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' "speech" ' - Thinking about someone's words/memory

Yuri A Origami

Their rivalry began the first moment they had seen each other in battle.

If Origami Tobiichi were to meet her old self, they probably would never get along.

The old Origami had hated Spirits and sworn to stop every one of them.

To cut them down and avenge her parents death.

Of course… the spirit which was responsible for that was her.

Even if history was changed like it had been, Origami would never forget the fact that she was the one who had caused it at the end of her pursuit in the name of revenge.

She would keep living with the destruction she had created, the sins that would never leave her.

Even if Origami could never forgive herself, she had chosen to keep living to make up for all the others she had hurt. She had believed that was the only way to atone for it and kept on seeking salvation that she would never accept.

On the path to the future along with everyone else, she could never stop glancing to the one person she felt she wronged the most.

Every time she did so, that girl would notice with an adorable, curious look and a staring contest would be initiated between them which would last for a short while before they couldn't hold back anymore.

Perhaps – along the way Origami began to think that maybe, if she could at least make this spirit – no, Tohka – happy…

Then, she would at least devote herself to give her all the care she could, returning the affection to the girl tenfold of the pain she had once caused her.

But… when Origami looked back on it, she really could not stop herself becoming affectionate with Tohka.

Whether it was just repentance at first or not, she didn't think it would have changed a thing.

Origami had come to cherish Tohka.

And Tohka –

"… !" The soft squishing tenderness against her lips was familiar to her.

It wasn't her first kiss from somebody but it was the first from this girl.

Just simply leaning in directly, closing the difference and pressing the lips together softly.

Tohka's hand cupped the side of Origami's face, gently holding her whilst she kept her eyes closed.

The platinum blonde however was stunned, frozen to her core.

All reason and understanding of how this came to happen faded away.

Like spring flowers blooming, her feelings were impossible to lock away anymore.

Escaping out as their petals budded and opened out to the welcoming sunshine of spring, Origami's mind burned in the sensations of the beautiful girl's kiss.

It had all occurred a few months ago.

After class ended half an hour ago, she had invited Tohka to have some coffee in between their break. There was a cafe only a few minutes of campus which Shido had suggested they go to, having been aware and happily encouraging Origami to approach Tohka more openly.

Whilst selecting a few different cakes and cups of coffee, they had sat down outside at an empty table near the Tenguu lake.

Two rivers fed in and out of the lake, one of them traveling through the city and the cherry blossoms park which had completed it's full bloom of the year.

There were other couples present as well, some college students as well who were fostering relations with other people, of the opposite gender for the most part.

No doubt to everyone else, the two extraordinarily beautiful girls seemed just like close friends.

Which they were.

Enjoying the small conversation as Origami recounted the year to Tohka and all who had missed her dearly.

How she had missed her precious rival dearly.

– "If you forget about Tohka, I'll never forgive you."

Although the words were meant for someone else, when she thought back over them, it was something she had told herself a year ago.

On the last day in the world which Tenka had created, Origami was rendered silent.

Even though she would abide by the promise they and the others girls had made, there was nothing she could simply have said at that time.

There was too much for her to tell Tohka at that time.

So she swore to herself that one thing.

She would meet Tohka again, no matter how long it took.

Her one and only rival.

Until they settled everything between themselves, she refused to let things end like that.

A world without Tohka – was not acceptable to Origami.

Because – they were special to each other.

Although she couldn't ever voice herself being friends with Tohka in the past, she couldn't deny that their relationship was complicated.

She still didn't understand her own feelings yet, so –

What was happening right now?

Despite coming to a realization, Origami was not pulling away when Tohka's face had drawn close to hers.

It had began suddenly as Origami noticed a bit of cheesecake left on Tohka's cheek and felt like she wanted to tease the night-haired girl.

Licking it off, her lips touching the Princess's cheek near the side of her mouth, the platinum blonde had spurned Tohka into a blushing fit of surprise.

Without explaining to her and only lick her lips at the fluffy cake, she brought her cappuccino to her mouth, sipping a little whilst feeling she wanted to mess with Tohka a little more.

She had just appeared so cute.

Innocently relishing in the taste of her snacks and the warmth of her latte, Origami had just wanted to flutter the girl into attention.

She had just realised she missed seeing Tohka in a state where she didn't know what to do and looked so flustered yet excited to the new feelings she would experience.

Origami had simply wanted to provoke that reaction which always calmed her and triumphant over the gentle lady.

Once Origami had downed half of her cappuccino and placed it down, hiding the amused smirk she had been playing to herself, her eyes became fixated onto the crystalline girl's who smoothly and confidently leaned in to her.

There had been time to react and get a sense of what Tohka might have been trying to do.

Even so, Origami had not reacted.


"… -Ah" Tohka's soft complexion eyed her curiously with anxious eyes, sitting herself back down onto her chair which she had scooted closer in.

She had become concerned after the kiss which lasted forever had been received without resistance.

The blue eyed girl trembled silently, her eyes awakened wide up, her lips apart, numb from the lingering sensation.

Tohka glanced down meekly, her sudden calm confidence lowered before she turned herself to stare at Origami in determination.

There was no regret or apology in the Princess's eyes.

"… Origami…" The lips which had just kissed her formulated her name with attached fondness and sweetness in the wholesome way in which she called her. "… mu, are you okay?"

They were rivals in love for the same man. Shido was still struggling in his decision, not wanting to choose someone when it might hurt the others, struggling to decide on a way to make them all happy.

And yet… Tohka had just kissed her, without feeling there was anything wrong with it, and was asking Origami in concern, appearing worried if she hadn't liked it.

Was it even wrong…?

Origami instantly pressed in her mind that it was when they both had feelings for another… but in their case, it happened to be for the same person.

In that sense, you could call them sisters in love or maybe harem sisters. In their relation… between all of each other, was it not alright if feelings developed between them and everyone else too?

Still, even if their feelings were unanswered, it didn't change what they felt to Shido, someone dear to them who had saved them both.

But in that case – what were these feelings which suddenly made Origami feel such longing?

Before she could even think and look back at her life and experiences with Tohka, the final moment of when she left and the day she returned both clashed together with uncompleted feelings.

Unable to hold back anymore, ignoring the other people whispering about them, Origami could only stare back and slowly come to understand the look Tohka was giving to her, her powerful eyes facing her with intense feelings to the Angel.

Standing up so fast that her chair toppled over, Origami rushed through the half metre distance between them and crashed her lips into the Princess like the first time their swords met.

Gasping in sudden delight, Tohka slid up off her chair, pressing back against Origami's fierce pressure before giggling to Tenka who was watching her and letting Origami take precedence this time.

Not focusing at all on what she was doing, Origami's blooming desires caused her arms to press over the back of her head and waist, feeling the crystal eyed girl wrap her arms over her back as well whilst being pushed backwards.

Whilst vaguely thinking, Origami had meant to push Tohka back against the wall and deepen the kiss further whilst having her pinned back, knowing that Tohka could turn the tables down on her at any moment.

Between the excited idea which was only half in her mind, Origami had pushed Tohka back onto the railing and they both toppled over the side of it, straight down into the lake which they both fell into together.

"… Hm," coughing away the smile, Origami fondly remembered how they had to swim back to the edge and pull themselves out with soaked clothes.

The end of the cafe's premises was thankfully designed to give the view of the Tenguu lake so they hadn't hurt themselves and been close enough to where people had noticed and called over to them.

They hadn't needed anyone else's help and ignored them after informing they were safe and would head home.

After having a long detour, skipping the rest of their classes for that day and finally returning to the Spirits apartment who were all worried when they had left their bags at the store where Kaguya and Yuzuru had found their belongings.

Once drying themselves, the others had thought they had gotten into a fight and fallen into a lake whilst Kotori demanded that they would wear intercoms from now on if they ever went off on their own.

After apologizing to the worried girls and Shido, things had continued back to normal.

At least that was 'normal' for the 'Origami' that she was now.

If the old and the current 'Origami' would meet, they would no doubt never see eye to eye.

'Haah… really, what are you up to...' Neo-Orgami instead shielded her eyes in disbelief.

"A surprise," the Origami of the original timeline answered, "Tenka didn't get to finish it."

Whilst grumbling that this probably wasn't what the dark queen, Neo-Origami expressed her concerns.

Another version of herself from another timeline which kept her company. An Origami who never came to hate Spirits.

Smiling to herself with nobody to see, Origami left her apartment with the suitcase in hand, feeling as though her other self was really rubbing off on her too much.

Certainly, it made her happy when she thought of herself, that Neo-Origami was proof of who she was in a world where she hadn't destroyed her own life.

But then…

It also meant that she wouldn't have met Tohka in the same way.

Perhaps though it may have led to the same result later down the line.

However, the feelings of when they had once been rivals was precious in it's own way.

The battles and clashing feelings which they had shared, bonded and made up over.

She never wanted to forget such a thing either.

Everything which had led up to this day and the future with the Spirit girl that she loved.

Spirits Residence – Before Midnight

All the lights had been turned off in the first and second floors. In the apartment block designed for the Spirits who continued living in the practical mansion, the ground floor compromised of a large entrance way that was installed with the highest class of security in the entire city, short of the military buildings.

If someone even managed to enter the building, the armaments and death traps throughout the floor were designed to kil – capture them alive. It also had the door leading to the back garage and the Itsuka residence along with the stairs to the higher floors.

Aside from the Spirits and Shido, nobody else had seen the first and second floor, not even in the Ratatoskr engineers that had designed and built it. That was partially due to an accident which had caused the second floor to collapse and have a hole right in the middle of it.

Following that, all the girls had been excited to renovate it all themselves and had combined the first and second floor into the main living room where they all gathered, ate and played on the consoles.

The second floor was now largely an interior balcony in which the Spirits would watch over the edge and sometimes jump down onto the sofas below despite it being somewhat dangerous.

The chandeliers and lighting in the combined floor had been all covered or shut off, the blinds covered the window and left the entire floor in complete darkness as the chanting began.

Like the gathering of a dark cult preparing for a sacrifice, the victim was in the centre of the floor, tied up and gagged, struggling and afraid in the darkness.

A single candle was lit as a figure approaching the trembling girl, the light becoming brighter quickly as it's glow illuminated the immediate surroundings.

"Izayoi Miku," the figure was handed a lantern box in which she put the candle in and closed it. Emitting light out of the clothed lamp, the glow became bright blue. "We will begin your final judgment here."

Bringing the lamp close to the girl's face the idol jumped up and tried to crawl towards her captor, muffled from the cloth covering her mouth.

When her light indigo eyes could see properly, she trembled and gained newfound strength to struggle, having seen the fiery demonic eyes, their hair covered in the colour of blood.

"Enough fooling around," an ancient, dark voice echoed over the room just as Miku's own sharp instincts happily focused on the direction of the commanding Queen. "Begin."

"Yes, your dark eminence!" the red demon answered fondly to the order, swinging the lamp above with blue light as a signal before she threw it straight down on the floor. "Reveal the sinner before our Lord."

It exploded into the fireplace, creating a dim blue as though for theatrics. While still being difficult to see, Miku was able to notice the grand chair clearly and the pale ghost of a girl that leaned besides it.

"Kukuku, the time is nigh," a cackling voice pulled open the blinds from the second floor, allowing moonlight to shine through properly into the room, revealing that it was nearly midnight. "Behold, the great Queen's retribution!"

"Presentation. Our dark times will finally come to end today." A more passive voice swung out the blinds to the other window, providing light to the whole room and gathered people. "Please accept the outcome Miku."

Now able to see everyone, Miku swung her head around, pleading to them all for help as a small girl approached and gripped her shoulder, looking down at her with contempt.

"Gah, stop looking at me like that already!" The green haired girl pulled the gag off and threw it away, not wanting to touch the drool from it and jumped away from the idol. "What's your problem?! S-Stop looking at me like that all the time!"

"Ehhhh, Natsuuuumi-san," Miku's ragged breaths seemed to chase the smaller girl, her whole face seemed very intoxicated, "this is so arousing, ah everyone, I can't wait-gu!"

Being struck on the back, Miku's sensations felt as though they were being locked, her limps feeling weaker from the single touch of the girl's finger on her back.

"Please might thou show some integrity," the blonde requested as she leaned down on one knee, glancing sidewards a bit as though a little unhappy whilst allowing Miku her freedom of movement again.

"Then, Mikki~" an older girl slammed her book shut dramatically, calling everyone to attention as they stood by, gathered in the respective spots in the moonlight, "court is now in session! The charged is guilty of thievery, molestation and unchecked sexual lust. Bow before our great eminence -"

All the individuals, who were all girls, bowed down in respect as Miku herself beamed up dizzily whilst pretending to be oblivious – or just too entranced in excitement.

In the centre of the room, the back of a swivel chair, armoured in purple plates and metal, was facing with it's back towards Miku.

With the sound of snapping fingers, the pale white girl leaned her arms over the arm rests and turned the chair around smoothly, revealing the great Queen of demons.

"…" Her eyes pierced like two massive broadswords into the idol, the dark girl's face leaned into the palm of her hand that was resting on the armrest with Origami bowing to the side of her.

Her other hand was at her lap, as Miku gazed curiously at the Tyrant that had the impression of a super hot villainess, a dark lord of the underworld that controlled all crime and crushed all opposition to her.

Her gloved hand gently caressed through the black and white bunny's fur, petting over it's little head and down across it's back repeatedly like holding a tamed monster at her beckoning.

The little rabbit had it's front paws and legs tucked in completely underneath it's fur, appearing like a fluffy ball with it's eyes resting almost closed as it sniffled silently and rocked almost unnoticeably in absolute bliss at the touch of the dark presence.

Without stopping, the demon Queen kept stroking the bunny with her other hand as it lay cuddled up on her crossed bare thighs whilst she lounged in the chair intimidatingly.

"…" Everyone else, aside from Origami, also curiously noticed the unusual pet in her lap but would not dare question their Queen about it here.

"So– ? Did you think I was going to overlook you?" Tenka questioned openly first whilst glaring at Miku, "do you have anything to say for yourself you damn woman?"

"H-Heh…" Drooling down whilst returning the eye contact at the Inverse Spirit, Miku nodded, "p-please be as rough with me as you li-"

Kotori smacked Miku's head and gave a long sigh, "ahh, turn on the lights, this is pointless. She's just getting more excited instead of scared."

Flicking the switch with one finger, Natsumi stared emptilessly as the light turned on. "She's really not sorry at all…"

"Ahh come on, we timed it to the moonlight too…" Kaguya complained, biting her teeth in disappointment.

"Elation… the moon is pretty tonight," Yuzuru called her twin to have a longer look at it.

"Y-Yeah…" she took a longer look at it, leaning back against the railing along with her sister.

Small steps entered came out of the second floor door and a tired girl rubbed her eyes from the light.

"W-What is everyone…" Yoshino, having been woken up from the noise, glanced over the railing and looked down at everyone below, Miku tied up at the very centre.

"Ohoho~ It seems our big sisters are all planning something~" Yoshinon broke the awkward silence.

"S-Sorry!" The blue haired girl jumped out of her haze and glanced around when Natsumi noticed and quickly rushed up the stairs.

"Gahhh! T-There's nothing to see here Yoshino," the green haired girl grabbed her friend's shoulders and turned her around, turning her around and leading her back to the doors to the upper rooms. "I-It's not what it looks like! Don't misunderstand or anything!"

"Y-Yeah… then, good night," Yoshino gave a mischievous look and a thumbs up with Yoshinon as she left, "h-have fun."

"W-W-What… Nooo, I'm telling you, it's not like that! Gah, I'm just the worst…" Natsumi pulled away, dizzily falling backwards before the Yamai twins caught her as she felt she had failed to protect her friend's eyes for life.

Smiling softly and waving, Yoshino bid goodnight to the twins as well whilst giving encouraging gestures to the older girls.

Now being properly lit, all the spirits gathered around Miku who was a lost cause to them.

"Then… shall we just proceed to punishing this naughty woman?" Nia suggested, resuming the trial quickly.

"No," Kotori denied, "first we will call upon the witnesses to stand trial."

"But the defendant isn't even denying it…" the otaku stated, pulling out her planned script and scribbling all over it.

"I-I know that! Ahh mou, why did we even bother." The redhead hummed, taking off her hoodie she had prepared with a thug look she pulled on. "Then, well… Maria, Ellen, there's no point waiting around any longer I guess."

Opening the door, the interface unit for the AI of Fraxinus – Maria, stepped in. "Roger that."

The girl dressed in all white walked easily through the door leading to the stairway and carefully motioned from side to side.

"Huh? Why is Ellen…" Kotori noticed the petite white haired girl carrying Ellen in her arms.

"Don't worry. Ellen has been helping collect all the data and footage for Miku's case the whole night," gesturing impassively whilst carrying the now Ratatoskr assistant in her arms and laying her on the sofa. "It's a shame we can't use it here, but I will keep hold of the recording for any further use."

"Well that's fine, I guess…" Mumbling disappointingly, Kotori rubbed her eyes whilst shrugging, "then let's wrap this u-"

"No." Tenka silenced the room instantly. She turned her head over to glance at Maria curiously, "play it."

"… Very well," nodding slowly, the white dressed girl raised up and moved fluidly like a human despite the advanced robot which she used and closed her blue eyes, transmitting the data to the large screen cinema TV which they had on the floor.

The first video that played was Miku sneaking around the Spirits apartment hallways upstairs. Showing as she waited as Natsumi left her room before she rushed inside.

Seeing that, Natsumi shuddered in her bad memory, remembering this time from a few weeks ago when she had walked into her room sleepily and Miku had been waiting for her in bed and instantly tried stripping her in the night.

"Pause it." Tenka commanded, nodding to Origami who nodded back at carefully picked up the bunny from Tenka's lap and into her arms as the dark Queen rose.

All fell silent as the Tyrant Queen walked over to Miku, as Mukuro pulled away, releasing Miku back to full control of her body.

"Take them off," she ordered.

"E-Eh? What does Tenka mean…" Miku looked up and down her creamy legs, over the skirt which Tenka, and Tohka beforehand, had been wearing.

"Not you bastard," glaring down at the idol, Tenka turned instead to Natsumi who jumped in surprise.

"W-Why do I have to…" Natsumi shuddered but didn't disobey. "W-What do I take off…"

"Ahhh hurry up, hurry up!" Miku pleaded, wiggling her hips before Tenka smacked her foot down on Miku's back, pinning her on the floor as she made a pleasurable sound of delight.

The dark Queen nodded her head to the screen as Maria began continuing it, and played the next video, all of which were just different angles and days of Miku's thievery attempts.

Needless to say, the girls were creeped out to know just how much time Miku spent with her perverted endeavors throughout the montage of pictures that followed.

Maria blankly kept playing and pausing in time as Natsumi got an understanding of what Tenka wanted of her.

Every time an example or proof of Miku's perverseness was displayed, she would lose another article of clothing which the girls would take off one at a time.

Kotori watched in doubt, wanting to point out that this is exactly what Miku would want but didn't voice anything before Tenka who remained indifferent and dominating over her.

"Haaaaa~ Yes, this is just great!" Miku delightedly crawled on the floor with Mukuro holding her shoulder down, the idol now fully naked in front of all the girls, many who were blushing at Miku's certainly attractive body, if she didn't constantly use it to press on them. "But~ It's not fair if I'm the only one~"

Whilst unable to look her in the eye, Natsumi grumbling presented Tenka with all of Miku's clothing after having been stripped by all the spirits and laid bare.

If it had been done to humiliate her, it had not worked. Being looked down by all the girls she liked was one of Miku's greatest fantasies.

However that was never Tenka's intent.

Walking besides her, Origami nodded and took the clothes from Natsumi as Miku noticed, wondering if they would simply re-enact the things she had done to the girls clothes.

'Heehee~ I can't wait~' Miku thought to herself, 'that's it, Origami-san~ Please enjoy my – …. Eh?'

Origami tossed all of Miku's clothes into the fire which Kotori had lit earlier.

With the exception of Tenka, all the girls watched dumbfounded as the idol's clothes were set alight instantly. It hadn't been one of her special dresses thankfully, but it was an old attire from her last school years that had just been reduced to ashes.

The platinum blonde turned around and looked at Miku expressionlessly, not showing any emotion like a doll.

"Now, let's begin," Tenka's dark crystal eyes bore into her, causing Miku to shiver in genuine worry this time.

Origami nodded as she turned robotically to take a box from the table and open it, presenting it to the Demon Queen.

"T-That's…" Kotori's twintails stuck on end when she saw the shackles that were pulled out and dropped to the floor at Miku's feet.

Kotori had suggested they tie up Miku and imprison her somewhere within the house until she learnt her lesson, but this was playing out a little differently than expected.

"B-Begin… w-what?" Miku felt the robes undone and replaced with shackles on the back of her hands and legs. She may have been into this kind of play herself but being on the receiving end was starting to feel different.

"Ah…" Kotori poked her head to peek into the box before nodding a bit more assuredly, "everyone… draw."

"D-Draw what?!" Nia mistook the contents when they all gathered around, "hoh~ I see, I see. Prepare yourself, Mikki -"

Gulping down, Miku watched as Origami presented the box to everyone around as they each pulled out an identical item from Origami's box.

Glistening in the lights of the room, the white feathers gleamed in brightness as all the girls smiled like demons.

"P-Please, everyone…" Miku wiggled away, "I-I was just messing around, I-I know, l-let's have a different kind of p-part- NOOO!"

Pouncing on her, the Yamai twins giggled as they pulled her arms up and took her armpits, Kotori following in between them, grinning hard as she took a spot between Miku's neck.

"Hey…" Natsumi's eyes were covered darkly under the shadow of her hair, a wide smirk ready as her eyes gleaned in the light of an exceptionally large weather.

"Naaat-haaha N-Natsumi-chaaaaan!" Miku was already wriggling from the slightest touch, "HEEEEELP MEEEE!"

"It's not like I hate you Miku," as though appearing just like a delinquent raised by Tenka herself, Natsumi caught one of Miku's legs in her hand and went in without holding back, "but, I've never forgiven youuuu!"

"Then, shall we proceed?" Maria began the video again after Tenka's nodding as she raised her hand. "As planned, Miku's punishment will continue for the duration of the evidence log."

Origami indifferently pulled out a bottle and soaked her own feather with it, observing around and choosing a spot in the centre of Miku's chest whilst Tenka reclined back in amusement and held the feather between her toes perfectly, contemplating at which point she should draw it down over Miku's skin.

"H-H-HOW! L-LONG I-IHAHAHA IT?!" Miku burst into tears from the first wave as Mukuro and Nia took the spots under her knees.

"The videos footage is 5 hours, the picture montage will last 13 hours and the written confessions and accounts of Miku's antics will be another 80 hours," Maria spoke monotonously. She then gave a small, bright smile. "Please enjoy the full weight of your sins."

Glaring down at the laughing idol, Tenka swiped the feathers across Miku's entire bare body, not sparing any part of the one who kept troubling Tohka so often.

"… Hm," Origami glanced to the side, catching her attention in the midst of Miku's screams and begs for mercy which were looked in within the barriers of the joint floor.

"… What?" The Demon Queen glanced over to the platinum blonde in question.

Origami pulled on a plastic spiked glove and offered a pair to Tenka.


After becoming exhausted late into the night, the spirits had paused for the time being and decided to continue Miku's tickle torture over the next week.

Miku herself was panting deliriously on the carpet before them collapsed after the unending torment of the night, everyone else was gathered around and breathing heavily from how much struggle she put up.

Along the way, they had gotten to the scenes of the Maria units themselves being harassed by the idol and the present Maria had also joined in and paid back the exploits of Miku.

Ellen had woken up as well from the noise several times, earning herself a headache and half-asleep also took a feather and tickled Miku all over her nape without really knowing what she was doing as the former strongest wizard half-believed it was a dream.

After a few times of when Miku would faint for a while, Tenka had gotten somewhat satisfied at the sight – or got tired of using up the body which belonged to Tohka in her words, and swapped back their consciousness.

As often happened, Origami was awake before the sunrise, blinking lightly whilst examining the sight fondly.

Tohka, who had also joined in on the tickle torture at the end before she became tired, was now leaning her head sidewards on the crook of Origami's neck.

Being careful not to disturb the sleeping Princess and keep her comfy, Origami reached over to her bag and pulled out her phone, flipping the camera forward as she snapped a few pictures of the beauty comforting her.

"You're awake?" A voice quietly whispered to her.

Origami turned to Kotori who was also laying on a sofa, looking like she just woke up herself, still covered in the blankets she had wrapped everyone in before the night.

Nodding carefully, Origami offered her a small smile. "Sleep well?"

"W-Well yeah I suppose…" Kotori swiped her black ribbons off with a blush after her hair got messy from the previous night.

Origami continued laying on one of the many sofas in the room, cuddling together against Tohka who mumbled in her ear.

"So then, care to explain this?" The redhead asked her, pointing past the collapsed Miku to a little basket from which a black and white rabbit hopped out of, curiously wandering about and looking up to Kotori who was surprised at it's strange appearance.

"A bunny," Origami answered.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?!" Kotori snapped back and quickly covering her mouth when Tohka stirred awake. "… I know that, but where did it come from?"

"Don't know," the platinum blonde replied honestly, beginning to explain briefly where she and Tenka had encountered the curious rabbit.

After Tenka had brought it along back to Tohka's room, her other self woke in shock to the adorable little pet which was cuddling up at her and declared to Origami, who had fallen asleep in the same bed, that she wanted to play with it.

All that had occurred just this morning, the day mainly spent at home with Tohka as well talking to Tenka aloud who to everyone's pleasant surprise, decided to show herself in the evening when Tohka had began to get sleepy and the rest had occurred.

"Hmm, I see," Kotori shrugged, bending down when the rabbit came to sniff her legs and she tried to touch it's fur. "Well… it seems rather unusual. It's obviously a pet which someone had bought, maybe from a foreign country. If it's gotten lost or run away, then… we should try and search for it's owner."

Sitting back in a chair, the Realizer powered unit Maria switched up into life after awakening. "Good morning. Shall I begin tracing intermediately?"

"Ah Maria, morning," Kotori greeted her perfect timing as usual. The white haired hair approached them, leaning down to the rabbit as well who hopped over without fear and sniffed her hand. "Yeah, that would be much appreciated. If it's you then there will surely be something you can find."

"Roger, I will begin scanning now." She spoke monotonously, reminding her of Origami herself as the Fraxinus AI eyes switched on, observing the physical size and breed of the pet instantly.

Whilst waiting for the supercomputer powered girl to wait, Kotori wandered off to Tohka's side, watching as she continued breathing softly into Origami.

The redhead stared fondly at the Princess and the Angel's hand moved to wrap around Tohka's waist.

"Hey, don't disturb her when she's still asleep," Kotori commented, mumbling as she sat down on the carpet to get a closer view of Tohka's sleeping face.

"I won't," Origami shifted her body to lie down, seeming to ignore what she was told and pulling Tohka over on top of her.

"Hey, what did I just say!" She demanded in a harsh whisper.

"No problem," the short haired girl laid down on the back of the cushions, relaxing as Tohka shifted and moaned in her sleep, crawling over the Angel and laying down directly on top of her, "not disturbing. Tohka wants to sleep with Origami more."

As though agreeing with her in her sleep, the night haired girl rubbed her nose and wrapped her arms around Origami's waist as well, cuddling her like a large pillow and pressing their bodies over each other.

"! Why you…" The redhead stuck out her tongue as Origami's hand patted over Tohka's head, holding her possessively, clearly on purpose to tease the flame Spirit. "Hmph! I'm going to prepare the bath for Tohka-"

"Scan complete." Maria called to them standing up straight in her short hand, clearing out the little conflict between the two spirits, "there's no reports of any sort of a missing pet rabbit that matches the description within Tenguu city. To be precise, there are no incidents or concerned mentioned about missing pet rabbits in the past 3 weeks. Furthermore, there's no matching description of anyone in Tenguu city that possesses Black Dutch rabbit."

"Hah, how can that be…" Turning her attention back, Kotori traced a hand over her chin, leaning down to look at the rabbit closer. It's dark eyes blinked at her before it run straight between her legs and around her leg playfully. "It's a Black Dutch rabbit…? If it's a household pet then it wouldn't be able to survive in the wild for long. There's no way a pet that stands out this much would go unnoticed if it disappeared from their owner… it's possible they just haven't noticed yet."

Origami glanced down as the rabbit turned to her, standing on it's hind legs and noticing Tohka's hand that roamed over Origami's chest.

"That is certainly possible." Maria agreed and nodded, "I will continue running searches and check through Tenguu city's available cameras and give any updates that are found."

"Thanks, that's much appreciated," Kotori nodded and tried to lean down to pick the rabbit up, "well, for the time being I guess, if someone was going to ask in some animal carehouse for it, we'd find out about it. If Tohka wants to, I guess we can look after it for now- hey!"

Before the redhead could take hold of it's underbelly, the rabbit slide out of her hands and hopped up onto the sofa where Origami was laying with the sleeping Tohka on top.

"…" The platinum blonde stared at the little animal that had jumped onto the sofa to her side and was looking it's head between her and Origami.

Black and white.

Contrasting colours which clashed brightly against each other.

"Hey you, don't get cheeky." Kotori grumbled and tried to pick it up carefully as the bunny allowed her this time, turning around as it cuddle into Kotori's chest whilst still looking at Origami and the sleeping girl. "Then, I guess we'll keep it in this crib for now. A rabbit needs hay I guess, food, bedding and -"

"Companionship." Origami finished, continuing to stroke Tohka's hair fondly over her eyes.

"… Yeah, I guess so," Kotori nodded, petting the rabbit herself a little, "I guess we'll need to keep watch over it until Tohka wakes up, though it seems rather tame."

"Muu… Then, I can keep Mr Bunny?" Upon hearing the mention of her name and the ends of the conversation, the night haired beauty begin to stir, opening her eyes slowly as she found herself on top of the snow white haired girl. "Uo! Origami…?"

"Yes?" The Angel smirked and pressed up her lips to the Princess who moaned in reply and accepted it happily, deepening it further as they sucked on each other's lips.

"Ah, Tohka, yeah so long as you take care of him. Let's go take a sh-!" Kotori arched her head over her shoulder before she saw them kissing again, "h-hey! No fair!"

Her exclamation began to wake the other spirits who begin to notice the commotion and look around sleepily. Miku twitched herself awake a little, her body still completely destroyed from the night's assault, stirring in between delightful and torturous sensations in her body.

"Ah, thank you Kotori! Mr Bunny! I'll take of you now hehe~!" Tohka pulled herself up, beaming brightly as she stroked the rabbits head who licked her hand in greeting before the flame Spirit grabbed her by one arm whilst Origami clung on to the other between themselves, pulling either one of her hands in between their chest areas. "Ooh! I just remembered Kotori! I had a dream about your ribbons!"

"H-Hah?! My ribbons…?" The redhead patted her hair, remembering that she took them off a few moments ago since her hair had become messy,

"Umu! Origami took them and made them into a butterfly!" She explained, turning cheerfully to the white haired girl.

"Butterfly?" She looked up, noticing Tohka's own ribbon and presuming that might be where the vision came from.

"Why a butterfly…" Kotori noticed as well and stroked through her free flowing hair, considering how she might look in a matching style to Tohka's ribbon, "w-well, we can try that. But first Tohka, let's go shower."

"U-Umu!" The Princess nodded, eager to start the morning afresh as she pulled Origami along with the other girls taking a little longer to wake up. "Everyone! I'll wash you your bodies clean!"

Hearing that everyone shot awake, as Kaguya and Yuzuru accidentally ended up using some of their powers to create a draft when they stumbled over each other, climbing after Kotori, Tohka and Origami who led the way along with a shy Natsumi, eager Nia, and sleepy Mukuro and the struggling Miku whose limbs trembled as she was forced to roll after them a bit at a time.

"… " Maria looked over the room once everyone was gone, measuring around the room until she found Ellen who still laid asleep with a blanket covering her head.

Although some of the girls tended to be messy, they would all clean up after themselves once they got ready, and Maria would also join them whilst watching over them along with Ellen.

"… No, it's my duty to continue looking over these girls…" The Fraxinus AI reassured herself, communicating with all the other units and the main supercomputer itself.

Unlike the Spirits, Maria was an artificial AI that was created to examine and watch over all related activities between the girls, much like Ellen herself.

She sat down on the sofa besides the purple eyed wizard who stirred with an ongoing headache and waited patiently to finish. She looked to the door they had all left to the large shared bathroom on the third floor.

"But…" Maria fell silent, pondering over the question that always permeated her curiosity. As though to distract her from troubling thoughts, the rabbit had hopped back out of it's little spot and appeared on top of the sofa besides her, taking the space between her and Ellen.

It cuddled around both platinum haired blondes, brushing it's fur against them before it settled down. Ellen sighed, sounding a little more relaxed whilst falling into a lighter sleep.

There was no reason, no benefit for her to gather such information but Maria reached out her hand and touched over the rabbit's head, patting down it's ears as she slid it over it's back.

Completely silent, the rabbit made no expression but have off the feeling of happiness.

It seemed that it liked it so Maria continued stroking over it further, hearing the girls excited voices from upstairs now.

"…" There were many curiosities within her that didn't completely align to maintenance of her operations and job at Ratatoskr.

Although she was indeed an AI, Maria had been created through the power of Nia's Rasiel and had continued maintaining her form with the internal Realizer technology after the otaku mangaka had lost her powers for a time.

But… it all started to that day.

Her curiosity, the sensations in every touch, the will to understand the girls further, not out of duty but out of her own interest.

It all began on that day when she had structured out the first of her units, her own body to move around and interact with.

Even if Maria, who had been examining the Spirit girls from the start, originally was only fulfilling her original purpose.

Something had changed after interacting with the girls like… a girl herself. Her own purpose had changed since then.

In the world which Tenka had created.

Past Timeline – The Last Battle with DEM

The memories of that time had rewritten when Shido had used Zafkiel on himself to wind back time. Unlike before when he changed the past history using the 12th bullet Yud Bet, he has used the 6th bullet Vav on himself.

Because of that, everyone's memories of that end had been forgotten, erased along with that bad end. In the world which Tenka had created, Tohka had been able to recall what had transpired.

Recalled it all… and sunk out her despair in sadness.

Of course it had been erased, made to never happen but even still –

She couldn't stop remembering her grief of that time.

It didn't compare quite on the scale of another world, one which her other self had destroyed, however it still brought no small amount of sadness whenever she thought of it.

She couldn't stop thinking about how she failed.

Everyone that had died protecting her, standing by her side and disappearing in a different part of that battlefield where she couldn't help them.

She couldn't help but think how she had not managed to save any of them or even reach the hope to their attack.

Of course though… she could never forgive if even one of them died.

If it hadn't been for Tenka who saved her, and bought time for Shido and Kurumi, then…

Would that have been the last scene she saw?

Coming to her last visions, the small strip of light which was protruding from the ground pulled out of her chest, taking the heart of her whole existence, her sephira away from her.

There had been no physical pain at least. Only a violent drowsiness that caused her to fall to her knees, digging her treasured Sandalphon into the ground, unable to keep herself standing any longer.

Despair filled her heart.

All of the means that they could think of had been done.

All the methods they had considered have been tried.

The only result was the hell spread before their eyes.

Everyone… was gone.

Aside from the two who had gone to Shido's aid and the pair still on Fraxinus. In the distance, her heart could not sink any further as she watched the wrecked debris of the airship crash down in the distance, turning the attention of the one who had killed them all.

The deaths had been painless physically, but…

There was no stopping the darkness she was falling into after watching them all die before her.

As though sensing another part of herself, a darker side of her, embrace her gently, Tohka relaxed from the warmth and found just enough strength as her own body began to fade into reiryoku.

"Ah…" She breathed out at their enemy.

The 'God' had turned away, about to attack her sephira crystal along with Origami's as she seemed ready to continue.

The battle had been lost. All the girls, even with only a part of their spiritual energy, had all been strong. But they all lost to the one who was stronger than them all.

'No...' Tohka's mind closed with powerful determination.

Even if it had been the one battle they couldn't triumph, she couldn't just accept it was impossible from the start.

Even if this was the end, she couldn't just lay down and let it end like this.

Even if it was too late now… until her very last moments…

Her head turned in the lonesome hell of battlefield, looking at the girl she was laying besides.

Origami was motionless on the ground, her face looking up to the sky.

The Einherjar which had been in Origami's hand had pierced the snow white girl's only body before the sephira from within her body had been taken by the powerful entity.

Origami was dead.

Not bothering over the fading tears in her eyes as her body seemed to disperse, Tohka held onto the spiritual energy around her, asking it to hold on just for a little longer.

She reached out her hand to the Angel.

Her fingers traced gently over the platinum blonde's open palm.

It was cold.

She had witnessed the white haired girl's death before her own eyes.

Their final attack together.

Origami's face appeared peaceful, like she had drifted off into a distant sleep. Tohka could only hope that she had not suffered any pain just like her in the end.

"…" Breathing out, her voice didn't come out anymore.

Tohka wasn't sure what exactly she wanted to say either.

Her hand squeezed the girl's hand gently, noticing that there was a small speck of blood near her white hair.

"…" Trying to speak again, her voice failed as she reached out her other fading hand.

She wasn't sure where it was from but hadn't noticed it when they had both been stabbed.

Perhaps it had been a wound from Origami's earlier battle.

Even so, she watched as the short haired girl's locks fell onto the small speck.

It soaked into her white hair, like blood invading a white cloth or a pure flower petal, it coated the innocent colour with it's deadly red tint.

Tohka brushed Origami's hair side without letting her go with her other hand, and trying to not let the blood soak into her hair.

Despite her attempts, it soaked itself deeper in, travelling up her short hair away from the ground before it gradually came to a stop.

Trying to wipe it away, Tohka noticed a bit of it had gotten over the girl's cheek. She tried to rub it away with her finger but when she pulled away, it had only smudged further along her cheek,

The Princess's lips trembled at the last sight.

Instead of wiping it away, she had only seemed to cause it to become worse.

She closed her eyes as her body completely disappeared.


She couldn't see anymore, only the darkness fading away.

But she thought she felt it.

The fingers which had curled around her own.

The gentle, cool feeling as they held onto each other.

It hadn't been an accident or some coincidence.

She was certain of it.

At the very end, her hand still squeezing over Origami's.

Origami's hand had squeezed her back just as softly.

As though to reassure her of whatever awaited.

The unspoken belief and promise that they would see each other again.

Disappearing together, they kept holding on, the feeling of each other's touch engraved forever.

Tohka and Origami felt the feelings of each other, holding on tightly as they stayed together until the very end.

Origami's Apartment

In a different part of Tenguu city, Origami had continued living in the same room as for the past 8 years. She rarely received visitors with her parents deceased and was now also retired from the AST.

However, it was different when she now had a girlfriend.

The issue however was that she and her girlfriend also had several other girlfriends, mainly which were girlfriends through her girlfriend first… but unlike just being a simple group of friends anymore, they were all actually girlfriends more or less.

Because of that, it would often be difficult to get alone time for more than an hour until someone else came would pinpoint their location and come join them.

Origami didn't mind at all when it came to group dates with all the girls. She had a close master-servant relationship with Yuzuru and Kaguya as well was just as splendid when it came to providing support for her together and she often treated the pair herself out of personal desire.

She got along with Nia well who was being brought over to her side slowly when it came to doujin content, and her agreement with Kurumi was still standing yet awaiting further development on her end. Natsumi was a cute girl that she enjoyed paying attention to and taking along, especially if it meant saving her from Miku.

The idol's clinginess would sometimes be a nuisance to her but nowadays she didn't mind so much, the same when it came to Mukuro who had a strong attachment to Tohka specifically and could get possessive sometimes. But then, Origami didn't feel she was so different in that regard.

There were times were she simply wanted Tohka all to herself.

No doubt Kotori had noticed and tended to lose more confidence around her. Which just made her all the more fun to play around with now that the little side of her had added a lot off softness to her commander personality.

When it came to all the former spirits, her resentment was long passed. Ever since she first met them, interacted with them and got to know them properly… it had all began to get forgotten.

She had realised it and become terrified of that fact. No, she hadn't necessarily been afraid, it was just something she couldn't just accept.

In the end of course, she faced the truth which still haunted her memories sometimes. She had forged bonds with all these girls that all became her dear friends and then turned girlfriends.

A few months ago when it all had started, Origami certainly desired for Tohka to stay with only her ever since that kiss that drenched her awake like cleansing pure lakewater.

But when Tohka had confided with her about her feelings for everyone else, Origami simply told her –

"Tohka…" Her name was spoken with so much fondness from her former rival.

"U-Umu…" Tohka gasped and pulled her in happily, her night hair spread all over the bed touching their lips together as Origami climbed over her.

The two girls grinded their legs against the other, moaning in each other's close touch as they shuffled over the sheets pleasantly.

"Chu… Origami…?" Tohka breathed apart, sharing the hot air as they enjoyed their solace for a little.

"Do you remember?" The platinum blonde inquired.

"Mu? What exactly…?" Tohka tilted her head, pushing herself up on the bed as her arm rested on the windowsill that provided a few view of other apartment blocks in Tenguu city.

"When it's just us together…" She prompted, leaning her arms along the side as her other hand took Tohka's pulling her over onto her lap.

"Ooh umu," the Princess smiled, "of course, right now it's Origami time…"

Tohka was an innocent girl that followed her heart and acted in whatever she believed in, not feeling any regrets as she confidently took Origami's face in her hands, closing their lips over one another and pressing her tongue within.

The battling tongues flowed against each other as Origami pushed back in resistance, feeling herself captured by the Princess's strength driven by the sweet saliva that was being exchanged along each other's mouths.

Even if in a group of relations, everyone got along with each other, there was still an issue in any given 'harem' setup.

No matter how close friends the others might be, to some extent everyone wanted Tohka to themselves. They hadn't come to terms exactly how they would deal with it but for the time being, Tohka had agreed happily to spend time alone with each one of them and give them her full affection if only for a short time.

Fundamentally, it was the issue that caused things to stagnate in a 'harem'. Choosing one would hurt all the others. It was no easy means to choose them all and live up to that promise.

And even if that choice was made, it wouldn't prevent each of their desires to have Tohka for themselves in the end.

Unless… all the girls had to some extent that kind of relationship with each other.

Sinking deeper into the kiss, the two girls stroked each other's contrasting hair whilst not stopping to breathe at all, feeding the circulation in clouded thoughts between the two of them.

Tohka and Origami had been the first to get together.

When they sat down in the park to discuss it, Origami explained that feeling of 'jealousy' and 'possessiveness' that would only naturally come out even between close friends like the other spirits.

After taking it all in, Tohka had understood it fully, recalling just how she felt when… Mayuri had appeared, caused partially due to that same reason.

What was the answer to the 'harem' issue?

Tohka had confessed that she didn't know yet, she still had much to learn about the human world and just how the people of the world view multi-relationships, just like Shido who was aware of it and simply wished for the girls to be happy.

The crystal eyed Spirit still did not know.

But she wanted to try and find the answer and wouldn't shy away from her true feelings.

It hadn't take too long but when they approached the Yamai twins about it, things had quickly escalated into a four way kissing session with their close friends.

Friends that loved them back. Both of them and each other too.

One after one, they had all become girlfriends.

Origami liked it.

She certainly enjoyed it, no matter what it might look like to others.

Origami… loved it.

She loved them all.

But… was it the same kind of love that had sprung up over all the times she had spent with Tohka?

She couldn't really say so. Her experiences with everyone had been different.

At the very least, she still felt the need to sometimes spend time with Tohka herself.

That much hadn't changed… but so long as Tohka focused her feelings solely for Origami just sometimes, she didn't mind the fact that Tohka would be intimate personally with the other girls too.

Slipping her hand underneath Tohka's shirt, Origami hummed softly as she felt the beautiful girl's perfect skin just as Tohka wrapped her hands over Origami's back as well, rubbing it in circles.

Tohka was brave.

Even if meant risking and hurting herself, she had chosen to shoulder it all and keep pursuing to find an answer.

That was just something which Origami had come to love about her.

Endless circulating thoughts became cut off when her mind focused on the goddess before her, holding each other's bodies longingly.

Breathing out, Origami took in the cool air whilst Tohka giggled at her, licking up the wet trail connecting their mouths together.

Brushing over the platinum blonde's lips, the Princess laid a series of kisses all along the doll-like face and down over her neck, rubbing their cheeks together and swaying her short white hair to drop a kiss over her earlopes.

"A-Ah…" Origami shivered against her, pulling her close before she licked over Tohka's neck before pressing her lips down into her neck, sucking her fiercely.

She wanted to touch and press Tohka down more but she felt her body losing control as her limbs began to hand weakly when Tohka's lips found hers again, flushing her body with reiryoku.

Each time two Spirits kissed, it caused a raise to their emotional readings.

Like recalling sudden memories all at once of all the times they had spent together, fighting, befriending, growing apart, growing close again until this point –

It really was fascinating to her.

It was just unbelievable that someday she was in love in the first Spirit she had tried to cut down.

But it also seemed only obvious.

They just had never stopped to interact, talk and understand one another.

Despite their clashing personalities, somehow they always seemed to work together with or without their sparkling rivalry.

Like two lines drawn to each other, they always seemed to arrive in the same spot, happen across each other at the opportune moment and face the events in their life together.

Every significant moment of their lives were tied together in some way.

And they never wanted that to change.

Hoping onto the bed, the two glanced to the side at their companion.

"Hehe~ What is it?" Tohka instantly took the rabbit into her arms, stroking it's fluffy head, "are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?"

The rabbit didn't respond of course but Tohka's own stomach grumbled in reply.

Origami smiled as she entangled herself down from the Princess, "I will make dinner."

"Umu! Then, I will help Origami too!" She proclaimed in excitement.

Nodding along, Origami stepped over the small distance and took an apron of the hangar. She then dropped her skirt off.

"O-Origami?" The innocent girl, holding the rabbit in her hand that only made her look more gentle, looked at her in a blush.

"The proper housewife custom is to wear nothing except an apron when making dinner," Origami began unbuttoning her shirt eagerly, giving Tohka full view of her patterned bra.

"R-Really…" The night haired girl frowned, never hearing a custom like that before.

"Yes," she assured her, ready to strip to her undergarments.

"Really, really?"

"… Just joking."

Unable to lie to her innocent girlfriend, Origami paused there, leaving much of her skin for Tohka to view and observe over curiously.

Origami enjoyed the attention and tied the apron around herself before pulling out the ingredients for a roast feast out and ready.

Having practised extensively, Origami's cooking abilities were on par with a professional. Unable to stand around and let her do everything however, Tohka also jumped in to help and followed Origami's instructions carefully, peeling the carrots and potatoes, putting them to boil and stuffing the chicken so much that it seemed twice it's original size.

Feeding a selection of vegetables to their pet bunny, they talked over dinner as Origami explained how a rabbit was really suited for outdoors and ought to have a hutch, a more standard and balanced feed, plenty of fresh grass and hay and of course – care, attention and love.

Realising that taking care of someone was a large responsibility, Tohka nodded a little unsure of herself but no less determined in taking care of her new pet.

"It'll be alright," Origami reassured her, "Tohka's heart is just too big."

"U-Uo, too big…?" Tohka blinked in surprise at the supportive remark.

Origami nodded. "If it's Tohka, you will definitely give him everything he needs."

"M-Mu… well if Origami says so…" She felt her confidence return, stroking over the lounging bunny affectionately. "Then it's true."

"Of course." Drinking down the last bit of green tea, the girls eyed each other, leaning into each other as they sat on the bed together, watching a bit of a video from Origami's laptop which lay across both their laps.

Pausing the video at the scene where the main couple was about to kiss in the movie, Tohka cupped Origami's cheeks and stroked her, feeling the girl push her over the edge as they lay down gently on their floor with their legs hanging on the bed.

With Origami on top, she sealed the contact, grabbing Tohka's arm and pulling her towards her, battling their tongues as the Angel took initiative this time round.

She breathed out, laying her head on top of Tohka's chest.

"I… believe…" She whispered silently.

"Mu? What does Origami believe…?"

Unable to hear her properly, Tohka leaned her ear down only to be kissed their by the Angel, sending vibrations through her whole head as she crawled back a little with a dreamy smile.

As though a little game of cat and mouse began, Tohka crawled away a little from Origami who chased after her, pressing her lips and relishing in how Tohka kept teasing her towards her.

"I… believe that Tohka can do it."

"Muu?" The night haired paused curiously when they had gotten close to the bathroom door, coming to an end of the clean carpet.

If it was Tohka, she would find it within her.

Tenka's own very existence which was forged out of love… and Tohka who had been born in the gap created of it.

She knew that Tohka would be able to find the way.

For them all to open their hearts and come to terms with Tohka being 'shared' with others besides them.

That feeling of wanting Tohka to themselves was not a hindrance. All the spirits shared it amongst themselves and wouldn't stop each other from such feelings.

The feeling of wanting to be the number one… was something they could come to terms with themselves.

But… the ache in her heart was another matter.

But she believed that Tohka would find an answer.

"After all…"

Origami was in love with Tohka.

" – You're the one who changed my heart that day."

Tohka smashed her lips into Origami, silencing her further with renowned desire. The girls pulled at each other, rushing their hands across their bodies and squeezing their soft skin.

Longing for each other's touch, they felt under the other's scruffy clothes, pulling them out to give better access as their arms hugged each other with extreme intensity.

"Ah… want to take a shower?" Origami licked her lips, pulsating from the pressure before silencing the nodding swordswoman.

Throwing each other's clothes off, the two opened the bathroom door as they stripped each other naked and tossed their clothes into a heap together, the heat spread across their bodies that clamped together.

'Ehhhh?!' Neo-Origami covered her eyes from watching. 'N-No way, are you about to –'

'Yes.' Origami responded back in her head, feeling herself thrust under the shower tub as she turned on the hot water and kept mouthing Tohka's delicate lips with longing.

'Noooo! You can't!' Her other self had been enjoying the sensations of the kiss herself but things were developing quicker than she expected.

'Why not?' The original Origami stated,

Making an embarrassed noise, her other self didn't answer but she felt Neo-Origami's presence continue to watch within her mind.

"Muu…" Tohka breathed out, taking Origami's short hair in her hands as it became wet with water droplets, and brought it to her lips.

Dropping her lips as she watched the Princess curiously, Tohka kisses the strands of her hair before glancing over and laughing a little unsure of herself.

Taking the shower spray, Origami's arm found it in Tohka's hair, it's feeling just as luxurious and softly kept as always, only making her want to touch it more.

Tohka was dazzling.

Her perfectly sized chest pressed into her own body, her gentle hands brushing around Origami's athletic build.

Again and again, they kept pressing their lips together and exchanging the liquids between each other's caverns, exploring each other until they knew every bit.

Pulling again, Origami first began pressing her lips over Tohka's neck again, sucking on the same earlier spot which was still sensitive judging from Tohka's gasp.

Then down further below, Tohka began her attack, sucking over Origami's shoulder and down every bit of her hand.

The next was all down Tohka's chest and belly, then all over Origami's backside.

Repeating each section over and over again, the two sucked along each part of their skin with barely held back desire, the steam filling the room and clouding the mirrors.

"Huuuuh," Tohka exhaled warm-heartedly, collapsing face down onto Origami's bed after their bodies had succumbed to pleasure and rejuvenation.

'… How was it?' A deep, kind voice called out to her.

"Uo, Origami is really lovely hehe," Tohka cuddle into the pillow and rolled around it, glancing around the room as she saw the bunny resting near the water bowl they had left for it. "I've told Origami to give you the same treatment too sometime!"

'Don't need it.' Tenka denied, sensing Tohka's frown, before quickly following up, 'if Tohka liked that kind of experience, tell that woman to serve you like that from now on.'

"Umu! It was really lovely…" she fell quiet whilst listening to her girlfriend finishing up in the bathroom, "but just being with her… makes me so happy."

'… I see.' She sounded satisfied.

"Muu, what should I do…" She mumbled to herself, feeling Tenka wait for her to elaborate. "I don't really understand… is a single date or an individual date better to understand everyone?"

'Tohka should do whatever you feel is right,' Tenka informed her absolutely, 'if anyone doesn't like it, they will have some sense beaten into them.'

"But then…" The Princess frowned in troubled. "No, it'll be alright Tenka. If you two believe in me, I can do it! Muu, I just really don't know if everyone feels like Origami thinks either… that's why, I've got to find out! That means, I need to continue my date with Origami right now and learn more too!"

'...' Tenka's silence gave her an approving sense of comfort she could not find anywhere else.

Everyone had a soothing effect on Tohka, but just like everyone else, Tenka was special in her own way to her.

Someone that was always beside her… and someone whose love she wanted to return just as much.

Smiling over as Origami excited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, she patted the spot on the bed next to her, beaming brightly at the Angel.

Wanting to return love.

Somehow it seemed like a very difficult thing to pay back love with greater love.

It was just one of the reasons that Tohka had fallen in love with Origami.

Continuing to observe the Angel, she kept on reflecting on her feelings, every moment when her heart raced and felt like it exploded and then filled with satiation.

Each time differently as Origami taught her without knowing as she expressed their own feelings for each other.

And just like for Tenka, she wished to return Origami's love just as much too.

She wanted to return everyone's love for her, back ten times as much.

'Ahh… I see.'

Tohka nodded to herself.

She understood it a bit better right now.

The girls she all loved, all loved each other too.

But they all had different ways to show it to each other, different experiences with each other and different kinds of bonds with each other.

It was impossible to balance and make it equally shared through everyone.

That was the problem which Origami had meant.

The differences would cause each other to feel anxious sometimes, even if they didn't worry of being number 1, it was a matter of being treated differently than the others.

It's what caused them all to desire differently, and console themselves with their troubled thoughts by connecting solely to Tohka who had wound up at the centre of this 'harem'.

'Umu… I'll find something to make it all work!'

Tenka smiled in the obscured darkness at the pure feelings of her treasured person.

Fraxinus EX Headquarters

In the past few months, the airship Fraxinus EX had been docked underground and no longer in full operation currently, with the new flow of reiryoku following Tohka's return now fully examined, there was deemed to be no further danger.

Tohka had a stable foundation to the real world and although the former Spirits all had access to calling upon their Angels again after having kissed Tohka, the spacequakes were unable to be cause by anyone aside from Tohka since all the spiritual power was transmitted through her before going to the girls when they used their powers.

The AST had all been either reassigned or dismissed and DEM itself had filled for bankruptcy from it's destroyed airships a few days ago and was awaiting it's future to be decided.

Ratatoskr's staff were now all employed part-time, despite which they often came in to check in on their commander and run maintenance over their headquarters in Tenguu city.

With the exception of Ellen who continued to aid in the Spirit's lives as the analyst officer, and who herself was being monitored, the one left in command was the Fraxinus AI – MARIA.

Whilst also making use of her various bodies, all the units who spent time with the Spirits as well, the supercomputer continued running it's security and monitoring over Tenguu city and all spiritual waves as well from the headquarters.

Should any issue ever arise, Kotori would be contacted immediately and the airship Fraxinus EX could always be relied on to take to the skies to better deal with any issues quickly.

In the end however, it left the headquarters of Ratatoskr almost always unoccupied.

Walking down the hallway, Kotori checked her watch whilst peeling off another wrapper and sticking a second lollipop in her mouth and sucking on them together whilst stalking through the metal hallway.

"Ara ara, good evening to you too, Kotori-san," a teasing voice came from the hallway opposite the meeting room door which Kotori had been heading to. "Are you in a fine mood today?"

"Kurumi… Don't wind me up any further," She passed the gothic girl whilst slamming her hand over the scanner. "I'm surprised you even turned up after I called you."

"Ah but of course, it caused me a fair bit of trouble," Kurumi tapped a finger over her chin exaggeratively, "but I guess it couldn't be helped if Kotori-san was this distressed."

"Stop it already," the twin haired girl swiped her hair in the air and entered in the room, seeing that everyone else was waiting already, "why couldn't you wait in here with everyone else?"

"That's because Kotori-san hasn't given me the identification to enter here," Kurumi pointed out as she took the empty chair directly next to the one at the front of the rectangular table.

"You got inside this far already somehow," plumbing herself down onto the front chair, the redhead folded one leg over the over, "but well… we'll sort that out later."

At the table, 9 seats were taken and occupied by all the Spirits with the exception of a certain couple.

"Nee imouto-chan, it looks like everyone is here," Nia looked up from her sketchbook which she laid on the table, also sitting next to Kotori, on the opposite of Kurumi. "So, why did you gather us all here?"

"Not everyone…" Yoshino meekly propped her head.

"Uoi, Tohka-san and Origami-san are not hear~" The puppet on her hand moved, "are~ Did Kotori-san plan for this? Ufufu, what could they be up to then-"

"S-Shut up!" Kotori crunched down on her sweets, in a clearly worse mood than usual. "That's exactly what we've gathered to talk about, guuu… that Origami."

"What could be the matter? I think Tohka and Origami look especially cute together," Kurumi ignored the redhead and decided to tease her more, "doesn't Kotori agree? Well… I wouldn't mind them both as well -"

"E-Enough already I said!" Slamming her foot down, Kotori growled in annoyance, silencing the room.

"Hee, sounds like Kotori might be jealous of my kinswoman's lady," Kaguya decided to join in as well, probing the matter.

"J-J-Jealous?! Haah, as if!" She folded her arms with an angry blush.

"Agreement. Master Origami is most suited for Mistress Tohka," Yuzuru added in.

"T-That's ridiculous! I won't allow that perverted girl-"

"Hic!" Miku coughed, sprawled out and thankfully asleep on the table.

"-take Tohka a-awa…" Flushing red in realisation, Kotori sunk back and relaxed into her chair.

"Eh, imouto-chan, don't worry so much," Nia patted the black ribboned girl on the shoulder and rubbing over her head to soothe her, "it's not like Origami will keep Tohka to herself."

"Mun, Muku won't allow that," the blonde added in, paying attention more as she brushed her hair as Natsumi and her took turns in adding stylish hair ornaments and showing each other the mirror.

"… Uh, i-it's not like I care…" Natsumi claimed and tried to not pay any attention.

"Well that's true but…" Kotori came into focus again. She was the commander of the Spirits, even though Tohka in a way was the one who led them and always guided their gatherings, Kotori was the one who they all turned to when in need of a plan of action. "But… that damn woman keeps on getting a lead on all of us. At this rate, those two…m-might actually…"

"Are, Kotori sure fancies Tohka as well." Kurumi giggled.

"O-Of course I do!" She declared openly, "anyway! That's why I gathered you all here, those two… it seems in the afternoon today, Origami took Tohka to her apartment a-and… well, you get what I'm trying to say! That damn woman… we never known what might be happening but if we don't do anything, Tohka and Origami… they might really start t-things between themselves."

Closing her eyes and shaking away the terrible thoughts and gnawing feeling in her stomach, Kotori turned to face all the girls who looked at her, asking them all for their help. "Everyone, are you okay with this?"

"… Hu, absolutely. I welcome this union of the children of light and dark!"

"Consensus. Kaguya and Yuzuru gladly hope for it."

"My my, I would quite enjoy it as well if the two got more intimate."

"H-Hehe, then that'll only mean they'll involve the rest of us soon after."

"U-Un, well… so long as they are happy…"

"Ahhhh… Tohka-chan and Origami-chan… I'll let you take me together…"

"… Mun."

"I-I feel they get along together now…"

"Uhuhu, Yoshino and Yoshinon will cheer for them!"

"… H-Huh…" Kotori blinked, pulling a hand over her blazer which hand on her shoulders, "w-wait a minute… did everyone understand what I said? A-At this rate, I'm saying Origami might take our Princess for good…"

With the exception of Miku who had spoken as though she was dreaming, the only who seemed slightly troubled had been Mukuro who herself was rather attached to Tohka but didn't voice any complaints.

"Kotori," Kurumi called her by name, "I believe everyone understood what you might have said."

"W-Wait…" Looking to each of them in turn, Kotori suddenly wondered if she herself was the only one troubled by this. "Y-You're all fine with this…? If Tohka and Origami –"

"It's not an issue imouto-chan," Nia nodded to herself, "what's wrong with letting Oririn take the first place?"

"B-But…" The redhead tried to explain it in a different way. "It means that woman… Origami, will always come first for Tohka..."

"Well like… it's not like we don't understand…" Kaguya explained, "I guess it's just like that time, we all are infatuated and would want Tohka to ourselves too, but…"

"Continuation. Master Origami and Mistress Tohka will always have room in their hearts for us all," Yuzuru spoke confidently, "even if we all want to be first after all… Kaguya and Yuzuru and everyone else will always remain special to them too."

"Mun, Muku too wants Tohka the most…" Despite being someone who easily became attached, Mukuro herself seemed to have come to terms with it. "But, now Muku… Muku does not mind if Tohka had prior engagements before Muku."

"Even you too…" Kotori wiggled down onto the table, wondering why she seemed to be the only one. "Well… it's true. Tohka's heart is too big, even if Origami might settle as some kind of first, she would boldly declare to marry us all too… that's just how Tohka is, and… ahh, I know that. It's just…"

"Haaa~" Miku yawned as she sat back against the chair, partially awake, "hm, does Kotori-chan have some worries of Origami?"

"She is rather… a l-lewd woman, like someone else I know," Natsumi glanced displeasingly at Miku who tried leaning across the table to the Witch. "But well you know… it's not like she's someone who things badly of us. Origami wouldn't just ignore us… not that I need it."

"T-That's not true…" Yoshino spoke in encouragement to her friend who nodded appreciatively before turning to the flame spirit, "Kotori-san… too gets along with Origami-san?"

"Nee, Kotori-san~ Who bought you those high heels when you onee-sans went shopping the other day~?" Yoshinon caused Kotori to squeeze her feet in memory, realising she was wearing the same shoes today.

"T-That doesn't matter, I just let her to that! It was an apology! Yeah, that's it, she owed me one and s-said they looked nice on me…" Kotori blushed when she looked down at the sparkling scarlet and black contrast in them that made her feel more mature as a high school student now.

Although she couldn't wear them to Raizen High school, it was meant more for outings with Tohka and the others girls. It reminded her that she was older now, growing up and ready for more adult styles.

When the girls had all held their spirit powers individually within their sephira crystals, the power had largely seal their bodies to a continuously youthful state.

Although in Kotori's case, her powers had been sealed soon after and her reiryoku wasn't retained wholly by herself, her own body had limited in growth. She denied being self-conscious about it but her chest had grown a little at least.

After exchanging the kiss with Tohka, after examining her own body with Maria and Ellen, it showed their was no change to her and she along with all the other spirits should continue to age as the spiritual power was reserved within Tohka herself.

A spirit's kiss… so long as the girl received it was compatible with a certain Angel , they would retain their former powers whilst continuing to live as normal as they could.

'That's it...' The redhead remembered back to how it happened for herself. How she herself became so attracted to her beloved Princess. 'It's because of that… that I'm feeling this way.'

"Kotori-san?" Kurumi called her name.

"A-Ah yes right," she shook her head and focused on the matter before her which had turned more to a short counselling session than an engagement plan she intended. "Everyone… well, it's not like I don't understand your feelings. You're all right. There's nothing we need to concern ourselves with there, but… Tohka's innocence is still in danger."

"T-Tohka-san's innocence is…?" Yoshino blinked up in worry.

"Yes, that's right. And even if - " Kotori paused and realised where this was going. "Hold on a minute! Yoshino, this is something we must protect you from too!"

"Y-Yes," the blue haired girl nodded in surprise but smiled understandingly, "t-then… good luck everyone."

"Fight on~" Yoshinon lowered his ears up and down, "good luck, onee-sans~!"

After closing the doors quickly, Kotori sighed, "seriously… sometimes I worry if that little sister of ours knows too much already."

The others nodded in agreement, some making awkward smiles as they considered if by now, Yoshino really had a grasp of more adult matters.

Even so, Kotori couldn't risk showing it and be responsible of what might go through the ice spirit's head.

"Then Maria, can you put it all on screen." Kotori requested.

"Affirmative. There has been censoring applied to some sections for privacy however I think you will go get the picture even with it." The system came to life in response to the commander's call.

"Ara, ara, Origami-san~"

"W-Wh-What is this?!"

"Shock. Master Origami…"

"H-Hentai! No, O-Oririn is definitely a hentai!"

"G-Guh, I thought I already knew that, b-but…"

"Heeeh, Origami-san? That's really not fair… how could you keep all those things to yourself?!"

"M-Muku doth not see!"

A number of the girls hid their faces and looked away before taking in the short collection of pictures. Another few of them were also looking in half or complete interest and letting it feed their further imaginations

"Then, does everyone get what I'm saying now?" Kotori grumbled but was glad the message was getting through. "By all means, Origami is someone dear to us, however… this is for the sake of Tohka and all our futures!"

Whilst nodding along, the battle plan of action began at last.

"Then, Origami – Let our yuri date war start."

Wondered a little whether to include Yoshino or not a little in the other spirits parts but felt she could add a little to the scenes even though… yeah she could easily take the lewd contents despite being a 'child' in a sense haha but yeah, though of course Kotori, Natsumi and Mukuro themselves are younger (and guess all 'loli's themselves, though an 'oppai loli' in Mukuro's case?) but well they have a sense of maturity or develop it though Yoshino as well gets more confident, less shy and bolder, considering her epilogue in vol 21… yeah, she still feels 'young' to me.

Didn't get too include an idea for Tohka/Origami time either which I wanted but also thought it could fit better later on but yeah, their relationship will be the main one (along with Tenka and Neo-Origami too who's scene I also couldn't quite fit in time here) in this fic so yeap!

"O-Origami..." Tohka shivered, the night turned in.

"What is it?" She asked without worry, testing the 'tools' on the table.

"T-These are…" The Princess confirmed the impression she was getting after their shower experience.

"Toys," Origami stated.

"W-What for?" The swordsman picked one up hesitantly, sensing Tenka's own growing troubledness.

"…" The Angel picked one up and approached the Princess without a word.