"Good morning!"

Tony said, pressing the button to roll up the blinds. Pepper rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned.

"Are you talking to me?"

Pepper laughed. Tony rolled his eyes playfully.

"No, I was talking to Jarvis."

He joked.

"How come you're in such a good mood?"

Pepper asked him as she slid her feet into her slippers and walked over to him on the other side of the room. Tony giggled like a little boy.

"No reason."

He said in a singsong voice before kissing her on the cheek. Pepper rolled her eyes.

"You really are a child aren't you."

She said affectionately.

"Oh by the way, Thor, Loki, Nat and Peter are all here."

Tony called as he walked over to the door of their walk-in wardrobe. So that was why he was in such a good mood. Peter was here. Wait, did he say-


Pepper asked worriedly. She hadn't personally met the guy, and frankly didn't want to.

"Yeah. He's helping Peter."

Pepper gave him a questioning look but he ignored it, refusing to say any more.

"Jarvis? What floors are Nat and Thor on?"

Tony asked after a moments silence.

"Miss Romanoff is on floor 107 and Mr. Odinson is on floor 103. Peter is still with Loki on floor 106."

"How come Thor is 'Mr. Odinson' and I'm just 'Loki'?"

Pepper jumped and saw Loki standing in the doorway. She hid behind the closet door, which was silly, but it was her first reaction.

"Jarvis! I thought you said Loki was on floor 106!? Loki? What about Peter? Also, ever heard of knocking?"

Tony exclaimed.

"Oh shush, Stark. I'm actually in the room with Peter at this very moment. This is an illusion. But that doesn't stop me from hearing you.. Or seeing your girlfriend hiding behind that door in her nightdress."

Loki winked at Pepper from the doorway and goosebumps went up her arms.

"Fiancé, actually."

Tony said with a tight jaw.

[A.N: I know in this timeline Pepper and Tony aren't engaged yet, but I changed it because it fits with the story better]

"Oh how lovely. When's the wedding?"

Loki said snarkily. Tony walked up to him until they were face to face. Tony was a couple of inches shorter than Loki, but Loki was standing casually and Tony stood up straight, making up the difference.

"You assume you're invited?"

Tony hissed. Loki rolled his eyes.

"I'm just making small talk. Anyway Peter said he's feeling better, so I came to ask if I should let him out of the bubble."

He said. Tony's face brightened.

"It's good that he's feeling better. Don't let him out just yet, but turn up the brightness so his eyes can adjust a little. I will go up to his floor in a minute and decide whether to let him out or not."

Pepper was confused. What in the world were they talking about? What was wrong with Peter and what were they talking about bubbles and turning the brightness up? She shot a questioning look at her fiancé.

"I see you have a lot to explain to your fiancé here. It's getting rather tiring holding up the bubble and making an illusion of myself at the same time, so I think I'll leave."

His form shimmered and disappeared. Pepper thought he was gone until she heard breathing next to her and jumped. Loki was standing there, barely a foot from her face, looking right at her. He stared at her for a long moment and then disappeared again. Pepper searched the room for him but this time it seemed he was really gone. She breathed sigh of relief. Tony walked over to her and suddenly she felt overwhelmingly angry.

"What is this? Why is everyone talking about Peter as if he has some sort of disease, WHY THE HELL did a literal freaking GOD just see me in my pyjamas, and why did I know nothing about any of this until this morning?!"

Tony sighed and shook his head.

"I'm sorry I didn't explain all this sooner. You see, I invited Thor to the compound, you knew that I wanted to study Mjolnir, but he brought his brother-"

Tony shook his head in disdain,

"without telling me. So I told him to stay on floor 106 and not to leave under any circumstances. But then Peter showed up.."

Pepper noticed Tony's voice softening at the name, even though he tried to hide it. She put her hand gently on his shoulder, all her pent-up anger dissapating.

"He had a sensory overload. And somehow he ended up on floor 106, where Loki was. I'm not sure what happened up there, but all I know is that Loki helped Peter when I couldn't, and now I owe him."

He said that last part grudgingly, as if nothing in the world could be worse than owing the god of mischief any form of debt. Which was probably partly true.

"What was Loki talking about a bubble?"

Pepper asked softy.

"Oh, that. Well I mentioned that Loki helped Peter, didn't I?"

Pepper nodded.

"Well, he made a bubble of sorts around him, that blocked out light and sound. As far as I know, Loki and Peter could somehow communicate telepathically, which still freaks me out a little.."

Tony trailed off. Pepper had been listening wide-eyed, and only now moved, encircling her arms around her fiancé's waist. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she buried her face in his chest, just to the left of his arc-reactor, which hummed ever so quietly next to her ear. Pepper had come to think of the noise as Tony's heartbeat. After a minute of comfortable silence, she broke away and stretched onto her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.

"So, are you up for breakfast? I'm starving."

She said lightly. Tony smiled.

"Sure, me too. Hopefully The Asgardians like bacon and eggs."

He laughed.

"Jarvis, send a message to floor 106, 107 and 103."

He ordered.

"What shall the message be, sir?"

Tony gave a sideways smile as he considered. pepper could almost see a lightbulb pop into existence over his head.

"Tell them: 'Avengers, assemble. It's time for breakfast.' "