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Prologue Arc: Dawn Of A New Era

It has always been told in legends that there will be a time when all the conflicts of this world will end.

A world ravaged by war.

Rising from the ashes after the Great Empire had vanished, other nations sought the power vacuum that was left behind. Fear, destruction, and death continued for years until a temporary peace was put into place.

People who didn't want anything to do with it all continued to live in fear and vigilance.

Countless of innocents had died as a result of the conquest of nations. Invasion, massacres, and other atrocities were carried out in the name of power, pride, and glory for years.

The chaos was frequently referred to as never-ending. The concept of full-fledged peace never existed in the first place, but only in the dreams of well-meaning people.

It was a world on the verge of implosion. The Gods, on the other hand, have seen it all. They couldn't even keep the balance because of the people's free will; it was their choice to wage war on each other.

They have no right to interfere with the people's affairs.

Even now, these wars continue to plague the nations in this world. Yet, the time had come for a decision to be made by the heavens to finally end all of the conflicts. A solution that would take a large span of time, though it would forever change the future of this world...