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Cover Art by KegiSpringfield

"I'm sorry could you repeat that?" Said Bishop with a very confused expression as he looked up from his book towards his little sister Cana.

Cana couldn't wipe the wide smile on her face even if she tried. "I got not one but five different women to agree to go on a little date with you. Monday through Friday, one for every day of the week! Well besides weekends..."

At the moment the two adopted siblings were in their home's library where Bishop had been spending a nice afternoon reading and relaxing. At least he was relaxing until Cana came into the room and made an announcement.

One that Bishop was unenthused for.

"Why…?" Bishop couldn't help but ask, very confused why his sister would do this.

Cana rolled her eyes and let out a little sigh at her brother's words. "Because Bish you a great guy and brother and deserve someone to...well...get emotional with."

Slight fear actually found its way into his mind as mild horror started to show its way onto his face. "Oh god, you're becoming like mom."

"What? No! I don't want nieces and nephews or anything like that. I just want you to find someone that makes you happy and not in a platonic way if you know what I mean." To punctuate her words Cana wiggled her eyebrows at Bishop.

Bishop's hand very quickly found a place on his face as he rubbed his forehead in annoyance. "I've told you and everyone else in the family before. I don't have no interest in romance."

Cana grinned at her brother's words. "Ah but being not interested and not wanting are two different things. From what you've told me you're just not going to look for a girl, so that means one needs to come to you and five just have."

Bishop raised an eyebrow at his little sister but did not deny her words. He wasn't against the idea of finding someone to marry and have a family with but didn't ever feel the need or want to go out of his way to find said person. "And how did you convince five girls to agree to this?"

Cana actually got a bit nervous about this question as she rubbed the back of her head and looked to the side. "Well the thing is I was just hoping to find one or two but...Let's just say that there were a few more than five that were interested."

A look of surprise came over Bishop's face. He wasn't ugly by any means but he never really considered himself handsome."How did that happen?"

"Who knows?" Said Cana as she tried her best not to make eye contact with her big brother while she thought about all the Sorceress Weekly magazines she read over the years.

Sorceress Weekly was the female-targeted version magazine to Sorcerer Weekly. Every month the magazine would have a top ten most handsome and eligible bachelor mages and for almost two years Bishop had almost always been included. In fact, nowadays he was usually within the top three.

Cana, the only one in the family who read the magazines, made sure to keep this information away from her big brother.

"Anywaaaaay please just go on these dates! There only an hour and two at the Guild Hall. It won't take up much of your time and you never know what might happen" Cana stated as she gave her brother the best puppy dog eyes she could.

Bishop just rolled his eyes at his sister's efforts. He had long grown used to the puppy dog eyes she and Erza occasionally would use on him. That said he saw how much effort she was putting into this whole thing and it's not like he has anything planned for next week. "Fine I'll do it but you're paying for both my and whoever my date's food."

Cana grimaced for a second at the thought of losing potential gambling money but it didn't last long. "Great! Trust me you're going to have a great time and find an amazing woman to be with!"

Bishop did, in fact, not trust her.


"Juvia aren't you trying to form a relationship with Elfman? Why did you agree to a date with me?" Bishop asked as he sat at one of the tables in the guild.

Across from the Illusionist sat the Water mage and ex-Phantom Lord member Juvia who was nervously twirling her hair. "It is true that Juvia wishes to pursue a relationship with Sir Elfman which is why Juvia is here."

Bishop closed his eyes and took a deep breath, already feeling a headache coming at the confusion he felt at the situation. "How does this help you with Elfman?"

Juvia stopped messing with her hair and adopted a proud look on her face as she spoke. "Simple. Sir Elfman is still unsure if he wants to pursue a relationship with Juvia so Juvia must go beyond to earn his affection. Clearly, once he sees or hears of this date he will realize that he must act quickly to secure my love."

And just like that Bishop's headache came to the forefront as the man let out a tired sigh. "Ok...fine...then let's just get this over with so you can...win Elfman's affections."

Juvia gave a big smile at her date's words. "Wonderful! I just know that Sir Elfman will-"

Whatever Juvia was about to say was cut off as a loud crash and yell came from inside the kitchen. Everyone in the guild paused at the sound but before anyone could check what happened Mira came out of the room holding her brother Elfman on her shoulder.

The second that Juvia saw her believed she rushed to his side. "Sir Elfman are you alright!? What happened!?"

Elfman went to speak but Mira beat him to it. "Oh, my poor brother had an accident in the kitchen. Juvia be a dear and take him on so he can rest. I'm sure he would love to have you nurse him back to health."

Elfman gave his big sister an incredulous look. "But Mira you-"

Just before he could finish Mira shot her brother a glaring look that no one else could see. In response, the younger brother gulped and willingly allowed Juvia to happily take him home. With the situation handled Mira went back to the kitchen and everyone in the guild went back to their business.

All the while Bishop just blankly stared at the door where Juvia and Elfman had exited.

After a good minute of staring he once more let out a sigh before checking the time. The 'date' had not even lasted two minutes. With a roll of the eyes, he went to get up before Mira brought out the meals that he and Juvia ordered.

"Here you go! Ohhh, wait Juvia left with Elfman didn't she...Oh well. Here you go Bishop, enjoy the food!" WIth that Mira happily went back to the bar.

Bishop looked at the food in front of him as he felt his stomach grumble a bit. So with a shrug he picked up a fork and started eating.


"Kinda surprised that you agreed to a date with me Evergreen. I figured you would follow Laxus' opinion on me being worthless." Said Bishop as he finished giving his order to Mira who promptly went to the kitchen.

Evergreen smiled as she adjusted her glass. "I respect Laxus just like the rest of the Thunder Tribe but were allowed to have our own opinions. It's true that Laxus does not like you but Freed actually has a high opinion of you and the work you've done with your magic. Besides your quite the good-looker, I'd be an idiot to pass this up."

Bishop blinked owlishly at the compliment. He truly had never considered himself good looking but apparently, the rest of Earthland disagreed. "Well..thank you for the compliment. You are quite good-looking as well."

Evergreen blushed at the honest compliment and giggled a little behind her hand. "Quite the gentlemen you are Bishop. I feel like this will be a very nice date."

Bishop gave a slight nod. Before any of them could continue Mira came back with the orders. "Here you guys go. Here's Bishop's and her Evergreen-"

Just as Mira was laying down Evergreen's food she somehow tripped and all the food splattered across the glasses-wearing women's dress. "Mira! This dress cost me so many jewels!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Evergreen! Here let me help you." As Mira spoke she pulled out a towel that she somehow had ready and started rubbing down Evergreen's dress. Said women started to protest the action but before she could get the whited-headed women off her.


Everyone paused as the sound of Evergreen's dress ripping filled the room.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Screamed Evergreen as she ran for the door trying her best to protect her modesty.

While everyone was busy trying to get a look Mira turned to Bishop with a shrug and went back off to the kitchen.

Bishop stared at the door to the guild for a few seconds before switching his gaze to his food. He let out a sigh and started to eat.


"Bisca, aren't you and Alzack dating? Did something happen between you two?" Bishop asked with slight concern to the Gun mage.

Bisca shrugged at the question. "We are but we've done hit something of a rough patch. So we both agreed to take a break and see other people and see if that helps."

Bishop gave her his best comforting look, it wasn't very good, and spoke. "Sorry to hear that. If you don't feel comfortable doing this you can leave."

Bisca gave her date a smile as she shook her head. "Na it's fine. I'm not sure about this whole thing but I have heard from some of my friends that it works well. Besides, it's nice to get out of the house and eat with a friend."

BIshop gave her a small smile back but before the two could continue the conversation the door to the kitchen slammed open. As everyone turned they saw Alzack breathing deeply as he widely looked around the room. It didn't take long for his eyes to land on Bisca and he instantly rushed over to her and all but tackled her with a hug.

"Bisca! I'm sorry that things have been rough! I've missed you, please let's get back together!" Both Bisca and Bishop blinked in surprise at the action and words. Before Bisca could respond Mira came out of the kitchen with a smile and walked over to their table.

"Is everything all right here?" Mira asked, kindness all but dripping out of her voice, as she looked towards Alzack.

Alzack paled at the look before pulling Bisca up from her chair abruptly and rushing out of the room. As everyone looked at the exit in confusion Mira went back to the kitchen, humming happily, all along the way.

Bishop just sat in confusion.


"Really? I never knew that about the author. That would explain some of the decisions he made with the book series." Bishop said as she took a sip from his juice.

Levy smiled as she continued to talk about her and Bishop's favorite subject. Books.

"It's interesting, isn't it! Oh, I'm so glad I can talk to someone about this. Lucy is the only other girl interested in reading but not as much as me." Bishop actually smiled a bit at the blue-haired women's words as he nodded his head.

"I'm always a fan of a good story. The rest of my family really don't read much so it's nice to be able to talk about my opinions when it comes to this stuff. I guess that's why you agreed to the date?"

Levy blushed a little at Bishop's words as she nervously scratched her hair. "Well, the truth is Bishop that I had a crush on you when I was younger."

Bishop blinked in surprise at her words. "Really? Why?"

The Text mage smiled before speaking "You were that cool older guy that I always saw in the guild's little library. You were like the only guy that went there as much as me and I guess I just thought that was cool."

After taking a moment to process the words Bishop let out a little chuckle. "Well, I'm afraid I had no idea. Then again I guess we never really saw each other out of that library so I was probably busy reading."

Levy smiled and nodded in agreement. "True. Books are great aren't they-"

The blue-headed girl was stopped mid-sentence as a book came flying out of the library and smacked her in the face. The action results in her falling out of her chair and onto the ground, the book that hit her landing on the side.

Bishop blinked in surprise before getting up. "Levy! Are you ok!?"

Before the Illusionist could get over to help her up Levy was back on her feet rubbing her head. "I'm fine but what happ-"

Once more she was interrupted, only this time it was several books that went flying out of the library and hit Levy all over the place. By the time the Text mage was on the ground again she was out like a light.

The rest of the guild at this point wasn't paying attention, already used to weird stuff happening to Bishop's dates. While said man stared down at his fallen date Mira calmly walked out of the library and towards them. "Oh is she alright!?"

Bishop couldn't help but somewhat dumbly stare at Mira. "Did...did you throw all those books Mira?"

The woman in question shrugged, "I saw a spider."

"And you threw over a dozen books at it. Outside of the library. At Levy."

Mira just smiled, "I considered it an appropriate response. Anyway, I should be getting miss sleepyhead her to the infirmary."

As Mira dragged Levy to the infirmary Bishop could do little more than sit back down with a sigh.


Bishop annoyedly tapped his fingers on the table as he waited for Laki to show up. This was the last date and he wanted to get it over with considering how...troublesome the last four had gone. But the Wood-Make mage was anywhere in sight.

Upon checking the clock above the bar Bishop saw that it had been an hour passed when his date was supposed to show. At this point, the Illusionist was guessing his date had heard how all his other dates had gone and decided not to show.

Bishop was about to get up when Mira got out from behind the bar and came over. "Hey, Bishop is everything alright?"

"It's fine, I was waiting for someone but they never showed. I'm just about to head home." Said Bishop as he was about to get up but before he could Mira laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, that's a shame. I'm about to take a break, how about I get you and me something to eat and we can talk for a bit?" Stated Mira with a smile.

Bishop paused for a moment as he thought. It wasn't like he had anything else to do today. "Sure. I'm hungry and could go for some of the good food you make."

Mira held back a blush at the compliment before happily heading to get the food she'd had already prepared.


Fairy Hills was a rather nice apartment building for the females of Fairy Tail. Most of the females of the guild lived here if they didn't already have a place in Magnolia. It was an expensive but nice place for them to live.

At the moment it wasn't so nice for a Laki Olietta.

Mainly because at the moment said Wood-Make mage was laying on her living room carpet in the fetal position trying her best to hold back tears.

"No Mira I'm not a man-stealing bitch. I'm a good girl." She said quietly and fearfully.

"No Mira I'm not a man-stealing bitch. I'm a good girl." She said again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

AN: So over there years I've been writing Life's illusions there have been several small little stories I could never fit in for one reason or another. I never thought about doing something like this until a long-time reader of mine Guestspirit gave me the idea for omakes. So that is what this is, some side stories for Life's illusion. I have no set schedule for these unlike Life's Illusion, I post when I find a good omake idea and feel like righting it. Anyone that wants to give me an idea, leave it in a review and if I use it I'll give you credit for it. These stories will be Semi-Canon, which means that the events in said stories will not have happen but information from the stories are canon. Like Bishop consistently being one of the top ten most handsome and eligible bachelor mages.

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