenka, who holds Tohka so dearly after being alone so long, it is surely difficult to confess your own feelings when you think so much of her… but… you cannot keep denying your feelings anymore! We won't allo –, I–I m-mean! U-Um…. P-please… a-accept the feelings of e-everyone for you… A-And…"

– Tenka sucked in her breath.

– "S-Share some of your love with yourself too!"

The new timeline's Origami closed her eyes shut, trembling after being uninterrupted.

Feeling glad that the girl couldn't see her face right now, Tenka steeled herself again.

It was the same feeling that gave birth to her.

The same feeling that she kept on living with.

And the same feeling she had every time she felt Tohka.

Like a crystal fashioned out of a pure existence that kept on shining.

Letting it's feelings shine out just a little more to the world past it.

Once she settled down, Neo-Origami peaked one eyes open, feeling the body of the girl above her shift.

She fainted on the spot before feeling the impact of a soft pressure transcending her lips.

"Ahh…" Tenka held claim to the girl a little longer before noticing her eyes had become dizzy and she had fallen unconscious.

In the brief moment which it took for the original Origami to reawake and take her place, Tenka enjoyed the last glimmers of the sunset across the city, park and hill with nobody to see her.

"Honestly…" the Tyrant smiled softly, "… then… I'll think about it. Should I feel like it."

To be Continued…?

(Definitely Yes)

Hope that you few who may have read, have enjoyed some of it haha!

The last volume 22 really gave me one final grief when it came to 'Beast' or as I prefer to call her, Neo-Tohka from the other world, who chose for herself to stay alone in the world she came from. At least with that world's Kurumi's help, she managed to change the past there but it still felt sad that we didn't get to see it happen and for her to reach the end too…

But the open ending at least left the speculation regarding the exact cause of Tohka's return, and I personally like to think that the Tohka at the end is the combination of both the main (or main two) timelines Tohka together with Neo-Tohka/'Beast' and any other possible timelines 'Tohka'.

The whole idea behind the two different worlds/timelines and Kurumi's appearance in Neo-Tohka's world, feels like Tachibana giving the option of 'what if' stories/ideas set from the story's start and also giving the idea of 'different routes' being canon in-universe essentially like for the games.

Could be completely wrong of course but felt to me that's what he might have wanted to suggest as well alongside hope to all 'bad ends', and at the end if speaks of how Neo-Tohka's appearance is what caused/allowed the natural return of reiryoku but to me, if feels similar to how I felt in Origami's arc/vol 11 when the timeline was changed and 'Origami' returned as the combination of both personalities of 'original Origami' and 'neo-Origami'.

Since Neo-Tohka here is the one who changed her world/the 'bad route', the 'Tohka' of this story is likewise the result of the merge of 'original Tohka' and 'neo-Tohka', who remembers the events of the original story's world as well as the different events/routes across the other worlds… perhaps including a yuri ending world haha?

But nah haha, I like to consider this as Tohka herself coming to terms with how she feels for all her precious friends who she all loves no matter what, anyways seeing another block blabble in creation, I'll stop writing here, there will be at least 4 chapters… or possibly 10 or 11?

Origami snapped up, noticing in disappointment that Tenka had gotten off her and was sitting like she had first been on the hill next to her.

The platinum blonde was also dispirited that she may have missed out on her punishment but after looking to Tenka who was staring into the distance, feeling a lot softer than before, Origami smiled unnoticeably in content and mimicked the dark queen's sitting position on the grass.



Neither girl said a word, their shoulders almost touching as Origami followed her gaze to the sunset. Tenka didn't make any attempt to distance herself.

Due to the shape of Tenguu city which was built in the landscape of a spacequake once caused over 30 years ago, the city would be the first that was shrouded in darkness when night came.

Then the surrounding hill on the eastern side of the city would follow into the shadows until it reached the park where they were now.

"…?" Tenka tilted her head when something caught her vision, which appeared in the sinking dusk.

A small animal stared at her, hopping along as it approached closer to her left side.

Origami, who sat on Tenka's right, noticed as well and leaned her head across Tenka to stare too.

"A bunny…?" It looked at her as well, sniffing it's nose and closed the distance to the girls without any fear.

Its fur was a unique colour, unlike a wild rabbit it appeared like a hutch born rabbit that was living the life of an escaped pet. Its coat was half black at the back and it's front was white, with it's little head and ears being mainly black as well with a smooth white streak separating it in the middle.

Whilst continuing to stare at Origami, who recognised it as a black Dutch Rabbit, and then to Tenka. It placed a single paw gently on top of her leg, looking at her.

"What do you want?" Tenka spoke flatly, alluding a dangerous aura nonetheless.

"…!" Origami noticed the rabbit retract it's soft paw, and stare up at he night haired girl sadly, who also continued to stare it. "Does Tenka wish to pet the rabbit?"

"No, that's ridiculous," she denied. The strange rabbit blinked at her, standing up on it's hind legs. "What the hell do you want?"

"Let me help," Origami leaned over Tenka, relaxing her legs down, wondering if the rabbit had left home and mistaken her for its owner. "Cup your arms like this."

Allowing the platinum blonde to touch her and motion her into position, Tenka scoffed at the rabbit impatiently. Origami leaned across Tenka's lap, cupping a hand over the rabbit's back and the other under it's underbelly, lifting it up softly and into Tenka's hands.

"…" The night haired girl eyed the bunny suspiciously that rested into her arms, it's soft paws not standing out at all and making no signs of running away.

Origami leaned in, resting her head on Tenka's shoulders who shrugged a little instinctively, as Origami also examined the unusual bunny that had appeared in the sunset just as it fell beneath the horizon and they too were cast in the shadow.

Tenka stared intensely, raising a hand to stroke across the rabbits head, over its ears and down it's entire coat.

"… Yeah… This… isn't so bad."