Chapter one- the camp

This is a "son of Artemis" fic and is inspired by the works of dhairyasood748

Opening a small drawer in his desk, the aged wizard retrieved a small red sack, which jingled faintly when placed upon the hard lacquered surface of the mahogany desk, and opened to reveal a small sum of golden coins. After muttering a quick incantation and flicking the wand, the old wizard produced a small layer of mist that settled over the table.

"Oh Iris, goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering." he chanted before casting one of the coins into the mist, which disappeared in a golden shimmer

"Chiron, camp half blood, Long Island, USA." He said as if reading an address off a postcard. The mist shimmered and soon Dumbledore was looking at a room with wood-paneled walls, the finest music of Dean Martin filling the air, and a middle-aged man with a brown beard in a wheelchair was seen reading a copy of Home's works. The man did not seem to notice the window which had appeared in the air.

"Chiron, my old friend," dumbledore called out to get the man's attention.

The man looked up with a nonplussed reaction that came only with having experienced the same events many times before.

"Albus, it is lovely to see you again. If you have called looking for more information, I am afraid I have none, as far as we know, the gorgons are the only monsters which petrify their victims, and theirs are full stone." the man stopped as dumbledore held out a hand.

"That matter has been resolved. The monster is now dead, and turned out to be a basilisk."

"A basilisk," Chiron exclaimed in shock, before quickly recovering."I have never heard of a basilisk's gaze petrifying people before"

"It seems that it will petrify when viewed indirectly, such as off the reflection of a mirror," Albus explained.

"Indeed, I assume you used a rooster to kill it?" Chiron asked.

"Unfortunately that is not the case, the monster was killed by Harry, and that is why I have called you today," Albus said gravely.

"That is not good, after a monster with a power such as a basilisk, and killing it, his scent will be overwhelming," Chiron said as gravely as Albus just was.

"Yes, that is why I can no longer send him back to his relatives- I believe it is time for him to go to camp," Dumbledore said almost sadly.

Chiron looked uncomfortable

"We do not have much of a choice, in the past year, he has had run-ins with a cerberus, an entire horde if acromantula, and now the basilisk. In the past five hours since the monster was killed, we have had 2 lethifolds and 10 empousa show up at the wards, and a Kelpie is now inside the lake, if we send him back to his relatives, I fear he will not survive the summer. From now on, he will attend Hogwarts in the school year, but over the breaks he must be at camp half blood, it is where he belongs." Dumbledore concluded.

"I do hope you are sure of this, after he goes to camp and embraces his identity, there is no turning back, the monsters will never ignore him," Chiron warned.

"It is too late for that," dumbledore said, "Harry killed the basilisk with this," he said as he lifted up a very familiar sword, it was a bastard sword with a blade of goblin forged mithral, and a golden hilt studded with rubies and embossed with a lion crest on the pommel and the name Gryffindor on the blade. Chiron had seen this sword before, being carried by a former child of ares who was a student of his many years before. He grimaced at the realization.

"Mithral." He asked almost assuredly.

The headmaster nodded, "yes, when Harry killed the basilisk with this, it was the equivalent of ringing a Hong announcing your presence to every monster in Scotland, the beast was killed just over 5 hours ago, and we have already had 2 lethifolds, 10 empousa, and a Kelpie turn up."

"Very well," he sighed,"if you can arrange transportation to new york, ill have a protector take him to camp."

"There is no need for that, I can take him myself once madam Pomfrey releases him from her care." Dumbledore said.

"So cliff notes, the Greek pantheon of god is real, they sometimes have kids with mortals, who are called demigods, and im one of them?" Harry asked.

"In essence, yes, that's correct" dumbledore answered.

"And because of this, I must now attend a summer camp in the states that demigods go to instead if going to the dursleys."

"Yes," dumbledore answered

Sensing Harry's discomfort, dumbledore leaned forwards

"Harry I cannot tell you who your godly parent is, as I do not know myself, but I can tell you that Lily Potter was pregnant with your, and that James knew that you were a demigod, and still loved you as his son," Dumbledore said kindly. Harry blinked away a few tears and cleaned off his glasses.

"Do you have any more questions?" Dumbledore asked

"Can I keep the sword?" Harry asked, gesturing towards the sword of Gryffindor on the desk.

"You may have the sword, but you cannit use it at camp because the sword is imbued with basilisk venom, and one cut can kill someone, so keep it in its sheath." He warned as he handed the sword to Harry.

"So, when and how do we get there?" Harry asked, and Dumbledore just smiled

"We will take a portkey to Long Island, and I shall take you to camp from there," Dumbledore answered.

"What is a portkey?" Asked Harry, who decided that he needed to read up more on the wizarding world.

"A portkey is a form of magical transportation that involves an enchanted object transporting everyone that it's touching and what they are holding to a new destination," Dumbledore answered, realizing that Harry might not know as much about the wizarding world as he thought.

"Also, Harry, you are free to use magic in America," Dumbledore revealed.

"Wha- bu- what about the statute of secrecy?" A bewildered and excited Harry asked.

"The underage restrictions do not exist in America because there is a force in place known as the mist, which is maintained by the gods as a way of keeping their world separate from the mortal one. The mist makes it impossible for mortals to see you using magic, so MACUSA did not place magic restriction laws." Dumbledore explained.

"Sir, are you a demigod?" Harry asked, wondering how the professor knew about the gods and demigods.

"Yes, a son of Hecate to be precise." He answered, but after seeing the look of bewilderment on Harry's face he continued."my mother is the goddess of witchcraft, magic, crossroad, and necromancy, as well as the patron of all magic users."

"It is almost time to leave Harry, so please go back your trunk and meet me in the courtyard," Dumbledore said, stopping any further questions from the 12-year-old.

After grabbing the silver spoon that the headmaster offered him, Harry felt a hooking sensation in his gut that was pulling him, and then after about 10 seconds, stopped, and he fell flat on his face in front of a large pine tree.

"Is there not any form of magical transportation that will let me remain upright?" He wondered aloud, getting tired of landing on his face.

Standing up with a slight groan, he observed his surroundings, he had landed on the bottom of a hill, and on top of the hill, was the biggest pine tree he had ever seen.

Grabbing his trunk and Hedwig's cage, he started his way up the slope. It was a kind of forest so he was going faster than normal. He had always been faster and stronger in forests, and on the full moon. He could even swear that one or two of the unicorns in the forbidden forest had even bowed to him. He didn't know why though, so he did not give it much thought.

Once he made it to the tree, he was greeted with a panoramic view of the camp, at least before he slumped to the ground unconscious from exhaustion.

Harry slowly woke up with the taste of his beloved treacle tart in his mouth. He was laying in a sift bed. Above him was a girl around his age with blond hair and stormy grey eyes, who was holding a bowl filled with some form of golden porridge.

Being exhausted and in an unfamiliar situation, Harry said the first thing that came to mind.

"Good morning,"he muttered. His throat felt dry and his voice was raspy as if he hadn't had water in 10 years.

"Don't try to talk," the girl said, before grabbing a cup of a golden liquid. "here, drink this," she said as she proffered the liquid in his direction.

Taking a small sip of the liquid, his mouth filled with the taste of the butterbeer he had tried at the leaky cauldron. He lost consciousness again after his third sip.

When he woke again, he was in a hammock on the porch of a large farmhouse. He sat up slowly and found himself looking over a green meadow with the lingering scent of strawberries.

"Might I suggest drinking that?" a man said as he gestured towards the golden liquid sitting on a small garden table next to harry, also on the table was his shrunken trunk and his wand. The man had a scruffy beard, thinning hair, a tweed coat, and an overall college professor aesthetic, he was also sat in a mechanical wheelchair.

He raised the glass to his lips and took a long sip. He immediately felt less tired, and his body looked better than ever.

"What happened?" Harry asked, "the last thing I remember is reaching the big pine tree, and then collapsing."

"Let's just say that you got hit with a rogue spell from one of the Hecate campers that caused an instant magical exhaustion." He stated, before stopping himself, "oh, how rude of me, my name is Chiron, I am the activities director here at camp half blood." He wheeled forwards and offered his hand.

"Harry Potter" Harry replied, shaking the offered hand.

"Please walk with me Mr. Potter," he asked. Chiron turned around and wheeled towards the other end of the veranda. Harry followed him after pocketing his trunk and wand.

As they reached the other side of the farmhouse, Harry could not help but gasp in astonishment.

A valley stretched out in front of him all the way to a river, which he guessed to be the Long Island Sound. From his point, he could view the entire camp. There were 12 cabins laid out in a horseshoe shape, each unique in design, the landscape around it was dotted with various greek buildings such as an amphitheater, an open-air pavilion lined with columns and vines, and an arena with stables and a horse track. There were also some normal summer camp buildings like an archery range, a volleyball court, and a canoe lake.

"Its always like that the first time a camper sees it," a girl's voice said. Harry turned around to see the same girl who had fed him the golden porridge with a very familiar white owl in her arm.

"Hedwig!" He exclaimed with a smile as the snowy owl spread her wings and flew towards him, landing on his arm.

"You okay?" He asked the owl while stroking her

Hedwig let out a small screech and nipped at his earlobe.

The girl smiled at the interaction between Harry and Hedwig.

"Harry, this is Annabeth, she looked after you during your brief unconsciousness," Chiron said as he introduced the two of them.

"Thanks," Harry said, to which she answered with a shrug.

"It seems to be all that I'm doing this week," she said with an exasperated tone.

"Another demigod arrived a few days before you injured from an encounter with the son of Pasiphae, Annabeth nursed him back to health too, he woke up just a few hours before you," Chiron stated, sensing Harry's confusion.

"Now, let us get you settled into the camp, Annabeth, may you please take him to cabin eleven?" He asked. Annabeth nodded and gestured for Harry to follow.

"Oh, and Harry," Chiron stated, as he stood up from the chair, leaving his legs behind, out of the chair came the body of a horse, with Chiron's upper body in the place where the neck would be. Chiron was a centaur.

"Welcome to camp Half Blood.

After showing him all the cabins, Annabeth led him towards the Hermes cabin. He had felt a strong pull towards the Artemis cabin as if it was where he was supposed to be. When he had asked Annabeth if Artemis ever had any children, she looked at him as if he were insane, and explained to him that Artemis was a maiden goddess, and therefore has sworn to forever be a virgin, and thus have no children.

In contrast to all the other cabins, cabin eleven looked like a normal summer camp cabin. It was brown with a caduceus over the door, and square windows, but not much other ornamentation.

The cabin was packed with people, Harry guessed around 60 people called it their cabin, both girls and boys, some slept on bunks, but the majority were in sleeping bags on the floor.

"Regular or Undetermined?" Someone in the back asked, Harry couldn't tell who.

"Undetermined" Annabeth answered, eliciting a groan from the entire cabin.

Someone stepped forward who looked older than the others, Harry guessed around 19, he kind of reminded Harry of Oliver Wood, if Oliver was blond and had a scar running across his cheek.

"Two new campers in a day, huh, I'm Luke," he said as he held out his hand. Harry took it immediately

"Harry" he replied.

"I will be your counselor until you are determined, or if you are a son of Hermes, then until I leave." He said

"What does everyone mean by determined?" Harry asked, using air quotes.

"Being determined is when your parent claims you as their child, which can determine your cabin. Each cabin belongs to one of the twelve Olympians, and their kids live in them. With Hermes being the god of travelers, he lets the undetermined campers and the children of minor gods and goddesses stay in his cabin." Luke explained

After some small talk Annabeth led him back outside to the common area.

"So what do you think of camp so far?" She asked

"It's great and all, but I can't help but think this is all a dream. Gods, giant snakes, people covered in eyes... But then again, I thought the same when I started Hogwarts." Harry answered

"Hogwarts is the wizard school, correct? Chiron mentioned it once" Annabeth stated offhandedly

"Yeah, I started there when I was eleven, I'm gonna be spending the school year there, and the rest of the year here," Harry said.

"Won't you miss your family?" Annabeth asked

"No, not one tiny bit," Harry answered with a tone that left a clear message that he didn't want to talk about it.

They approached a boy who was sitting by the lake, several long-haired girls were waving at him, and the body waved back awkwardly

"Don't encourage them" Annabeth said, "the naiads are terrible flirts."

The boy turned to face the pair, he had jet black hair and green eyes like Harry, but that was where the similarities ended.

"Harry, this is Percy Jackson, he's the other new camper."Annabeth introduced them,"Percy, this is Harry Potter."

The two quickly hit it off. Both were new to camp so they could understand how strange and different this whole world was. The three walked around the lake for a while before heading back to the common area. As they were talking, they were interrupted by a loud rough voice.

"So, two newbies, huh?" The trio turned around to see a large, tough-looking girl with long stringy brown hair. She wore the same orange camp half blood t-shirt as all campers with a camouflage army jacket. She was flanked by 4 other people just as big as her with the same camo jacket.

"Clarisse," Annabeth sighed, "run along and polish your spear"

"Sure, so I can run you through with it on Friday night." The girl now known as Clarisse replied with a sneer

"Who're the runts?" Clarisse asked

"Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, meet Clarisse, daughter of Ares."

"Like the war god?" Percy with his genius intellect asked.

"Why, got a problem with it?" She asked with a sneer

"No, it explains the bad smell." He shot back

Clarisse made a comment about giving the two an initiation, and two of her siblings shot forwards to grab Harry, while she grabbed Percy and led him to the bathroom. The two were fast, but harry was faster, he shot a quick body bind at the two of them, then proceeded to levitate the pair and leave them suspended in a tree by their shirt collars.

"Try that again, and this will be far worse." He said with malice as he walked away.

He looked around for Percy and Annabeth, but there was no sign of the pair.

It was then that he heard an explosion from the toilet area. He headed in that direction, only to be almost run over by three sopping wet children of Ares.

He looked inside to find a dripping wet Annabeth shooting Percy inquisitive looks, before grabbing a towel and drying off. Percy was completely dry. They went outside and that was when Annabeth saw the two Ares campers hanging from the tree unmoving.

"Who did that?" She cried, shocked at the display.

"Me" Harry stated, causing Percy to burst into laughter. he patted Harry on the back and in between laughs, said "good one man, they deserved that."

"Damn right they did" Harry responded.

They both turned to Annabeth to find her eying them like an art critic.

"What are you thinking?" Percy asked.

"I'm thinking... That I want the two of you on my team for capture the flag."