Think of this like a bigger version of my Not Another Harem Spidey Fic story.

23 year old Peter Parker had been Spider-Man for 8 years and had been an Avenger for about 3 now. He had been having team ups with different Heroes beforehand and ever since not long after he got the powers Colonel Nick Fury Jr the Director of the worldwide peacekeeping organisation SHIELD had came to him for help and afterwards, while also dropping hints that he wanted Peter to sign up for the Avengers when he was 18.

Peter appreciated the help and offer but ultimately felt that he worked better sticking to the streets to help the little guy; being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Being the picked on science nerd and professional wallflower in Midtown High, he hadn't much luck with romance until college where he had fallen in love with classmate Gwen Stacy and she had become his first serious girlfriend. However her father PDNY police Captain George Stacy who was an ally of him as Spider-Man; had been killed in a fight between him and Doc Ock with him revealing that he knew he was Peter. Spider-Man had been blamed by some especially his harshest critic J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle and so did Gwen who ended up hating Spider-Man until her dying breath.

His greatest enemy the Green Goblin had learned who he was and had kidnapped her and Peter went to the Brooklyn Bridge to try and rescue her, he was unable to save Gwen with his web as she was dropped and he almost ended up killing the Goblin for that but the Goblin was done for by his own glider.

Normal Osborn was dead and known to have been the Goblin by the public, Peter has his friendship with Norman's son Harry strained after that and he had lost the love of his life with no way of knowing if the fall or his web had killed her...

He had wanted to be better and ended up joining the Avengers; some weren't very recipient of him due to his reputation as a jokester and a menace but he ended up winning most of them. Steve Rogers better known as Captain America the leader of the Avengers who Peter had teamed up with and had been a fanboy of.

He remembered not long after joining the Avengers; he engaged in a big fight with the Sinister Six and they were tough and the Avengers came in to help. Steve had told him that he didn't have to fight alone anymore against those odds but there were respect for him in his eyes.

Officially Peter Parker had gone from doing freelance photography for the news network that would buy his photos to doing science work for the Avengers. Which was partly true as he tinkered in the lab at the Avengers Facility. He gave the story to his Aunt May and she was proud of him making him guilty that he kept lying to her when giving cover stories for when he was out being Spider-Man.

Over the years they he had also gotten close to Jennifer Walters the She-Hulk the cousin of the Hulk who he had before developed a bit of a friendship with. She was the beautiful fun loving promiscuous lawyer with the celebrity lifestyle who nonetheless took being a superhero and a lawyer seriously. She had a confidence boost from her Hulk form and was in control of it so she liked to use it 24/7. She was one of those who didn't mind Peter's joking nature.

There was also Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers who was better known as Captain America; an air force pilot who gained powers from a Kree device called the Psych-Magnitron; she was mostly strict and no nonsense and could get headstrong and overconfident herself. She was one of those unamused at his joking nature at first but he had somehow managed to grow on her and he did admire her confidence and how beautiful she was.

He had been getting extra close to them in the last year and he couldn't help but wonder if he was starting to fall for the two of them and it wasn't just being attracted to them for their looks. That had to be absurd.

He was waking up on his bed in his room at the Avengers Facility moaning with the biggest headache ever and wondered if he was having a hangover but that would be impossible; he got out drunk on his 18th birthday and then swore never to touch alcohol again after that. He noticed that he was in his torn up Spider-Man suit (fighting AIM experiments with sharp bladed skin will leave a mark or two) and found his vision returning to him.

He was ready to jump up when he noticed Jennifer there in her dark purple leotard like bodysuit with the white strip down it, white and purple fingerless gloves and white (wearing her superhero suit to be ready since she had an off day from her lawyering duties). she had a tall Amazon like figure. There were also Carol there with her blonde hair and red and dark blue bodysuit with dark red gloves, dark red boots, dark red belt and the yellow star insignia. She definitely had muscle herself.

They looked concerned and asked how he was feeling, "Fine what happened... All I remember is that we got back from a mission against AIM and we were exhausted... Thor gave us a toast and I just had soda and then..." Peter recalled with the details coming back to him but still confused.

"Turns out Stark thought it would be funny to spike your drink with something strong, Steve and Fury spent more than an hour biting Stark's head off for that." Jennifer explained shaking her head.

"Well what did I do, did I pass out or..." Peter asked and then had a bad feeling when he saw Jennifer giggled and Carol shook her head.

"Just remember that I have had my own trouble with alcohol as well so I know what it's like to act and say things that are not true..." Carol tried to say but Jennifer butt in.

"You called us both the most amazing women in the Avengers with you saying that you wouldn't say no if I came to you for a fling and how you respected my legal career helping fellow Superhumans and people in need and I thank you for that. You also said that Carol was amazing but your biggest complaint is thinking her helmet looks butt ugly with the mohawk coming out of it." Jennifer explained and Peter had his mouth wide open in horror. "We had to restrain you to get your bed and you fought back thinking that you were in a bar fight; you actually knocked out Hawkeye with a serious punch to the eye." Jennifer explained some more and Carol failed to hide how impressed she looked at Peter when that was brought up.

Trying to get his mind off the embarrassment he started to get up saying "I am going to find Stark and click his teeth out..." They pushed him back gently saying he needed wrist even if they agreed with the sentiment. They then heard beeping noises and Peter went to a bag with a spare Spider-Man suit and a wrist device which was beeping. "My wrist dimensional device; it had been acting up and I was going to fix it after we dealt with AIM..." Peter remarked and he noticed Jennifer and Carol's confused faces.

"Oh yeah, I got it recently when I teamed up with alternate dimension spider people when these inter dimensional vampires called Inheritors were hunting us down..." Peter explained but it had started glowing and making a loud noise as it seemed to be activating. They went to grab it to get it away from them but it had ended up engulfing them...

They ended up in a heap as they got themselves up; they found themselves in some sort of office but before they could gather their thoughts they heard a large alarm sounded. Then entered was a astern looking black haired woman with a tall Amazon physique wearing a golden headband, a black sleeveless leotard like bodysuit with a golden belt, golden wrist bands and black boots. She was pointing a sword to them saying "intruders surrender or face the wrath of Zarda the Power Princess of the Squadron Supreme..."

However she noticed Peter's face among the intruders and shouted out loud "Peter... You're alive?"

Zarda will be more like the Zarda from the Squadron Supreme maxi series by Mark Gruenwald my all time fave Marvel comic and though altered the rest of the Squadron will be like the current Squadron Supreme of America in the Avengers comics and will play a big role in the Heroes Reborn event which I am excited for especially the tie-ins(so find some similarities with the Seven from the Boys).

I am a big fan of the YouTube action figure series ItsJustSomeRandomGuy featuring Marvel and DC heroes comparing movies and serious storylines that reflects nature of them and their franchises. A thing they did was they parody recent film trailers by having the characters act out the trailers and most of the time Peter would be dreaming them up after having his milkshake spiked by them for their entertainment (Tony did so to parody his then recent Amazing Spider-Man and it caused him to experience a mental breakdown with him as his Maguire self comparing and arguing with the Garfield self) which was inspiration for this.