A/N- This little drabble popped into my head the other day. And after I wrote the separate scenes down I just felt like it was done. I at least, can do no more with it. If anyone can flesh the story out, feel free to use it! I separated the 4 different scenes out. I feel like there could be something longer in all this but I just can't pull more out of it myself. This drabble has thoroughly stumped me.

"You lied to me!" Draco Malfoy yelled. He opened the closet and began throwing his clothes into his old school trunk.

"Draco please," Hermione Granger begged him. "Let me explain!"

"Bet you had a good bloody laugh about it with Potter too," he snapped at her. "'Look I can make him dance to my tune if I fuck him.'"

"Let me explain!" Thinking quickly she grabbed her wand and cast a petrificus totalus on him, knocking him right over, unable to move. She levitated him to their bed and climbed onto it next to him, resting her body against his, "I'm sorry but I can't let your bloody temper or Ron's stupid fat mouth ruin this," she said softly. "Draco I love you," she caressed his cheek, gazing into his angry eyes. "I love you," she repeated, "No this didn't start out that way, yes I lied to you. And I'm sorry that I did. I understand your anger. Your hurt. But please don't let how we started ruin what we have now. The war took so much from both of us. Don't let it take this too."

She gently kissed him, "I was young. I was desperate to help Harry. And after we captured you when Kingsley suggested we remove all memory of me from your head…now it sounds ridiculous and terrible but in that moment; in that moment it made sense to me. So they put you in my room and left us alone. I had to put wards up on the room to keep Ronald out. Fucking wanker," she cursed. Ron would pay for ruining her relationship. "I undressed you and got you in bed, then I stripped off and joined you. Looking back, I think Severus agreed to wipe your mind of me only because he knew that if this plan worked, you'd be safe just as he promised your mum you would be."

At the mention of Snape his eyes softened, slightly. "Shagging you was not part of the plan. Harry vehemently protested any notion of me using my body to bring about the end of the war. He suggested anyone else take my place but I insisted it be me. I knew that I wouldn't abuse the power I was going to have over you." Hermione's eyes filled with tears, "In the end though I did abuse that power. I fell in love with you and…" She trailed off, lifting the spell from him as the tears started to fall. As angry as he was, seeing the anguish on her face and the fear in her eyes had Draco pulling her into his arms and holding her close. It took her five minutes to pull herself together. "I shagged you that first morning because I wanted to shag you. Nothing to do with anyone else. You felt good, you were clearly attracted to me…and I wanted you. I needed a shag. I needed a distraction and in that moment, that morning…the war melted away and we were just two people, very attracted to one another. It felt incredible."

"We do have great physical chemistry," Draco admitted. Honestly their physical chemistry was so intense, felt so good, that that was a large part of why he'd gone along with this witch he didn't remember saying they were a couple. How could they not be a couple? Their bodies seemed to crave one another. "Why didn't you tell me after the war, though?"

"I…" Hermione looked down, "I was ashamed. Afraid of how you'd react. I was afraid you'd hate me, want nothing to do with me. That all of this would be over. And…well Draco you surely must know how much you mean to me? My love for you is real and strong. I…losing you…that scared me."

"And you thought I'd leave you if I knew?"

Hermione's voice was so small Draco's heart actually broke when she quietly asked, "Aren't you?"

"I would have been furious," Draco said. "I am furious. But I'd be slightly less furious if you told me. Learning about it from the Weasel…that's the worst. Does everyone know? Weasel can't keep a damn secret."

"Are you leaving?" Hermione asked.

"Answer my question and I'll answer yours," he countered.

"Harry knows. All the Weasleys do. Kingsley too and…" The more names she listed the more he felt like he was being made a laughingstock. And her list was long.

"Maybe it'd be easier for you to list who doesn't know," Draco scowled.

"I'm sorry," Hermione said quietly.

Draco released her and sat up, "I could take just you lying to me. Merlin help me I could even handle Potter knowing. But that's basically everyone you know! All knowing that you lied to me, manipulated me, all as a bloody fucking war tactic!"


"How many of the things we talked about during the war did you run and tell Kingsley and Potter all about? Did Weasley have a good laugh learning all about my fears?" Draco stood up and went back into the closet as he continued to yell questions at her. Hermione's eyes filled with tears.

When he exited, the trunk full and closed, he looked her dead in the eyes, "Don't even bother answering, Hermione. I wouldn't believe a word you said. Five fucking years with you and all of it lying to me. About how you felt about me. About our relationship. Playing me for a fool. Goodbye." And with that he vanished with a loud crack of apparition.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Change%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Harry couldn't even bring himself to be mad at Malfoy. Ron, though…Ron was different. Ron had known what he was doing. Had known what he was saying. Had known it would shatter Hermione's relationship. And so after a sleepless night at Hermione's flat trying in vain to comfort his best friend Harry headed straight to the Burrow, "Hey mate what brings you…" Ron couldn't finish the sentence as Harry punched him in the face, knocking him onto the floor, "What the fuck was that for?"


"You selfish, vindictive bastard," Harry fumed. "I hope you're happy, Ron. She's devastated. Totally, utterly devastated. You can stay the fuck away from her. I hear you so much as approach her flat, I'll beat the shit out of you."

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Change%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


"Hear me out, please," Harry said to the scowling Malfoy. "If it helps, she doesn't know I'm here. She told me to stay out of it."

"I see listening is still not a talent of yours, then," Malfoy glared at him.

"Nope and I'm glad it isn't," Harry said. "Draco she never told us about what you told her unless it was vital to the war. And very little of it was. Hermione kept your confidence. She didn't share your private details with anyone; no matter how much Kingsley insisted or pressured her. Or Ron demanded. Some in the Order did want dirt on you. On your family. And Hermione refused to ever give them any information. She wouldn't disclose anything. I never asked her; I could see early on that she was developing feelings for you. Which is why I repeatedly tried to stop her from continuing the relationship. From continuing the assignment. But you know how she is. Once it's in her head there's no dissuading her."

"Why wouldn't she stop the assignment?" Draco asked.

"Fear that you'd be spirited away to Azkaban? I don't know. I…Hermione was never the sort of person to be able to play both sides, the way that Snape did. She couldn't put on that mask of indifference. She's not wired that way. And I'm glad she isn't but I think when it came to you, she was in way over her head and she was afraid to admit it. Just like she was afraid to tell you the truth. I think she hoped she'd get her happily ever after. That you'd never know, and she'd never have to confront your deserved reaction to learning what she-what we-did."

Draco scowled and looked away. Harry took a deep breath, "She's miserable right now and I'm not saying you have to go see her, have to make things up with her…I think you're in the right, actually. But she's my best friend and she's hurting right now because my other best friend-my former best friend, I should say, decided to hurt her where he knew it would hurt the most out of his own petty jealousy and vindictiveness."

"Then what are you saying, Potter?"

"I want her to be happy. She was happiest with you," Harry said seriously. "She loves you. I know you love her. And I know it was all built on lies and a misguided sense of helping the greater good."

"Did you get any good info out of me?" Draco asked him, his face guarded.

"Not once," Harry shook his head. "Think that's why Kingsley was always pressuring her. He thought she was holding back; that she knew but wasn't telling us."

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Change%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

"Draco?!" Hermione's eyes widened, seeing him outside her flat's door.

Not bothering to wait for an invitation Draco walked in and turned to face her. Hermione closed the door and then leaned against it, not sure why he was there or what to even say. "Why didn't you tell them anything? I told you…" he swallowed thickly before continuing, "I told you so much. Stuff you could have used. Against the dark. Against my family. Against me. I told you…"

"I might be a great many things, Draco," Hermione said softly, "but I would never betray someone's confidence. You told me those things when we were in bed together, or when we were intimate. It wasn't for the others to know."

"But that was the whole point of this charade," Draco frowned, confused. "If that's the case why not tell me?"
"I…I don't…" Hermione looked down at the floor, "why does it matter anymore?"

Draco closed the distance between them, lifting her chin to make her look him in the eyes, "So much of my anger was built on the notion that you were spilling all of my secrets, everything about me; laughing behind my back. But you were defending me. Protecting me. Protecting the bully that was so nasty to you in Hogwarts."

"Protecting someone who others were trying to exploit," Hermione whispered. "I didn't plan on falling in love with you. I didn't mean to. But I did and our relationship…you said it yourself. It was built on lies. You thought we were in a relationship already. I took advantage of you."

"You did," he agreed, "but a wise witch once told me our intentions matter more than our actions when we're faced with impossible decisions." Hermione looked up at his face, eyes wide with hope, "And I loved that witch. I still do. That hasn't changed."

"Draco…" Hermione's eyes closed as his mouth found hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close. She needed him. He pulled her to her sofa where they settled down, her in his arms as they snogged. When they parted for air briefly she opened her eyes, "Stay?"

"I'll stay," he nodded. "No more secrets."

"No more secrets," she agreed and then they were kissing again and his hands were under her shirt to feel her skin. He had missed her. Terribly. Having her in his arms, pressing against him… He definitely never wanted to be apart from her again like that. He could feel that she was in complete agreement.

Several hours later they were on the couch still, though their clothes were strewn about the room and they were naked. The air smelled of sweat and sex and they both felt pretty pleased about that. "Why did you come back?" Hermione asked finally.

"Potter visited me," he said. Hermione gave a huff of indignation, "He told me you never told them anything relevant, because he thought I offered nothing up to you. I realized, then, that you had protected me. That that was why you agreed to that stupid plan in the first place. And that what you said was the truth. Or, the truth how you saw it. Don't tell Potter but he made an awful lot of sense to me."

The dark-skinned witch sighed and snuggled into him, "If I get you back I suppose I can forgive him for doing what I asked him not to do."

"I love you," he said. "I missed you. I missed you so much."

"I love you too," she sighed, "and I was…I don't want to be without you again, Draco."

"You won't be. You're stuck with me Hermione," Draco smiled.

"I won't ever give you up," she promised.