Tony Stark's face was red with fury as he fumed at the Asgardian in front of him.

"You could have TOLD ME!"

Thor hung his head, his long, golden hair falling around his face.

"He is my brother, man of iron. He' s really not that bad once you get to know him as I have."

Tony was livid. He had asked Thor to come to Stark towers because he wanted to try and replicate the returning powers of Mjolnir to his suit. He invited THOR. Just Thor. Not his lying snake of a brother. And as far as he knew, didn't they find out he was adopted? Tony didn't understand these Asgardians at all.

"Also, I had to leave Mjolnir outside. Your security guard wouldn't let me in with it."

Across the room by the window, Thor's brother, the cause of their argument, scoffed. Tony's gaze snapped over to him and back to THOR, his eyes narrowing.

"First of all, his name is Happy."

He said slowly, trying not to lose it and yell at the two Asgardians in the room with him. Thor looked confused.

"But he didn't look very happy. In fact, he looked... How do you mortals say it... he looked pissed."

Tony rolled his eyes.

"It's a nickname"

He sighed and moved on quickly before he had to explain that to him too.

"And secondly, what are you laughing at?"

He snapped, his glare moving back to Loki. He was leaning against the wall looking out the window, staring down on the city. Without looking up, he said mockingly:

"I find it amusing that you, a so-called genius inventor has mere mortals guarding his homeplace. How come you do not have one of your little toys guarding this tower? I'm sure they are much more reliable than these mortals."

Tony ground his teeth, seething.

"Well if by 'toys' you mean multimillion-dollar artificial intelligence, then.. I do. Just not outside. it would freak out the civilians."

Tony put his glass to his mouth to drink, when all of a sudden his hundred-year-old scotch turned into two slithering green snakes. He jumped, dropping the glass and letting it shatter on the floor. The snakes slithered away under the mahogany coffee table in the middle of the room and didn't re-emerge.

"What the-"

Just as he started to speak, he was interrupted by the sound of Loki's uncontrollable laughter. Thor was glowering at him.

"Really brother?"

The god reprimanded. Loki stopped laughing and shot a mischievous grin at his brother.

"Come on Thor. If we were back in Asgard you would be laughing with me. But here you're too preoccupied with sucking up to your new friends."

He said, practically spitting the last word. Thor grimaced. He had suspected that Loki had felt this way about his relationship with the Avengers for a while now, and his suspicions had just been confirmed.


Thor started softly.

"Don't. Don't call me your brother."

Loki interrupted icily. Thor looked hurt. But before he could say anything Tony audibly ground his teeth and said to Thor;

"Ha. 'He's really not that bad once you get to know him'. I really doubt that. Now sorry to interrupt your little family soap opera you two have got here, but the real reason you're even here in the first place.. Let's get Mjolnir from Happy and you can come with me to the lab. You'll need to carry around it for me. Loki, don't you dare leave floor 106. If you do I will personally send all my suits and AI's to kill you."

Tony said threateningly. Loki flashed a sarcastic smile at him and sat on the long couch taking up the right wall of the room

"It will be like I'm not even here,"

He promised, and then he vanished.


Thor and Tony yelled together. He reappeared, rolling his eyes.

"You do know I'm still here when I am invisible right? It's called an illusion for a reason."

He said, smirking.

"Just.. stay here."

Loki rolled his eyes again and nodded. Tony and Thor left the room, leaving Loki alone.