Not saying how but there might be a slight spoiler for Falcon and the Winter Soldier in here depending if you consider a minor original character a spoiler and what they represent.

Kyle Richmond had grown up living a carefree lifestyle thanks to the fortune of his Arthur & Penelope Richmond who were both away and left looking after him to their governess; his mother had died in an accident and his father ended up dying in a plane accident leading him to inherit his family's large wealthy empire. He cried in his public school and after being made fun of it began viciously attacking his tormentors and slapped his principal after being reprimanded with fear of his family name prevented any punishment going out.

He had learned that to survive in a cruel and unpredictable then he had to be strong and learn how to mould the world into control; he learned both his mind and body to the limits of human potential. Any waking moment was spent studying or working out. He had created his first suit to become New York's costumed vigilante Nighthawk and took down criminals and crime lords.

He remembered the first Superhuman that he had ever thought, a petty thief called Max Dillon who wasted his great electrical powers on simple robberies. It was tough but Richmond was able to subdue him and in that moment he felt the very real danger Superhumans posed to the world; supposedly all good beings like Power Princess preached goodness but their kind inevitably led to disaster. It led to his plan to take care of the supposedly naturally born Mutants of the world...

It was on a day unlike any other when he was forced to work with the 6 most powerful Superhumans in the world to become the founding members of the Squadron Supreme, he had fooled himself into thinking that he could trust them as friends especially Mark and Zarda. He was shown the error of the ways in time and only really stayed with them to keep an eye on them and to direct them in the right course of action.

During his days training to one day become Nighthawk, he had befriended former pararescue airman Sam Wilson who had been one of the few people he could feel comfortable calling his friends. He had discovered his secret as Nighthawk and Sam convinced him to allow him to use his experimental flight suit to become his partner Falcon.

Then the Goblin came, the cackling Green Goblin was never taken seriously by him despite being his most fought foe and he wished that he had took care of him sooner. The Goblin found out his identity and decided to torment him by fighting the Falcon on the Brooklyn Bridge. Richmond had arrived to see that the Goblin used his Pumpkin bombs to seriously damage the Falcon suit. Sam ended up falling to his death and Richmond was too late to save him.

In his anger he beat the Goblin to an inch of his life and unmasked him to see it was business rival Norman Osborn of Oscorp, he went to the Goblin Glider and rewired it to go straight at Osborn using its blade to pierce through his body. He left Osborn for the authorities to find and when the news hit, he took advantage of Oscorp's plummeting stock to buy it all up and went to work dismantling Osborn's company while taking his company's work for his own.

He knew that he couldn't afford to try and be idealistic and friendly anymore as it had cost him. He would never make the mistake again and it had hardened his resolve. He had gotten into a political career which led to him becoming Washington's representative in congress as well as practically controlling the Government with his puppet president in place; and the struggles the Squadron went to led to him moulding the Squadron into something he could control. Everyone saw Hyperion as the leader but it was really him in charge; Hyperion became easy to manipulate after what happened to his sidekick.

Shame that Parker was too much and nosy for his own good...

He had his company in place as the top military contractor with his rivals eliminated and after Tom Thumb's death, he had taken control of his revolutionary technology and he had to admit it was beyond anything he had invented by himself. He had to admit that Tom was truly the Squadron member that he had respected and he did feel genuine grief at his loss; a normal man who despite his small stature used his beast of an intellect to have him stand among actual demigods.

Right now he was at Ryker's Island where masked individuals had broken in and caused a riot in the prison, he had been called in along with Sanders and Nugent to contain it. The rest were at the Rocket Central to look after... Their guests.

It was easy enough to take them down and restore order, now to figure out the cause and find out who is missing. He took the moment to contact Emil Burbank who he had called in to help him with the interdimensional device. Burbank was a mad scientist with a huge god complex who as the villain Master Menace was the arch enemy of Hyperion for a long time. After his final defeat he was drafted into working for the US Government and was happy enough to work on any possible Hyperion counter measures in case (should be 'when') he went rogue. The man had a massive god complex about himself and looked up to infamous figures like Hitler and Stalin. Still the ego driven fool had uses and had a worldview about the Superhumans not unlike his.

"I must say Nighthawk but your visitor's technology is quite impressive and shouldn't be long to see about getting it to work. I don't suppose you plan on giving it back?" Burbank asked as Richmond grimaced.

"Please don't insult me by asking stupid questions you know the answer too..." Richmond told him but then saw Nugent and Sanders were calling him over. He hang up on Burbank to see what it was about.

Of course technology like this shouldn't be handed back to them and he was already having plans in place to deal with them when necessary. If there was even a 1% chance of them being a threat then he has to take it as an absolute.

Kneeling with their hands besides their back were the unmasked smirking invaders who instigated the riot. "We are sworn martyrs here to serve the cause of the Freedom Force." The leader of the men said in a gloating voice and Richmond glared at the name thinking he didn't need these problems. The Freedom Force was a group of disgruntled critics of the Squadron Supreme and their increasing influence but became their own military force after having found founding. Their first act was an ill fated attempt to steal the Power Prism from Ledger (back when he was still Dr Spectrum) for a weapon against the Squadron even Hyperion but didn't take into account Ledger controlling the Prism to take them down.

They had grown to become a more credible nuisance.

A handed handled him a screen based device with security footage that featured three individuals including an archer, a blue skinned woman with red hair and black blob monster with white holes for eyes and a face with sharp teeth and a long tongue. They were going to the lone cell of the most dangerous inmate in the prison.

Someone who had to be held in massive extreme solitary confinement due to his habit of killing the most evil inmates in the prison, crime lords who still held onto powers, guards on payroll or abusive guards. A man who despised the Squadron for what happened to his family and had a long impressive career in the military. Someone who belonged to a group that not only had these three as members but their group's leader was also the benefactor of the Freedom Force...

Castle Zemo in Sokovia and entering out of the getaway vehicle that they called the Quinjet was the group known as the Thunderbolts. There was astronaut Ben Grimm turned symbiotic Lethal Protector known as Venom, Clint Barton the purple clad archer Trick Shot and the shape shifting Mutant known as Mystique. They were leading in Frank Castle, a man with a growing beard and an orange prisoner's jumpsuit.

"Once we have settled you in Frank, we should get you shaved and a change of clothing. Orange so isn't your color." joked Barton as they were greeted at the castle gates an elderly man in a suit.

"Wonderful to have you back Master Franklin, can I count you in for tonight's dinner of chicken pot pie?" asked the man in an European accent.

Castle gave a slight smile and said "I don't think I can ever turn down your pies Oeznik, thanks." Oeznik showed them in and said that his master wanted to see him as soon as possible. He was showed to a study where there was a portrait on the wall of a regal looking man, Baron Harbin Zemo who gained nobility and the title of baron in 1480 when he fought back an invasion alone with just his sword. Looking up at the portrait was a brown haired man in a long cloak. The man grabbed a purple full face mask and put it on to face him.

"Zemo you SOB, you staged a prison riot to get me out... I don't know whether to be flattered or to strangle you for allowing your loyal followers to be caught and left behind to be interrogated by the Squadron." Castle said looking at Baron Helmut Zemo the leader of the group known as the Thunderbolts and benefactor of the Freedom Force.

Zemo chuckled as he looked at Castle and told him "the Freedom Force knows that the Punisher is worth more than a hundred of them. They speak in awe of the stories that you are one of the few men to have beaten Nighthawk in hand to hand combat several times and to avoid capture by Dr Spectrum. I had wanted to hire mercenaries for this but the particular members actually volunteered and actually considered it an honour to be part of your escape." Castle shook his head as Zemo said "I will allow you to have your rest though I don't deny that you probably want to go right back at your work old friend..."

The Freedom Force was also a minor one issue threat in the Squadron Supreme comic. Marvel has also used it as the name of a government backed team of Mutants who worked for them in exchange for pardons and had been antagonists to other superheroes. The team of mutants that became Freedom Force? The Brotherhood of Mutants as being led by Mystique. Bet that surprised you especially those too used to seeing media portraying her as Magneto's main lackey. Baron Harbin Zemo came from the Captain America: Super Soldier video game which I do recommend. Frank here is based a little on his counterpart from the infamous Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.