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Prologue: A Tunnel To Another World

Date: March 20XX

Location: Unknown

" So I'm finally at in between the fabrics of my world's reality and the so-called "New World" that the majority now calls. It's hard to believe that a normal guy like me would be up for this kind of job, let alone thousands of individuals out there, who are much better and experienced or was it just my own judgment. Up until now, the recent events are still glued inside my head. Being selected by the higher-ups for this out-of-the-ordinary mission to explore and document a world that only exists in fictional stories or fantasies. Although, besides my own worry, I can't explain this strange excitement building up inside, knowing that I could possibly get myself killed by the unknown. For now, I would rather be preparing myself mentally for the next several minutes."

-Excerpt from New World Journal Entry Log 1:

The young man sighed as he clam-shelled his small laptop. He was fortunate that he was able to charge it to its full battery earlier before he left home. The young man found himself in the midst of the darkness. He could only hear the roaring engines of the numerous Humvees, trucks, tanks, and other military vehicles crossing the tunnel-like path.

It quite amazed him on such a pathway like this could accommodate enough vehicles.

The JSDF uniform, which was given to him free of charge by a colleague, was perfect for surviving cold temperatures, but it wasn't enough to keep him warm while inside the tunnel-like path. He described the sensation as being inside a cold storage room with the temperature reduced to the point of turning you into ice.

What's strange is that the rest of the guys, including him, were fine. That is if you don't literally freeze to death. It was basically like being inside the world's coldest air conditioner. Even his window was open, allowing him to hear American music being played from one of the military trucks. He didn't care about the title or genre of the music; he was more concerned with how he was going to organize his own thought process and how it was chaotic inside his mind. He wasn't like his younger sibling, and he wished he had paid more attention to his younger sibling's knowledge of lore and all the fictional stuff out there. He didn't realize it was one of the last times he'd see her, and looking back, it left him with a big nasty wound.

"Are you alright?" The recognizable voice of one General Hanzama asked.

The young man slightly nodded." Yeah, I'm fine though a bit restless." He replied, taking a brief glance at the older man beside him, before turning back to face the darkness.

"I know this is kind of a bad time to talk about this but you're the only one that we knew who could fit for this mission." The General said, though only received silence.

He sighed. "Alright, How many times should I apologize for this? I mean it's alright if you want a thousand times more, and this time I'll bring the secretary, the staff, and everyone in the whole division." He tried to humor the situation out but failed miserably.

Although, the young man gave a small chuckle in response." No thanks sir, I'm just wondering if this is just all a dream and I'm still in my bed right now."

The General weakly smiled." Face it, this is reality and of course, you're not the only one who is questioning everything right now."

"Then I guess I should be more like Itami and the rest of the guys from now on." The young man replied, still a little amazed that his old friends were able to retain their level of optimism at a certain high pace.

"Well, something like that.." The older man replied." And better keep your head up now." He said, beckoning him to gaze at the front window, where a bright light could be seen from a distance.

"Almost there." The young man thought to himself, as in a few minutes' time, the Humvee, he was riding in right now was about to reach the light.

At the same time, all the memories from the past weeks began to flash before his eyes, Events that were pretty much engraved forever, In fact, he was there when that Humongous Romanesque Gate-like structure magically appeared out of thin air and in the middle of the bustling district in Ginza. He never knew how a simple "Tourist" like him would eventually try to risk his life into rescuing civilians and even go as far as to take on a couple of Medieval-like soldiers when they attempted to kidnap a poor little girl. In the midst of that chaos where the explosions and multiple gunshots from the combined forces of the Japanese and American armies finally arrived to control the situation. It was like being hauled back in time to Manila and Warsaw when they were being bombed endlessly to the ground. Though in all that has transpired, He was glad that he managed to get himself passed through that certain event.

As the Humvee neared the end of the tunnel-like path, a bright light briefly engulfed his vision before slowly dissipating to reveal a clear blue sky.. His surroundings drastically changed, The once-darkness was replaced by beautiful countryside scenery. The cold temperatures of the gate were replaced by fresh air and the comforting smell of nature. He was in the middle of the journey when he realized that he would not be returning home for a long time. He had already accepted that, though He only wished for his family to not worry or miss him so much as it was only just the beginning.

He continued to stare at the moving scenery through his window as the rest of the vehicles approached the main command base, which was located on a huge plateau-like hill. The young man inhaled the fresh air and took a deep breath as he began to clear his mind of these recent thoughts, though not before saying the final few words to himself.

" Welcome to the New World, Yuji Takamori"

End of Prologue

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