Disclaimer: Guys can not magically swoop in and fix all of a girl's insecurities. Additionally, it is important to love yourself and not get your self-worth from others. The point of this story, besides just being cute, is to highlight the fact that what you see as flaws might actually be part of what makes you beautiful :)

1. Round Face

Elsa Winters stared at her reflection in the mirror, reaching her hands up to grab her face. The ideal face shape for a woman, unfortunately, was an oval. While Elsa wished she was above such insecurities, she hated how round her face was. If she could just slim it down a little, she'd be content.

It didn't help that her pale complexion led to her cheeks easily getting flushed; this meant her face drew more attention to itself. It was a dumb thing to care about, Elsa knew that. She just couldn't help it though. She was on the slim side so why wouldn't her face follow suit?

Elsa groaned, grabbing her bag to head to school. There was nothing to be done, not unless the blonde learned how to contour her face or something. However, the girl was sure she lacked that ability so she'd have to stick with pulling a few strands out of her braid. She carefully grabbed out some hairs, positioning them in a way that hid the edge of her face. Not perfect, but better.

"You ready, Anna?" Elsa yelled at her sister done the hall. The strawberry-blonde had a habit of making them late to school and the senior hated being late.

Her sister suddenly rushed down the hall, trying to slip on her sandals as she ran. Anna was in a cute, yellow sundress, her hair down in gentle waves. She smiled at her sister. "See," she pointed to watch. "I'm not always late. In fact, I'm two minutes early."

Elsa rolled her eyes. "Only because I yelled." Still, she smiled, heading down the stairs. Elsa had decided on a blue sweater paired with a knee-length black skirt.

The pair headed to Elsa's car, catching up a bit as they did every morning. Well, in all honesty, it was mostly Anna talking. The senior was fine with that though.

"Oh, and Kristoff gave me flowers on our date last night just because he thought I'd like them! I was going to tell you yesterday but you were already asleep." Anna sighed happily, beginning to unbuckle as Elsa parked. "Enough about my love life though. Has Jack made a move yet?"

If Anna didn't bring it up every day, Elsa might have had more of a reaction. Now though, all she did was blush slightly and roll her eyes. "We're just friends." The lie rolled easily off Elsa's tongue but maybe because it wasn't a complete lie; Jack only saw her as a friend.

Anna chuckled slightly. "Yeah, friends." The sophomore grabbed her bag out of the car as she gave Elsa a knowing smile.

The blonde didn't have a good reason for not telling her sister about her feelings, especially since Anna told her everything. Still, Elsa just wasn't ready to admit it, not when rejection was inevitable. It was better to pretend she liked the way things were. Maybe eventually she'd even believe it.

"Yes, friends," Elsa confirmed.

"Who's friends?" Elsa immediately froze, hating the effect that husky voice always had on her. As expected, her face warmed. It was strange that Jack was both the person that made her feel the most comfortable and yet also the most on edge. It was a confusing mix when one had a crush on their best friend.

Anna laughed. "No one," the girl smiled. "Elsa was just lying to me, her beloved sister." The strawberry blonde did not leave time for a reply, deciding instead to skip away, most likely to find her boyfriend.

Jack raised a brow at the blonde as they headed down the halls. "Lying, Els?" He shook his head. "And here I thought you were the mature one out of us."

"I am the-" Elsa stopped talking as Jack reached his hand up towards Elsa's face. "What are you doing?" The two had stopped walking, standing out of the way by some lockers.

Jack didn't answer, looking focused as he pushed the strands of hair out of her face. "These always drive me crazy!" He huffed, smoothing out her hair. "Can you not feel them?"

Elsa felt the heat return to her face as Jack gently ran his fingers across her skin. His hands were cold, yet they still made her feel hot. "I can feel them," the blonde finally managed to reply. "I like them there."

Jack tilted his head, looking annoyingly cute as he did so. "But they hide your face?" His gaze on the girl was suddenly intense. He hesitantly rubbed his hand across her cheek, a small smile slipping onto his face. "Your face is too beautiful to hide, Els."

The girl tried to come up with her reply but her brain seemed to be short-circuiting. "Round," she managed to whisper. Her voice was soft but Jack's eyes widened slightly with comprehension.

He cupped her face, getting closer to her. "That's what I like about it." He gently ran his thumbs across her cheeks, laughing softly to himself. "You're adorable." His face was getting closer to hers now and Elsa was starting to think he might kiss her. That was until a noise suddenly interrupted them.

Jack jumped away at the sound of the bell, looking around like he had forgotten where he was. "Right." He nodded to himself. "We should get to class." With that said, the white-haired boy began walking away.

"Friends?" Anna was suddenly next to Elsa. "I just wish the bell hadn't interrupted."

Elsa stood in the hallway, watching the remaining students head to class. She couldn't get herself to move, even though the final bell would be ringing in a couple of minutes. The blonde could still remember the feeling of Jack's hands on her face.

Adorable. Elsa leaned against the nearby locker, not bothering to put the strands back where they had been before. Instead, she just smiled.

2. Not feminine enough

"Elsa?" The girl glanced up to see that the teacher was staring at her expectantly. "Would you mind sharing with the class your answer to the question on the board?"

The blonde looked down at her work where she had stopped in the middle of the problem. This was the issue with having Calculus in the morning; it was so hard to focus. However, Elsa knew the only reason she couldn't concentrate was because she was still thinking about what Jack had done last week. It really seemed like he was going to kiss her that day and yet they hadn't brought it up since then.

"Elsa?" The teacher repeated. The entire class was staring at her and Elsa felt that even if she did know the answer all the eyes on her would have made her forget it. She glanced at her paper where she had been solving the integral, trying to mentally finish the problem.

"7," Rapunzel, the girl beside Elsa, suddenly whispered.

Elsa gave her a grateful smile. "Um, 7." The teacher nodded, turning back to the board. Elsa sighed slightly in relief as the attention shifted off of her. "Thank you," she whispered to Rapunzel.

The girl smiled in return, focusing her attention back on the teacher. Rapunzel had long blonde hair that almost seemed golden as the sun flowed through the window and hit it. She was wearing a lacy white crop top with high-waisted pink shorts. Her makeup was perfect and her nails were done. The girl was undeniably stunning.

Elsa found herself feeling insecure. The girl dressed well enough; she liked her clothes at least. Still, she wasn't girly by any means. She wore hardly any makeup, never painted her nails, and hated heels. The blonde didn't seem to like a lot of things that girls were supposed to.

The bell rang, though Elsa almost didn't notice as her thoughts continued. Would it be better if she acted more like Rapunzel? Everyone knew she wanted to be a hairstylist when she was older and was already looking at different beauty colleges for once she graduated in the spring. Is that the kind of thing Elsa should be interested in?

"Hey, Els, how was Calculus?" Jack appeared behind her as he always did. They had 4th hour together so he insisted they walk together even though Elsa knew he had to rush out of his 3rd hour to meet up with her.

Elsa shrugged, looking around at the girls in the hallway. Everyone seemed more feminine than her.

Jack looked at her, concern evident on his face. "What's up? I know you normally don't feel like going to History but you seem more upset than usual." He gave her a teasing smile before the look of concern came back. "You can tell me."

"It's just, well-" Elsa gestured to herself as if that explained it.

Jack stared at her blankly. "The problem is, um, that you're gorgeous?" The boy seemed to decide he was correct, nodding to himself. "That would be hard, wouldn't it? Too many guys chasing you and girls wanting to be you."

Elsa rolled her eyes, ignoring the way her heart sped up at the compliment. "No, that isn't it. I'm a girl, you know?"

Jack smirked. "Yes, I did have my suspicions."

"I'm being serious." The blonde hit him lightly on the arm. "I'm a girl but I don't act like one."

The boy immediately seemed to sense she was indeed being serious and grew more sincere. "Okay, Els, I'll humor you," he decided. "How is a girl supposed to act?"

Elsa tried to think of a way to explain her thinking without seeming sexist. It wasn't that every girl needed to act this way. The blonde just wished she would. "I don't know: feminine I guess." She shrugged, feeling self-conscious. "Don't you ever think I might look better if I dressed more girly or wore more makeup or-"

Jack placed a hand over her mouth, cutting her off. He chuckled softly as he pulled her out of the way of hallway traffic. "No, Elsa, I don't think that." The use of her actual name caught the girl's attention. "I don't think there is anything that could make you look better actually. Els, you could wear a trash bag and you'd still be beautiful, okay?"

"Other girls are so cute and delicate though." The girl explained as she pushed his hand away.

Jack smiled sincerely. "Now you're just being dumb. I mean, you're adorable!" He shook his head slightly. "Don't worry about it too much. I think you're perfect just the way you are."


"No buts," Jack began walking again, slowing down slightly as he waited for Elsa to move too. "I get where you're coming from, honestly; I wish I was more masculine sometimes. No point in dwelling on it though."

"You are masculine." Elsa wondered if he was just saying that to make her feel better or like she wasn't alone. Jack may not be on the football team or anything but he was masculine. He even looked the part with his lean, yet still muscular figure. The blonde could feel how toned he was every time they hugged which, thankfully, was often.

The boy shrugged. "Not really. I blame Emma, honestly. How manly can I be when I'm always watching princess movies with my sister?" He leaned closer to Elsa as if he was telling a secret. "I think I actually like them."

The girl supposed that wasn't exactly manly behavior. "But that's cute," she tried. If anything, that made Elsa more into him.

"Exactly!" Jack chuckled, rubbing the nape of his neck. "Cute isn't how masculine guys are described. It's okay though," he decided, smiling at Elsa as they entered History class. "We can just be insecure together."

"Insecure together," the blonde agreed. However, Elsa had to admit she didn't feel quite as worried about being feminine anymore.

3. Prude

Elsa resisted the urge to run as she saw Hans approaching her. He had an annoying habit of finding her after school. No matter how hard the girl tried to avoid him, she never managed to. Usually, Jack would walk her to her car for that very reason, but he had gotten held up by their eighth-hour teacher today.

"Elsa, what a coincidence!" Elsa wanted to point out the obvious lie but found there was no point. "Why is your skirt so long?"

"Excuse me?" The girl couldn't help glancing down. She was wearing a white skirt that reached down to her knees. She'd hardly call that long, especially since she had to be careful when bending down.

Hans, as usual, didn't seem to notice Elsa's annoyance and kept on talking. "You have a great body so you really have no reason to cover it like you do." The boy licked his lips as he ran his eyes up and down Elsa's body which gave Elsa a very good reason to cover it. Hans was a creep. Still, he wasn't the reason she dressed more conservatively; she just liked more modest clothes.

The blonde didn't feel like being nice any longer. "I need to get home." She turned to leave, ready to get into her car and lock the door. A hand stopped her though and Elsa flinched slightly at the touch. "Let go." Elsa tried to shake her hand out of his.

"Is this really how you react to a mere touch?" He stepped closer. "Elsa, darling, have you ever been kissed?"

Elsa stopped fighting, staring at him. It wasn't weird of the girl to react to his touch like she did, was it? Hans was the one behaving strangely. Still, the girl hadn't ever been kissed. "What if I haven't?" She found herself asking. She didn't know why she was humoring him. The blonde just wanted to know where he was going with this.

"You're eighteen, isn't that a bit unusual?" He took another step forwards. "That makes you a bit of a prude."

It wasn't like Elsa had never felt insecure about her lack of experience. She knew she should have kissed someone by now but she just hadn't wanted to. That didn't matter though, did it? It's not like anyone had paid it much attention before.

"Do you think Jack will be okay with dating someone with no experience?" Hans smirked at her. "Let me help you." At some point, the boy had gotten even closer, leaning towards Elsa until he suddenly was thrown back. Elsa watched as Hans hit the pavement, his nose bloody.

Jack was standing beside them, looking angrier than the blonde had ever seen him. "Jack is just fine with the way Elsa is." He grabbed the girl's hand, beginning to pull her away.

Hans shot up, one hand holding his bloody nose. "I'll have you expelled for punching me!"

Elsa frowned. They were on school grounds, after all. What if Jack got in trouble all because of her? She should have pushed Hans away so Jack wouldn't have felt the need to step in.

"And I'll get you expelled for sexual assault!" Jack shot back, seeming completely unconcerned with the fact he had just punched someone. In fact, he looked more than ready to do it again. "Let's go." Jack tugged gently on Elsa's hand and she followed him.

"Would you mind giving me a ride home? I came with Flynn today."

Elsa nodded. They lived in the same neighborhood after all. "You didn't have to do that, you know?" The girl unlocked her car, getting into the driver's seat. Jack sat in the passenger seat since Anna almost always left with Kristoff.

"I should have just let him kiss you then!" The boy huffed, crossing his arms. "If Mr. North hadn't misplaced my essay I could have walked with you to your car and this wouldn't have happened."

Elsa smiled softly at the boy, placing her hand on his leg. "Jack, I wasn't going to let him kiss me," she assured. "I should have pushed him away sooner. I just-" Elsa sighed, leaning back against her seat. "He's right, isn't he? I am a prude."

Jack shook his head immediately. "You're only 18!" Elsa resisted the urge to laugh, realizing Jack was saying that in the exact opposite way Hans had. "Why do things with people if it doesn't mean anything?"

"Easy for you to say. You've kissed someone." They were best friends so, naturally, the blonde knew about his love life. His first kiss had been in eighth grade at a stupid party where they played truth or dare and Jack was dared to kiss Belle. Elsa had been there and she remembered wishing at that moment that she could die.

Jack, thankfully, hadn't had any serious relationships. He went on a date with Tiana sophomore year but it didn't lead anywhere. Now that Elsa thought about it, Jack probably didn't have a ton of experience either.

He was still in better shape than Elsa though. The girl had liked Jack since the eighth grade and, therefore, had always rejected any guys that hit on her. Perhaps it would have been better if she had gone out with someone; maybe it would have helped her get over her pathetic crush on Jack. Now there was no getting over it. Elsa knew she was in love with the boy.

"I didn't hear much of what Hans said," Jack began, ignoring the comment Elsa had made about him. He rubbed the nape of his neck, giving Elsa an awkward smile. "That thing about me though. That isn't true, Els. Any guy would be lucky to date you, would be lucky to be your first kiss."

The boy shrugged. "I didn't just punch him because he was trying to kiss you. I guess I was also mad he was trying to use me as a reason why you should kiss him."

Elsa didn't say anything, thinking the words over. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her mouth desperately wanting to blurt out three words: I love you. She didn't though because even if Jack didn't see her inexperience as a reason not to date her, there were surely other reasons. The blonde had kept her feelings in for five years to avoid ruining their friendship; there was no reason to mess things up now.

"Thank you," the girl said eventually. "Honestly, Jack, I appreciate what you did and-" she took a deep breath. "Thanks for not caring about me not kissing anyone." She smiled slightly, moving her hand to start the car. Even if Elsa wanted more than friendship, she couldn't deny the fact that Jack was an amazing friend.

4. Bookworm

The sound of laughter caused Elsa to look up from her book, seeing a group of teenagers nearby. She was currently at the library, rereading the Harry Potter series in a bean bag chair placed in the corner.

She didn't see many people her age here, especially on a Saturday. However, it appeared someone in their group was just stopping by to grab a book for school. Most people didn't read for fun, something Elsa had always thought was their loss.

Still, she was the odd one out. Elsa constantly had her nose in a book, focused more on the pages than her social life. Did she even have a social life? Elsa had to admit she was a bit boring.

She remembered Pitch had once helpfully pointed out that if it wasn't for the fact that Elsa had "a hot body" then she would have no chance of "getting a guy". The girl hadn't paid it much attention at the time. After all, her sole purpose in life was not to get a boyfriend.

There was some small amount of truth in it though. Elsa wasn't very popular and had very few friends. Jack, honestly, was her only real friend. The blonde realized her love of books might make her less fun to some people. And well, maybe it would keep her from getting a boyfriend.

"Dang it, they distracted you." Jack laughed, walking over to Elsa, making her wonder when he had gotten there. Sometimes he showed up at the library when she was there. It was nice of him to keep her company but the blonde wondered if he wished she weren't here so much.

"You were reading something good, too." Jack shook his head in disappointment, shooting a halfhearted glare at the teenagers as they walked away.

Elsa frowned in confusion. "How do you know?" It was true, Elsa had gotten to a good part in her book. "There's no need to call me 'sir', Professor." A truly iconic line in the Half-Blood Prince.

Jack flushed slightly, rubbing the nape of his neck as he sat down. Why did he look so adorable every time he did that? "Well, you, smile a bit when you read something you like, sometimes nibbling on your lip."

"I do?"

Jack nodded, continuing. "And you frown when it's something you don't like. You were frowning nearly the whole time you read the fifth book" That seemed like a definite possibility, Elsa decided. The fifth book did drive the girl insane. "Sometimes you lean forward when you are interested in what comes next. Oh, and when the characters do something particularly stupid you set the book down and look at it in disappointment. Did that a lot during the fifth book too."

Elsa couldn't help but stare at him, her jaw nearly dropping. "How do you know that?"

"I'm here all the time!" Jack's flush deepened as he moved to turn his head. "How could I not notice?"

The girl really didn't think it was as obvious as he made it seem. If it was, Elsa was sure Anna would have mentioned it. "You're normally reading though, or working on school."

The boy looked guilty all of a sudden. "I hold a book, I guess," he tried. "I'm not much of a reader, Els. I try to be but it's normally more interesting to watch you. You make reading look so entertaining."

Setting down her book, she turned to fully face Jack. "Why do you come all the time then? You must be awfully bored if you aren't reading." That confirmed it. Jack did wish she spent less time here. He was just being a good friend.

"No, I really do find it entertaining to watch you read." He gave her an uneasy smile. "You always curl up in the beanbag and tuck your hands into your sweater's sleeves. It's kind of cute."

The girl flushed, feeling her heart leap into her throat. Cute. Could he actually like watching her read? Jack sure looked sincere. "Thanks," she managed to mumble shyly as she picked up her book. She couldn't help but notice Jack really wasn't looking at the book in his hands. No, his eyes were on her.

Elsa smiled to herself, beginning to read again. Perhaps being a bookworm wasn't such a bad thing after all.

5. Too emotional

Elsa was practically sobbing as the scene on the tv played. Why did she think she could handle this movie? It was so heartbreaking. It was good that she was home alone right now.

The garage opened, shifting the girl's attention away from the tv. No one should be home yet. Anna was spending the night with her friends and it was far too early for her parents to get home. That left only one person.

The girl paused her movie, wiping her face with the sleeves of her hoodie. She probably looked hysterical at the moment. She did have a problem of being too emotional. After all, the movie had barely started playing and she was already crying. It was a definite flaw of the girl's.

"Hey, Els," Jack's voice sounded, confirming the girl's suspicions. "You weren't answering my texts so I just came here." That might have been weird if it wasn't something the boy did often. Elsa was awful at answering her phone.

The boy headed over to where she was, sitting beside her on the couch. "Wait, Els, are you crying?" He looked at her in concern, reaching his hand up to brush away her tears. "What's wrong?"

Elsa wasn't sure how to explain her reason, especially when it seemed so stupid now. Why did she cry over minor things? The blonde just shyly pointed to the screen which Jack didn't seem to notice before.

On the screen was Mufasa's death scene, something Elsa still couldn't handle at eighteen years old. Anna always teased her about it and even her parents seemed to wonder why their daughter couldn't handle kid's movies.

"Okay, get some tissues and start it over," Jack demanded, already grabbing the remote and beginning to rewind the movie.

The girl raised a brow in slight amusement.

Jack paid it no attention. "Why would you watch something so sad on your own? You know what," he began, catching her attention as she walked away to grab tissues. "Get ice cream too. The sugar will help combat the sadness."

Elsa was certain a more perfect guy did not exist. She collected the items Jack had requested, setting them down on the coffee table. The blonde hadn't even bothered to put the ice cream in bowls, bringing out the whole gallon and two spoons.

Jack eyed the items skeptically. "I think that might be enough ice cream if we eat conservatively." Elsa giggled slightly. "Only one box of tissues though. Els, use your head. We'll each need our own box."

The girl's eyes widened, figuring he had just been humoring her before with the tissue suggestion. "You plan to cry too?" Elsa had been sure most people could handle The Lion King.

"I have a soul, don't I?" Jack laughed slightly, before looking more serious. "Simba watches his dad dies and then blames himself for it. Not to mention the unhealthy coping mechanism he adopts because of it. Is there a way to not cry at that?"

The blonde couldn't agree more. "You read my mind." Sometimes, she and Jack really did make sense together. People often questioned their friendship as Elsa thrived in routine and Jack loved being spontaneous. They balanced each other out though and, clearly, they agreed about the most important things: The Lion King was a tearjerker.

And, sure enough, the pair ended up crying as the movie played, cuddling up against each other. Jack was right; it made much more sense to watch with someone else.

The movie had stopped playing but Jack still hadn't pulled away. They just sat there on the couch, Elsa's head on Jack's shoulder, his arm behind her. They were even sharing a blanket.



Jack pulled away slightly and Elsa realized there was a playful glint in his eyes. "I think you need to laugh now to balance out all the crying."

The girl immediately caught on, springing away from him. "Jack Overland Frost, don't you dare!" She kept moving away from him, trying to escape. "Jack-"

The boy paid no attention to her warnings, beginning to tickle her until she fell back onto the couch, Jack falling on top of her.

"Jack-" She kept laughing, trying hard to spit out more words. "Stop! Please! Stop!"

Jack kept going. "I don't think you've laughed enough." He shrugged slightly, continuing to tickle Elsa as she squirmed underneath him.

"It's enough!" She practically shouted and Jack finally stopped. The girl took deep breaths, trying to calm her heart. It was only then she realized their position.

Elsa was laying flat against the couch while Jack leaned over her. He had one leg on each side of her body, his face mere inches from hers. They were both breathing deeply, and Jack's lips had parted slightly to allow more air to come in.

After years of resisting her urges, the blonde suddenly lost all her self-control. Without thought, she pushed her head up, crashing her lips onto his, only to immediately pull away as soon as she processed the action.

"I am so sorry!" Elsa tried to wiggle out of his grasp but Jack didn't move from his position. How could Elsa let herself do something so stupid? Why had she let her emotions control her?

"You kissed me," Jack pointed out the obvious. Elsa half expected him to use his sleeve to wipe off his lips. He didn't though, instead gently tracing them with his tongue. "You kissed me!" He repeated with more excitement. "You kissed me."

Elsa frowned slightly. "How many times are you going to say that?" The girl just wanted to escape to her room.

Jack laughed and Elsa fought the urge to burst into tears again. She knew Jack would reject her but she never expected him to actually laugh. He was such a nice guy, after all. "I'm going to keep saying it until you do it again." Jack smiled at the girl below him.

Did he just-Elsa didn't have much time to process his words as lips suddenly hit her own. He wasn't laughing at her? That meant that- the girl smiled into the kiss, letting herself kiss back. After five years, she was kissing her best friend. Jack Frost was her first kiss.

And wow, the kiss was more than worth the wait. "I love you," Elsa broke the kiss, the words pouring out of her mouth. She hadn't meant to say it, especially like that.

If Jack was taken back though, he didn't show it. "I love you too." He cupped her face gently before capturing her lips again. Emotions flared between them making the blonde realize being too emotional was far better than suppressing emotions. This was perfect.