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Arc 2: A City, A Diplomacy A Dragon

Noble City IIS: Perspectives

The hymn began after the bells rang, and a choir stood in the middle of the crossing, delivering the song as the sun beamed down on them. The attendants of the church began to sing along, while some stayed silent and kept praying.

"With the wind, you go,

Still, I dream of your spirit leading you back home, I will give my gifts to you,

Grow your garden, watch it bloom."

As Man, Elf, and Demi-human raised their faiths and spirits to the Goddess, the blessing inside the room swelled and spread.

"The light in your eyes is an angel up high,

Fighting to ease the shadow side.

Hearts will grow though having to bend,

Leaving behind all things in the end."

Memories of a forgotten time resurfaced, the more the people called out to the higher beings that gave a blessing to the land they resided. Moreover, that the promise was still kept and the lands of Qua-Toyne were untouched.

"Listen to my voice calling you,

Pulling you out of the darkness.

Hear their cries and remember the day it happened, for this land will remain in peace and enlightened..."

Scores of applause then filled the entire cathedral as all the attendants expressed their joy and devotion to Gods once again. Furthermore, the performance by the choir was also received with applause from the crowd.

Yet another day of peace has reigned upon the land.

After the song ended, the old high priest walked up to the stands, raising his wooden staff in the air, and the crowd bowed down and prayed once more.

I thank you all for coming today, and as we gather once more to bring glory to our ancestors and the Gods." The man declared confidently, "From this day forward, the entire land will be celebrating the thousand-year peace that Men, Elf, Dwarves, and beastkins alike had achieved."

"That spirit to which we still have today must never be forgotten, and by the blessing of the Goddess, we will continue to raise it above!"

The crowd reacted with little bits of agreement and cheers as they let themselves be immersed by the surroundings.

"Many had said that our land is the weakest and most vulnerable to invasions, but I disagree as, during the tribulation of the Ravernals and Demon God, we were hailed as the Last Bastion of Hope, and thousand years later we are still here!" The old man then exclaimed." It is because that we have the full blessing of the Gods, and unlike the other nations, we continued to raise our faiths on them! "

He then raised his hand as if he was calling to fate itself.

"Whatever trials we, the people of Qua-Toyne, are currently facing, WE WILL OVERCOME THEM, and no Empire or Demon will be able to stop us!"

"Long Live Qua-Toyne and the Gods!"

The crowd stood up and they began to lift their hands as they continued to rally and uplift their morality and faith.

Unbeknownst to them that the next trial is creeping up to the land as another day had passed.


"Here we are, guys!"

Lelei awoke from her small slumber by the time Shino announced the minor and simple news.

The LAV had come to a halt after reaching its first destination. As promised by their guide, who kept his word by leading the group in front of a specific structure in the heart of the district.

'Alright, Hitoshi and Tomita, I guess you'll take it from here." Shino then said eyeing the two men, who had just gotten ready with their necessary gear.

They too were slightly feeling drowsy having taken the chance to take a short nap during the journey.

With a small smile, the young busty woman turned to face the blue-haired mage. "All right, Lelei...?" She said as she called out to her.

The young teen rubbed her eyes briefly, indicating that she was still recovering from her drowsiness, but she managed a simple nod before grabbing her staff and a small brown leather strap bag containing a few of her belongings.

Before stepping out of the green vehicle, she cast a glance at her elf friend, who was silent at the time but maintained a hopeful gaze as she noticed her and smiled..

Lelei returned it with a smile of her own, before finally boarding out of the vehicle. Her focus, which was now on the library itself was revealed to be that of a massive temple-like structure that was situated near a small plaza surrounded by rows of beautiful shophouses.

Not long after, the vehicle left for its second leg of the journey, leaving her and the two JSDF recon members in front of the building's entrance. Its massive open wooden doors welcomed them.

The small sidewalks were clogged with moving pedestrians as the trio made their way to the doors. Tomita and Hitoshi, who were still bringing themselves into focus, couldn't help but be captivated by the scenery around them.

Aside from the smell of horses and a few small dungs scattered near small drainages, the old but nostalgic smell of the city lingered, and to the point that they could consider this experience as some form of time travel.

"All right, focus!" Tomita exclaimed, encouraging the group to continue with their mission.

Lelei, on the other hand, had begun to reminisce about her new surroundings.

The setting reminded her of the old library she used to frequent when she was younger.

She knew it would be a bit ridiculous for anyone to compare it on the same level as the old dame of the north, but from her perspective, the place was just as important as the Great Library of Rondel.

A place that played a role throughout history.

A silent witness to the major events that had transpired throughout the centuries.

A survivor of wars and conflicts.

As expected, silence greeted her once she entered the large thick wooden doors, and found herself inside the Oldest Library in Qua-Toyne. Her eyes began to move as she observed her current surroundings.

The interior of the place was massive, with its roofs reaching as high as the tallest structures in the city, the main area which was in a dome-like formation, and the countless books, tomes, and scrolls displayed on the many the shelves scattered around the place.

"They were really not kidding when they said to not get overwhelmed."

Hitoshi had remarked as quietly as he could, feeling like a befuddled but inquisitive child in a museum. The young man could say the same for his fellow recon member.

He found himself inside an ancient library with books that contain important information that dates back thousands of years.

The place was currently filled with a few scholars, teachers, and students, looking to enhance their knowledge or make new historical discoveries.

"Say Miss Lelei, How are you going to find the information you've been looking for here?" The man had asked, a bit concerned regarding the young teen's goal.

The young lady simply nodded in silence, her confidence soaring despite the challenge of making the most of the time she had. She then turned her gaze to the upper floors, recalling her grandfather's words.

As she muttered, a faint but confident smile formed around her lips.

"I think I know."


As time passed, the LAV found itself back in the middle of the city's bustling cobblestone streets. Aside from the occasional attention the group received from native citizens, there was one aspect that they took notice of.

Tuka, who was close to the window, had the opportunity to observe the people going about their daily lives as if there was no threat of conflict outside the walls. She kept her attention on the various families who were fortunate enough to be in a slightly better situation.

Something she frequently wished for her fellow villagers to achieve. The longer she stared at these people, the more concerned she became. Her thoughts were wandering as she tried to reassure herself about the status of the Koan Villagers.

While another conversation was going on in front of her, she clasped her hands together.

"They all appeared to be in good spirits to me...no panic, no disturbance, and no fear."

Higashi had the same thoughts at the same time, which he then shared with the rest of the group.

Kurata replied with a small chuckle, "I think they're just living life to the fullest." He continued, observing the scene from the driver's seat, "There might be a lot of people today, but at least they're happy in some way."

The Otaku Soldier vividly remembered his countrymen's daily lives in the big cities. Having the opportunity to witness the quite depressing scenario of them wearing the same suits as they head off to whatever work they have in a zombie-like state, either with huge dark circles under their eyes or large cups of coffee on their hands.

This was the first time the young man had seen a bustling scene with a distinct atmosphere.

It was more uplifting, positive, and one-of-a-kind.

Shino sighed and shook her head. "Oh come on you two, with some kind of war going on outside, what do you think the people here in this city would be doing to avoid being affected by any of it?" she asked, somehow seeing the whole issue.

There was then a brief moment of silence.

Higashi cast a glance at the young lady.

"Do you mean that these people aren't genuine and are only trying to live happy lives in a fake and forceful way?" He fired his question.

Hold your horses, I didn't say anything about forcing them to live a fake life," A surprised Shino then clarified, noticing a slight misunderstanding. "What I mean is that the people here are trying to find a good way for them to be distracted despite all the bad things going on outside their home."

Her expression changed to one of concern, recalling a childhood memory of her trying to live a normal happy life in her hometown despite the strong storms that the place a gone through.

"I was just wondering if they're still aware that their normal way of life won't last much longer."

Another period of silence followed.

The young woman had a valid point, and the rest of the group pondered whether they were prepared for the worst.

Kurata gave a small smile through the front mirror as he looked around at his fellow recon members.

"Well, that is why we are here to maintain that happy living," he remarked, his eyes still filled with hope. "I know it may sound ridiculous, but it is part of our mission to ensure their safety and that these people never have to experience any violence or destruction ever again," he explained with a hint of determination in his voice.

"I've never given up hope until now."

His statement left the others at a loss for words, including Shino, who gave him an understanding expression, prompting her to recall the previous incident at Coda Village. The realization would soon emerge, learning that they had survived that ordeal all because they had never given up hope, though applying this to the larger picture would be a challenge.

Tuka had heard everything, including the young Otaku's statement, which she thought was very helpful to her worried mind.

Whoever thought the person she previously thought was a strange man was the one to actually lift everyone's spirits throughout the journey.

And, in the midst of all of this, the group had finally arrived at its destination.

The scenery had changed, and the LAV had arrived at a location where a small stone bridge leading to a gate was located, after passing through bustling, noisy city streets.

A stone gate with a distinct triangular design on top, and a part of the massive thick gray muralla walls surrounded by a moat and floating grass.

A number of open wagons and carriages drawn by Chocobos and Horses were also seen crossing the bridge and entering the stone gate. The majority of these carriages were filled with furniture, wooden crates, and bags belonging to people who didn't seem to belong there in the first place.

"Looks like we're here fellas," Kurata said to the group before continuing to examine the ancient-looking gate and noticing the sign embedded in the middle.

Though he could identify the letters and attempt to read the name, the man knew his understanding of the written language in this world was still abysmal.

"Pu-erta Pa-rian? Sounds a little Spanish to me," he remarked as he drove and followed the guide through the gate.

By the end, everyone could see more structures in the form of large adobe cube-like houses located between the narrow streets. There were some similarities with shophouses in city districts, but the difference was that the buildings had larger and wider windows, and the designs were more elegant in some ways, and they were built in a wall-to-wall style.

Higashi raised both eyebrows as he looked at the young woman. "Uhm, Shino, any additional details about the place we're about to enter?"

"Well, not entirely sure about the exact history of the place, but according to what the guide had said earlier, this place is a walled city but smaller," she explained, causing the others to raised all eyebrows in surprise.

Maihark, which is also a walled city, contains another walled city.

How bizarre and absurd was that?

The young man couldn't believe what he'd just found out. When He looked out the window once more, He noticed that there were fewer people than in the main district. Furthermore, many of the buildings appeared to have been abandoned or decaying for an extended period of time.

There were also a few shops strewn about the small walled city that was barely crowded. The best explanation he could think of was that noon was approaching and the clouds had given the sun the reigns to spread the heat throughout.

They would soon begin to wonder about the location of the refugee camp or town that the local authorities were informing them about. However, by the time they reached a certain part of the walled city, their doubts would have surfaced.

A square-shaped plaza could be seen in the heart of the walled town. Surrounded by magnificent structures such as a cathedral to the north, a white baroque-style palace to the west, and a vacant lot to the east where ruins or remnants of a similar palace can be found.

In the center of the plaza, there was a small monument that was surrounded and planted by numerous wooden poles carrying flags with various symbols and representations. An official from the walled town's governing body stood near the monument, waiting for the new visitors.

The LAV came to a stop right next to the plaza, and the group was greeted by the slightly humid weather as they disembarked.

The official, who turned out to be an elf of origin, smiled as he was the first to approach the Men in Green, about whom he had been informed prior to their arrival. He, like the rest of his colleagues, was mesmerized by their overall appearance and the iron horseless carriage that they arrived in.

There were four of them in total, two human men, a woman, and the other, whom he had failed to recognize because the person was hidden behind them.

Nonetheless, the elf official smiled, saying, "Greetings, Men in Green! Welcome to the small walled community of Muro, My name is Dariel, and I represent the local council, that governs this place." He then introduced himself and was greeted with a slew of smiles.

Higashi was the first to speak up, assuming the role of unofficial representative for his team. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir!" he said as he shook hands with the elf. "I guess you're pretty much aware of why we're here?" he added.

"Oh yes, I was immediately notified of your visit, and correct me if I'm wrong, you're all going to the refugee town?" he inquired.

"That's exactly correct, sir! Though, we've been really wondering about the exact location of the town," the young man informed the official, taking a moment to look around his surroundings." I mean, the whole place looks like your average village or community."

Dariel simply smiled, sensing their confusion, as he was ready to tell them the history of the walled city in the simplest way he could.

"Well, this entire community is where Qua-Toyne's nobles used to reside," he explained, simply trying to point to the sizable colonial-looking houses. "Every structure you've come to pass by are the old mansions that they used to own," he added, "some became dilapidated, and some were blessed enough to survive for years."

His statement greatly surprised the group.

"Wait, so you mean this place is a haven for the wealthy and successful?" Kurata couldn't help but ask for details.

The elf official simply nodded. "Yes, at least that was its former purpose," he replied. "Since the noble families left for a new land at Saint Ana, this place is nothing more than an empty shell...Almost," he explained again.

"These days, due to the conflict in the neighboring borders, the Principality has been using the walled town as a new place to shelter the villagers who have been displaced and have lost their homes as a result of the fighting."

"Therefore by order of the Prime Minister that the walled town of Muro would be converted into a refugee town and a possibly a new home for them." He finished his sentence, completing his small history lesson.

Another revelation would then soon strike the group and their doubts finally been confirmed.

"Damn, so all those villagers got to live in these mansions," Kurata remarked. "That's some really good karma," he added, causing Shino to roll both her eyes.

The Elf official then raised his hand, drawing the rest of the villagers' attention back to him. "Now, if I may ask, to which group of villagers do you seek and why?" he elaborated, clearing up his doubts.

There was a brief moment of silence before the young woman cleared her throat.

"Well, we're on a special mission to find a group of villagers from a place called "Koan," she explained. "Apparently, one of our leads told us that when the village was destroyed, the surviving villagers migrated to Qua-Toyne."

The official nodded, impressed that they had guessed some of the information correctly.

"We do have villagers here who came from the north, especially the wood elves," he explained. "May I ask, which one of you is looking for that specific group?"

The trio had stepped aside at this point, and a blonde elf girl emerged from behind them. Despite her internal anxiety, she maintained her hopeful demeanor.

"I am," she simply stated, holding what appeared to be a small wooden badge given to her by her father and bearing her home's signature symbol.

"My name is Tuka Luna Marceau, and I am from the village of Koan," she introduced herself and further explained, looking the elf official in the eyes with all seriousness and determination.

Dariel's eyes widened in surprise, as he was placed in a temporary state of disbelief, having only recently learned the news, the official couldn't believe that another survivor from that specific village had shown up.

As for Tuka, she attempted to read the elf's expression, as it turned from shocked to solemn which slightly surprised her.

Regardless, she spoke again.

"Please sir, I've been searching for my relatives and friends for many weeks now." She explained." I want to see them again." She pleaded with him, expressing that certain desire.

She remembered the last time she saw him and the image of the villagers heading towards the sunset.

The rest of the Recon members remained silent, as they, too, were swept up in the excitement and wished the best for the elf girl

The elf official, on the other hand, remained silent as he struggled to explain what had happened during those crucial weeks of migration. He cast a quick glance in one direction before returning his gaze to them. A part of him had decided that it was best to show her the villagers' current state.

So he faintly muttered...

"Please follow me."


Maihark Defense Headquarters

Ever since that fateful day when the menacing iron dragon had appeared and entered the city was still fresh in many of citizens' minds. Especially, for the rest of the defense knights who had the privilege to encounter it face to face.

Fortunately, the truth was slowly coming to light.

In one of the main rooms itself that many of the members were in a discussion regarding the new revelations that had emerged today from the recent meeting between the Qua-Toyne's delegation and the representatives from the Alnus region.

"So, according to the latest report, the delegation from the Alnus region confirmed that the black iron dragon belonged to them, and that there were no intentions of aggression, but rather that it stumbled upon the city and simply flew over." A knight stood as he read the contents of the parchment.

The rest of the Wyvern Knights were forced into brief moments of silence as they digested all of the information.

There was finally some relief in knowing that all of the investigations they had started, the witnesses they had gathered and interviewed, the lands and possible routes they had traced prior, had all been a long process. It was up to them to determine and identify the threat to the Principality's so-called long-term peace.

Do your job well, and the rest of them will take care of the remaining task.

Ine, for one, was irritated that most of the higher officials were still making empty promises. As of recently, there had been few actions taken even to improve the Principality's defenses in the remaining borders and towns. The majority of the forces had gathered in Ejei, where there had been no battles or conflicts.

More people appeared to be concerned about a leaked plan for a full-fledged attack at the mentioned location, despite the fact that it was highly unlikely to occur. A fusion of the Principality's forces and the remaining forces. Small states were still insufficient to match the enemy's ostensibly larger army if this were to occur.

A larger part of her was more worried about the new player from the Alnus Region.

"So do you all believe it?" The Knight who had brought the news then asked.

"Believe what?"

"That this group from Alnus hails from another realm?"

"I don't know either, they could be just from the other kingdoms outside of the orient, and somehow managed to come here undetected." One of the knights had remarked.

"From what I remember, neighboring kingdoms in the seas does not possess any kind of black iron dragon like the one we encountered, even our higher mage could not detect any signs of magic from it." Another one had said.

"Their claims could really be true."

The skeptical knight slightly frowned." It's still too far-fetch of a story to believe." He fired back.

It was like the legend of the Demon Lord really did happen or the tale of the Emissaries being summoned by the Gods to fight alongside the ancient alliance that supposedly happened a very long time ago.

In the midst of all the debate, Ine sighed as she cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"Alright! If you men want to know more about the truth..."She then told while looking at them in the eyes." Why don't we approach and ask them everything?" She suggested." They're residing at one of the guest palaces."

"From what I've heard the palace will be holding a small gathering of delegates for supper. and these Men in Green are also invited as well." She then explained.

The young captain was then received by silence, noticing most of them looking away from her.

Some were even hesitant and some thought it would not work since both groups would not understand each other.

"Oh by the Gods! Don't tell me you are all shy!?" She then exclaimed, a bit surprised and dumfounded." It's probably the best time to do it, especially-"

She didn't get to finish her words as the door to the room suddenly burst to reveal a messenger, whose eyes seemed to be in distress and worry.

"Uhmm, I apologized for interrupting but Captain Ine, your presence is needed in the control room." He then informed.

Everyone quickly jolted up from their seats as most of their relaxed demeanor was quickly replaced by alertness. Although, for the young captain, she remained calmed and directed her focus toward the messenger.

She simply nodded." Thank you for informing, but may I ask, what's this all about?" She followed a question.

The messenger found himself in a bit of a bind as he tried to summarize the information he was about to deliver, or perhaps exhaustion had caught up with him with all the running. He also has no idea how the others will react. Regardless, he gathered his thoughts and spoke.

"The Ejei Garrison has sent an urgent message requesting immediate reinforcements."


Parna couldn't get over the silence that filled the entire room.

The young woman felt this restlessness as she leaned on the cold wall, with her hands behind her back, while observing the strange and solemn scene in front of her.

It was as if being in some kind of wake. The mournful-like faces of several officials, who were mostly composed of the members of the former council. Only Rinsui and General Hanki who were from the Prime Minister's cabinet body, are present and are accompanied by a couple of palace guards.

Instead of having the same mournful and calm expressions as the previous council members, the two men, particularly Rinsui, were filled with pity, regret, and rage.

It wasn't really a wake or funeral because the Prime Minister was in a stable condition but was in a deep slumber on a certain bed, after collapsing during the previous meeting with the delegates from the so-called other realm.

Parna, for her part, felt sympathy for the young Prime Minister. She wasn't sure why she had to witness the elf forcefully having to endure the unfair consequences that he didn't even deserve from the beginning.

It made no difference in the life of a captive or prisoner.

"It seemed that Kanata had broken his streak of keeping lips sealed." One of the former council members commented, breaking the silence." Unlike his father, He still doesn't heed his responsibilities."

"However, he is still able to keep the peace across our lands...and indeed, he is quite the leader who has exceeded expectations from the start."

The older elves would soon begin to compare and doubt, despite having placed their trust in the main and current governing system since its first formation during the latter half of the century, they still feel the regret of supporting the young Prime Minister and his advocacies to which had been bothering them for a while.

"Do any of you people have enough!?"

That is when emotions coming from the Head of the Foreign Affairs, had finally burst.

Rinsui was so enraged that his colleague and the other guards rushed to his side to calm him down. "Mr. Kanata is doing everything to save the Principality, and yet here you all are relying on some kind of ridiculous spell to torture and prevent him from doing his duties!" argued the old bearded man.

You're all muddled by your own paranoia and delusions! " He couldn't help but speak the truth about them.

The older elves, on the other hand, remained calm...oddly calm, with only an innocent expression on their faces.

"Why would you say that? In fact, it would have been discovered if it hadn't been for our quick actions," the leading elder replied, as if he and the others were the victims.

"Its powers can be deceiving and-"

"To hell with it!" The old man fired back, not allowing them to finish the sentence." Either throw it into the ocean or smash it into pieces!" He added." Then not a single kingdom would be bent on attacking us!"

"You Elves are doing this just to keep your relevancy alive!"

The older elves remained silent, yet still, they kept their confidence high. One of them even smiled.

"You don't know the words that you are delivering...Be careful."

The old man gritted his teeth. "I know what I'm doing!" he exclaimed, being restrained and halted once more by the guards and Hanki himself. "I am going to put an end to your madness!"

"Rinsui! Please!" General Hanki then said. looking straight towards the latter's eyes in seriousness.

Seeing the plead of his friend, the old man halted his actions and finally calmed down." I apologized for the harsh words and attitude...But don't take this as if I give you all my support...I'll continue to fight what is right..." He added, this time glancing at the still unconscious Prime Minister.

Silence reigned upon the room once more as he eventually decided to leave in order to stay away from the people, he was now beginning to despise.

Parna, watched as the rest of them left the room. She gave a quick sympathetic stare at the old man, while also exchanging glances with the General.

How many times does she have to witness arguments such as this?

She had to admit that this was certainly turning into a circus of its own.

There was nothing she could do at this point in time, rather than wait for the young minister to gain his consciousness. Though, she had a goal in mind that she had been planning to pursue and it was very much personal for her.

She didn't want to think of her main objective for now.

The young warrior bunny took a deep breath as she walked quietly towards the door and out of the room, eventually finding herself back in the corridors. She was surveying the area as she steered east, where that considerable piece of her kind's history is located.

Unbeknownst to her, a certain Apostle of Emroy took notice and finally began to follow her.


Port of Maihark

Once it reached the docks, the boat finally dropped its anchor for the first time. After weeks of the voyage, the crew had finally reached its destination.

Amongst all the ships which were arriving at the port during that time, only the particular ship had that high level of anticipation. Of course, there were various reasons, but the acceptable one was that it contained the most prized and unique part of one grand celebration and entertainment.

The lone dock was filling up with a growing crowd, mostly people from the Principality's top circus business. Several guards and tamers were also stationed in the area, alert and ready in case a beast broke loose and wrought trouble. There were countless instances when things were on the verge of collapsing down, but they were able to keep the transportation flowing efficiently in the end.

Today was definitely a one-of-a-kind occasion.

A gray-haired bearded man stood in front of his fellow circus colleagues as he waited for the ship to open its bridge. Great excitement filled his eyes as he knew that this would bring the business back on its track.

It wasn't easy to be the owner of a circus. Most of the original performers, including the beastkins, men, and fantastic beasts, were already on their way out. The usual causes were sickness, old age, burnout, or even death, and this particular deal would be considered life-saving for the livelihood.

The man was thankful and as a promised he made that he will bring the business back to its glorious days.

Soon after, the bridge was drawn, and several men from the ship emerged, along with a lone iron cage placed on a massive open wagon that was also fully covered in a massive dusty dark pinkish cloth.

The ship's crew was carefully pulling the iron cage so as not to trigger or awaken the beast. Sweat was dripping down their backs, and they were all trembling with insecurity and stress.

However, in an unexpected twist, the creature inside was not reacting to any of the small bumps on the ground. In fact, the entire cage was violently shaking or moving. Soon enough, the weary crew was able to safely land it on the docks and in front of the small crowd.

A chorus of cheers erupted, and the circus owner smiled as he approached the captain of the ship, holding a large pouch filled with silver coins.

"Captain Teach, am I correct?" The old circus owner smiled, as he shook his hands with the old captain.

His tired smile persisted. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Barnam!" he replied. "I hope everything goes well with your celebrations and performances," he added.

"Thank you for your wishes! Though, I believe you and your crew should be rewarded for your efforts of going through the storm just to meet the deadline," the circus owner smiled as he handed over the pouch of silver coins to the latter.

The captain gratefully accepted the payment, and relief filled his heart upon seeing the covered iron cage being transferred to the hands of the guards and tamers.

"If you don't mind if I ask, how did your crew manage to tame a creature so dangerous and destructive?" The Circus owner wondered and asked to solve his own curiosities.

Because the memories were still fresh in his mind, the old captain was deafeningly silent. Going through those stormy days and nights while trying to calm down the beast was already putting his and the other's life in danger. He had no idea, however, that when the creature was passed on to him, it also included a certain individual who turned out to have incredible taming skills.

He motioned for the circus owner to look up, and there sat the same individual in a dark dusty brown hood cloaked on top of the cage. The mystery individual, who was sitting casually on the edge of the cage, raised his hand and saluted him informally.

The circus owner gave a slightly surprised look before returning his gaze to the captain, who simply nodded as if to say that they would require the latter's expertise.

Meanwhile, a brown-haired little girl in a simple dress stood among the small crowd, next to the man. Having the opportunity to accompany her father as she felt compelled to get a proper view of the creature inside. Chances were slim, but she was able to catch a glimpse of glowing crimson slitted eyes that emerged from a small opening before it surprisingly looked away in some form of agony.

The circus owner's daughter felt a sudden sense of sadness that took over her heart and left her wondering...

What trials and tribulations did it face inside that ship?

Despite, the questions lingering around, the little girl was even more determine to learn the truth behind the creature's pain.

It was unquestionably the best place to get a good look at what was going on at the time. With a familiar merchant wagon parked just beside the busy market warehouse, a certain individual had the opportunity to blend in and go undetected, despite being on the Wagon's roof.

"I hope everything is alright there, Sir Terra."

The Duke's familiar voice then inquired as he sat on a wooden chair, casually reading a small book.

The Oracle's little familiar stood on the top of the wagon, holding a small golden spyglass and observing the current scene happening at the docks.

"I'm doing fine, Duke. I'm just gathering the information I need," the cute familiar replied confidently. He was relieved that his hours of waiting for the target had finally paid off. Even though, the conditions of the warehouse was still in a poor state, He still continued to make out the best of everything.

The merchant in return chuckled." How wonderful of you to demonstrate your skills as a spy in front of me!" He remarked." Simple but effective!"

"Just fulfilling the task that my boss had assigned me to do." He replied with an unmotivated groan, before adding." No regrets here..."

"Hmmm, interesting." The Duke chuckled again and grinned." A Chirithy like you should be a good example...Dedicated, hardworking, and Loyal!" He then added." Ms. Rory would definitely be proud..."

Despite the overwhelming compliment that Terra was receiving right now, He couldn't help but feel a slight irritation and as a result, he found himself cringing at every good word that the old merchant would throw at him. From the outside, His image and reputation were looked upon by his fellow peers and even several apostles themselves.

However, He still has his own personal ambitions to which he never got the chance to pursue until now, and it wasn't gaining any new power, blessing or glory but the most simplistic goal that a familiar like him could ever have. Under his breath, the Chirithy secretly muttered with a sigh...

"All I want is a nice vacation..."


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