Rampage and the Age of WonderBeasts


It has been a year after the mutant battle taken place in Chicago. Both Davis and Kate gotten married and adopted a boy making a happy family one the govern. Needed Davis again with the help of his giant ape pale George on a mission... they did not come back in months.
Years after the mutating event enter Jonas Okyloye and thanks to the event it has given power connect with the giants. Now he is on a quest to find more humans and restore peace while on the search where his father went.


Jonas Okoye

Nicknames: Jokes (Other people and Mutes title him as the Mega Master or the druid)

Age: 17 (turning 18)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthday: March 23 (most likely)

Currently living: On the "Road" (used to be in a burrow)

Ethnicity: Hispanic/African

Blood type: O+

Occupation: Scavenger

Orientation: Straight (In love with Kipo)

Build: lean on the scrawny side

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 265lbs (most in muscle)

Skin color: Tan brown

Hair style and color: buzz cut and black

Eye color: brown when using powers tree leaf green

Distinguishing Features: few scratches on the face due debris or rubble fall on him

Clothing: graphic tees, blue jeans, cleats, and leather jacket

Accessories: Light armor (padded shirt and pants for football players), Backpack (filled rations, binoculars, compass, old atlas of the United States before the mutant event, small camping gear and weapons)

Weapons: Collapsible bow staff that can detach and reattach to be police batons, a four fined bladed boomerang for long range distance, and two pickaxes for climbing

Backstory: He is the adopted son of the recently married couple of Davis Okoye and Katie Caldwell. After the disappearance of his father and the event that turns animals into anthromorphic or giant creature was sent into a burrow with his mother to get away from the chaos but during that event he gained a mutation as well. Unlike the animals Jonas gains telekinesis and the abilities to possess other creatures but only limited to one being at a time. The possessing ability only works when Jonas and the creature form a mutual bond to allow Jonas to use their body. He knows Parkour, Kung-fu(mostly in the uses of the bow staff), and basic Sign language thanks to his father. Once he is sixteen, he set himself out on a quest to find other human survivors and to find out the mystery of his father's disappearance.